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  1. Guide 2013A 4 5/8" light

  2. 1936 Olds hubcap

  3. " Dot" and Alemite fittings

    fair offer considered
  4. 1953-54 Chevy BelAir quarter fender script and emblem

    Fair offer considered
  5. 1940s Ford bumper splash pan?

    46-48 Ford
  6. Lunkinhiemer lever valve- build a whistle?

    I know nothing , just that it has an inlet and outlet and a control lever similar to whistles I've seen. Neat piece , costs near $200 new? It was suggested it was used for a relief valve on a compressor. I doubt one can be found cheaper. Thanks for the input
  7. Lunkenheimer #1227 3/4" valve 100lbs pressure 140 cu. ft. min. Lever pull valve Build your own whistle ? $50 iplus shipping and paypal fees Send an email or Private message More photos available Thanks Roy
  8. 47-53 horn button

  9. Vintage instrument gauges

    4, 5 ,6 Still avaiable
  10. Continental Motors Corporation bore test gauge

    Thanks for the update . Post office doing a great job lately. Enjoy the holidays and the hobby.
  11. Continental Motors Corporation bore test gauge

    Yes it is available. I'll send a private message. Thanks Roy
  12. Car Parts Lot!! 25,000+ Parts!!!

    what city and state are the parts at ?