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  1. Thanks Hugh. My sentiments exactly. But you seem to have a similar issue as me. My exhaust was system was incorrect and poorly fitted. While yours has not been on the car with the splash shield to check for a good fit. Also considering at the auction where your car came from there were several later Buicks in a disassembled state to complicate the mix and NOT match situation.
  2. Thank you Grant I will try him. The muffler I got from Myers looks to be the correct size and configuration. I will only need a reducer collar for proper fit.
  3. Fred: I will probably take you up on that. The muffler from Meyers Early Dodge came in around 12:00 today. Wow 2 day delivery!
  4. dibarlaw

    1925 Buick Standard horn button - no response

    Repaired I.D. 2.375 dimension.
  5. Does it count if I was driving a Buick engine home from the rebuilders? My 1925-25 191 Cu.in. engine back from Cazanovia, NY. The 1925-45 Master "Remley" peeking out of the garage above the engine. Hopefully I will have my Standard "Beulah" back on the road by September.
  6. dibarlaw

    1925 Buick Standard horn button - no response

    Leif: Thank you for making the sketch for Hugh. I spoke with him last night. I was doing a drawing for him also since my steering column has been apart. Yes the original was steel with some plating on it. On mine it was rusty and pitted with just a trace of plating left. Below is the order of assembly. The friction washer in place over the throttle lever.
  7. dibarlaw

    1925 Buick Standard horn button - no response

    Also you have to make sure the spark and throttle lever castings are clean and the spacer washer is also electrically clean. Every little bit helps downstream for good contact.
  8. dibarlaw

    1932 Buick Victoria

    Patrick: If you could get a photo of the ID plate on the other side of the engine firewall to verify the model. There were Victoria Coupes offered in all 4 series that year.
  9. dibarlaw

    Newbie with 1922 Buick Model 35 Touring car

    Brice: As Hugh indicated the piece you have in your hand is where the rear seat Iron stud threads into for the top holder clamp. There will be a right and left hand version. I will check the parts book. I hope you have the correct top sockets and bows. On my 1925-25 they worked up an set probably from an older, larger car possibly a 1921-1923-45. Cut/fit and re-weld. It is a top but is too tall and does not fit correctly. It does have the correct Johnston oval window that would go with your car. All I need is to find the correct socket set for mine...I have been looking since 2011 and no luck so far. A photo of the top that Hugh has for his car. Also a restored 1922-35 at Hershey a few years ago.
  10. dibarlaw

    My 25 Buick

    Ron: Hope springs eternal! I had a call from the machine shop today. It looks like we will be picking up the engine this week. I need to fill this hole! Larry
  11. dibarlaw

    Newbie with 1922 Buick Model 35 Touring car

    Brice: Welcome to the forum! We hope to help in your adventure of retuning life to your Buick. Larry D
  12. dibarlaw

    A trunk for my 1923 buick

    Ted: The cars shown are model 55 Sport touring cars. They are already designed with the proper equipment If that is what you have. The 3rd example is the best if you are putting the top down. On the others the trunk is too tall and the top will not fold correctly. It will set up at a strange angle, limiting any rear vision. An original Buick specified trunk on a 1923-55. Note the correct top clamps. Another one I offered on and missed. Period photo of a 1923-55 with disk wheels and the proper trunk. That is what the top is supposed to look like when folded and the boot on it. Detail of a 1924-55. Leif Holmberg's 1925 Standard with a trunk fitted by fabricating an extension frame. The tail light would have to be moved to the outside.
  13. dibarlaw

    1921 Buick 44 roadster Virginia craigslist

    If the car had the correct colors in similar condition then it would be about on the money. I see the interior of the top is stained and several spots of paint loss.. $9,000. The headlight tie bar is missing. Yes we need more data. That was what the owner of the 1922-45 John Fesser and worked on 4-5 years ago was asking. It was not running and needed a lot of sorting out. At the time I had a friend who offered $7,500. That car also had the lights under the running boards. It must have been a 80s thing.
  14. dibarlaw

    My newley purchased 1921 5 Pass Touring car

    C Carl: To me, the beltway around Washington DC or Baltimore is my most hated drive no matter what speed. (Of course driving to Brookfield Wis. for the 2017 Buick Nationals, having to get around Chicago really matches the experience).If one is not going at least 15 MPH over the speed limit you get cut off if you leave an appropriate safe following distance. Much weaving between lanes and no signals. Even with my 1937 Buick Special which I can keep up at 60-65 for the short time I am forced to be on the "miles of mayhem" it is very scary!
  15. dibarlaw

    1923 Buick 54 roadster Dallas TX craigslist

    Yes Pete: I agree.. I think the only real value are the 6 wire wheels and the newer tires. Of all the model 54s and 55s I have chased, even the project cars were not rust buckets as this one is.