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  1. Talk to a fellow named Tim Dye 815 844 0282 He is the editor of smoke signals magazine and also thehead of the pontiac museum in Pontiac Ill. If anybody would know he would. He would also have photos.
  2. A nos pair just sold for 200 on ebay on feb. 7 2017. the sellers name was missbird2 . Maybe they have another set? See if you can email this person on ebay. Just a shot
  3. Call these guys they may have it Robert 770 476 4665 , Philips 918 745 0784, Kurt 641 648 9086 These are all Pontiac guys with a lot of NOS parts
  4. Ok sounds good thank you Jim
  5. Thanks for the photos guys.Dick how you making out on my steering box? JIm
  6. I think Jeff Hasslen has the oil pads . Look at the hh Franklin club website under parts.
  7. Can someone please post some pictures of the woodgraining of the dash and garnish mouldings. I am getting ready to do this and would like to see what is out there. thank you
  8. Go to the Franklin club website and look up parts. Call Jeff Hasslen in Mn He has the gasket sets
  9. sent you a private message .Call him he should be able to help
  10. I think the club reproduces these for your car. Check on the website.
  11. I do not know if anyone is interested but I have a 1968 Riviera left front fender. It is in excellent condition. It has the turn signal light cutout which I think is correct for the GS. The fender came from Ca. but is located in NJ Offers?
  12. ODAT,On a different note , I have the steering box out on the 31 and will be sending it to you soon.
  13. Has anybody here used Niagra plating in NY ? I heard they were very good. I have some very hard to find Franklin parts I need plated and do not want them lost or ruined. The high low beam switch handle on the steering column and the throttle handle have plastic? around them that does not seem to come off. Can these be plated with the plastic? still attached or do they some how come apart? Thanks for info
  14. Talked to Don today . Thanks
  15. looking for a light switch handle for a 1931 model 151 sedan. It looks like the handle fit many models including some 130,135,137,145,147,151,152 Drawing number is 43412. Must be in very good to excellent condition. Tabs that fit into light switch are broken on mine. Thank you Jim