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  1. I forgot those caps had threads.
  2. Martin, you might be able to get the old style round caps for your battery to give it a better look.
  3. I guess I mistook the difficulty of finding an NOS speaker. My apologies. I often search for NOS parts for my 56 and have seen speakers for my car on fleecebay. I guess they're probably different. Keep up the outstanding work and keep cool. I hear it's been super hot in the SW.
  4. I looks like great. I see things done with quality you rarely see on a lot of restoration. The only thing that I would comment about is your choice of the speaker. I would have looked for an NOS speaker even if you really won't see it. That's the only thing that doesn't measure up with the rest of your great work.
  5. From the HAMB: "1957 Roadmaster. Sat inside for over fifty years, then sat on the street for a year or two. Suposed to be 2000 original miles, the asking price was 30k. It has since disappeared. The interior was excellent. "
  6. By any chance is the bison's name BuicK? He looks like he likes the Pontiac.
  7. Back in the early 80's a buddy of mine rear ended someone with his parents 74 Datsun 710. The grille, front fenders and hood needed to be repaired and resprayed. They took it down to Tijuana since they wanted to get the front seats redone at the same time. They front came out looking better than the rest of the car since it was red and was faded quite a bit from the SoCal sun. They found someone to buff out the rest of the car and it came out great. It was one just like this, except red, which I can't remember the last time I've seen one.
  8. Straight liquor is usually called "neat" so it might be smoother.
  9. Countrytraveler,I prefer to drink my liquor and not try painting anything afterward.
  10. Taylormade, I'm assuming you still had to pay the two previous "painters". I'm shocked at what it costs to paint a car right these days. I paid $3K for a nice lacquer paint job a 51 Cadillac 2dr HT. in 1986. I stripped the body down to bare metal because it had by then three coats of paint which was cracking, flaking in spots and was badly weathered. The price included them to do the body work which included some tricky areas of rust repair. Even then, I thought at the time that it was a lot of money. This how it still looked in 2001. I sold it 7/28/2005 for which I still have some regrets.