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  1. MrEarl, you need to change your signature now...
  2. A few missing pieces, there is a leak coming somewhere from the power steering, the fuel filter has been changed to a single in/single out, the fuel return hose has been left alone lose inside the left fender well. I think I narrowed down the color to a 1972 Buick Flame Orange Irid 65 A-2564D. I ordered a sample to see how close in real life it is to this color. Other than that, been busy with work and haven't touched her yet.
  3. Book shows 4176 lbs. What I really like though, is this:
  4. Spent its whole life in Cheyenne WY, last 4 years in the Ft Collins CO area.
  5. She was delivered Sunday around 11am. I got a chance to drive around town before she went to the garage. The driver's door will not open from the inside, just the outside. Manual Windows all around, some window crank clips are loose and cranks do not stay put. I did not see chewed up teeth on the crank shafts. The missing veneer is included in an envelope. Clock is not working, radio turns on, I could hear the initial "click" but no sound. Power steering, power brakes. The steering shaft to the box rubber donut is cracked in half. Idles high, all lights work, tail light lense is cracked and has been previously repaired, shocks are shot, brakes work really good, tires are old, paint is beautiful, no I didn't see any scratches or dings, no evidence of previous color. Headliner is solid, clean and shows no stains. There are a few stress cracks on the seat stitching with a couple of small tears, it is missing the right rear sail panel lense cover, carpet looks clean with no stains, dash pad is solid, A/C center vent chrome cover was on the floor, transmission shifts smooth, engine runs smooth, but overheated (dash HOT light came on briefly when I had the car sitting idle for 20 min) The radiator fan is on a clutch and for the car to overheat after 20 min of idle in 38* weather, I am guessing the fan is not coming on... I did not try the A/C, or the heater, we just drove 10 miles to the storage place and parked it. I took some pictures of the underneath while on the transport, it looks to me this car was loved at some point, but it wasn't finished. It sat for 4 years in hopes of someday finishing what was started, but life got in the way. The 69xxx miles showing on the odometer are real. The trunk floor is solid, floor pans are solid, frame rails are solid, upper control arm shafts are new. It drives straight, I think I got her up to 40 mph, wife next to me, kids in the rear seat, I could feel the presence of Mr and Mrs Stewart with us smiling... She is in a good place... I am looking forward to getting to know her and spending some quality time with her...
  6. Your saved her once, now she returned the favor. That's good Karma. Enjoy each other
  7. I do not have the missing veneer pieces. I have been looking on eBay but so far all I found was whole dash inserts and most of them had the veneer missing. I watched a couple of videos on YouTube on how to apply veneer and from what I found, I can purchase strips of veneer, measure, cut, clean really well and glue. Montway deal fell through, they weren't sure if they could pick up on specific day and since it was a short hop for them, I had to wait until a full load was made (up to two weeks) and then deliver, which wasn't something I was willing to do. I was able to locate another carrier, shipping now will be on the 11th and delivery within 3 to 5 days. Price was the same.
  8. I know... I am nervous too. I am not keeping my hopes high Ben, I just drove my 56 to OKC yesterday, 550 miles not even a single hick up. 3 tanks of gas, 12-18-14 MPG per tank. It's sad, when cars like this 66 have been neglected, but it is what it is... I would have loved to drive the 750 mile trip but I will take his word for it and have it shipped. The main reason was the carburetor. From what he told me, the car hasn't seen much action the past 4 years, just up and down the road to keep the fluids circulated. The price was right at what Hagerty suggests for a No3 car. I guess we will all find out what the deal is last week of March or so.
  9. I need to lose a few pounds, this commute and sitting on my butt does not help. I placed the order with Montway, scheduled pick up is the 18th of March. I was able to find the service manuals on eBay plus an original owner protection plan, Buick owners manual and an accessory booklet.
  10. Thanks... $635 door to door. I was planning on flying and driving it back, but he just told me he wouldn't recommend it. I think transport it is...
  11. Carter 60430 6-9PSI right at the tank shows a solid 5 PSI at the base of the carburetor for me.
  12. As you already know, a while back I was lectured for posting a Chevy gig on here... I take these things really seriously, so I sold it as soon as I could and apologized profusely to my brother from the South, promising to never do it again. I did a search in here and this popped up: I clicked on his name and this one also posed up: I I sent him an email and after some back and forth, I made an offer. The offer got accepted, I paid the man and now I am trying to figure how to get her to OKC. I liked her story, but she hasn't seen much use during the past 4 years. Part of me wants to fly and drive the 730 mile trip, but it is tight with work and the pending move. I am still working on it, but for now, here she is, Vicky's younger sister Electra.
  13. I went through this last month. In my case, the seal failed because of an internal seal failure in the power chamber, which subsequently "dumped" 700 or so PSI into the pitman arm seal. Nothing could save the seal. I took it to a hydraulic shop for a rebuild, but after they opened it they found it was beyond repair and in my case I would need a core ( $300) to have the core rebuild (at $350). They were honest, told me upfront what I was up against and not only they did not charge me a dime, they put it together using new seals and gave it back to me for garage wall art. I found out the hard way, there is a reason the seal fails and unless you investigate further, a new seal will not fix the problem. This was my experience, yours might be different. Be careful of places they advertise they will fix it without opening it first, to see if you need a core or not, as cores are expensive...