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  1. MAG473

    Original Metz paint scheme

    Thanks Jerry, As I am finding out, the model 22 wheelbase was increased from 90" to 96" in 1915. This was accomplished by moving the axle back 6", increasing the length of the radius rod and using a 12" longer chain. In addition a longer runningboard and apron (between body and runningboard) was used.
  2. MAG473

    Original Metz paint scheme

    Thanks Phil.
  3. MAG473

    Original Metz paint scheme

    What is the original factory paint scheme for the Metz 22? I see some cars with blue body frame and springs with black axles and cross supports. Others, everything is blue except the wheels.
  4. Help identify this wheel rim. 25" outside diameter x 2-1/2" wide. Has two T shape hooks opposite each other on inner arc. Solid wheel rim.
  5. MAG473

    Metz cars sold on ebay in CA

    Thanks for the responses. I've contacted the seller and gave my information to pass along to the buyer (s).
  6. Anyone buy the Metz car (s) on eBay in Shingle Springs CA? I would like to hear from you. 507 two six nine 6696. Wayne
  7. MAG473

    Parts interchange model 22 and 25

    Is there any interchange in parts between model 22 and 25? fenders?
  8. I'm going to Reno NV from Southern MN to get a car and parts first week in March. Any one need parts moved out to the Reno area?? Pickup and trailer.
  9. MAG473

    Moved completed

    Moved to Reno completed.
  10. Brushguy, will you be at Chickasha again this year?
  11. MAG473

    Our first project, 1913 Metz 22

    Thank you. I'll follow up when I get the springs. ThLuv2wrench, What it the measurement from top to bottom at the point where the bolt is located to hold the leaf springs together. I located a company in Ohio that makes these springs. Need to give them the dimensions to determine how much of an arc is required. Thanks in advance.
  12. MAG473

    Wanted Metz 22 radiator

    Wanted Metz 22 radiator. Made by Rome Turney Radiator of Rome NY.
  13. MAG473

    Our first project, 1913 Metz 22

    The height measurements are what I'm looking for. My description was not clear. The height measurement at the center of the arc is what the shop needs to build the new springs. Thanks
  14. MAG473

    Wanted Metz 22 radiator

    Wanted Metz 22 radiator. Made by Rome Turney radiator company, Rome, NY.