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  1. roysboystoys

    What do I have?

    vw bug wheel
  2. roysboystoys

    What do I have?

    Never saw a steering wheel pulled with shaft in place.
  3. roysboystoys

    What is this part called? From a '47 Pontiac Torpedo

    Window frame wind lace. It's smaller then the wind lace by the headliner. I'm sure it's called other things in different regions Soda or Pop?
  4. roysboystoys

    SOLD 1904 Handbook of Gasoline Automobiles- new photos

    Thanks Mike , all the books in that photo are spoken for. I have a few books that are shown in my other ads left , Motors 1935-48 , Goodrich 1934-38 , and " What to Make" 1955 Popular Mechanics
  5. roysboystoys

    Help on these Dodge Brothers parts

    Thanks John , it has been confirmed by another DB owner , Mid 1915 -16 The knowledge here is amazing
  6. roysboystoys

    Help on these Dodge Brothers parts

    You got the cap . I'm guessing the pump is much earlier?
  7. roysboystoys


    Coincidence, I never saw one before last weekend and there were two running around the fairgrounds at the engine show. They get around better the 4 wheel ones , zip in and out in a hurry.
  8. roysboystoys

    Help on these Dodge Brothers parts

    This should be easy for you DB guys , but I've looked at 100's of photos and can't find one to ID these by year or model. The ebay guys guess a time period. They both came from the same place but don't know if they're off the same car. The hubcap must be a " senior" series? with the border design.? 4" body , 2 1/2" thread , 1 5/8" high I'm guessing the other is a hand pump that mounts to the dash. Nickle plated , double seal inside , 8 1/2" overall , 5" body wood knob , Dodge Brothers Detroit Patd applied for on mount collar Any ideas? Thanks
  9. roysboystoys

    What are these horns OFF of? Thanks

    I'm not convinced they are originally Ford horns. There is usually markings around the edges or on the brackets. A wire wheel might help. I always guessed at Chrysler products , 40-50's? Normally I advertise them as " Ram horn" shape. Good luck with your sale
  10. 3 1/4" gauge face , 4 1/2 mount body. Arrow pointer. I think this came from a piece of test equipment in mid thirties , the emblem shows a car from that era. Working condition, was chrome plated , now brass copper showing. See photos , the emblem is not my photo but shows detail, the rest are my gauge $45 plus shipping SOLD Send a Private message Thanks Roy
  11. roysboystoys

    What are these horns OFF of? Thanks

    Yes 6 volt . I always test on 6 volt first. If they are loud , they are 6 volt , if weak , then 12 v Usually $35-45 pair but they sell higher on ebay. Takes a while.
  12. Snap ON Blue point Valve spring compressor in nice condition , " patina" present. 9 " opening , crank handle On page 64 of the 1929 Snap on catalog listed at " Collecting SnapOn" website $35 plus shipping Send a Private message Thanks Roy
  13. roysboystoys

    What are these horns OFF of? Thanks

    I've had several sets I sold , never knew what they fit. Seem to be a lot were saved
  14. roysboystoys

    " The Checkered Flag" by Peter Helck-1961 SOLD

    Early teens - book is sold Thanks