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    Born and bred on Woodward Ave and Telegraph in MI. My dad worked at GM proving grounds in Milford MI. In the 60s, he would bring home all types of cars to go steet racing. The rest of the Story later.

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  1. 1938 Dodge

    And on another note, Not to many people do this because they are dying off like my friend did. 5 people that did this for the last 7 years has passed. And the widows on some had the parts-vehicles scraped. One of them is PlyDo. Have a good day and good luck in your search. Dave on the road again.
  2. 1938 Dodge

    Sorry for the problem. A little background. this was-is, not my business. I came off the road to help the widow with the business 7 years ago. They had 100 plus cars and a ton of parts. I put my business on hold to help when there was no one else to help. I have been on the road for the past 2 months none stop. And by the way, I collected no money while helping with the business. Could you do the same?? I think not. This was my best friend that passed away suddenly leaving this mess to the lady. There is no money in this business with all the time that you have to deal with the public. Retail sales is a time sucking machine that you do not get paid for your time like doctors and attorneys collect. That my friend is my story.
  3. 1948 Chrysler New Yorker *SOLD*

    Beautiful car Matt. Wonder if its the same car that we put a completely new wire harness in. Customer I think he sold the car a while back.
  4. 1948 New Yorker 2 year road trip

    From past experience, it will-maybe crack around the weld. Something about the molecules that get moved around. But! why does an engine weld hold?? If done correctly. Maybe the extream heat, expansion, contraction rate?? That is a nice job.
  5. 56 -68 gm wanted

    Have a friend as of 6 months ago that has a 66 67 gto that he bought in 69. Not cheap if you want me to find out if he still had it.
  6. 1934 Dodge truck engine & tranny for sale

    Post said it is sold back in May
  7. Can haul parts from FL to WA. Call 209-613-1199 Thanks Dave
  8. 1948 New Yorker 2 year road trip

    I have a complete rebuild in a 40 Chry that were selling with a 48 engine. The customer told me that he had it rebuilt with solenoid and paid 800.00 to have both units rebuilt. Will be home in about 5 weeks.
  9. 1943-54 Chrysler Windsor 6

    The Montana 4 Boys in Montana that built the 140 plus MPH 4 cyl 1926 Dodge Salt Flat car can hook you up also with hipo parts They are working hand and hand with Edge Motor parts.
  10. 1943-54 Chrysler Windsor 6

    George Asche has on in his 1930 Desoto roadster. He is very knowledgeable. He is 80 plus and has owned his car 50 plus years. He knows and hipo builds these engines inside and out. He is the GURU of the flat head. George 814-354-2621 PA. He can advise and build an OD for your combo. Good luck with the build and keep us posted. Here is George with a flat 6 in a rail.
  12. Tractors

    I LOVE THIS POST. NO HATE!!!!!!!! Sold this a while back.
  13. A real farm find.

    That is for counter weights. Yes on the brake booster. Would be cool to get it up and running.
  14. A real farm find.

    Thanks, could not read all the numbers. 1st year for round seal beam?