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  1. Check Steele Rubber, likely the manufacture.
  2. Hot Rod Hotline. Lots of cars, easy to search for specific cars.
  3. Strongly recommend you replace your brake lines also. Mine corroded inside the frame going to rear brakes. Driving up to my shop, stepped on the brakes with single style master cylinder, line burst when I was about 4 or 5 Ft from the wall, did $3500 damage to car. Dual master, SS lines now.
  4. For those of you who don't get real upset if someone customizes a Riviera, check out the latest (Oct) issue of Street Rodder magazine. Two Riv's on cover and feature articles in mag.
  5. ronnie27

    What is This?

    Got it Tom, it will be one the way soon. Thanks
  6. ronnie27

    What is This?

    Thanks guys, now how do I get one. 64, 425 nail.
  7. ronnie27

    What is This?

    telriv, Are the new style seals for 425 nail one or two piece? Trying to visualize how to do with engine in car. Do you do this with the transmission in our out of car? Thanks in advance for any help. Ronnie
  8. ronnie27

    What is This?

    Thanks for the responses. Mine not bad just embarrassing. Parked in a friends pristine garage one night after a 3 hour drive and it marked it's territory. Just a few drops but enough that his wife pointed it out to me.
  9. ronnie27

    What is This?

    Do you need to pull engine and crank to install later model seals mentioned above? Or can you just pull trans and install seal?
  10. Hi Kaber, I also had mine re-cored with 4 core unit. I live in south Louisiana, hot, humid and ac a must. 180 degree thermostat, works fine at highway speeds and in heavy traffic. Also around 400 bucks.
  11. ronnie27

    64 Riv Heater Core

    coOverwatch email me if you want at I have a complete working system you can have very reasonably if you want.
  12. ronnie27

    Front disc brakes

    Poor Manny 65, all he asked was how difficult it was to convert to disc. Next thing u know we are comparing ZO6 brakes to Buick drums. And for my non valuable contribution, anyone who thinks their 5000 or so pound Riv with drums can stop with a 3500 pound ZO6 Corvette with 12 inches of tire patch and 15in disc with carbon ceramic pads is living in denial.
  13. Sorry Steel man, darn auto correct
  14. I agree with Streetman. If I could go poof and turn my running nail into a LS with overdrive it would happen immediately. They run so good, great mileage, and dressed properly look great, and are fantastic engines with tremendous power potential.