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  1. A buddy of mine in the Franklin club has a Cole. he lives in North Jersey. I will tell him about this
  2. I put a set of Logo Lights on my 31 Franklin. LED and very bright. They are not wireless but some wireless systems have problems I was told . Check it out. Very nice people to deal with also
  3. 29 franklin

    1972 Dodge Dart Wiring

    Check out Rhode Island wiring. They might have the Harness. The will send a diagram with it and if you have any questions they will help. If not there are mopar suppliers that have them. What you have is a fire waiting to happen. Be safe .
  4. 29 franklin

    Tire replacement questions - 1929 Model 135

    1) I bought mine from Lucas tire 2) Custom Classic 3) New tubes are junk compared to old ones but you really do not have a choice . 4) Blackwall 5)Yes you want new tires 6)I think Excelsior and another company makes radials in that size. I do not know anything about them. I think a couple club members have them on their cars. Hopefully they will answer . This is what I did on my 29 130. Just my thoughts . Have a great day
  5. 29 franklin

    1931 Chrysler CM6 Roadster

    Nice car !
  6. 29 franklin

    antique air cooled engine

    I own 2 1929 Franklins and a 1931 Franklin and have never had any problem what so ever from any kind of overheating . Franklin had some of the best engineers working for them back in the day. They did extensive testing including idling a car for 2 weeks straight. They also took second and third gear out of the transmission and drove the car thru the desert for about 2 thousand miles . I think this was sometime in the late 20s. They could not be over heated . A lot less moving parts. A big consideration back in the day was what to do about antifreeze protection in cold climates. Franklin needed nothing. Antifreeze as we know it was not invented yet. That is why the Franklin was called the Doctors car for late night house calls in cold climates. From experience you cant go wrong in a Franklin, plus our club is very active. You will get more help than you bargained for !!!
  7. 29 franklin

    11B Franklin Expert Wanted:

    Talk to Patrick Reeve in Cazenovia. He is in the roster
  8. 29 franklin

    Carb and Vaporizer Question

    Timmy, you are close . Did your car come from any where near Princeton ? I am going to meet some Franklin friends in Pa. over the weekend but we will be in touch . Thank you Jim
  9. 29 franklin

    Carb and Vaporizer Question

    Vaporizer not needed. where are you in NJ? I am in Barnegat exit 67 off the Parkway
  10. 29 franklin

    Buick 1926

    Congrats on the Buick. Looks like a real nice original with all redone mechanics. Can't beat it. I am sure Frank is happy too.
  11. 29 franklin

    Car collectors knowledge needed

    Just submitted my response. Good luck !!
  12. 29 franklin

    1937 Oldsmobile straight 8 pistons

    I would definitely contact Ross or Arias pistons
  13. 29 franklin

    Door Stop Straps for a 20's car needed

    Dave, No I am in Barnegat. The guy in EHt I think bought that car from Doug Hull In North Jersey. We will have to get together sometime . I will bring my 31sedan
  14. 29 franklin

    Door Stop Straps for a 20's car needed

    I saw your car last fall in Batsto. Did you find a piston ?
  15. 29 franklin

    1967 Corvette Coupe SOLD

    Very nice resto.