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  1. The tires I have bought from Coker have been wrapped very well. I wonder if being sealed like that and stored inside in a fairly cool warehouse would extend their born on date? Dave
  2. Great truck, love the key fob.
  3. If you have a spare cap George can work from that if you dare trust it in the mail. Dave
  4. The Cardone fuel pumps appear to be using the AC numbering system. Just drop the number before the dash and you have the AC number. One that stuck out was 40987 which was a very popular Chevy v 8 pump. If you don't have an AC catalog make a list post or pm me the list I can try and give general applications as time permits. Delco rebuilt carbs were discontinued in the early eighties , I will look to see if I saved a catalog. Dave
  5. Selfishly I hope you get another project soon! Dave
  6. You might want to try this site, there is a parts wanted section; http://vcca.org/forum/ubbthreads.php/forum_summary Dave
  7. Thanks for the info.
  8. I should add it normally runs at 160 and when I say hot it is up around 170 to 180. I did do a search and found the heat riser can be a problem but would it run well at times and then not with pin holes in the heat riser tubes? Thanks Dave
  9. My new to me 31 , 60 series Buick 66S, runs great when the outside temp is around 60 and I make no stops. If I stop to get gas and start out again it starts to backfire thru the carb. If I pull the choke out about 1/2 of an inch it smooth's out and runs fine. I can slowly push the choke back in without problems. My guess is it is something heat related. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks Dave
  10. I searched facebook for "Antique and Vintage Car Parts" and was not available.
  11. The serial number plate on a 39 Master Deluxe is mounted the cowl , passenger side, under the hood (not on the firewall). The Fisher Body plate is in the same location. More info on the engine number, looking at the engine-fuel pump/distributor side, the stamping is just left of the distributor on a raised pad. Dave
  12. Sounds good. Need to swap Copperhead and shotgun stories. I prefer a 20 ga. Dave
  13. Did you find the engine you are looking for, need to let my friend know to stand down or not.
  14. The serial number was not stamped on the frame of 1939 Chevrolets. As you probably know there is an engine serial number stamped on a pad on the fuel pump side of the motor but it does not relate to the serial number. Dave
  15. grubin, One word of caution, look at the car in person or find someone that knows about structural wood car bodies. You should verify the car has good wood. Doors solid - no movement at the hinges. Check the bottom of the A pillar at the sill. The wood is available from several suppliers but it is a lot of work to replace. Dave