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  1. Carter WO carburetor 636SA

    Done , thanks George
  2. Carter WO carburetor 636SA

    Nice condition Carter WO carburetor number 636SA with tag. Probably need a refresh kit. $65 plus shipping Fair offer? Photos available , send your email address in a Private message USPMO or PayPal , buyer handles fees Thanks Roy
  3. Carter WO carburetor 636SA

    Hi George I sent a private message , you should see a red signal by the envelope at the top of the page. Welcome to the forum. Thanks Roy
  4. Carter WO carburetor 636SA

    bump For offers
  5. Bilstein DBP jacks   Price: $28 each

    Price change , now $20 each
  6. Bilstein DBP jacks Price: $28 each NOW $20 EACH These are cleaned , lubed , and operating The one with stamped steel arm is for 68-73 but works on early ones also $28 each plus shipping and PayPal fees NOW $20 Each Send a PM or email with a zip code Thanks Roy
  7. 47-53 horn button

    3 month bump OFFERS?
  8. 47-53 horn button

    Good condition , see photos The camera is reflected in photo $12 plus shipping Cash , check , USPMO , PayPal add for fees Send a private message Thanks Roy
  9. Lunkenheimer 3/4" lever valve

    bump again , neat piece , winter project ?
  10. Lunkenheimer 3/4" lever valve

    Lunkenheimer #1227 3/4" valve 100lbs pressure 140 cu. ft. min. Lever pull valve Build your own whistle ? $50 iplus shipping and paypal fees Send an email or Private message More photos available Thanks Roy
  11. Neat accessory inside rear view mirrors #1 is a Simplex by Simplex piston Ring Company of America , Cleveland Ohio Patent 1709752 , Circa 1929 2 1/2" x 5" Very nice castings and excellent plating. Adjustable ball socket with lock nut. There was a book about this mirror listed on google. The glass has some silvering damage , but very usable as is. See Photos. Price is $30 plus shipping. #2 is a Duplex NonGlare mirror , Patent 1808740 , circa 1928-31. 2 1/2" x 6" , first day/night non glare mirror? Glass is good , repainted , ready to use condition. See photos Price is $25 plus shipping I have a large version of #2 , for trucks and buses , $22 plus shipping. Photos available if interested. USPMO or PayPal , buyer handles fees Send a Private message Thanks Roy
  12. I can't verify either. I listed it from info at Ford Barn. It's for sale , the person interested in buying it should verify it fits his / her vehicle. $40 shipped in USA
  13. 8CM Mercury/ Ford truck right side cylinder head City: Wellington State: Ohio Price: $24 No visible cracks , plug threads ok See photos $24 plus shipping of $18 via priority flatrate USPMO , PayPal , buyer handles fees Send a Private message Thanks Roy
  14. Who Made It

    Register here , you'll get your answer. Warning - addictive forum
  15. Automotive Or Not???

    Not if they are used to recharge batteries at low amperage. There were some huge " Gang " chargers back when they rebuilt 6 volt batteries.
  16. See photo , good condition $10 plus shipping via media mail Send a Private message Thanks Roy
  17. 1953 Olds factory shop manual , good usable condition. I'll take a photo if you need it $17 includes media shipping in USA Check , USPMO, or paypal , buyer handles fees Send a Private message Thanks Roy
  18. I think this is an original 1935- 37 Plymouth locking hub cap for the spare tire. The " skin" cap is missing so you would need a cap to " dress it" Can be used painted without skin Has a Yale lock , so key is easily made from lock smith Locking mechanism moves freely. See photos Price is $35 plus shipping OFFER? Send a Private message Thanks Roy
  19. 1958 Chevy Impala fender spear/flag