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  1. I would like to know what they say the ring gap should be. I would think you should file the rings to give a minimum gap of 0.014"
  2. Finding traces of that webbing etc reminds me of an archaeological dig! It must be satisfying to see it all coming together nicely. Ray.
  3. Your Dodge seems to keep some classy company!
  4. I hope you don't mind me mentioning it but I noticed you seem to have an exhaust manifold leak. I think this is quite common as the mating surfaces gradually burn away. The copper crush rings usually supplied are not really up to the job. I found the solution to mine was individual motorcycle gaskets.; they are available in a wide variety of sizes (if you find the right supplier on Ebay). I was fortunate to find a good used manifold but I believe it would be possible to have the worn surfaces machined back to sound metal. Ray.
  5. The last thing I would wish to do would be to give poor advice so I appreciate your intervention, Jan. I have not had personal experience of an oscillating type lapping tool so cannot recommend it's use. I have always found it good policy to lightly recut the seats and fit new valves; using grinding compound to finish. Ray.
  6. When my wife carelessly clipped the gate pillar with my Range Rover I ended up having to replace the hood (bonnet). Unfortunately, the Paint job was a dud and spattered with grit. The paint shop re painted the hood O.K. but returned the car with a small dent in the passenger door!.. They were apologetic to say the least and to my surprise when I got the car back for the third time, not only had they repaired the door but had completely resprayed the front half of the car on both sides and buffed up the rest. It was all put down to the insurance job on the hood! It looked a million dollars! It's not all bad new stories.
  7. I have pin stripes on my DB. With the whole car being painted white, the blue stripes stand out. Some folk think it is OTT but It wouldn't be the same car without them.
  8. I always feel a sense of shame when I hear stories like this. The Rootes Group were nothing short of reckless to drop a Ford V8 into what I would describe as a hairdresser's car. The result was a death trap with small wheels and tyres and poor brakes. Not the best British car unless you like living dangerously. Ray.
  9. I am glad you have found a good body shop but to be let down twice before is rotten luck. As it happens, I recently took my modern to a local body shop and it all ended in tears. A poor smart repair had been carried out by a previous owner and had lifted. The body shop I went to did a good enough repair to that area but when they removed the masking tape more paint had come away with it and they thought I wouldn't notice. It was obvious but they wouldn't take any responsibility. They wouldn't even share the cost so after a heated row I left and tried patching it myself - with only moderate success. The car is for sale.
  10. I added a left side tail and brake light to my '26 touring. The car was imported from Australia and had just the right side tail light. I have (subsequently) added separate indicators as incorporating them into the brake light circuit may be illegal here, and further, I think motorists today are looking for amber turn signals. A red flashing brake light might just confuse the average driver.
  11. Advancing years necessitates standing up more slowly. There can be very few other occasions when one can consider it an advantage.
  12. Yes Mike. They are quite large and heavy and made from 1/4" plate glass. They are nice to look at but I often think how dangerous they could be. The bevelled edge can also be a risk when working around the car because it is possible to catch your head when getting up if you forget they overhang...guess how I found that out? Ray.
  13. I can't help with that but I noticed this gadget on Ebay. It should be easier on the hands than the usual manual method. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Oscillating-Valve-Lapping-Tool-MAKES-JOB-SO-EASY-/180976014021?hash=item2a2302d2c5:m:maxVDQJvCpEFR82Je7bRv8w
  14. Hi Pete. Thanks for the compliment. The photo is old so that part of the car looks better now but I would like one day to find a correct DB windscreen but the cost means it is down the list of priorities at the moment. I had not heard of NOVUS plastic polish so I looked it up. Seems like a good product. Ray.
  15. My wind wings look great, work well, but are actually quite dangerous. The bevelled glass is quite thick but I don't think it's laminated or toughened. The clamps connect to the windscreen uprights but are not as neat as those on Pete's car.