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  1. 1913 Cadillac 5 Passenger Touring Car

    Thanks the car was sold last year.
  2. 1939 1940 front brake drums

    Looking for one or two front brake drums for 1939 to 1940 Ford 815 403 3803 John
  3. Scintella SA model 27 distributor cap and rotor wanted ...made in Switzerland tag on model # FH4L431 Z4 4 cylinder cap
  4. Looking for a pair of front splined hubs for Jaguar wheel from E type, 120 140 150. Thanks AACA
  5. Brush Information Needed

    Hi Jonah, I own a BC 1909 and your numbers are in line with that year. I use automatic transmission fluid in my transmission as when you pull it apart you will understand that it really is an auto trans. The original manual calls for 30 weight oil, but if brush would of had trans fluid he would have been using it. This was the weak link in the Brush auto as the trans design was changed three times in five years. I agree with the 600 w for the rear. I use synthetic motor oil in the crank case 40 weight, fill only to the bottom of the rod , as you look inside thru the round cover plate you will see the rod at the bottom of the stroke. there is a small dipper attached to the rod which should just reach the oil level and pick up oil to fling around inside the crank case. @ 3/4 of a quart. This is why they call it a lost oil system, the dripper which apparently you are missing adds oil at a rate of @ 10 drips per minute. there are a number of ways to create a dripper for the oil. This dripper is primarily to direct oil the front and rear main crank shaft bearings as you will see that there is a "gutter" soldered to the inside of your aluminum crank case. As far as the "rod Knock" you may just get lucky and be able to adjust the rod bolts and shim the rod bearing, as the babbit usually is good..This adjustment is listed in the Manuel and suggested that the rod bolts be checked regularly..Try filling your trans and rear end and steering box with diesel fuel mixed maybe five to one with marvel mystery oil and let it soak for a week or so and then drain the boxes and flush with clean diesel and then leave the plugs out and allow them to drip dry.... Enjoy your project and good luck Let me know if I can help John Ullrich 1909 Brush BC 1908 Brush B 1910 Brush D 1907 Cadillac M ( Remember A Brush designed that motor too.)
  6. 1910 Reo parts wanted

    saddle bolts are available new as used in making carriage axles and wheels. Send me a PM if you need help
  7. FS--unknown chain drive wooden wheels with sprockets

    Not an early Brush, I own an 07, the chain drive although attached to the hub is a very similar manner, also incorporates the brake drum and bands and the ones in the photos have no brake drums.

    bump....make an offer, still available

    Spring cleaning and have an engine gasket set from my 1919 Overland which I have since sold. I believe this will fit 1917 -1922 new, and what I think is the full set of gaskets, Head gasket, and one old one, cork pan gaskets, timing cover, etc. $100.00 includes shipping John Ullrich 815 403 3803
  10. differences

  11. differences

    Joe, One thing is the wheels, they went to a square fellow in 16 and were rounded over in 15. The bodies were the same I believe...except... in late 16 or 17 the floor board is punched just below the drivers seat riser in the metal portion for the starter button, you could check that.
  12. 1916 0r 1919 Milburn electric

    Indiana Man ....Did not mention that I believe Milburn also used the same lamp maker. Stutzman in Ohio is probably your best shot at wheel maker, I have also used wanna wheel in Shipshewana In.
  13. 1916 0r 1919 Milburn electric

    If you look closely at the early electric Ford Model T head lights they I believe are the same manufacturer, as Ford did not produce their lamps early on (1916-21) and purchased them, marked with the Ford script on the top, however that can be easily filled in. All parts are available for them thru any of the Model t suppliers, I use bobs Model T in Rockford Ill. New Rims in chrome as were on the electrics, bulbs, inside reflectors, sockets, etc. He even has some used light buckets you can buy. I did this on my AACA first place 1912 Detroit Electric. Good Luck with your car!
  14. MG 948 cc Sprite Motor and Transmission

    bump still available...make offer
  15. I am delivering a car to eastern Pa and going back empty to Northern Illinois.....enclosed 26 foot trailer, this next week @ March 6-9. Any body looking for reasonable transfer along the way, don't want to go to far out of the way but will travel reasonable distance to pick up a load. John Ullrich 815 403 3803