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  1. Converting 1990 Reatta from R12 to R 134

    I did a number of these twenty years ago. Four Seasons AC recommended refilling the converted system with about 80% of the original system's R12 rated capacity. Apparently it took less R134 to do the job. I did a bunch of them this way and had good success. I don't know if they since changed this idea or not.
  2. Inspired by Keiser

    What is the grey tow vehicle?
  3. 1950's Chevy Rear Light ?

    The 51 parking light has chevrons on it. That looks like a 52 Chevy.
  4. Caddy + Buick

    This is from the 1966 Hollander Manual. 54-55 Buick Trunk lid , Super and Roadmaster 2 door #347 4 door #376 54-56 Cadillac 60S #408 62 cpe and conv #408 75 and 62 4dr sedan #409 No further interchange on these. Special and Century don't fit. Might be hard to find.
  5. Mulling over a barn find

    I have had a mobile locksmith come to the car and pick the ignition lock without taking it apart. He then made a key for it in his van. The only hitch is not everybody stocks the old GM key blanks.
  6. A car guy in Vajenya's Governor's Mansion!

    Bill Clinton's Mustang is the actual car he drove in college. I remember when it was restored.
  7. How to bench test a new '49 Chevy fuel gauge and sender

    The body of the gauge would be grounded by the screws attaching it to the dash cluster. To bench test you would need to ground the gauge body. Don't let anything short out.
  8. What was your biggest screw up working on the cars

    A guy I knew years ago put a water pump on his Falcon Econoline. He did it in the back yard in the dirt and lost one of the four bolts that held the pump on. So he went down in the cellar and found a replacement bolt in his collection of stuff. He tightened everything up good and filled the coolant up but it took a lot more coolant than it should have. He went to start it up and the starter didn't crank at all. I looked at it.It was locked op tight. I took the water pump back off. The replacement bolt he found was too long but he tightened it up "real good". The too long bolt poked through the #1 cylinder wall and the cylinder completely filled with coolant. That van never ran again. Monday,04:42 AM PSTAA
  9. restoration shop

    The Packard and Lincoln are probably in need of a thorough restoration with all areas. They need to run and drive reliably . They will be driven little if at all. Both have historical significance and are worth the effort and expense.
  10. restoration shop

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a restoration shop? A friend has two cars, an early thirties Lincoln and a late thirties Packard. Both were museum cars and have been in storage for years. They are decent but are stale from sitting. The idea here is to make them showable in a museum again. Both are limousine type big deal cars. They also need to be put in good mechanical shape. They realize this is BIG MONEY. The cars are in Upstate New York. Any recommendations are appreciated. Thanks
  11. Minnesota title question.

    You didn't say what state the car is from. What paperwork comes with it? Does it have a registration or a DMV transfer slip or other documents" Do these have the VIN matching the car"
  12. Coolant Hose Leak

    Try Peremetex Aviation seal in the brush can. Clean the water neck and inside the hose end thoroughly. I wouldn't use silicone.
  13. Brake Light Bulb on Rear Deck

    What make and model is this?
  14. How about when you ask simple specific questions over and over but keep getting nonanswers? Nonanswers mean nonsales.
  15. Why One Noisy Valve?

    Try rotating the suspected tappet around the full 360 in it's bore while measuring every 45 degrees or so. You may find the base of the tappet or the tip of the valve is not worn evenly and the clearance varies. You might be able to find a suitable compromise adjustment or not.