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  1. Hoarding problem ? I don't have a hoarding problem . I NEED ALL this stuff. I hate the sight of a snow shovel..........west of Pittsburgh, Pa.
  2. Will Trimacar reveal the title and author of the needle and stitch book he mentioned ? It sounds very interesting and useful. Thank you..
  3. City Laundry still in Akron. "Since 1889" I like the sign in front: GOOD GIRL WANTED
  4. 23hack

    Is this a Model T

    Just get those fat folks to step aside and we could be more specific. Layden is spot on. As ever.
  5. 23hack

    Water pump rebuild with ceramic seal

    I find this repair most interesting. But how does this fit in a 20s or 30s water pump with external brass nuts for rope packing? OR is it only good for certain applications?
  6. Your best source is The Pierce Arrow Club !
  7. 23hack

    "SOLD" 1916 Willys-Knight Tourng Car $10k

    It is there between the brake and clutch pedal.
  8. 23hack

    Any test pilots on this forum???

    Yes..............shirley !
  9. 23hack

    franklin 11b hard shifting gears

    Clutch dragging. Not fully disengaging.
  10. 23hack

    Brake lights on again!

    Are you sure the MC piston seal is BEHIND the compensating port? If not it will store pressure.
  11. "Safety Siped" Look at a Lester or Lincoln tires. At least the older ones were. I am not sure of the Coker era tires.
  12. 23hack

    Why does my 1929 Cadillac ride so poorly?

    Hey Wait.........Wait ! What about the wedding Saturday ?
  13. 23hack

    " 1961 VW Beetle dim tail lights"

    Those ceramic fuses corrode to give problems. My 1992 Mercedes had gremlins until I cleaned ALL the fuse ends. Upgrade kits are available up to gold plated versions.
  14. 23hack

    Dynamo/ generator rewiring

    Changing to 12 volts is not an upgrade. It is an expensive way to stay right where you are now.
  15. 23hack

    vacuum tank problems

    Stude17 has the answer ! It's the valve seats leaking. Not checked for proper function. But now it is back in the hands of the overhauler. Best wishes unto you......
  16. 23hack

    Side Curtain ID tags for sale

    I have never seen the like! I greatly enjoy your postings.
  17. 23hack

    Tail lamp wire sheathing

    Rhode Island Wiring is best also.
  18. 23hack

    Constant Force Spring

    I did forget to mention......WEAR LEATHER GLOVES ! It will slash your hand faster than a blink.
  19. 23hack

    Constant Force Spring

    Yes, it could be repaired. I would buy that machine a new spring. Retire the old spring. A new spring will come oiled to prevent rusting. It isn't lubricated for use. There is a tool called a "spring winder" used to install the spring safely in the barrel. Otherwise you could well get hurt or ruin the new spring. Clock repair folks have the tool. I have heard of spring suppliers loading a spring for you if you send them the barrel. sometimes........... Be careful. '
  20. I agree , Trim. It has to have a correct top. I too praise or curse the top, and I'm not a trimmer. Hopefully that top guy is in prison today.
  21. 23hack

    King Seeley fuel gauge

    The top of the gauge glass must be open to atmosphere for the gauge to work.
  22. 23hack

    King Seeley fuel gauge

    I have worked on four K-S fuel gauges over the years and have never found the liquid to have an odor. I really wonder what you have . Acetylene dibromide is what I remember it being. It has a specific gravity that's critical.
  23. 23hack

    1903 Cadillac Model A - $150000 Phoenix, AZ

    Phoenix Craigslist? Really? With all the big money auction houses in town the seller opts for Craigslist? Perhaps a scam !