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  1. Before and after photos of a 1907(?) Cadillac

    Hey it's even the same rock!
  2. My dad had two of them, one used to be mine. Both were Kingcabs. His he bought new and he bought mine from me in 1993 when I got tired of it. He got rid of them both a few years ago before he passed away. His wasn't running anymore and mine was parked from leaking too much from the rear main. They were both probably taking up space and probably rotting. His truck was silver and had a black with grey vinyl interior and no options. My truck had a factory sunroof, am/fm stereo, center console and A/C. No jump seats. It was black and had a black with grey vinyl interior. I bet mine was extra rare.
  3. Before and after photos of a 1907(?) Cadillac

    Both cars have the same license plate = same car both photos.
  4. Junk car in Sweden in 1927

    I get "unexpected errors" in both options.
  5. Rare 1976 Park Ave Buckets/Console

    Way overpriced with bad paint and rotten bumper fillers like that.
  6. 1949 Riviera

    No title either.
  7. I wonder how hard it is to find a diesel in one of these pick ups these days. I had a really hard time finding any in 1986-87. In SoCal they were getting snatched up by buyers and shipping them off to Central America where they were selling for a premium.
  8. wtd-55-57 T bird engine

    I know you could use any of those engines. There are unscrupulous sellers out there with 292's that will try to pass them off as 312's and charge a premium for it.
  9. wtd-55-57 T bird engine

    A 312 will be a difficult engine to find but 292's should still be easy to find. Be careful of someone offering a 312. It's very difficult to verify one without opening it up.
  10. I'd be more than a little nervous leaving my 56 parked unattended like this. There's nothing to protect the sides from door dings.
  11. Show us your Vintage tools

    I'm thinking more like early 80's. I'm sure I was still stabbing oil cans with those metal spouts that would often leak where the seal met the top of the can. I also hated those cardboard can that would sometimes collapse when you stabbed them.
  12. wtd-55-57 T bird engine

    You might want to try posting here:
  13. That's amazing to find one with such low miles and in equally nice shape. A diesel in that year is very rare. I had an 82 Kingcab with the diesel. It was slow starting off but had no trouble going 70 all day long. The biggest issue I had was a recurring leaking rear main. Other than that it was very reliable.
  14. preferred hand cleaner

    I used to use Simple Green before I used gloves. I still like to keep a jug around for the times I'm too lazy to use gloves.