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  1. New KingPin bushings sloppy

    This seems to say the Pontiacs it covers use floating bushings but I am unsure if it covers your particular vehicle. Dave http://pontiac.oldcarmanualproject.com/manuals/1949/1949 Pontiac Shop Manual/05-Front Suspension/image11.html
  2. New KingPin bushings sloppy

    Not sure what kind of car you are working on but don't some king pins have floating bushings that just slide in? Dave
  3. Hard starting after sitting a few days

    AC made quite a few pumps with hand primers that worked the fuel pump diaphragm. Someone in the past fitted one to the pump on my 31 Buick, but I don't need it unless it sits for more than a month. I would try that before a rubber outboard fuel line pump. How does your car start when you use it then let it cool on the same day? Dave
  4. 1960 MGA Restoration

    It (the tree/tool) looks like a Crape Myrtle. Love your work and project. Dave
  5. 1933 Buick Series 90 Model 91

    Snakes like mice, mice like old cars : ) Nice car, can't wait to see your progress! Dave
  6. Heat raiser and headlights for '31 Buick

    Thanks for the info on closing it off that makes sense. Dave
  7. Heat raiser and headlights for '31 Buick

    I think everyone understood what you were asking about. I can't help on the headlights but keep searching e-bay they will show up eventually. You might try contacting the vendor I mentioned above, he may have some that have not been listed. Dave
  8. Heat raiser and headlights for '31 Buick

    Thanks for the additional info.
  9. Heat raiser and headlights for '31 Buick

    Thanks for the info. The 31 is different in that it uses two pipes, inner and outer, between the heat riser and the butterfly. Thanks again Dave
  10. Heat raiser and headlights for '31 Buick

    Stian, The seller bought a large hord of Packard parts, had some Buick as well. Here is his selling id 19fatboy66 (6965)
  11. Heat raiser and headlights for '31 Buick

    When I go to switch out the heat risers will it be obvious how to block it off? I read in another post some use freeze or casting plugs. Thanks Dave
  12. Heat raiser and headlights for '31 Buick

    I found the same heat riser on e-bay, it was perfect but expensive.
  13. Wipers Not working

    Yes it was chrome, I would appreciate the name. Thanks
  14. 1931 buick roadster 94 series need help!!!!

    I thought the op was asking what the top was in the ebay offering that is being called a 29 roadster top. I am just pointing out it visually matches a 31 Chevy Cabriolet top. I am making no claims that it would work on a 94 series Buick but if the op gets the measurements I suggested he would find that out for sure. Dave
  15. Wipers Not working

    John, Thanks for the advice. It's too late I found the kits for the small wipers at the Ford supplier Snyder's. I am going to give it a shot. Curti, I have heard bad things about plating them. I am going to try buffing or perhaps some type of paint. I had some of the small metal covers plated without issue. Thanks Dave