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    Born and bred on Woodward Ave and Telegraph in MI. My dad worked at GM proving grounds in Milford MI. In the 60s, he would bring home all types of cars to go steet racing. The rest of the Story later.

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  1. 1936 Dodge Coupes and parts for sale

    ?? What are you asking?
  2. Airplanes

    Here is your chance. Only 40 miles from me.
  3. 1936 Dodge Coupes and parts for sale

    One was going to be stock and the other a hot rod. Just took delivery of this chassis. Still in a wooden crate. Paid 25K
  4. 1938 Imperial 4dr C/L Denver $3,500

    Have a C19 and 20 for parts.
  5. Airplanes

  6. Airplanes

  7. Airplanes

  8. Airplanes

    I'll have pictures tomorrow.
  9. Airplanes

    Thank you.
  10. 1936 Dodge Coupes and parts for sale

    I think that I have those. I'll check for that stuff at the estate tomorrow.
  11. Airplanes

    Sure, that would be great. The widow wants it all to go to good homes.
  12. Airplanes

    I do cars and this just happen last week. I'm going over to the house tomorrow. Thanks for all the input.
  13. Airplanes

    Thank you. Any airplane experts here?