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    Born and bred on Woodward Ave and Telegraph in MI. My dad worked at GM proving grounds in Milford MI. In the 60s, he would bring home all types of cars to go steet racing. The rest of the Story later.

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  1. Where do you get your air?

    Get a longer hose. I have a 300 ft hose to do the jod.
  2. WTB 60s 70s car

    Beautiful cars!!
  3. I get automatic alerts when a post is made. I do not respond becouse I do not have the good enough words to print on your work. Dave
  4. Car transport needed

    Give me a call @ 209-613 1199, I can do the job on my truck. Be in the area at the end of the month. I'm currently in Spokane WA delivering cars and will be in Seattle Friday to deliver and reload for FL. Thanks Dave
  5. Paging: Jeff Tyler 37 Humpback Panel project?

    My customer bought that truck I think. He lives in Bishop CA. Bought a lot of parts from us. Also some info is incorrect on that article. They are truck frames, not car frames. I have both side by side and its totally different. We have parts for these. Let us know what is needed. Thanks Dave PS We have 14 Humpbacks.
  6. Car Transport Cost???

    Would be no problem hauling small cars, golf carts etc. Ig I bought it, I would upgrade tires, rear suspension with disk brakes and higher ply tires etc. Be perfect for doing local shows and swap meets. Be a good conservation peace at car shows. Been sitting at the auction for 3 years. I offered 2k for it. See what happens.
  7. Car Transport Cost???

  8. Car Transport Cost???

    Good eye.
  9. Car Transport Cost???

    All my years hauling cars, never seen a set up like this. Someone took a 4x4 2010 Chev 1/2 ton and cut the frame behind the cab and welded a one car trailer to the trucks frame. Rear drive shaft is absent, runs with the front drive shaft with the factory transfer case. Going to find out what it would cost to buy it. Been sitting for 3 years.
  10. Car Transport Cost???

    150 less than closed? From my experience, depending on location, it's 1000 to 1500 more from coast to coast. Depending on the car anf location, we are getting 1000 to 1500 from FL to WA open. Closed is abour 2500 to 3000.
  11. Car Transport Cost???

    To soon to tell. I have had high end cars on my truck. Just hauled a highly modified electronics van for the Government that was pegged at 1.5mill. I hauled a 500k Porsche and ask the customer why? He had a known company enclosed and he ram his car into the roof of the trailer. Did 20k worth of damage and another, a car got loose inside and did a million in damaged. I also own a single car enclosed along with a 1 and 2 car open bumper pull trailers.
  12. Car Transport Cost???

    Just got my 34 hour restart
  13. Car Transport Cost???

    Show us your rig.
  14. Car Transport Cost???

    Pm me your number and when I come in town, we can go out and have coffee, talk shop and check out each other's equitment. Been doing this since 68. Started with my 65 Impala SS Convertible with a 409 400 4 speed. I worked part time at the Detroit Auto Auction as a lane driver. I would rent a Uhaul tow bar. 25 dollars to haul cars from Detroit to Lansing.
  15. Car Transport Cost???

    Amd here is another factor that will increase the cost of transport. We now have to use Electronic Log Books. 99 percent of drivers would push the pencil on paper logs from the past. 1st picture is tge paper log. 2nd is the ELD. Electronic Log Device.