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  1. dibarlaw

    Buick Photos From Hershey 2018

    Dave, here are a few I took. The 1929-50 you mentioned, The 1931-95. One of the cars I would love to come home with. 1909 model 10 in car corral which to me had many issues for the price. 1911 model 14 in the show. 1909 model G in the show.
  2. dibarlaw

    1923 Gabrielle Snubbers

    Simnut.: The Gabrielle Snubbers were accessories. As such the car drives fine without them. Bouncing around on 1920s roads they were a definite plus! I would put these on the back burner and take care of getting things driveing.
  3. Not mine. My computer will not let me copy the link. It came up on the 1925 search that ebay presents me with every day. "You have 13 new choices for 1925 Buick", none of which in many cases have nothing to do with 1925 Buicks. I opened it up and the descriptor is for a 1924 "Sports Touring" while others call it a 1925 Standard. Obviously from the photos it is a late teens cage valve Buick. Seems like they did a little research and used the model with one of the lowest production numbers for rareness appeal!
  4. dibarlaw

    Hershey 2018

    Lamar: Thanks for stopping by the Mason-Dixon tent. It was good to see you again. While we were talking, Marck went to pick up the dinosaur about 75 feet away from our tent. Here are Pete Phillips and my confederate Dave Blaufarb taking liquid refreshment.
  5. dibarlaw

    !937 Buick 40 coupe running board trim

    Yes Carl I remember that Perry Michigan address. I believe the ad was in the old Torque Tube newsletter.
  6. On our way home from Brookfield, WI in July of 2017. Somewhere in Indiana. Notice recently broken Mobilgas Special pump light glass. It was a shame.
  7. WOW Hugh! Great minds think alike! Better get back out to the garage and get some work done for your arrival.
  8. Kyle : The Models 54 and 55 came only in the deep maroon. I love the color The factory ad posted above is how they came. Lots of special nickeled hardware. The windshield stanchions had bosses for the wind wing attachment. Note covered visor. Special steering wheel with walnut rim and spokes. Of course the Spanish grain leather upholstery and dash. Photos of the car I went to buy. The ignition switch was incorrect at the time. Paul Rose's Totally Original Unrestored 1923-54. (Photo taken at 2011 Hershey.) That is except what was needed to have it running and driving reliably.
  9. Kyle: The 1922, 124" WB had 6 different bodies that could have been mounted on them. As said earlier this car was for sale on craigslist and also on the forum I believe. If I look back the previous owner may have contacted me because I had been interested. Friends told me to stay away because it was a compilation of pieces and parts. I had known of 2, 1922-54s and 5, 1923-54s. I have also offered on 3, 1923-55 Sport Touring cars. So I have some information /photos if needed. Recent 1923-54 for sale. I went to buy this one in 2011 as a running /driving car. When we went to pick it up it was neither.
  10. dibarlaw

    !937 Buick 40 coupe running board trim

    I would have to go back in my correspondence from when I first bought my 1937 Special in 1987. The moldings were being replicated in aluminum. I bought a set then and was waiting until I was able to get the boards recovered. Still not done! The passenger side was a bit mangled and they have sheet metal screws holding them on.
  11. Agree with your assessment. Looks like it was originally a black car from the rust stained sills. Also just like my 1937 Special it has sheet metal screws holding the running board moldings. Some day I will replace with the new ones I bought in 1988!
  12. dibarlaw

    1932 Other Makes Packard Super Eight

    Stunning car of my earthly desire!!! To me the disk wheels say Packard to me and are my favorite.
  13. Kyle : I think we have seen this on the forum before for sale. The ID plate on the firewall is needed to confirm as is the frame #. I believe the person was trying to make up a Sport roadster from parts and pieces. Come see us at C4M 44-45 at Hershey. Your fenders and radiator shell look to be like what is on this 1922. 1923-54 Sport roadster. Fenders are different.
  14. dibarlaw

    1924 Master valve seat pressures.

    David: In the 1925 Master Shop manual page 48, states..."Inner valve spring should have an approximate free length of 2 3/8" and a pressure of 41 to 49 lbs. when compressed to 1 25/32". Outer valve springs should have an approximate free length of 2 13/16" and a pressure of 80 to 88 lbs. when compressed to 2 1/32". Closed coil end of spring should be placed at the bottom". This should be the same as the 1924-6 engine since they are essentially the same.The 1925 Standard has the same specifications but does not use the inner spring. When I had the head gone over for my Standard I had the springs checked for wear The springs had free lengths that varied as much as 1/2"! All the compressed readings were well below the standard. I purchased my new springs from EGGE machine. Again outer springs are the same for 1924-6,1925 Master 6 and 1925 Standard 6.
  15. Rodney: My heater is the same as Gary's. There was no shut off. Just the flaps /doors on the front to control the heat and the motor/fan switch. In the summer it will still put out heat. When summer driving I would disconnect the heater hose and install a pipe plug in the fittings. One could also employ a shut off tap on the feed hose.