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  1. lump

    Need id on the hub caps

    In my experience, it can be tough to sell most ordinary full-wheel hubcaps these least here in southern Ohio. My BIL had over a hundred similar caps at local swap meets for $10 each, and sold only one or two per weekend. He finally stopped bothering to bring them along. Apparently a LOT of folks today prefer some kind of aftermarket wheels, or "rally wheels," or "dog dish" smaller caps with painted wheels (some folks call 'em "Police Hub Caps.") Good luck to you, though.
  2. lump

    What Make engine on the back?

    Thanks, Restorer 32!
  3. lump

    Interesting car 1904? any guesses?

    Quoting something I wrote in a post a few years back about the 1928 pickup my dad drove to work each day when I was in high school in the early 70's: I was amazed at how well that old Model A did in the snow. One night after a big snowfall, me and some other teens were hanging out on an uphill street, waiting to help push cars that couldn't get enough traction to make it up the hill. There must have been about 10 of us, enjoying the adventure. Just then I heard my Dad's Model A coming around the corner, and I ASSUMED that he would really need our help, with those skinny tires. But Dad came around the corner, drove right up to where I was standing behind a car we were trying to push, rolled down his window and warned me to be careful. Then, starting out right in the middle of the hill, he simply drove right up to our house. I was amazed. Later, he told me that those "skinny tires" I was worried about were actually a help, not a hindrance, because they tended to cut through the soft snow down to the pavement, instead of floating on top of it. I was beginning to see that my old man wasn't so "dumb" after all. Maybe "old guys" knew a thing or two that I didn't. Hmmmm....
  4. lump

    What Make engine on the back?

    Ummm...a "two-drum donkey engine?" Please explain, for us ignorant folks. 😊
  5. lump

    Another brass car from the HAMB

    Leif, Thanks for taking a look at that image, and placing arrows at the noted differences. During this mystery-car identification project, not only did I learn the differences between the Autocar and this one identified as a Reading...I also learned that the effort of turning page by page by page through the STANDARD CATALOG looking for images of similar vehicles is too large of a task for me! That's why I didn't find any similar vehicles beyond the "A" pages of the alphabetical listings! Cheers!!
  6. lump

    Another brass car from the HAMB

    I am NOT an expert on these early makes. But I find them fascinating. In an earlier response, I suggested Autocar. I had noticed a similar-looking vehicle on page 85 of the Standard Catalog. Fenders very similar, front and rear. Radiator similar, with full-eliptic springs. Hub caps similar size, radiator similar shape. The Autocar shown in that photo seems to have an enamel style radiator emblem at top, which is different, and headlights are different. But I ASSUME that there were often small differences like this throughout a model year for many manufacturers. Again, I am not trying to argue that this is the car...I'm just offering to try and help.
  7. lump

    Hupmobile Model 20 & Charlie

    Love it.
  8. lump

    Evans waterless coolant

    I used to do some artwork and ad placement for Evans. As they explained it to me, their stuff can survive hotter conditions than water can. They explained that, when an engine overheats in a specific spot, that spot becomes so hot that a "bubble" of gasses forms around that spot, which then makes the problem worse. They said that the Evans coolant won't do that, so if a spot gets too hot, the coolant will stay in contact with it, providing more effective cooling. They also told me that engines are actually a bit more efficient at higher temperatures than what water can tolerate. IF I understood them correctly, the whole idea of the Evans coolant was to allow the engine to run hotter without experiencing problems. I'm no engineer...just reporting what I recall them telling me. PS: I ran Evans coolant in my 4 cylinder Hupmobile for a couple years, with no troubles. But then, this old Hupp has never had a problem with any kind of overheating...even in slow parades on hot days.
  9. lump

    Another brass car from the HAMB

    Reminds me of an Autocar, but I cannot find many photos of examples.
  10. lump

    FOMOCO trim pieces

    Rear quarter panel emblems for full size 59 Ford Custom 300, possibly other models.
  11. lump

    Should I daily drive a classic car?

    Well said, Gungeey. The only fly-in-the-ointment, from my perspective, is insurance. I seem to recall that Massachusetts has "no-fault" car insurance laws, so maybe things are different there. But here in Ohio, if someone else smashes into your car, their insurance company is likely to argue that SINCE your older car was being driven regularly as transportation, then it was in fact a "used car." Then they refer to the Blue Book value guide, which no longer lists cars of a certain age. Thus, these companies claim that your car was nothing more than an old used car, and offer you several hundred dollars as a settlement. Ask me how I know.
  12. lump

    Hudson's, Fighter planes and engines

    Awesome pix, Xander!!!!!
  13. lump

    Should I daily drive a classic car?

    That's what I've been trying to communicate, Ol'Yeller! Well said!!
  14. lump

    Junkyard forum guidelines.

    Sorry, moderators! I put this post in the wrong place. I meant to post it down with the other listings. Could one of you kindly move it for me? I would be very grateful. Lump (Jim Wirth)
  15. That's great experience and advice for all of us. Thanks, Curti!