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  1. Tire Chains. 😝

    I use to sell that product. Had a customer tell me he could spray it on his shoes and could walk anywhere until he forgot and walked on his wife's new carpet.
  2. Early REO, what year?

    Yes, I see what you mean on the shape. I am going with 1908. Thanks Dave
  3. Early REO, what year?

    Nice car, same body style. I can't see a windshield in my picture but other shots clearly show one. Thanks Dave
  4. Early REO, what year?

    It looks like it , thanks
  5. Early REO, what year?

    Can anyone pinpoint the year of my grandfathers REO? Thanks Dave
  6. Oil Filter advice needed

    There is a footnote in the 1958 AC filter catalog for 1941 Buicks that states if the filter is the L-1 type with rolled edge you need to purchase gasket G-140 to use instead of the gasket that came with the P-112 filter. So it sounds like there may have been a couple of types of AC filter canisters used. Dave
  7. Show me your Foliage!

    31 Buick just outside of Atlanta, GA
  8. 1930 Buick Carb and Heat Riser

    Heat riser still for sale.
  9. 1934 Brewster Town Car

    Gunsmoke, did It work?
  10. Spark Plug Wire colors?

    This looks close to what your car originally had. The wire color is consistent down into the roll but may have darken with age like yours. Dave
  11. Various cars for SAle

    Mikewest, It would seem odd that Fisher Body would make Chevrolet's out of Ash and Buick's out of an inferior wood. Not doubting you but it seems strange. Did you get this info from a good source? Dave
  12. Transporting non running car

    Reliable moved a non-running car for me Alabama to California , you might give them a call to see if they still do it. I have had very good luck with them on many occasions . Dave I may be mixed up in my memory of this but it wouldn't hurt to call if Truly Vintage can't help
  13. 1929 Chev 194 push rod cover Question

    I believe those are crankcase vents. Notice your valve cover has no vents. The later 194's used vented valve covers and the gaskets around the plugs. Dave