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    Born and bred on Woodward Ave and Telegraph in MI. My dad worked at GM proving grounds in Milford MI. In the 60s, he would bring home all types of cars to go steet racing. The rest of the Story later.

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  1. That is a beautiful bike.
  2. Sold in less than 24 hrs. The customer is a happy camper. Going to Spokane WA. Engine still for sale. I'm selling for my customer that bought this car from us 5 years ago. It was just a body and frame. 1934 Plymouth sedan project for $5000. It's a rolling project but the brand new tires and wheels (pictured) are $900 extra. Wire wheels and caps come with the car not pictured. It has a very solid body on original frame (surface rust only). It has suicide doors, solid metal floors, metal fenders and hood, and the very rare radiator shell (only made one year and only for the sedan). The Plymouth was already ahead of its time in that it has an original IFS system (still there) and far less wood framing than a Ford or a Chevy. In fact, you only have a wood frame in the back window. There is wood in the front windshield posts but it's filler, not frame. With the car comes the front fenders and the hood that I acquired later. Also, I have a Mustang II front clip (pictured), a 700R4 transmission (not rebuilt yet) that also come with the car. In the pictures, you'll see that the back of the car was bobbed with nerf bars added back in the sixties (someone was building a race car). On the front, you will see a chalk mark showing how I was going to alter the front to give it a better look. With the wheels, the car took on that short stocky hot rod look I was hoping for. With that, I choose to keep the back bobbed but I was going to clean it up a bit. I'm also selling a 1955 270 Hemi motor for $2,000. This motor turns easy and when we removed the valve covers we were amazed at how great a condition it's in. I then put oil in the cylinders to keep it fresh. Can help with delivery and ship World Wide.
  3. Corvairs to Woodstock. Got to love it. Enjoy the ride.
  4. The 3 day ticket almost broke us. LOL!!!
  5. The stage seemed miles away and half you know what, I can remember Canned Heat, Janis, and Joe. I Need A Little Help-HEHE LOL!! WE were tripping on this!!
  6. I bought my first 1963 Corvair in 1967 at the Detroit Auto Auction. I was 15 and we had to push the car through the auction stall. The shifter had come seperated from the shift tube. It was a 3 speed manual trans. No body was bidding on it so I ask the dealer that owned the car how much he would take for it. He said 50.00 and I bought it. Loved that car. Then in 69, I got invited to go to Woodstock concert in NY and there was about 8 of us going. My dad had just bought a Greenbrier pass van. He let me borrow it for a week. Told him a couple of friends with camping gear was going camping. I'll leave the rest of the story in Woodstock. Good times😎 Cant wait to hear about your car.
  7. Have a set of 17in wheels.
  8. for sale
  9. Try this group on FB.
  10. We took a junkyard,1970 Cadillac 500ci engine and stuffed it in a 1966 Nova. We reworked the carb and dist. We had to use the stock exhaust manifolds with cut outs, headers were not available, a reworked turbo 400 with a 3200 stall converter and a 4.11 posi with 7in slicks. The car would run high 11s all day. People would look at the engine and most thought it was a Buick. They would flip when told it's a 500 Cadillac engine. It did not last long with the weak upper end. Here are the stock specs on the 500. Check out the torque. Year Engine Carb Bore and Stroke Piston Dis place ment Cubic Inches Com pres sion Ratio (Stan dard) Maximum Brake H.P. @ R.P.M. Maximum Torque Lbs. Ft. @ R.P.M. Normal Oil Press Lbs Spark Plug Type Spark Plug Gap Point Gap adj in to misfire then out Dwell Angle Firing Order Ignition Timing BTDC or Mark Grnd +/- Volts 1970 375 Horsepower V8-472 4 Barrel 4.30 x 4.06 472 10.0 375 @ 4400 525 @ 3000 35-40 AC R46N .035 1/2 turn 30 15634278 7.5° -12 400 Horsepower V8-500 4 Barrel 4.30 x 4.304 472 10.0 400 @ 4400 550 @ 3000 35-40 AC R46N .035 1/2 turn 30 15634278 7.5° -12
  11. This is when I was working on the front carb when I was drag racing in 110 plus degree weather taken at the Great Lakes Dragway in Racine Wisconsin in 1980. The floats were sticking and someone took this picture and never seen until a couple of years ago when a guy posted on FB. This was at a 409 meet and how this all started when a post had that his Buick was never beat by a 409. That is when I came into defend my heritage. We have 409s running 7s in the 80s. Show me a Buick that won the NHRA Nationals in the 60s. NONE. Show me a Buick that can run 7s on racing fuel. NONE!! It was all in fun and the jabs were fun and educational. I even learned a thing or two about Buicks. Life is too short to be all that serious. Loosen up and have fun. We were lucky to be in the muscle car age. Thanks Dave
  12. Love it when a plan comes together!! Keep us posted. You sure was a hard sale. And look what you have.
  13. No, he did not. I did. At least give me credit. LOL, Where else are you going to get educated? These posts are not followed 100%. If it was, you would have 3/4 blank spaces. Nuff said. I can even show you where Mr.Earl went off track. HAHA. He went and deleted it all. Just making you all laugh:) BY