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  1. He needs the seat that the back flops forward to get to the back area. mThe one for sale is for a 4 dr car.
  2. 1st picture is a panel KC with 111in WB. 2nd is a 34 Humpback KCL 119in WB. The difference in between the back of the door and the front of the rear wheel well.
  3. Only the 33-34 Dodge panel without the Hump had the 111 in WB.
  4. Here is a head from a truck. 1935 and 1936 1 1/2 ton. What is strange that it's a high compression head. I thought that HC heads were aluminum. This is cast iron.
  5. On the trucks, there are no letter codes that I can see. We had a hundred trucks at one time and do not remember any heads having a raised letter code. Only the cars had the letter code. The head numbers in the 1st post are for a 34 Dodge car. The numbers are also the same for numerous 34 Dodge trucks. h Here is the head from our tow truck. The numbers are different than the one on the 1st post because this is a 2 ton truck, T-7. K-46. The block numbers that the op provided and the block number on my tow truck do not show up in my parts book.
  6. Here is the engine from my 34 Dodge tow truck. This engine has never been apart. It has 40K miles on it. The head with the DR is for a car.
  7. The Head is from a T-17 1 1/2 ton.
  8. From my Hollander Book. Copyright 1950.
  9. Any Mopar, it covers a wide range of cars and trucks. Of all the sites that I belong to, it is the most friendly, they are not rude if your car-truck is stock or otherwise and will help no matter what it is. And it's free. No charge.
  10. I have sold and bought many parts from that group. A lot of good tech articles also. I got in with no problem and I did not know this old car stuff when I joined.
  11. want to buy

    PM sent
  12. From another forum. 1941 or 42 diamond t 968 4 ton 6x6 here is mine.
  13. Went to an employee 4-year-old kid birthday party and was having a hard time finding his house. It was snowing pretty hard and I stop at this fire station and saw this Dodge truck in its stall. They pointed me in the direction and I ask if I could come back to take pictures. So, I finally make it to the party and after it was over, the weather had cleared and melted the snow and the sun was out and made my way to the fire station. The fireman gave me the complete tour and the history of the truck. They bought the truck new and was restored by a company in the bay area about 10 years ago. I ask why they did not have Mike Northcutt of Dodge city restore the truck since his company was in their back yard? They said it would be a conflict of interest because Mike was a reserve Shariff for the County that it had to be done from an outside source. The green truck is parked across the street next to a burned building that caught fire in the 60s. Can anybody identify the truck? It was used in the mines of the county.