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  1. dibarlaw

    Buick doodle bug (joker)-- added pictures

    I love the "Patina".... Another Buick shows up with some disk wheels!
  2. dibarlaw

    Rebuiding a 1931 90 Series Engine

    C Carl: I have not had any contact with them. The Reeve's gave them the piston and the oversize to match up to. Correct compression height offset pin bore etc. But now much lighter in aluminum. I let it up to the shop so I would not micromanage their expertise. (Usually slows down the process). I just wanted the correct application for the engine. Still, it did not matter as it has taken more than 5 months to get the pistons. The engine has been out since last September. My Master developed a knock right after we pulled the Standard engine. I have refused to investigate until I have the Standard driving again.
  3. dibarlaw

    Rebuiding a 1931 90 Series Engine

    Midman: I spoke with Patrick Reeve today. He said that ROSS will be shipping my pistons by the end of this week. So they will be probably be getting them back in my engine by the time we get back from the Buick nationals. I mentioned your push rod issue and Patrick indicated that they have a source for just about any push rod.
  4. dibarlaw

    Type of Paint for Trim and Hubcaps?

    Dave: I did the spray gloss black and then wipe with lacquer thinner on my hub caps and the trim areas. They have lasted for 6 years so far.
  5. dibarlaw

    wood floor board

    Kyle : I have gone thru the copies of the Master Book of Parts and have not found any thing that looks like the serrated piece and the long bolt. All the other items are familiar door hardware. I made new bumpers from softer rubber I got from Hugh. It works great.
  6. Gary I here you... The machine shop in New York has my 1925 Standard engine done except is waiting for pistons from ROSS. That was a month ago. The have had the engine since mid September last.
  7. dibarlaw

    1923 Buick Top Clamps

    Philipp: The 1923 4 cylinder Book of parts show a somewhat different set of top holders. Part #s 45868 and 45869 for model 35. The set you show would have the top set up unusually high.
  8. dibarlaw

    1924 Chassis

    McCragar: Thank you for posting this. It looks as though the car had gone thru some restoration/fix up prior to it going to being hot-rodded. Repainted parts of the engine, newer tires. Unfortunately as you noted Vancouver BC is a bit out of the way for many. I have a friend with a 1924-34 roadster who would love to have the disk wheels and hubs alone. I am pretty sure they would not fit my 1925-25 or else I would go for them. If he has a number for "Cheap" in mind please send me a Personal Message so I can forward his information. What does the finished "Hot Rod" look like?
  9. dibarlaw

    wood floor board

    Kyle: Yes that is the striker plate. Remember the door handle shaft goes through the door and has a spline to accept the inside handle.
  10. dibarlaw

    1971 455 engine and parts Not Mine

    Anyone out there looking for any of these items? The seller has said that there have been no inquires.
  11. dibarlaw

    Rims 1931, 60

    Stian: Yes there were many options for wheels in 1931. Most prefer the wire wheel option. But the steel disk wheels you have are very rare to find on these cars in the USA. When painted and properly striped to me they look as impressive as the ones on a Packard. Bill McLaughlin's 1929 Roadster on the 2013 Pre-War after tour.
  12. dibarlaw

    spark and throttle lever "friction shoes"

    The shoes on my 1925 are similar to Masonite or a fiber composition.
  13. dibarlaw

    Steering Stationary bracket detail 1925-27 Standard

    Hugh: This is what I did with mine as I emailed you. Make sure all the flat surfaces are cleaned bright as that is the return ground for the horn . As I told you on the phone my wheel came from another car as there were extra holes on the underside for me to patch. I see by Leif's photo the original wheel has finger grips.
  14. dibarlaw

    Help figure out what kind of car this is

    I would say a 1924 or 1925 Hudson Super 6. When did Hudson get 4 wheel brakes?
  15. I just did a search and found that they made 4 of the Leslie Specials for Warner Brothers. The were seen in several other films. http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2013/05/i-found-another-movie-that-uses-leslie.html