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  1. misterc9

    Timing a '57 312 Y block

    It's possible the timing marks aren't right. The wrong harmonic balancer or pointer could cause this. The rubber in the balancer could be failed and the outer ring has shifted. You could test for true top dead center on the #1 cylinder, then see if the marks line up. If you have enough swing at the distributor to bring the timing marks to line up with the engine running ,being a tooth off is not the immediate problem. Sounds like the mark shows more advance than it really is.
  2. misterc9

    1963 Chrysler power brake photo?

    Where are the wires that plug into it?
  3. misterc9

    Portawalls question

    I remember the tires sometimes having bead leaks when using the Portawalls.
  4. misterc9

    How would this Ice Alert work on a car ?

    It doesn't actually register ice on the road. This device just measures temperature. It was normally mounted below the front bumper. When the unit was turned on it would illuminate a warning light when the temperature was low enough for the road to freeze. This was a common accessory on European cars in the late 60's to early 70's
  5. misterc9

    This 55 Nomad showed up at my work

    That 55 Chevy got 10 mpg in 1968. I had a 55 Chevy V8 Powerglide that didn't get much more than that in town. Also had a 60 283 Powerglide that got 10 mpg in town. These were cheap cars with cheap gas 50 years ago. Mileage didn't matter.
  6. My father worked for the railroad. One day he took me to a train wreck. A whole train load of new 63 Chryslers and Plymouths derailed then went down a steep embankment. They had cranes to hoist the cars out. They smashed the glass out of the cars to put the cable through to lift them out. Plenty of guys were there writing on clipboards. Wish I had a camera that day.
  7. misterc9

    1929 Buick battery

    Many new "smart'"chargers won't charge a questionable battery. Try a full size old fashioned garage charger. Take it to a shop after charging and get it load tested. If it won't pass a load test it won't crank the starter properly if it cranks at all.
  8. misterc9

    1948 Car Production

    That 1948 production total sounds low. 3.9 million is shown in The Last Onslaught On Detroit . It also shows the totals for nineteen US makes.
  9. A common problem with old power windows is chafed or broken wires in the flexible conduit where the drivers door opens. With the door panel off you can check these from inside the door. Pull on the wires one by one to see if they are intact and have a little pull back to them.
  10. misterc9

    Failed Again! 1977 Seville

    In New York we don't have the tailpipe sniffer. We do have to have the check engine light not on to pass inspection. A vehicle with a check engine that won't stay off can get a waiver to get an inspection certificate. The vehicle owner after spending a certain amount of money on repairs can furnish receipts for emission/check engine light work to an inspection station. These receipts would need to be for work relevant to the problem and from a registered repair shop. The inspection station can then apply for and then get the waiver to issue an inspection certificate. California must have something similar to this. I don't know what gas is available in CA. I would think a non feedback car would run leaner on gasohol than no alcohol gasoline. I might even try adding a small amount of E85 to dilute the fuel. Nobody wants to put gasohol in their old car but. I don't know how far over the limit you are rich. Maybe the fuel difference wouldn't even help it.
  11. misterc9

    1959 Mercury Montery front brake drums

    Front Brake drum without hub 3 in with 5X5 bolt pattern Ford # MG125B also fits 58 Edsel Corsair and Citation, 57 Merc 368 engine, 57 Merc wagon, 58 Merc with 3 inch brakes, all 59-60 Merc full size. This is from Hollander Their interchange # is 750.Maybe this helps.
  12. misterc9

    Running Rich Solutions?

    Your best bet might be to put some highway miles on it to get everything cleaned out. Make sure you have fresh gas in it and that it gets fully warmed up. Then try again to see if there is any improvement.
  13. misterc9


    16.5 was tubeless while 16 in was usually tube type. Back then most 16s were the split rim type. Nobody wants to change the old split rim wheels so most of them were scrapped and replaced with one piece wheels. The tire's weight capacity is important when picking tires. Every modern tire has it's weight capacity marked on the sidewall. Example 2000 lbs @ 40 psi This is for each tire. I don't know the truck's weight or if you are putting a camper on. Most trucks had a label somewhere stating the weight for front and rear axles. The tires need to meet or ideally exceed this weight.
  14. misterc9

    Converting 1990 Reatta from R12 to R 134

    I did a number of these twenty years ago. Four Seasons AC recommended refilling the converted system with about 80% of the original system's R12 rated capacity. Apparently it took less R134 to do the job. I did a bunch of them this way and had good success. I don't know if they since changed this idea or not.
  15. misterc9

    Inspired by Keiser

    What is the grey tow vehicle?