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  2. Just did a 1590 mile trip.

    This was the route I took: I40W to US281 to US270 to US 412 to US183 to US34 to US400 to US283 to I70W to I25N tomUS 287 to I80W to I84 Sounds complicated, but it's not. Most of those hood shots were in WY. Every gas stop became a conversation. I really appreciate the opportunity she gave me to discover this great country of ours... I will miss TX and my buddy old Tank, but hopefully Boise will become a gathering point at some point. Thanks for all your comments.
  3. Just did a 1590 mile trip.

    Flew into OKC about 9 pm on the 14th. Got to my storage unit late, past the 9 pm cut off line, to find the gate closed for the night. I jumped over the gate smiling at the camera and went straight to my unit. I rolled up the door and there she was. Last time she run was July 16th, and forgot to disconnect the battery before I left... She started right up, I pulled up to the gate, punched in my code and gate opened up for us. Stopped at the nearest Wally, got some coffee, food and a sleeping bag and I slept for two hrs. I hit the road at 1 am. Destination Boise, ID. My compression numbers back in June came low, 125 psi all across. Dry. The 4 qts of oil, in 1600 miles agree with the low numbers. Odometer shows now 170K miles. Dry as a bone. No engine noises, quiet lifters, white smoke at start up from the exhaust. The oil thing was a surprise to me, but I am glad I had bought a 5 gal 20W50 as a spare that night... She drove beautiful, we respected each other and got me home safe. Highest elevation I saw was 8900 ft. Got caught in a couple of huge rain storms, nothing but rain for 2 hrs, she did great. AM radio all the way. 91RON, nothing but a smooth ride start to finish. Beautiful country, risky trip, but it paid off at the end. Transport guys wanted $1000 to haul it. This was my third trip up to Boise this month. Tired, but both girls are home with me now.
  4. 66 Electra motor mounts

    Mike, you were right... Picture of the two of them side to side: Left is the correct mount, right is the incorrect one, EM-2219 as advertised by all. The right side one is the one that fails...Good for another 50 years. I am getting a torque strap too...
  5. 66 Electra motor mounts

    I called them first. They needed cores and on top of it, it was a 4 week turn around. I have no cores, as mine are the wrong ones. Russ had them in stock...
  6. 66 Electra motor mounts

    Just got off the phone with Russ... No bueno on my idea. Frame bracket is different between 65 and 66, I would have to fabricate a new mount to close the gap and use the pre-66 mounts. But no worries, nothing $316 out the door can't fix... They are on their way.
  7. 66 Electra motor mounts

    I am going to need help here from the experts... First picture is the mount at rest. Second with load (foot on brake, in gear, foot on gas.) You can see the gap at rest with the wrong mount on. Rubber is flushed with the frame bracket, the top tab is broken, the rest of the steel mount is attached to the engine block. Between the two of them is a "wedged" style gap. There is a universal nailhead mount for hot rod applications. The bracket I am talking about is the one in circle. Will this bracket, if attached to the block, allow the pre-66 mounts, part 2219 to be bolted on? This way, for the future mount replacements, I can use the $20 oem mounts, vs the $220 oem year only, exchange only, re-vulcanized mounts? If someone has a spare mount, I can go this way too...
  8. 66 Electra motor mounts

    Turns out the 66 Wildcat/Electra is a year only mount, the 2219 does not fit. $20 for a set vs $230 to have mine re-vulcanized, plus cores, ($75) according to Russ.
  9. 66 Electra motor mounts

    What I thought was a suspension noise, (L coil spring) turns out it is a busted engine mount. They appear to be original to the car, the part I am replacing them with is Westar 2219. I also got the transmission mount. I read somewhere, the Wildcats and Electras use a special mount, but the 2219 was the one that popped up under every search I did. Check your mounts... 20170731_123726_zpsqtdz9mip.mp4
  10. Carburetor: WCFB 2197S idle problems

    Come to the dark side Willie...1406
  11. Big girls need love too... 66 Electra 225 Coupe

    I wanted something different this time. I was looking for a no post, 4 door hardtop. In my opinion, such massive cars, look gracefully anyway you look at them, still or moving. This one kind of begged for help and here we are today. We recently moved, back in March and lost my garage space. This new arrangement we have, does not allow me to have a garage, but just a carport. So, I leased out a couple of storage units, but there is no power for tools and such... It's only a couple of miles from the house, close enough to drive home, do the work, clean up and drive back to the storage. It is slow, but I am getting there... Not very many options here either. PB, PS, A/C, manual windows, power seat, no cruise control, does have a manual radio antenna, no corner lights, 3 ashtrays and hazard light switch under the dash (which might be an afterthought) I am not sure as to why would people not opt for options... My guess is cost. I wouldn't want to pay for extras that in my opinion should have been standards, like power windows, power antenna, floor mats and such. This is not an entry level car and for GM, it was just another way of making money. People would buy it in 66 and trade it in in 67 for the newer model... We are on our annual trip to Greece, flew here May 27th, right after I finished with work and will be here until July 16th. I have a brother and a sister that we visit with, every year since 1993. Kids love it, I need the time off, it's the only way I can recharge my batteries... I don't know when the WI meet is, I have to be back at work by July 26th. But for now, enjoy these, Old town, Hania, Crete. Will add more soon.
  12. Big girls need love too... 66 Electra 225 Coupe

    Turns out the #3 spark plug wire was where the #2 was supposed to be and vice versa... Believe it or not, car was running... Dash with out the veneer.
  13. Big girls need love too... 66 Electra 225 Coupe

    I know how much you guys love pictures, so here you go... 1411 and 1481 Throttle lever adapter. Plugged the heat runners, hooked up the choke to the key- on wire from the wipers, it took 6 cranks for the filter to fill up and she started right up... Choke was on for about 3 minutes, then right out of the box idle at 550 RPM. Amazing. I couldn't believe it... Snapped the throttle a couple of times, gone was the hesitation. Right out of idle, snap it, step on it, hammer it, call it whatever you want, this girl is eager to play... Went for a drive, half way up to Tulsa and back, poured in some seafoam into the oil and had her first oil change afterwards. It is amazing what this carburetor can do. I was fighting hesitation, "stumble" right out of idle, sometimes it would choke and die. I can replace gaskets, but this thing needed a lot more. I asked around and the "King" doesn't rebuild them any more, he just sells the kits. I opted for the Edelbrock, I have been happy with the 1406 in my 56, so there you go. Plug and play. Even the kick down switch worked like factory. I was going to remove the valve covers and pain them too, but does the passenger side one needs the A/C bracket to cove off? The engine was clean inside, cam was clean, there was very little sludge, the fan clutch was damaged, so I replaced it with another one. Car came with Autolite 86 plugs, I have a new set of AC44S plus some new wires I will do next week. 150 miles today, she drives like a dream... HP power steering hose has a small cut and that's were it leaks, I do have a replacement. Radio was not working, took it apart, cleaned it, lubed it and works perfect. Clock was dead, the thermal fuse was not damaged, I cleaned it, lubed it and put it back on, works like a champ. I polished the spot where the veneer used to go, I really liked the look sans veneer, so I removed the rest of it from the glove box. Don't have a picture, but will upload one next week. Flushed the radiator, bought a fan shroud that will beed a little bit of fabrication to make it work, ($22 off eBay) but after the new fan clutch, I let her sit idle for 45 minutes and the highest temperature I saw was 182 top 122 bottom (IR thermometer) Took the whole dash apart, cleaned up al the dust from the plenums and vents, checked the vacuum hoses and put everything back together sealing any gaps. A/C works, heater works, even the speedo buzzer works. Cleaned up the seats, the off white really popped up. There is one 2" tear by my left shoulder, I got some vinyl repair kit I will try next week. Polished the stainless and the chrome, cleaned up the paint, went over the brakes, will need shocks for now, I kind of like the saggy springs look... Painted the air filter housing, got a new decal from cars, used a ring adapter and it fits on the new carburetor. The paint I used was the Detroit green by Duplicolor. Once the valve covers are painted, it will all match. Not oem, but good enough for me. If I had to use one word to describe her, it would be "elegant". She is quiet, not "in your face" like the 56 and she will stay like that. My main goal was to fix the hesitation and Edelbrock took care of that. I think I will give the Bilsteins a try. Will report back soon.
  14. MrEarl's Barnfind Adventure

    MrEarl, you need to change your signature now...
  15. Big girls need love too... 66 Electra 225 Coupe

    A few missing pieces, there is a leak coming somewhere from the power steering, the fuel filter has been changed to a single in/single out, the fuel return hose has been left alone lose inside the left fender well. I think I narrowed down the color to a 1972 Buick Flame Orange Irid 65 A-2564D. I ordered a sample to see how close in real life it is to this color. Other than that, been busy with work and haven't touched her yet.