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  1. Master cylinder is still for sale
  2. 41-42 Buick left side tail lights lenses- $10 each

    PM sent , thanks Roy
  3. 41-42 Buick left side tail lights lenses- $10 each

    Thanks for the info I edited the ad to show the numbers Roy
  4. Kiddie Toy Buick convertible-$30

    Neat Buick style Toy convertible by Kiddie Toy , USA Has retractable roof , see photos $30 plus shipping USPMO or PayPal , buyer handles fees Send a Private message Thanks Roy
  5. Regal brand NOS aftermarket tail lights lenes for 41-42 Buick left side.I have 5 , $10 each plus shipping , buy all 5 , you get the original box Regal part number TL-2L , 1941 series 44-47-50-70 1942 series 44-47-48 has a number 931745 cast in the plastic along with TL-2LFour remain for sale 2/14/18Send a PM with zip code USPMO or PayPal , buyer handles feesThanks Roy
  6. Please help ID Econo-Minder

    MANY very good mechanics left the profession over this " advancement in engineering" I worked at a Carburetor & ignition shop when they were new. Many owners gave up on the dealerships and expected us to solve the bad design . Best we could offer was to show them what to do to disable the system . We didn't do it because it voided the warranty. I don't remember exactly what it was , but I think just a fuse or wire plug gave you back 8 cylinders. It's surprising Cadillac survived this blunder
  7. 1953 Cadillac " Sombrero" hubcap-- one left 2/10/18

    I still have one as shown- $45 plus shipping ?
  8. 30/40's Chrysler products air cleaner assenbly

    Reasonable offer buys it
  9. 1935-37 Plymouth locking hub cap for spare

    I still have this -Reasonable offer buys it
  10. 1955 DeSoto hubcaps

    Still here
  11. 1936 Oldsmobile hubcap

    Still here- offer?
  12. Another forgotten post--Offers?