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    Have loved the old car hobby for over 40 years and still trying to become involved.
  1. On the white car it does appear to be have the proper sport roadster equipment. Not sure how McLaughlin may have allowed for a different color but not all white! Also, Paul Rose has an unrestored example of the 1923 model 54 in VA. I took these photos at Hershey 2011. Original top, upholstery and side curtains! It had a great write up in the AACA Antique Car magazine.
  2. John: I alerted Joe Kidd in MD since he has a model 39 he is working on with Truarc wheels. This what I wrote him. Joe: Lamar Brown {Mr. Earl} posted on a Buicks for sale thread these photos. Thought you would like to see what this car with Truarc wheels look like restored. I like it! Of course I would like the wheels to be the Chinese Red. Also to have the Burbank (tan) top. It may have been a look alike model 39 made from a model 34. I would have to see the dash since it would have the white instruments and the walnut spoke steering wheel which it does not appear to have. It does have the nickeled radiator shell, the visor, but not the wind wing mounts on nickeled windshield stanchions. Nice looking car none the less. I still am anxious to see yours. Best Regards: Larry
  3. The photos Lamar posted are of a 4 cylinder model 39 sport roadster with Truarc disk wheels. I like it. Photo below is of a model 39 at the Portland meet. The first photo of the white car depict a 6 cylinder model 54 sport roadster. The photo is of the one I tried to buy in Vermont and later was a Bugle cover car. Period Ad with the wire wheels.
  4. Can I make it a fourth? Welcome aboard and look forward to meeting you in Brookfield. Larry DiBarry
  5. Lamar: These are for the 1938 rear fender. Gravel deflectors/shields. Same as on my 1937. Larry
  6. Experience with my 37 has told me otherwise. On my drive home with it in 1987 from Hollidaysburg to Chambersburg PA, I had a pull to the left when braking. The clutch went out 57 miles into the ride home with 38 more miles to go. Roll back home and then pushed into the garage. I put it on jack stands and started to do some work. 25 years went swiftly by..... When I started to get back to work on it the left front brake drum was seized up. After I removed the drum there were 3 broken springs. All new springs have been installed since.
  7. Thanks Brian : I have included this in our next Mason-Dixon Newsletter.
  8. Brian: I just remembered to make the reservations.... Done.
  9. When I worked for our Buick dealer in the 1970s he still insisted on us calking all the chrome strips where they were on the body panels. We used a squirt oil can filled with undercoating. That was understandable when the 40s,50s and the 60s cars still had metal clips and thru bolts to hold the trim to the body. Prior to working there I bought a 1969 LeSabre convertible from them. They had the rear convertible top stainless molding caulked. The top boot had thin plastic tabs that were to slide under that molding. What a mess to clean all that stuff out!
  10. Marie: I also copied this and posted on the AACA - Studebaker forum site. These look to be very good quality restorations. Hope there is some interest.
  11. Gary: What style of lower control arms do you have? Mine are the 1936 style without the replaceable bushings. I had to jury rig mine to be able to get it aligned. I drove in fitted brass wedges as an expedient. I did that prior to my trip to South Bend in 2013. After 7000 miles I have not lost any of the wedges. I purchased a set of new lower control shafts and that is when I found out they were different. I have a later set of arms to exchange that will take the ones with the bushings. I just do not feel like tearing apart the whole front end to replace them at this time. Larry
  12. Not mine. 2 cars for sale in North Central PA. See the AACA Buy/ sale section.
  13. carmover: I can not tell what the image is from your photo. Detail is blurred. I hope someone else can help since I can not get to my car and dig in to check. (Rotator Cuff surgery) It really limits ones ambition! Larry
  14. Many of the custom cars for Hollywood royalty such as Chaplin were done by the Don Lee studio. One may check on that lead. I remember in one of my Floyd Clymer books that had some reference to the Don Lee Company.