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  1. my uncle has a 62 valiant k member and steering pars for sale in mesa AZ. it has basically been rebuilt. it has new ball joints,tie rod ends,a new pitman arm,a manual steering box, and has been fitted with 1970 dodge dart disc brake spindles. he might have a pair of calipers he would sell seperately if you wanted. asking 250 or best. send me a number to call if you are serious about seeing these parts and i will have him call you to set up a time thats good for both people. hes building a race car with a straight axle and does not need these any more. [picture for reference only]
  2. dog bones for sale

    i have some lever action shock dog bones for sale. 20 dollars each, plus shipping.these will fit in a small flat rate box for 7 dollars and i will combine shipping on pairs.e-mail with any questions
  3. i have a reman or at least a very well cleaned and kitted carter carb for sale. 964s is the part number and the base is a 1-648. i believe this fits 37-52 or 53 chevy sixes but please do your own research for your application. i need 130 dollars for the carb, plus 14 dollars shipping to the lower 48. except for some dust from sitting in my shop its a very clean is a manual choke type.e-mail with any questions.
  4. 1940 ford vent

    what years will interchange with your 1940? i have a pair of 42 two door sedan doors sitting here but i dont know if they are interchange-able.
  5. hupmobile engine parts

    thanks for the info,i am still looking for some lifters at least for the 17-18 hupmobile 4 cylinder. anyone have any ideas on any parts that will interchange with it i would appreciate the info. did they use the same lifters in the 6s or 8s?
  6. Wanted - 1934-38 Dodge intake and exhaust manifold

    this is the number,i will get it removed from the engine and make sure it is all good and let you know. it will be heavy to ship but i will see if i can get a good shipping quote too. if you would like to email me your address for the quote it would be more accurate. my email address is
  7. Wanted - 1934-38 Dodge intake and exhaust manifold

    did you find a manifold for your dodge yet? i have one i think is right on a 36 motor. i am in iowa. let me know if you are interested.
  8. hupmobile engine parts

    i am looking for some lifters and possibly a head gasket for a 1918 hupmobile four cylinder engine. possibly a good camshaft also. please let me know what you have,a price and a picture if possible. email me at
  9. SOLD

    i have a pair of houdaille rear shocks for 46-48 fords. they have been bead blasted and a coat of black paint to keep them from rusting up. both have the dogbones on them. both move as they should with good resistance and i see no oil leaks.they have the number F-745 on the arms. i can ship these in a large flat rate box for 19 dollars. i need 100 dollars for the pair.i could probably send these international but i would need to get a shipping quote for that.
  10. i have a good,vintage, used mallory dual point distributor,part number 2548201 and a mallory voltmaster mark 2 coil,part number 28675 for sale with a set of stainless braid plug wires to go with them. in very good condition. should be a plug and play.also has a extra pair of points with it. asking 275 for it all. i can ship for the postage amount. i prefer money order but can do paypal but would need to add 13 dollars to the price. Add Tag .
  11. i have a couple mopar distributors for sale. one is a chrysler part number 3690201 for a race hemi high has the tach drive. this is a very tight unit and should be plug and play.i need 235 dollars for it plus shipping.the second one i have is a mallory dual point part number 2557701 that fits big block 350,361,383,400 low block motors.again this is a good tight unit. i also need 235 plus shipping for it. the last thing is a set of crane adjustable rocker arms. i dont have the shafts or spacers,just the rockers. i need 400 plus shipping for them.
  12. SOLD

  13. we have decided to sell our 29 A. look over the pics and email with any questions.we need 6200 for it. we are in clinton iowa.
  14. SOLD

    heres the story,a friend of mine is looking for a 31 A tank like his but with the bottom rusted or already cut out. he has this very nice tank but he doesnt want to cut up a good tank for his roadster project. he will be willing to trade his usable tank for your non usable tank and a little cash. we are in clinton iowa and i dont think it would be too cost effective to ship it because of its size. give a email or call me for info. 563-242-0650.
  15. i am in need of a set of fourth under rod bearings for a continental/renault engine. i am told the 1964-67 renault 8 and caravelle and renault 10 engines used the same bearings.the journal is aproximately 1.73 inches in diameter and the bearing width is .812. i need the biggest undersize bearings which is .040 thousandths or 1.00 millimeter undersize.please let me know if you have any or know where i might be able to find some.