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  1. Hope this helps. It looks like a sheet metal cover under the brake pawl. I will have more time later today to inspect. Dave
  2. Dave39MD

    1973 Opel GT For Sale

    Where is it located? thanks
  3. Dave39MD

    closing hole on top of a model A

    My father had a service station in the late twenties, early thirties. Somehow one of his guys ruined a customers Model A top which they fixed with a nearby sign. Your top doesn't say 4 for a dollar does it? Dave
  4. Sure. The more I look at the shift lever and brake handle they very well may be chrome. The window craks and door pulls are nickel and don't look the same. Dave
  5. Yes it is a very original car with about 44,000 will maintained miles. Thanks Dave
  6. Dave, The distance is 2 3/8 or so and the entire handle and release is plated. I presume nickel but am not sure. I know the 31 Chevrolet used nickel in the interior and chrome on the outside. The handle is very well made and there is an offset at the floor board which I tried to capture in the following photos. Let me know what else you need. Dave
  7. Dave39MD

    1931 60 series rear oil seal

    Midman, Thanks for the reply. I did soak them in gear oil but still no go. I contacted Bob and he said he had to go with the thicker felt as that was all that was available. With the tight compression of the seal holder my guess is there is nowhere for the extra felt (both in ID and thickness) to go. I put the old seal back in and when I try again will reduce the thickness to 1/2 and see how it goes. Thanks Dave
  8. Dave, Spinneyhill is correct here is a picture of my 31, 66s. Let me know if you need any other info on yours, it looks like the same color as mine, we love pictures on this site! Dave
  9. Jerry, Attached is a picture of an original 31 ground cable. The 1932 catalog shows this fitting 29-32. Overall length is 6.5, notice the bowtie on the bottom of the terminal. I think I may run an additional heavy cable from the battery bolt to one of the starter bolts to be sure of a good ground. Dave
  10. Has anyone had trouble installing the new felt's from Bob's , part number WS 296? They match the Buick catalog measurements on OD but the ID seems to be 1/16 to small and the thickness is 1/16 to thick. You would not think it makes much of a difference but I am having a real hard time putting the wheel back on. Any tips for this job it seems the manuals I have presume I know how to do this. Thanks Dave
  11. Dave39MD

    Help cranks but won't start

    These can be frustrating if you have not done anything to it since it was running only a few days ago. Make sure you are getting spark at the spark plugs not just at the points. With the starting fluid test it would be hard to say it is fuel related. Good luck Dave
  12. Dave39MD

    1925 Lifters

    I bought lifters for a 24 at Egge in Sante Fe Springs, CA. Give them a call for the 25. https://egge.com/ Dave
  13. Dave39MD

    what is year, make, model?

    39 Chevrolet same rear view
  14. Dave39MD


    This one has been here before by Richlieumotor , March 6th. It will be a lot of work but what a nice car when done. Dave
  15. Dave39MD

    1931 running lean when hot

    Well I found a crack free heat riser and had new tubes installed. Put it on and it runs great. One difference I noticed was the gasket from Bob's that goes between the riser and the carb was much thicker than the paper thin gasket on the old one. The new gasket may help with heat transfer and vapor lock problems? The riser I took off was welded and brazed in many places and it looked like the tubes were beginning to fail and patched with something by one of the po's. Thanks for the help. Dave