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  1. 1918-1925 Buick Clutch Driven Disc

    I do not know Hugh. All I know is that the way I installed it the clutch now operates smooth as silk! Well, when there is an engine in front of it. Larry
  2. 1918-1925 Buick Clutch Driven Disc

    AS did I. Comparison of Standard and big 6 clutch. I kept my friends Master clutch intact as a guide in reassembly. Even then I installed the driven disks upside down and had to re-do them. Larry
  3. 1928 Buick in a movie - Master or Standard?

    The 1928's all have the hole thru the radiator and shell. The difference is the placement of the hole and the Master core is thicker. My bet would be a Master. Larry
  4. Bumper - Weed brand

    Also remember these bumpers had manufacture specific brackets when sold. The Buicks are different than Cadillac or Oakland Hudson etc. The mounting brackets are different between the Buick Master and Standard series. I had a set of Buckeye Bumpers I was going to use on my Buick Standard but it would have meant fabricating all the mounting brackets as I think that they came off of an Overland.
  5. Bumper - Weed brand

    That is what I have on my 1925 master. I will probably have them powder coated like I had the ones on my 1925 Standard. Friend with another 1925 Standard had quoted over $1000 to have them plated. For my Standard I had the front and back Wolverine style bumpers "Chrome Look" (silver paint) on the bars and semi gloss black on the brackets. I believe it cost around $300. To me they look great. Notice that the rear bumper on the Standard is 2 piece for the spare while the WEED bumper on the master is full width.
  6. 1918-1925 Buick Clutch Driven Disc

    As Leif comes to the rescue again! The 1928 and 1931 Master parts books indicate that the driving disk and the driven disk are the same for models .... E,H,K, 1921,1922,1923,1924,1925, 6 cylinder. 1922,1923,1924, 4 cylinder.
  7. Visited a 1919 H45 Last Evening

    Jason: After following the thread on the 1918-49 at Uniontown it is good to see that there are more teens Buick's lurking around western PA. I tried to buy a 1920 K-45 out of Somerset PA in the late 1990s. We negotiated for 3 months and then the car went to Germany. The owner insisted it was a 1919 even though the ID plate indicated a K-45. It was titled in PA. in 1919. I have driven my friend Charlie Steffy's 1919 H-45 near me in Lititz. I like the spare tire cover as I have been trying to get someone to make one up for me locally. Like Charlie's car the original upholstery is a great asset to the car. It seem as though every one of this period Buick touring car with an older top has a tear in the same spot. The top was done in the late 1950s.(This top looks to have been nicely done). Caused by not putting the top down correctly and pinching the gypsy side at the clamp. Photo below is of inside of Charlie's car. o The only problem I have with this Blue car is the crank being staged as if it was a 1910 era car. I have seen a 1927 Sport Roadster done this same way. Buick/Delco engineers worked long and hard to create a reliable starting system and would roll in their graves to see the glorified crank! The plated shell makes the car look a bit more modern and certainly dressier. Original would have been black baked enamel. I love it anyway.
  8. 1925 Buick Standard water pump shaft and impellor

    At an auction that a 1924-45 was NOT sold (I was the only bidder at $21,000) there was a timing gear made from aluminum. It was my friend here in Chambersburg with a project 1924-45 who bought it. He also bought a trailer load of spare parts as well as a complete engine with radiator on a stand. I remember pointing out the gear and having him bid on it. The auctioneer stopped the auction to read us out for being in collusion on parts!
  9. Babbitt BearingTolerances

    Larry: Thanks for posting this. I remember seeing one of these at an auction in Greensburg PA. of an old line engine shop back in the late 1970s.They had babbiting molds and line boring fixtures etc. Gone are the days..... The other Larry.
  10. 1927 128Wb Speedometer for sale on E-Bay

    Thanks Leif: I had seen the gold face ones but not this color face. It does not make much difference since the unit itself is junk. That is unless you need to salvage the face to match the other instruments in a car. I have 3 Master AC units that were cracked like that. Which means that they are swollen enough that they could not be removed from the case without destroying what was left. We have discussed the Standard AC versions which are just as bad. As you told me years ago that if my speedometer was working at all DO NOT TOUCH IT. Every AC unit I had seen at Hershey over the years when asked about.... has it been tested? The seller said it was a good unit. Then I would pick it up to give it a gentle shake to see if the mph drum would pivot. Most of the time you would hear a rattling sound as if there were loose gravel inside. I am going to adapt a Stewart Speedometer(Brass internal works) to replace the Die cast AC junk.
  11. 1933 Buick Series 90 Model 91

    cevensky: All our best wishes for your project. The 1933 is simply a glorious looking car! A friend of mine has the 1932 version of this model. A former 1932 Auto Show car, perfect wood, sheet metal and nearly perfect original interior. Looking at the photos again I can see the differences. I know there may be some similar construction but dimensions will be different. On this car all the doors close and latch with the push of a finger. Impressive. I would contact the Nicola Bulgari Complex in Allentown PA. The contact person is Kieth Flickenger, who heads Mr.Bulgari's restoration staff. They have the most complete information/experience on these 1933 through 1935 90 series cars. I love the photos of your 1942 GPW. I had a 1943 GPW work car/project back in 1974. Best of luck: Larry
  12. buick radiator winged cap

    On one of the first seasons of "American Pickers" they picked up a very nice one for about $50.00. Their to be sold price was probably about $300. I have seen these on ebay for anywhere from the $300 up to a buy it now at $800. A friend of mine has a 1927 Sport roadster and had a stainless reproduction on his car sourced from a concern in Australia. Similar to the 1928 in that it is a goddess head but the details are different. He said that his cost was about 1/2 of what it would cost to buy an original and have it re-plated. Since the originals are so fragile and usually very pitted it is usually not worth the cost to have one restored. Having the original re-plated usually a lot of detail is lost. Fairly nice 1927 ornament
  13. 1923 Buick, 1927 NASH, 1923 STUDEBAKER ocala FL craigslist

    Yes George it does seem that these were cheap. But since they were to settle an estate it may have been the best thing to do. All the cars including the Nash which was supposedly restored look to need quite a bit of work to get them back on the road. All look to have been sitting more than just a "bit". The 1925 Buick Master touring I bought in 2016 for about 1/3 of what I paid for my 1925 Standard touring in 2011 was by some, they considered that I stole it. Similar to the prices asked in the above craigslist ad. The 25 Standard was touted to be a good running driving car.... After fighting for 5 years with the car to get some use out of it I finally had to have the tired engine rebuilt. (At the machine shop for 6 months already).That was after re-cored radiator, new tires, re-built fuel system, re-built clutch and brakes. The 1925 Master was also supposed to have had at least an overhauled engine, rebuilt fuel system, but with absolutely no brakes. After spending many hours just getting the front brakes working and the electrical system back to functioning it seemed that we could actually drive it a bit while the engine is out of the Standard . No such luck... The Master engine has developed some nasty lower end sounds now also. Just saying that the prices paid for these type of cars are somewhat relative as to what underlying problems may exist.
  14. W.T.B. 1937 license light lens

    Pete: I mailed the lens on Monday so you should have it by the end of the week. Larry
  15. 1938 Buick Articles in the Bugle

    Bryan: Yes, Pete and Cindy continually astound me with how well the Bugle gets laid out and presented each month. Truly a great combination. Larry