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  1. A friend of mine in the VCCA has a 33 Standard engine he would sell. Down side is it is in California. If you still need one send me a pm and I will pass along his contact info. Dave
  2. Can you post the bearing part number from the box or rim of the bearing? Thanks
  3. Standard or Master?
  4. Glenn, I have an owners manual you can have for the postage but it is not in good shape. Okay for the information but someone tore most of the cover off to pass on insurance info after an accident. The next page has the other drivers info written on it. Let me know. Dave
  5. Bob, Is the 1990001 a carb number or a number on a sub assembly? Most Delco Rochester part numbers start with a 7 or a 17. I can not find your number in any of my old books. Dave
  6. Don, Thank you, I sent you a message. Dave
  7. Thanks for checking. Do you know who might be making these conversions still? Dave
  8. Thanks for the info. Looks like the Bob's part ends at the 1930 application but I may be able to find someone to make something from the drawing and instructions if Mark can't find his. Thanks again Dave
  9. Thanks for the info/warning and checking on the part. Dave
  10. I can feel a little play in the fan hub and I can't find any details in repairing it in the manual. I did notice the gear in Bob's catalog. Is the gear the usual suspect on taking the play out? Any other parts I should source? Thanks and any advice on making this repair is appreciated. Dave
  11. It looks like a Corvair pump to me. Any numbers on it?
  12. The alloy body tag reads 8-66-S Dave
  13. Did anyone take over Joe's 31 parts business and if so what is the contact info. Thanks Dave
  14. Send me a PM with your address and payment terms. Do you have one with Buick script? Dave
  15. Could not edit in time. The diameter measurement is 1 3/8. If the shoulder is 1 3/8 it would work as well.