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  1. Bleach

    1957 Engine Swap?

    Here's a 312 with an automatic, just in case.
  2. Sorry Peter, I'll keep my comments to myself. Thanks for your attention. You may delete this thread if you like.
  3. I'm feeling nothing is going to change. I notice some improvements in speed but it never lasts for more than a few hours. It's sometimes pathetically slow. How can such a good site have such problems? Does no one care? I'm sure lots of money is being paid to the hosting company. I don't put up with any speed issues from my ISP. I'm on the phone right away with them. Here's the issue I had today with trying to load more content.
  4. Things weren't that peaceful when Ernest T was around, He had a bad habit of running around town busting windows.
  5. Bleach

    Another Mercury - 1955 I believe - but what model?

    It's a certainly a Custom. A Monterey would have had a "Monterey" nameplate and an additional badge next to the name on the fender above the spear just after the wheel well. What's a little odd is the missing Mercury nameplate above the rear wheel.
  6. Please don't do that, give it to me instead.
  7. Bleach

    Right hand drive Saturn

    Here you go.
  8. Yes, this was the plug I was thinking about.
  9. John, I'm sure you really meant to say a plug with a square slot. A square plug will never come out. 😜
  10. That should be a good way to check but you'll know if it flexed once you got in when you wouldn't be able to close the door. Or you could open both doors, get in and then try to close them. I'd suggest driving it over a patch of really bad road, a bad railroad crossing or even a few potholes to see if the the windshield cracks as Matt mentioned above. A real convertible will flex too but usually only if you jack it up at a corner with the bumper jack. The doors often won't open.
  11. Bleach

    1942 Woody value

    No response from the OP? This looks like another one of those "one post wonders".
  12. Bleach

    1947 Chevy Fleetline

    Either way the pattern looks different than the 47.
  13. Bleach

    1914 Locomobile - For sale

    It would be nice if you could more photos of the car. We don't often get to admire such a rarely seen vehicle here on this forum.
  14. Bleach

    1947 Chevy Fleetline

    I've never driven one this old but did ride in a 49 occasionally back when I was a freshman in high school. A classmate's dad, Mr. Dawson, would pick us up from school with it. It was a 4 door and had lots of room in the back seat. Three of us could sit comfortably there. The best thing I liked was when Mr. Dawson would upshift a little early and the exhaust note would resonate through the car. I missed really that.
  15. This morning it was even worse. It even timed out. It only seems to occur for unread content. Using the activity tab works fine to see all the forum activity. There is something definitely wrong in this site and it even appears to had been fixed temporarily.