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  1. What is it?

    Here is what a very original, low mileage1927-54 sport roadster looks like.
  2. What is it?

    Looks to be a 1927 Buick Master, Country Club coupe. The duct tape holding things together looks rather ominous. Hundreds of hours of wood fabrication....With what needs to be done it should be almost at a giveaway price to be considered. IMO. Larry
  3. 1925 Standard Saga Continues

    My Beulah is not going anywhere soon. I have been trying to systematically remove as much as possible on the engine to make it more manageable. The water pump was removed just as the shop manual outlined. It helps if the unit was kept clean and had been in use. Yesterday with my son's help we removed the S/G very easy, but awkward. We tapped apart the leaky exhaust pipe from the muffler. It will need replaced with as the pipe was a welded up fabrication and the muffler was an oval shaped, mangled, make do unit. (another cobble job) I should have gotten this apart before trying to remove the splash shield. The shield even with the exhaust pipe filler plate removed is tough to remove without bending and distorting it. I guess that is why I never installed my new one. (The S/G side splash pan was missing and I secured a set on Ebay and had them powder coated.) I will clean this up and send along if someone is in need as I have the powder coated one. I will disconnect the engine at the clutch to flywheel and make a support for the transmission across the frame. If they are going to balance the crank as a unit then the flywheel should be left on. I will also make a wooden cradle to transport the engine to the shop. I will have to rent an engine crane. I am attempting to remove the steering box since that needs new seals anyway. 3 Buicks and 3 leaking steering boxes! Anyone have suggestions or experience with these? Then the engine with the rear flywheel housing should be less of a problem in removal. Larry
  4. 1925 Buick running boards

    Jim: The new running board cover looks fantastic! I got my linoleum from Tony also. A great guy to deal with. And that little Chevrolet truck is sure a honey! Larry
  5. Cars That Made America

    Jeff: Ken Burns did an absolutely fantastic program "Horatio's Drive" for PBS I believe in 2003. The detailed story of Horatio Nelson Jackson's 1903 drive from San Francisco to New York in a 2 cylinder, 20 HP, 1903 Winton. I have the DVD and the companion book. I re watch it every so often. Larry
  6. 1927 Buick standard touring project

    It looks to have a 1925 radiator shell. Very flat front and hood lace slots instead of rivet holes.
  7. Carburetor Heat pipe fabrication

    Hugh: On that carb you sent me to try on my car it still had the collar and what was left of a packing. I thought I put back as I found it. Larry
  8. Avanti R2, 1963, refresh

    John: Glad to see that you will be taking the 1928. Both of the 1925s are down at this time. I will be looking at getting major engine work done to both. Sigh........Check out my Buick Pre-War forum posts. "the 1925 Saga continues".... Larry
  9. Car Club Question

    Roberta: I see that you are starting a dialog with the membership. I agree with Adam's comment above. I know as the Mason-Dixon Director the statement fits. We few all wear many hats within the local organization. At one time we had nearly 75 members on the roster. Presently at about 25 members. That was because of the reluctance of the former Director to remove members for non payment of dues. We had carried some for over 3 years without a payment. Still only $10. We do send out "miss you, wish you were here" type of emails to these former members and do a phone call every so often. Our former long time treasurer left after an unresolved rift with the BCA office. Luckily, a member stepped forward and is doing a fine job. But trying to get a person to step up to be assistant director is an ongoing trial. Larry
  10. 1925 Standard Saga Continues

    This weeks activity. I finally got the head to break free. It had a composition gasket. The photo shows where the leak was coming from. I took it to my local friend with an engine shop. He did a quick check of the combustion chambers with the valves at rest. Total vacuum drawn was 17.5 in. Consistent on all chambers. The gage goes up to 20 in. The chambers has some soft carbon (always runs rich anyway). He will do a regular valve job and clean the head. Yesterday I cleaned the tops of the pistons and block combustion chamber of carbon. Not any hard stuff very easy to remove. I "miked" the bores at about an inch below the ring ridge. The largest was +.012 over size. (3" bore.) Most .001 to .002 out of round when measuring at 90 degrees. The bottom of the cylinder bores ran a taper to about +.007 to + .0055. No nasty scores were noticed.
  11. 1927 Buick group

    Rod: Thanks for the link. But I was able to access it directly from the BCA website. Under.... contact us.... then to links..... The person who inquired has a 1926-27. I invited him to join us on the forum. Larry
  12. 1927 Buick group

    Good to know it is still available. Now, how does one get to it? As I have tried yahoo groups and have found dead ends.
  13. 1927 Buick group

    Does any one know if the Yahoo 1927 group is still active? I had an inquiry from the BCA office from a member. I tried to search and all I get are ads from craigslist and such. Several years ago I had tried to maintain a connection to it but it would never remember my log in info so I could access and participate. This was the same with the Brass Buicks site. It would let me read the posts but not ask questions. Just seemed too much of a hassle to communicate. For me the Buick Club forums work much better. Larry
  14. Radiator flush on my 1923 Buick

    According to the directions it can be filtered and reused several times to the same effect. I have never tried to use the vinegar flushes.
  15. Radiator flush on my 1923 Buick

    Marty: I used mine full strength. Filtered it, and used it to clean my other car. Larry