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  1. This car belonged to a Mr. Scott out of Ohio. He was in the Franklin club. The car is partially restored. It looks decent and is a fair price. that is all the info I know
  2. Call Ross pistons in Ca. 310 536 0100 . They will make anything as far as i know . My buddy owns an engine rebuilding shop and gets pistons all the time from them. He works on anything from 1900 up
  3. Cal Patrick Reeve at 315 655 8812. He will have an answer for you .
  4. I have a drivers side fender for a 1968 Buick Riv. It came from California but is located in NJ . It is primed and in excellent condition . Has the cutout for cornering lights. Anyone interested? Not sure of a price thank you
  5. Thanks for input. Does anybody have one ? I will look at ebay but not a big fan of it.
  6. Does anyone know if the 1958 chevrolet headlight switch is the same as the1958 pontiac? If not I am looking for one for my Chieftain. Also does anyone have 4 of the nut/washer combo to mount the trunk lifts? thank you
  7. I guy in our Franklin club makes them for our Strombergs. He might be able to help you. ODAT machine shop in Maine. Talk to Dick Pratt 207 854 2455 or he may be able to point you in the right direction
  8. Glad you went with Patrick and his Dad . You will not be disappointed.
  9. I just got my kit from Jon. The number is CS 1302. sells for 125.00.plus shipping It will take a little while to get it. He makes all the gaskets when an order comes in. I had it professionally rebuilt by a carb shop. It came out beautiful. Have not installed it back on car yet. Waiting for some other parts to get done. His number is 573 392 7378 but only answers the phone monday and tuesday from 8 to 5. Good luck
  10. There is a company in Cazenovia NY called Reeve enterprises . They rebuild any engine and do all their own babbitt work. They rebuilt my Franklin engine.Nice people to deal with. 315 655 8812
  11. As far as I know no. I talked to Fred last week and he is going to sell a few of his cars
  12. Someone got a great car
  13. Joe is a geat guy. his number is 828 298 8304 also try Robert at 770 476 4665 and phillips parts 918 745 0784 good luck
  14. Hi John, I mainly have tractor show plaques that I have been to but i do have some car show ones. I would be interested in them if they are reasonable. Thank you Jim
  15. Talk to a fellow named Tim Dye 815 844 0282 He is the editor of smoke signals magazine and also thehead of the pontiac museum in Pontiac Ill. If anybody would know he would. He would also have photos.