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  1. 57 Special floor pan trouble

    finally got a little time in the garage and was able to get a little done to the floor.... Here are a few pics.... The metal under the back seat looked great ! I was SO thankful I have a few more to take yet, as I have made a little more headway since these were taken...... I will load them asap. Am I showing any sign's of progress you think ? Thanks for all the help !
  2. 57 Special floor pan trouble

    Adam, are you out there ? Any thoughts on what Jim was saying ? I'd be interested in maybe something there........ Want to send me a pm ? Troy
  3. 57 Special floor pan trouble

    Thanks, Jim..... I already have the chassis manual, next comes the other....You are right on about the bagging and tagging.... I will do my due diligence with all that Retirednow, can you upload some pics of the 52 ? I'd love to see it ! Good luck with it Troy
  4. 57 Special floor pan trouble

    a little progress on yanking the old stuff out.......... Maybe, just maybe this is doable... The frame and supports look ok and I'm thinking I can get enough to weld to around the tranny tunnel. We will see Here's a few pics
  5. 57 Special floor pan trouble

    Anybody know if the floor pans will cross over from the 57 4 door to my 2 door ? Or would there be a lot of modifying ? what about front door windows ?
  6. 57 Special floor pan trouble

    Thanks, Rob
  7. 57 Special floor pan trouble

    Wow ! You all have been so supportive and encouraging.... I've seen the eBay stuff and could very easily go that way... I am good with getting the welder too as I see it as critical in all this.... Too, if that parts car is still there it may be worth a try as well....we will see and keep you all informed.... Btw, I'd love for someone to come over.... The more the merrier misery loves company too ! Thanks again, y'all Troy
  8. 57 Special floor pan trouble

    Adam, thanks for the link here....... What you did is an incredible inspiration to guys like us.... I noticed your posts on that 58 and was pretty awesomized !! I don't know that I can come near what you have done, but will do what I can.....We'll see...It will be slow, as time is a precious commodity these days
  9. 57 Special floor pan trouble

    Thanks Willie for the suggestion....... I dont guess I can rule anything out at this pioint....
  10. 57 Special floor pan trouble

    a couple more pics of this mess.... pardon the other assorted items in the pics
  11. my new 57 buick special

    Thank you SO much, Bill ! It is so encouraging to hear things like that... It really helps my resolve in going forward with this Troy
  12. 57 Special floor pan trouble

    Jim, i appreciate all have a first-hand knowledge of this and from what i see on your pics, you brought it back from a long ways off ) If mine makes it back it will have come from a near-death experience ...I will load more pics later when i can get to my office computer Thanks again !
  13. 57 Special floor pan trouble

    Jim, based on what you have just shared, (both pictures and words of wisdom i am going to give this my best and try and keep at it... My dear wife and son are very supportive of me and my son keeps reminding me of what an resto (more mechanical than body) expert and several others have said; dont expect to be done with it soon... I'm good with that
  14. 57 Special floor pan trouble

    Jim, the supports i believe can be cleaned up and reused... The tunnel is strong on top but weakens above half way down the sides. I am sad to say i believe the sills are shot. That is the metal box looking thing just inside the rocker panel, almost looks like a structural piece, right ? If so, both are not so hot.... Maybe i can get a better pic or two and upload... Anyway, i live in Gurley, Al, right outside Huntsville....I'd love to connect with somebody locally ! Anyway, thanks to all of you for your contributions here. I appreciate your time and advice very much Troy
  15. 57 Special floor pan trouble

    4 bufords, are you suggesting i continue to try and work with this car or use parts off of it and apply towards another more solid car ? Please forgive my ignorance I'd really like to keep at this car if at all possible..... Is a three on the tree rare on these cars ? I would have no idea... Anyway, i respect your and Rob's opinions on this, as well as Jim's.... I'm a novice at all this and you all are the experts Thanks much, Troy