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  1. Transporting non running car

    Reliable moved a non-running car for me Alabama to California , you might give them a call to see if they still do it. I have had very good luck with them on many occasions . Dave I may be mixed up in my memory of this but it wouldn't hurt to call if Truly Vintage can't help
  2. 1929 Chev 194 push rod cover Question

    I believe those are crankcase vents. Notice your valve cover has no vents. The later 194's used vented valve covers and the gaskets around the plugs. Dave
  3. 1930 Buick Carb and Heat Riser

    Carb sold pending payment. Heat riser still available , all valves free.
  4. Good Chrome Shops

    I had a pot metal folding windshield that no one in LA would take on. Sherms in Sacramento gave me a quote that was of course expensive but they did a beautiful job. Each pit was removed and filled. He said he did not quote me enough and was under water but he stuck by what he said. http://www.shermsplating.com/aboutus.html
  5. I have for sale a 1930 Buick carb, number 10-750 and its heat riser with casting number 146-71. I partially dissembled the carb (did not touch the jets ) and soaked it in cleaner. It looks good but will need a kit with float and a choke spring. The only damage is a very small chip missing from the metering pin area at the top of the cover. $100. The heat riser is in good shape with no visible cracks. The tube in the riser looks good to me. $125 for the riser. I have many pictures of both the carb and riser just send me a pm with you phone (for text) or email. If you buy both $200. All prices plus shipping which should be in the area of $25 or less. Thanks Dave
  6. Spare Tire Lock

    Make sure you measure all ways , Oakes made many sizes. I bought one that was close but does not work on my Buick. Post the measurements , Diameter, seating depth, distance from seat to where the lock bars go.If mine works it has a key and works good and I would sell it. Dave
  7. Is there a way

    I believe R.L.Polk pulls and sells this info , you might try searching them. Dave
  8. 1930 buick opera coupe

    What parts are you looking for? I have a carb, heat riser, some instruments, draft tube, other.
  9. AC Fuel Pump for Continental G4193

    offers welcome
  10. 1937 Buick Headlight Bulbs

    Try here http://www.donsbulbs.com/cgi-bin/r/t.pl/welcome.html
  11. What type shim for starter armature?

    I don't have the 734Z group sheet but many Delco starters in that range used a leather washer on the C.E. end as Bloo suggested. I remember them being about 1/16" thick. Dave
  12. Maxwell Part Needed

    I am sorry about your bad luck on both counts. I do have one unidentified spider can you post measurements and do you know the shaft size? Dave
  13. New old stock AC pump box number 3412, pump number 3448. This pump has both a fuel pump and a separate vacuum pump. I found application info for Divco and White using the Continental G 4193 in the early sixties. There may be more vehicles I just don't know. The pump has also been around since the early sixties and would need new diaphragms. $70 including shipping in the US, elsewhere we will need to talk. Dave
  14. 1914 Locomobile spark plugs

    This may not help but an AC Vintage vehicle chart I have shows C86 as the AC plug for Model 8-78, and all others as C77. The C86 is a 18MM the C77 is a 7/8 plug. We can try crossing what is in it? Dave
  15. 1931 Pontiac

    What specifically is it that you find hard when you are driving it? It maybe the nature of the vehicle or something that can be fixed. Sitting outside it will not increase in value. Dave