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  1. I see that so often that the ones that park properly are the odd car. I would think that the park position is usually so reliable these days that everyone forgets to do it right. Keith
  2. Congrats on your first drive, Derek! Keith
  3. Well, late this afternoon I was able to get the '41 Roadmaster out for a drive, and to get gas. I had found an Esso station that sells only ethanol free gas, in all grades. It is the only one I've found in my new area. So I also was able to flip the 2,000 mile mark on the odometer, that's about 2,200 miles so far for the year on the car! About 40 miles of nice smooth driving today. Keith
  4. This would be fairly close to us as well, so hopefully we will be attending as well. Keith
  5. A cool and dreary day here, a bit of rain here and there, but my son and I took a bit of time in between doing work around the place for a couple of cruises in the '41 Roadmaster. The last one, after supper was to the local DQ for some desert. Only 35-40 miles all together. An exhaust gasket had blown out on our trip in August, and I had got it replaced, and also used some goopy material to help to seal it. I have had trouble with this spot before. It is the connection from the front exhaust manifold to the short connecting pipe. I think that the flange is not quite right. It is of course a repro one, though otherwise I have no complaints with system. Now the car is quiet like a Buick should be! So nice to get out and drive it, as our driving season is wrapping up. Keith
  6. Roger, I just don't what to say! The work you do is just amazing! I'm like so many others, I look forward to your updates, and especially the pictures you post. Keith
  7. Perhaps we are mixed up. My friends own a '38 McLaughlin (not a Buck) coupe just like the one in the picture MCHinson posted, and his caption lead me to believe that it was the same car and the same owners that is only partly shown in my post, but which shows the '37 (McLaughlin) Limited clearly. These cars have been in long term ownership of those folks, Bill and Rosalea('38), and Bob and Doreen ('37). There may very well be two '38's with the same combo. I'll also note, that unlike earlier years, there was little difference between the Canadian built McLaughlin Buicks, and the US built Buicks. Hope this helps to clear up any misunderstanding. Keith
  8. You are correct on both counts. Like the old saying, "Small World"! Those folks have been friends of mine for many years. Keith
  9. Cool, sure looks like their car! Here are a couple of pictures of the odometer in my '41. Today I rolled up 1941 miles on the Roadmaster. I posted another of it when it turned 00000 on June 4. Keith
  10. Here are a few pictures from our trip last week. My friend's '37 McLaughlin Limited, and another's '39 Special sedan. You can see the back end of a '38 McLaughlin Special, though I'm sorry I don't have any better pictures of that car. A nice backdrop for a very old car, as its' very vintage looking setup in front of the old barn, which is now an art studio. The gentleman paints with melted beeswax, tinited to various colours. Very interesting technique that I'd never heard of before, but it apparently dates back to ancient Greece. The 37, 38, and 39 are all driven long distances quite a bit too. Keith
  11. No pictures yet, but we got home today after about 600 miles of driving in total. A nice few days touring with my friends in the McLaughlin Buick Club. Keith
  12. Buicknutty

    1940 Buick oil pressure problem

    Many of the '40s, perhaps all of them, had a softer alloy base plate on the oil pump, which is prone to wear. Later models had an improved pump. Also, Buick changed the pressure specs. My '41 is spec'd for 45 PSI, but the post war cars were 35 psi, with basically the same engine. Do you have 15 psi at driving speeds? Like 25 or 30 mph? If so, that is under spec, but if that's at hot idle, you're likely OK. If that's a cruise pressure, then chances are it drops off to near zero at idle, and you should take some action. My thoughts are you likely don't need the 45 psi hot but you need more than 15 hot at speed to avoid engine damage. It is not too tough a job to pull the oil pan and get the pump off for an inspection. You can buy another add-on type of gauge fairly cheaply, if you want to verify the pressure before you take anything apart. My experience is that these mechanical type of gauges tend to be reasonably accurate, and reliable, though of course many years have passed and much can have happened to them. Keith
  13. Only about 65 miles today, here's a couple of shots at one of our stops. A bit of a gloomy day at times, though no rain here today. Touring through the Prince Edward County area of Ontario, known locally as simply "The County". This area used to be predominately farming for local canning factories, and fishing for many years, but now tourism and wineries are taking over. Lots of corn still being grown here though, but about 60 different wineries have sprung up in recent years in this area. A scenic and laid back area to visit still. These couple of pictures were taken at a local art studio, which is also a growing trend here as well. Keith
  14. Today we drove the Reatta 220 miles to meet up with a group we are members to tour Eastern Ontario/Bay of Quinte area till the weekend. One upgrade I recently did to the car was to install a new radio, as the original didn't work properly. It is a nice upgrade from the old Delco, with all of the mod cons, and the appearance doesn't jar me too much. Still have the old one if I ever want to go back to it. Keith
  15. Buicknutty

    1940 Buick rear gears

    I'll chime in here too. I have a '41 Roadmaster that had the stock 3.9's in it, and was able to get a set out of a '55 Century that are about 3.4. A tiny bit less pulling power at low speeds, but much more comfortable cruising at higher speeds. Not nearly as much engine noise either. Buick rear gears will interchange from 40 to '55, but it is a lot of work, at least in my opinion. There are various instructions available, and I believe that it has been posted on the forum here somewhere. I had a shop do mine, as I was suffering from some issues with my arm at the time and wanted to get it done. I very much recommend this upgrade, if you like to drive your car very much. You will also need to either get a unit to drive the speedo at the correct rpm, so that it reads correctly, or figure out what the corrected speed is with a GPS. Your speedo will read lower than the actual road speed. Keith