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  1. OEM parts found!

    "All this car needs is....."
  2. circa 1940 rear fender

    Here is a photo of a 1939 Dodge rear fender on a sedan
  3. circa 1940 rear fender

    Those ribs do remind me of Dodge fenders.
  4. Hello gang. I went to an estate sale recently, with the relatives conducting the sale. I couldn't believe they wanted to sell old photo albums full of family pictures, but that's their business, not mine. Anyway, I bought one album because it had several cool old photos of cars and/or other vintage vehicles. Tonight I'll post an image of a very old truck that I thought was very cool. Anyone have any idea about the make/year/model of this old solid-rubber-tire stake bed truck?
  5. Hupp experts, if you don't mind, please take a look in the General Discussion forum at the thread about "LOOKING FOR INFO ON 40's and 50's BATTERIES." Some found an old trash pile loaded with old hard rubber auto battery cases. One of those cases has raised letters reading "H SERVICE", with big circle surrounding the "H." That logo looks very much like the radiator badge on my 1923 Model R Hupp touring. I'm wondering if "H Service" might have been Hupmobile...or perhaps Hudson? Your thoughts?
  6. 1930's parts? Hub cap, hood ordiment . .

    Those hubcaps are probably aftermarket. At least, I don't recognize them. Your ornament sure looks familiar...
  7. I am quite curious about the case marked, "H Service." Is anyone familiar with that company? I wonder if it could mean Hudson or Hupmobile?
  8. Model R rear wheel bearings

    Hello, Steven. I have a 1923 Model R touring, which I inherited from my parents. There are some spare parts in boxes, which I will try to look through, to see if I have any spare bearings.
  9. Please help identify these cars

    Here is a photo from the internet of a Grant car. Note that the placement of the radiator badge is more similar on this Grant, than the emblem was on the first photo of a Scripps-Booth. That emblem was located higher, I think.
  10. Grant Six Firewall Tag

    By the way, I seem to recall that some Grant cars used Falls brand engines, and at other times Walker engines were installed. I understand that neither engine was considered to be of superior quality. Danoboy, would you like to sell that firewall tag? It might look pretty good in my little collection. Cheers!
  11. Grant Six Firewall Tag

    My parents had a 1921 Grant Six roadster when I was a kid. I have a photo of the day they drug it out of a barn in Indiana They did some research and wrote a story for the AACA magazine about the Grant Motor Car company. I'll see if I can find a copy of that in my files. In the meantime, here is a photo of some NOS Grant memorabilia that my parents acquired from a gentleman who had worked for the Grant company. They met him at an AACA tour in the early 1960's, when he came up and introduced himself.
  12. Please help identify these cars

    Hmmm....the one on the right could also be a Grant. They had radiator shells like that one.
  13. 6 Volt Bulbs?

    If you don't find any other source, I have a large supply of old stock USA made bulbs, of nearly every size. Send me a PM, if you like.
  14. 1969 Chevelle SS 396 Convert

    Can't wait to see what you find out. Good luck!
  15. 1969 Chevelle SS 396 Convert

    AWESOME car, Skip. Nice to see that it has the 350 hp engine, bucket seats, and console (which includes floor shifter). Is that paint and/or upholstery original, by any chance? Next it would be great to search for a build sheet. Then you can really sort out the details of what it was originally equipped with.