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  1. 1928 Buick Coupe newjersey craigslist

    This car has sold
  2. Who repairs speedometer cables??

    I have used Kerri Miller in Windber ,Pa. many times . Pm me and I will give you his number
  3. 1932 Auburn 8-100A Brougham

    Nice Car . Good luck with the sale
  4. Has anyone out there dealt with Carburetor USA?

    I just had my carb to my 31 Franklin done by phil of Custom Carbs in north Jersey. They did a great job. So I had him do another one. I have already sent about 10 people there. 732 356 4333
  5. Duesenberg J grille shell

    Brasscarguy, Do you remember a fellow named Tom Hubbard in Arizona who did most of the Franklins for Harrah? He was the most knowledgeable Franklin guy around. There is a museum there with Tom's cars in it.
  6. Hi Gary, I have been watching your restoration from the start. Great job!!!! not only on the car but the documentation of it. I really admire your perseverance with this project. I see you are in Monmouth county. I live in Ocean county. I have been following the paint work closely and the guy you have doing it seems to do excellent work. I am in the process of restoring my 29 Franklin 4 door sedan and am just about ready for paint. I am in no rush. Do you think he would be interested in doing it? I do not want to "step on anyone's toes" . You can pm me if you want to. I would love to see your car someday. Are you going to show it at any of the local meets, AACA meets or just drive it? Again great job on the Buick!! Jim
  7. 1931 buick roadster 94 series head light wire

    You might try calling Rhode Island wiring service. They have a lot of these small hard to find parts.401 789 1955
  8. 1928 Peerless Coupe

    I just want to second your opinion about Don Bettes. He knows about Peerless. He is also a great person. We went out to Ohio to see him in November and spent all day together. A real gem in the old car hobby. I am sure he would love to talk bout your Peerless. I have his number if you want to pm me
  9. Chrome questions

    I have also used the shop in Erie. Beautiful work but you will pay for it. To me it is worth it . One and done
  10. It would cost 700. A ton is 2000 lbs.
  11. Where might I try to get a piston from?

    Another vote Ross or Arias. The other company had quite a few problems years back. Most of my friends wont buy ANYTHING from them.
  12. this subject has been beaten to death

    Passport transport . You might pay a little more but top notch
  13. Delivery truck identification

    Definitely 1941 to 1946 chevrolet
  14. Trim

    Try L and L in Missouri 417 476 2871
  15. How is everybody doing

    Working on the 31 in the nice warm garage . Radiant heat is the best. Have the trans getting rebuilt right now. Already have the overdrive back Jim