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  1. Fairly cold for mid March here in Toronto as well, John. I had the '41 out for a short cruise today. She was pretty grumpy for a while at first, then settled down and drove nicely. Less than 10 miles, so not much of a run, but bright and sunny, though a bit chilly. No pictures though. Keith
  2. My long build of a 1940 56S

    I think that the colour Royal Maroon would be a good one. This is personal, as I decided to paint my '41 Roadmaster coupe in that colour early on in the restoration. I can honestly say, that I have had more compliments of it and the colour than any other car I've had. It is the same colour as Neil's and there are a few pictures of it on the site here, if you're interested. Keith
  3. A few things done to my 1990 Reatta today. First off, I took it in to get new tires, then later on drove the 140 miles from the country place to the city place with the Reatta for the first time. Then into the heated garage where I got the left door speaker replaced. By then it was getting too late to do the other side. But its' nice to have some success, as now the left side works! Keith
  4. 1940 Buick 76C Frame-off Restoration

    The effort is well worth it, otherwise nothing on the back of the car will fit quite right, which will likely cause water leakage too. Great looking work! Keith
  5. Roger, I too am one that doesn't post much, but that doesn't mean I don't marvel in the skill you display! I truly enjoy seeing the progress you've made on your Continental. Also, the difficulties you run into during the build are interesting as well. Keith
  6. I am running those Hankooks with a narrowish whitewall on my '69 Electra. I had a long search to find those, if there are other readily whitewalls of any description, I couldn't find them here in Toronto. I am quite happy with the Hankooks so far. I had a set of them on my '56 for over 15 years, the longest I'd ever run tires, and they were just showing a bit of minor cracking, the tread was still good, but I replaced them as I drive the car quite a bit, highway as well, and don't want to take chances. Those whitewalls were about the size Doug has on his '58, and I was happy with the look too. Keith
  7. 56 Super

    I have Diamondbacks on my 41 and 56, and I'm very happy with them. Keith
  8. Rebuiding a 1931 90 Series Engine

    Looks like a huge improvement! Hopefully the assembly will go well for you. Keith
  9. I think that we need to get the thread back on track. This is supposed to be about DRIVING one's Buick, not agreeing about whether or not its' "old enough". This thread was started by John, and he's made his point about "old". I honestly do not know why I was so criticized for discussing driving around in my 28 year old Buick. In my part of the world a car from the early 90's that is still on the road, is pretty rare in and of itself. But it would be good to get this back to what we are all here for, the appreciation and enjoyment of this remarkable Marque. Keith
  10. New Reatta first peek

    Lovely looking car. I'm enjoying the one I bought in Jan. Enjoy, and Looking forward to seeing more pictures when you get it. Keith
  11. Though a 1990 vehicle has most of the niceties of a more up to date car, my car is 28 years old, which in most people's eyes, is old. The BCA allows cars to enter that are under 15 years old, I believe, and other clubs I belong to accept current model year, minus 20 as eligible. It's in the eye of the beholder, some think of teens and 20's cars as "old enough" but an fine old gent, a friend who is no longer with us, said about my '56 one day in about 2005, that he just can't see those 50's cars as old enough. Keith
  12. It was such a nice day here that its' hard believe that it is still winter! I was doing quite a number of errands, so I used the Reatta all day, and put about 75 miles on it. The AC even came on after it was parked in the sun for a while this aft. At that point my wife was with me and I wanted to put the top down, but she thought it was still too cold, which it was, really, but it does have a good heater. Also, a couple of shots showing the garage, and the area behind it. It is 24 feet wide, 40 feet long. As you can see, there is a large space above the parking area, which is 18-20 feet wide in side. The two tall trees are at the property line. So there is space for more garage! According to the area planner she says that I can get the permit to build as well. Hope she's right, or at least still there when I come in with the plans. Keith
  13. I guess I'm used to the larger cars and suv's I usually drive. Thanks for the thanks, folks. The garage is nicely finished as you can see, and indeed it was a feature that I was looking for. It has a partly finished upstairs, as it has a barn like profile. I'm going to finish the loft section for storage of parts and a workshop. Plus it has natural gas heat in it. This area is traditional tobacco growing, and gas infrastructure was put in many years ago to facilitate the drying of tobacco leaves, because otherwise this is a very rural area, and one wouldn't expect gas infrastructure. The downside is two fold, at 40 feet long, it will hold 4 cars max, but there is a wide stairway to the upstairs which takes away part of one spot. The other is that I'd really like a lift, and there isn't space. Also, there is only one car door, and I'm having another put in this spring. The person that built it was a carpenter, and this was his main workshop. So, later this year I planning build an extension on the back, as there is another 60 feet or so the back boundary of my property. The doors will go in the through the side, so that I don't have to move 3 cars to get one out. I'll post a couple more pictures as its hard to describe. Otherwise I'm running the risk of being accused of sidetracking the thread! When I get into the construction, I'll start a thread in the correct place. Keith
  14. After a lot of rain the last few days, I finally got to a task that I've wanted to do for a while, that is, get Glenda's Wildcat out to the new place. No pictures of it on the trailer, I was too intent in getting it moved, and on and off of the trailer to get my phone out. So, first I got to drive the Wildcat around a bit the driveway a bit, then we drove the Reatta to town for some shopping and lunch. At least we didn't buy too much stuff, so it all fit in the trunk! Then we went back to the city place, drove Glenda's Envision out for dinner. Then I moved the 41 Roadmaster from the shelter to the main garage, but I just had to take it for a short spin! Lastly, a short hop in the '02 Rendezvous. So a four Buick day, including the more modern ones, of course. Note the lack of snow, compared to pictures I posted less than a couple of weeks ago. Keith
  15. Nice looking Roadmaster. I could see the year in one shot, and its' about a year and a half old.