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  1. They are farming their work to other carriers. They are brokers. Victoria, How much is transport and the broker fee when you had your cars moved? Do they break it down for you? What is the carriers name on the door when you have a car transported? I find carriers when I'm driving around town at car lots loading or unloading cars. Also, check truck stops and cruise the internet for independents. When I have a tough move, had one from my shop (Northern CA) to ND, the hardest move to do, I ran an ad on UShip and got it moved by a single trailer for 700.00. He was going there to pick a car up that he bought. I was getting prices from 1800.00 to 2k. Also on claims, some truck ins companies will not pay out a claim unless the car has ins. Never happened to me but it happened to others. My 1st new truck pictured when I was based in Coral Springs FL. 1996 Volvo.
  2. Montway is a broker and they do not insure cars. Their min cargo is 10k when you go into brokering. 10k does not go far with a 3 to 10 car hauler. I carried a 1 million cargo per truck when I was hauling. We had to have that to haul new cars. Thier video is showing car haulers with their name on it. Have to do further research. SAFER Layout Entity Type: BROKER Operating Status: AUTHORIZED FOR BROKER Property Out of Service Date: None Legal Name: MONTWAY INC DBA Name: Physical Address: 4740 N. CUMBERLAND AVENUE SUITE 393 CHICAGO, IL 60656 Phone: (224) 220-0221 Mailing Address: 4740 N. CUMBERLAND AVENUE SUITE 393 CHICAGO, IL 60656 USDOT Number: 2239816 State Carrier ID Number: MC/MX/FF Number(s): MC-611862 DUNS Number: -- Power Units: 0 Drivers: MCS-150 Form Date: MCS-150 Mileage (Year): Inspections: Inspection Type Vehicle Driver Hazmat IEP Inspections 0 0 0 0 Out of Service 0 0 0 0 Out of Service % 0% 0% 0% 0% Nat'l Average % (2009- 2010) 20.72% 5.51% 4.50% N/A
  3. What do you do that you have been shipping for 3 years from TX to OR? Another reason that route is high because of backhauls. I never would do that route because of that. A lot going to TX but not coming back to the west coast.
  4. Montway, the worst of the worst is nothing but a broker the works closely with Uship basically doing the double broker deal. Now your paying double brokerage. Deal with a car hauler direct without paying 200.00 to 400.00 brokerage fee that I heard that they are charging. I do not have 1st hand knowledge but that is what I have been hearing through my channels. Been hauling cars for 40 plus years owning 10 trucks till 6 years ago when I semi-retired. Oregon to Texas is an off route compare to route 90-80 corridor going east and west. Your route is tough one with one truck running that route compared to 20 running east and west.
  5. All depends on when you're ready to ship. Are you shippiing?
  6. Need zip to zip Open or closed transport Window date for pick up Year, make of vehicle Inop? If inop-roll, steer, brakes? Residential or commercial on pick and drop? If residential, may need flatbed service at both ends. Most residential have laws from going in with a big truck. Make sure that you have comp ins in case something happens in transit, weather etc. Thanks Dave PS Just some pictures of Corvairs.
  7. I have been hauling cars for 40 plus years until 2011. One of my loads from WA to Maine. I still get cars moved for customers.
  8. This is on post #19. SPARKEE, I have talked to the lady on the red/orange one, it's over 100,000 miles. I also saw the white one, but I'm looking for the bucket seat Monza. Thanks, though. Either one would cost approx. $2,500 to ship, from the west coast to here in NC.
  9. Done. Sold it locally.
  10. Shipping coast to coast around 1500. Not 2500 unless it's enclosed.
  11. Did you ever find the speedo? You can try Bob's speedometer in MI.
  12. PM sent
  13. What does the resistor do? We have a 52 Chry that we are parting out. The trans has not been touched. The engine was changed some time ago. It has a D24 sitting in the saddles know.
  14. C49er will know.
  15. The only reason that I half way knew what it was, the 32 was at the show we had here in CA in 2014. It was the extended show for the Chry 100 year celebration.