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  1. Dave39MD

    In honor of Father’s Day

    My dad had a service station on Long Island, NY and much time and energy was spent racing cars in the late 20's and 30's. The other picture is him coming home after stealing my car which he would do any time I slept late.
  2. Dave39MD


    The train looks like a work train for the crew that kept the track and other railroad property in shape. Just my guess. Dave
  3. Dave39MD

    1939 Chev 'Master 85' Coupe for sale - Driver!

    Looks like a nice coupe. The 90% original may be high with a replaced drive train and repaint but it wont matter if the price is right. At 25 you are competing with a lot of interesting cars. Dave
  4. My 31 is also leaking at the ball. I put in 140 thinking the previous owner used a lighter weight and there was not much difference. It has slowed down now that the level has dropped. It is about two inches down from the filler opening. Any ideas on how low you can safely run the transmission ? Thanks Dave
  5. Dave39MD

    Tillotson carb questions (29 Chev)

    I am sure you know, but in case you don't, the original carb was a Carter RJH-08. I think a 125s but most have replaced with the 30-31 150s. Dave
  6. Dave39MD

    Wanted: Cloth Covered Wire, Los Angeles region

    Your are close to YnZ who makes a very nice harness. http://www.ynzyesterdaysparts.com/ Good harness, good instructions, and if you have questions they are very helpful. Dave
  7. Dave39MD

    Frame Originally painted

    Interesting, of the ten reply's on the vcca forum, only one might have been negative or a bad shot at humor, the rest I would say were helpful. Dave
  8. Dave39MD

    1931 running lean when hot

    I found a core plug that fit the inner heat riser tube which is the inlet for hot gas. I also made sure the valve was in the off position. Temp readings after about a 50 minute drive with a stop were 556 f at the exhaust heat valve, 226 at the midpoint of the horizontal tube going to the heat riser, 135 at the heat riser, and 144 at the carb bowl. The carb air horn was 160 f and the rad 156. Do these sound like normal, non vapor locking temps? It ran great but outside temp was only 70. Dave
  9. Dave39MD

    1931 Buick 8-66S door adjustments- please help if you can

    You have it going in the right direction. I am not sure on the hand brake and shift lever, maybe some of the Buick experts will add their input. Mine do look like chrome but the rest of the interior plated metal looks like nickel. Dave
  10. Dave39MD

    1931 Buick 8-66S door adjustments- please help if you can

    Bob's has the 1931 Buick Fisher Body book and it does detail door adjustment using shims. For a door low at the lock plate you place shims 1/8 to 1/4 thick between the body and the frame at bolt number 2. Number two is the one under or near the hinge post as Spinneyhill mentioned.
  11. Dave39MD

    31 60 series water coming out grease fitting

    Yes, that is the same idea.
  12. Dave39MD

    31 60 series water coming out grease fitting

    Interesting but the pump I am looking at doesn't seem to have anyway to have a lantern ring between the packing. The grease fitting is between two pressed in bushings and about 1 inch from the bottom of the packing. This pump may have been rebuilt at sometime. I could not find lantern rings in the catalog, any idea what Buick called them? Thanks Dave
  13. Dave39MD

    New Addition to Garage

    Congratulations, very nice!
  14. Dave39MD

    1931 Buick 8-66S door adjustments- please help if you can

    Dave, I have not found it yet for the Buick but there is a lot of info on adjusting the door gap on Chevrolets of the period by using shims under the body bolts. I would check to be sure all body bolts are there and tight to start with. I will look to see it I can find the info this morning. Dave
  15. Dave39MD

    31 60 series water coming out grease fitting

    Spinneyhill, It is not like that in the spare pump I took apart. Going from the impeller there is a bronze bushing the shaft runs through. Then an open chamber where the grease fitting is, then on to the bushing where the packing is at. As someone suggested, it does stop when you pump water pump grease in but it looks like it will require some constant attention (like many other things). The plug idea is good and I may do that. Thanks Dave