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  3. The love of my life for almost 42 years, my wife for 40 years, 2 months, and 19 days, Rhonda Ruth Bowyer passed away June 21, 2017. Our daughters and oldest granddaughter rode with me as we took Rhonda’s cremains to the luncheon following her service in our Riviera. Rhonda and I rode home alone together following that. When I’m gone my and Rhonda’s cremains will be mixed together and we will ride between our daughters past a few of the places we frequented when we were dating, and past the Muskegon Blockhouse where we went on the evening of our first date, and where I proposed to her. We took our first ride together in any car in this car on the afternoon of August 31, 1975. God willing we will take our last earthly ride together in this car together, when He so decides. And then I won’t care what happens to it. I’ll be with Rhonda.