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  1. 1925 Dodge dash info

    I concede that this sort of thing is entirely a matter of personal preference however I have never seen a DB this early with woodgrain finish to the dash. In my humble opinion, your friend is to be highly commended for keeping the car stock if that is how he intends to proceed. Ray.
  2. 1925 Dodge dash info

    An interesting question, Landman and one which has brought different answers. Unless you are intending to restore your car to concours condition, this, in my opinion, is a matter of personal choice. I would not want to paint my body colour dash black for the sake of originality but if the original appearance is important to you then that may be the way to go. Good luck. Ray.
  3. 1925 Dodge dash info

    I think it was body colour. Ray.
  4. The Ressurection of Daphne - a 1932 DL

    I am glad you had a good instrument panel to work with. How lucky were you to find the right water temperature gauge? Such an attractive set if instruments! Ray.
  5. Non OE wire - what is it for?

    I agree, we could get cut out.
  6. Non OE wire - what is it for?

    You should stick a plug in it. You can't be insulated from live...
  7. Non OE wire - what is it for?

    Condense it then. Or switch off.
  8. Non OE wire - what is it for?

  9. Non OE wire - what is it for?

    This thread is going no wire. We are still poles apart.
  10. Non OE wire - what is it for?

    So the current thinking is that this wire is an extra ground.
  11. Non OE wire - what is it for?

    We are more down to earth over here. Those comments are quite shocking but you make some good points.
  12. Fluid drive shifter question

    I tend to agree with Taylormade. Some of the most impressive LSR builders on this forum are 'the Montana boys". They use fast four blocks. I would give them a shout. Ray.
  13. 4 cylinder engine paint

    When it comes to detailing I was at first not sure quite how to deal with the water pump. The pump on the '26 (2 unit 6 volt) cars is a unique casting and unlike earlier models (video) which I understand are painted black, is treated to the same green as the engine. The oil pan is left galvanised and the flywheel cover and the head are both green. Interestingly, it is more a green/grey and I have found it to be a devil of a job to replicate. Eventually, after much experimentation, I mixed duck egg with a little lime green, grey and white. Ray.
  14. 1925 Dodge Brothers Touring #'s Question

    Welcome to the forum, Jonny. Just for future reference, it is recommended that you remove the trans before taking out the engine. This is to avoid damaging the clutch. I know it is a nuisance but the rear axle has to be pulled back to allow the prop shaft to drop out. To do this you would need to drop the springs, disconnect the brakes, remove the exhaust, and battery box and various other tasks. All this is necessary because the front cross member does not allow the engine to be pulled back straight. I assume you will be removing the trans anyway and if you have any questions please feel free to ask. That's what we are here for. Ray.