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  1. Today was my son's 18th birthday, hard to believe, but many of those here likely have grandchildren as old, or older. Whoops! This isn't the forum to discuss our kids! Unless they're named Buick, of course. I had to make an hour's drive to pick up my daughter, as I had been getting some repairs done on her little Suzuki SUV, and it was now ready for her take home, in the meantime she has her Sebring convert to drive. So, I decided to drive the '41 Roadmaster to pick her up, and give it a really good run, as we are leaving early next Fri on a long weekend tour in it and it hasn't had a long drive for a while. Nice that my birthday boy came along for the ride too! After I picked my daughter up we stopped at a coffee shop for some refreshment, and it generated so much attention, it could of had its' own fan club. Plus some other driving in it, and though I didn't think to check the mileage when I left it was likely 120 to 130 miles all together. Not a perfect run, as it gave me a few little hiccups, here and there. Not too hot, low 80's F, and low humidity, so it was comfortable driving with no AC. Engine ran 180, only built a few degrees on the hills, and in traffic, and shed the heat again easily. Keith
  2. Buicknutty

    1941 McLaughlin Buick Roadmaster

    I've never had a Petronix in my '41, but I had one in my '56 Roadmaster, and it ran great for several years, till it started running poor, then I went back to points, as I didn't want to spend the money on a new one. Being in Canada, the exchange on the dollar is sometimes not good, which adds to the cost, then plus shipping, then our fine government dings us tax on Canadian value, which combined, can add 50-70% to the cost of an item. I was having troubles with new manufacture points and condenser on my '69 Electra, so I bought one from a well known vendor at the 2016 National, installed it and it ran great for a year+, then started missing. One of the magnets fell off of the ring which mounts under the rotor, so I'm back to points, But I just had a condenser that was less than a year old fail!!! So, though I like the benfits of the electronic ignition, I am reluctant to spend the money on another one. I actually believe EVERYONE, as when these units work, the car runs very well, but that isn't always the case. Don't know if its' inconsistent build quality, or what, but this has been my personal experience. Really, I just want my cars to be reliable, with either/or. Thanks for the comments, folks. Keith
  3. Buicknutty

    1941 McLaughlin Buick Roadmaster

    As I mentioned a few months ago, I found some pictures I took during the restoration process, found during packing, but put in a box {or two}, now there're being unearthed, again. Lot aren't too good, just record shots, but here's a few. Taken about '07 or '8 I think. The first is of the passenger side of the back seat area, the second is obvious, and the third and fourth are also the rear floor area. Keith
  4. I hope you do, and it will be nice to see some nice pictures of your car. It looks great in the garage. Keith
  5. That sounds interesting. I am planning to attend the Oklahoma City event, likely traveling in the '69 Electra, but it would be neat to bring my '41 McLaughlin Buick Roadmaster to the 2021 show, but where is that going to be? That would be model not often seen anywhere. Keith
  6. I don't know what else to say, as the others have said it all before me. But I must try! This is truly an amazing work, and as a previous poster commented, it looks like a full size Continental sitting there. I must also say that only thanks to the internet, and this forum are so many of us able to see this amazing creation unfold before us, over a period years, if one has been following your progress in step with you, otherwise one can read through the entire thread. Keith
  7. Buicknutty

    1947 56C Project "Can't finish unless you start"

    Matt, I've been running Diamondbacks on my '41 and '56 Roadmasters for the last few years and have been very happy with them. Hope you get them on, and enjoy! Keith
  8. Me again! After a bit of tinkering, I took the '41 Roadmaster out for a 25 mile run around the countryside this evening. Here's a shot of it taken just before I put it away for the night. Keith
  9. We drove to the Port Dover cruise night, on Monday evening. We were here a couple of weeks ago, but this time we were able to stay for a bit longer. Quite a nice group of cars, and of course everything's new to us here. This time it I took the '56 Roadmaster, as it hasn't been driven since I brought it out to the new place many weeks ago. Like John says about his '56, it is a great driving car, and it was nice to get out and drive it the 50 miles or so round trip. A few Buicks were there, including the '82 Riv convert that was parked beside me. A really neat '62 Wildcat, with an interesting custom paint job, lots of metal flake. It looked nice, and not too over the top. The rest of the car appeared stock. A nicely restored '32 Buick, and a couple of Datsun/Nissan Z cars, an early 240, and a later 300 2+2. I owned a '77 280Z for a long time, and it was one of my favourite cars. One of the few that I'd lke to "buy back". Quite an unusual one was a 2 door hardtop '64 "Cuda" station wagon. This was custom creation, and it started out life as a 4 door sedan, and 2 body shops later, countless hours, and I'm sure dollars spent, I think that it really looks like something Chysler should of built. All done to a very high standard. Keith
  10. It was a good weekend for driving some Buicks. Not too hot, but the price was the rather unsettled weather we've had the last couple of days. Yesterday, (Sat) we drove the Reatta about 200 miles, but unfortunately only about 40 or so with the top down, due to the aforementioned weather. This morning, we took the '41 out for about a 50 mile run to do some exploring through another part of our new area. Stopped at an interesting town called "Otterville", named after the Otter Creek which runs through it. There is an old mill built in the early part of the 19th century, which has been turned into a park, though the building wasn't open when we were there. A couple of pictures are of that, and the other is of my 17 year old son driving the '41 for the first time up our driveway. The driveway is about 300 ft or so long, and he did fine, didn't stall it, or grind gears! Due to insurance, he won't be able to drive it on the road for a few more years, but its' good for him to get a bit of experience. A couple of other sightings, a decent looking '66 Wildcat four door sedan, and then another place we went past had a '59 Caddy, a Nash Metropolian, and a '55 Special Wagon, all quite original looking, meaning a bit tired, but not wrecks. Too far onto private property to get pictures though. Keith
  11. Looks like an interesting setup, what carb are you running now? Keith
  12. Thanks, Ben. It started out as a 1948, but has been updated with a Cummins diesel power. Very nicely finished off too. Keith
  13. It was one of those too few, at least here in Southern Ontario, perfect summer afternoon and evenings, so we took the '41 Roadmaster to a cruise night at a town about 15 miles away. Got to know a few more folks, and we sat chatted with a gent that fled the big city over 20 years ago, who owns a very interesting '58 Pontiac. In Canada the models were a bit different at times. Our top line Pontiac was called a Parisienne, instead of Bonneville, though I believe that they were trimmed out much the same. He has this one that was custom ordered, and built in Oshawa, which was the main assembly plant in Canada, and incidentally where my '41 was also made. This car was ordered with the beautiful top line trim, but a 6 cylinder, and no power assists. Plus a few others which caught my fancy! Keith
  14. We took the '41 Roadmaster into to town for coffee and a snack early this afternoon. Sorry, no pictures, I forgot my phone and a camera! About a 30 mile drive overall. Ran a steady 180 F in the nearly 90 F temp we had today. Keith
  15. I looked, but did not spot the error, though I don't know these cars particularly well, but its' still an amazing job! Keith