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  1. 1959 Plymouth Sport Suburban wagon

    Yes, it is rare in these terms. It's rare for one not to be a pile of rust even more true in Ontario Canada where this car is listed. Production figures for 1959 wagons: Deluxe wagon 2dr : 15,074. Custom wagon 2dr, 6P : 1,852. Deluxe wagon 4dr. : 35,086. Custom wagon 4dr 6P : 35,024. Custom wagon 4dr 9P : 16,993. Sport wagon 4dr 6P : 7,224. Sport wagon 4dr 9P : 9,549.
  2. 76 electra $2000 Not mine

    I rode in one in 1980. It was the most comfortable car I had ever rode in. The seats were so plush and the A/C running on that 100 degree day made it so much nicer. It looks like the same car but the one I was in was in Hot Springs Arkansas.
  3. Sitting garaged for 33 years

    You should have the tank cleaned out really well, perhaps at a radiator shop. You don't want any of that syrup gumming things up again.
  4. That's an Autolite 1100 with a spark control valve circled in red. You need to be extra careful removing the heat tube off the choke thermostat housing. It can brittle and break off where it attaches to the manifold.
  5. Even though it was built in the Fall of 64 (probably 9-25-64), it was still considered a '65 year model. My 56 Ford was built 10-21-55 and has some 55 date codes like your car has 64 date codes. It's just odd that you have what looks like a 64 vin number along with a 65 vin number.
  6. Mike, 4F07C305089 turns up nothing. That must be a mistake.
  7. Warranty Number: 5F07C305089 Year: 5 1965 Plant: F Dearborn, MI Body Series: 07 2 Door Hardtop Engine: C 289 2v V8 Unit: 305089 305089
  8. Heres one for you Hudson guys

    You're right Mike. I recognized the "leaf" but misidentified it. Definitely cedar.
  9. I wouldn't call it a restoration. The prep and paint looks terrible and there's surface rust visible under the padded part.
  10. Heres one for you Hudson guys

    The Hudson in the beginning of the post looks similar to cars that were left in a Belgian forest. This car like the ones in the forest were eaten away by the acidic effects of conifer trees. The trees around this Hudson look like Western Hemlocks. It's "needles" like any other conifer, tend to be acidic and the soil will also probably be acidic as a result.
  11. Center Console

    I recall seeing this posted here a few years ago and no one seemed to know. I might venture a few guesses. Maybe Rambler, AMC or Studebaker?
  12. 1947 Chrysler Traveler C/L Omaha

    Here looks like a better one for sale.
  13. 1947 Chrysler Traveler C/L Omaha

    Is the roof the same as the other 4 doors of those years?
  14. 1947 Chrysler Traveler C/L Omaha

    That will be really difficult to pound out.
  15. There were a few different types so you'll need to be more specific. There are a number of places online that might have one.