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    Born and bred on Woodward Ave and Telegraph in MI. My dad worked at GM proving grounds in Milford MI. In the 60s, he would bring home all types of cars to go steet racing. The rest of the Story later.

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  1. Cam and gear wanted!!

    Give JIM a call.
  2. 1934 Dodge & Plymouth coupe body differences
  3. 1934 Dodge & Plymouth coupe body differences

    Dodge front fenders have the spears on the others are plain on the front.
  4. 1923 Ford

    This was bought by my son in law great grandma that owed a farm in Taylor MI.
  5. We show people this when we rent our trailers.
  6. Open transport

    I'm in Winston Salem NC, going to Greer SC, Atlanta GA, Dallas TX to the Bay Area CA. Call 209-613-1197 Thanks Dave
  8. I stumbled into this abandoned project

    Almost the same story as this 33 Desoto. Beautiful cars.
  9. Airplanes

    The red plane is a 1931? Watco, The one next to it with out the front end is a Cessna, The blue one outside is a 4 place Watco, 1930s. Thanks for chiming in. Dave
  10. 1965 Pontiac GTO convertible factory black/black 4-speed

    Beautiful car Matt. You have to open that rear plastic window before lowering that top. It will rip. My friend has a 66 in the same shape. He bought it out of the Detroit News in 68. Never been touched. GLWS
  11. 1936 Dodge Coupes and parts for sale

    ?? What are you asking?
  12. Airplanes

    Here is your chance. Only 40 miles from me.
  13. 1936 Dodge Coupes and parts for sale

    SOLD!! One was going to be stock and the other a hot rod. Just took delivery of this chassis. Still in a wooden crate. Paid 25K