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  1. Today's plan was to move the 41 Roadmaster to its new home. Though the weather was dull first thing this morning, I ddecided to go ahead with the drive as Sunday generally has the least traffic, and few transport trucks, and as I was going to be driving in their lane quite a bit I felt that was important. Just about as soon as I started to pull it out of the city garage, it started raining lightly. Once we were under way, it started pouring. It rained the whole trip. Thinking about Larry Schram's post last year about driving for some time in his open Buick truck, I can say that I was glad that I had a roof, windsheild, and side windows, even though they were all fogged up! Even though Sunday should be a quiet day, some folks managed to have an accident on a major expressway we were travelling on through Toronto. A long, 20 min+ delay, though which it ran like a top, more than I can say about later though. At just under the halfway point, we encountered another, much more minor slowdown, and she completely died on me. I coasted over to the shoulder of the highway, and then it restarted without too much trouble. This happened about 3-4 times, and only after driving at speed for some time. I had issues with fuel starvation last year, and I'm thinking that they are back to haunt me again, as I also started losing power on the hills. So, after a stop at Tim Horton's, we finally made it to the new place, and now my two Roadmasters are parked beside each other. Funny how my nice seemly big garage is now quite full with 4 Buicks! Keith
  2. Buicknutty

    41 Buick Speedometer

    I had the same issue with mine a couple of years ago, and it was the speedo itself. I sent it to "Scott Speedometer Service", which I have used before, and they rebuilt it. Now it works well, and is quite accurate as well. Though it is worth checking the cable, and drive gears. Keith
  3. Buicknutty

    1930 Marquette Model 30 2 door sedan

    Very neat that you were able to get your "old" car back! Thanks for sharing your story. Keith
  4. Here's a few pictures of the cruise. A '32 Ford hotrod that has a 401 nailhaed and looks like Buick finned aluminum brake drums. My '41 Roadmaster with my friend's '41 Special, perhaps for the last time! As I'm hoping to move the '41 this weekend. Finally, a sharp looking Cuda, gold with white interior. Keith
  5. Thanks, Doug. My Buicks still aren't quite all together, I have to get the '41 and the '69 out there. Hopefully this weekend I'll get another moved. Keith
  6. Buicknutty


    Last night my friend Rose posed beside my '41 Roadmaster for a few photos, here's one of them. Keith
  7. Sounds like you had a good Father's Day, Doug. My kids gave me a nice one too, though I didn't get a new BBQ! Keith
  8. Buicknutty

    1941 Limited Limousine

    Your shock link pictures look rather like my situation on my '41 Roadmaster, I know its' not a '90 series, and I understand the differences. But I ended up machining a new pin for my troublesome link. I'm not sure of the manufacturer, but I believe that they were of recent manufacture about 8-10 years ago. Its' the thread on my car"McLaughlin Buick Roadmaster coupe" here. Keith
  9. Today I drove the '56 Roadmaster the 100 miles out to the new house, and parked it with its' Buick Brethren, my wife's '68 Wildcat, and my '02 Rendezvous, which is taking up a classic car spot due to it not having brakes, and a leaky trans line. The '56 ran like a champ through the slow traffic and hotish (85-90 F). Didn't get very high up the temp gauge. If only the factory A/C was working! Keith
  10. Buicknutty

    My 49 Buick Super 56C - yeah baby!

    I've just found the thread about your new car, and as has been said before, that's a lovely car. One of my fav's, and sort of on my list of cars I'd like to own sometime or the other. Enjoy her as they are great cars to own and drive. Lots of great people on the forum here as well. Keith
  11. Buicknutty

    1941 Dash Set- refinished and ready to show (SOLD)

    My car had been painted before I bought it, but I had the good fortune to photograph a very original '41 McLaughlin Buick Special Sedan a few years ago. Here's a few pics of it. Keith
  12. Buicknutty

    1941 Dash Set- refinished and ready to show (SOLD)

    I just have to muddle things up here, but I intend no offense to the OP. The engine tuning is beautiful, but was not used on Canadian built cars, usually known as McLaughlin Buicks. This was a throw back to some of the 20's cars, which used a solid walnut dashboard, instead of a metal one. Unfortunately, little documentation has survived on the Canadian made models. Keith
  13. Well, things didn't quite go as planned today, as my buddy had a load of tires to bring out. So, we piled into his old Suburban and drove out in that, and my wife and I drove the two Buicks home. Her in the Electra, and I drove the '56 Roadmaster. They both started up without problems, and drove fine all the way home. Driving the '56 felt rather like visiting an old friend one hasn't seen for a while. Keith
  14. I drove the Reatta the 100 miles today to the country house, for the last time. As the time has come to get the fleet out there, as we are just over 3 weeks away from our final move to the country house. I'm going a bit nuts trying to make sure all of our ducks lined up, and I still have a lot of packing to do! Tomorrow is expected to be a fine Buick day. My wife is driving myself and a friend out to the storage unit that I've been using for the last 10+ years or so in her Envision, and there we are going to pick up the '56 Roadmaster, the '69 Electra then we will drive all three back to the city. You might wonder about this, as the storage is in the countryside as well, but in a different part. Storage is about 60-65 miles East, and our new place is 100 miles West from our city house. My friend hasn't any issue driving my car through the fairly light traffic from storage to the city, but driving to the country house is often extremely busy, congested and hectic, and there is no easy route. So over the next couple of weeks I will ferry the '41 and '56 Roadmasters, and the Electra out to their new home from the city, and return with my wife in the Envision. This will certainly fill up the nice new garage when they are all there! I will try to get a few pictures of our little convoy. Here's a shot of the Reatta taken at last night's cruise in. Keith
  15. We got home from our day and half tour through some great paved back roads in the '41 Roadmaster. About 350 miles or so. The car ran great all the time, just like a Buick should be, smooth with lots of power whenever needed. Keith