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  1. Emblem

    This doesn't help , does it?
  2. 1930s-40s Mopar wheels and caps.

    Thanks for the photo of the key. I have one of those caps and could not get any of my keys to go in the slot. Now I know
  3. Emblem

    I posted this at the Ford Barn for help because it " resembles " V8 Ford. One reply was Stutz fire truck , I can't find anything close looking through fire truck , but Stutz did use a winged emblem I saw they made Retro Stutz in the 70's This emblem has caused me to learn things I didn't know I needed to know
  4. Graphic early auto cans

    Late 20's early 30's Lockheed brake fluid can. Graphics show brake bleed procedure and instructions are printed out. Has a wooden wheel in pictures. See photos for condition , good for a brake can. Quart size , but sold by weight , 4" x 2 1/2" x 6" $24 plus shipping John Crane Water pump packing can , with contents , several feet of packing from Circa 1916. Patent number 1 151 344 2 1/2" across by 4" Small ding in side , paint missing from top. Great graphic of water pump $28 plus shipping Both for $48 plus shipping PayPal , buyer handles fees or USPMO Send a Private message Thanks Roy
  5. Fisher Body Service News Vol. 14-1 Photos and instructions on 1955 Chevrolet including convertible service 88 Pages , very detailed , original piece from GM $15 plus shipping See photos for condition- Good USPMO or PayPal, buyer handles fees Send a Private message Thanks Roy
  6. Wanted 1936 Dodge Headlight Bracket

    I thought there was one in the " What is it? " section, but I can't find it. Might want to read through the posts for the last 2-3 weeks. Keiser ID'd it
  7. Emblem

    I never realized how many makers had winged emblems until I tried to find that. Looks Ford but no match. Probably 36-38 era large car , but I have no clue
  8. 15023 on housing , my memory says it's driver side. The pits are small , chrome shines , but not quality , see photos $25 plus shipping Send a Private message Thanks Roy
  9. 1957 Sedan Delivery

    Nice upgrades. I drove one in 1963 as an auto parts delivery vehicle. You wouldn't want to cruise far in the original seat. Tough vehicle , I abused it and it kept ticking!
  10. Voltage regulator- 1947-58 Price: $28 Niehoff NOS voltage regulator number WA-150 , in box. Replaces Bosch. 6volt , negative ground See photo for condition. $28 plus shipping , send zip code USPMO or PayPal , buyer handles fees Send a private message or email. Thanks Roy
  11. Chrysler " 70 " headlight bar emblem

    Reasonable offer?
  13. Moog Catalogs 1928-47

    #1- Spring data manual vol.8 , Passenger and to 2 ton , 95 pages , 1928-47 , see photos for sample - $15 plus shipping. #2- Moog helper/ overload spring catalog OV-6 1947 , covers 1937-47 , 4 pages - $5 plus shipping #3- Moog piston rings , 1947 , 56 pages , covers 1929- 47 , most listings start at1932 $12 I have multiples of this catalog , first sold gets best cover USPMO or PayPal , buyer handles fees Send a private message Thanks Roy
  14. #1 - 33-34 Plymouth inside mirror with bracket. Beveled glass mirror is usable- very little silver missing. Bracket needs new tension spring , see photos- $22 plus shipping #2 - 34 Dome light lens and bezel , see photo - $15 plus shipping #3 - grille emblem base wings , 620834 - see photo- $22 plus shipping USPMO or PayPal, buyer handles fees Send a Private message Thanks Roy