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  1. Undid the crimps on both of the diaphragms. The bottom membrane is torn and I think I could replace. The top diaphragm looks OK but there is a grommet/seal at the bottom hole that is shot. looks like some sort of a special seal. I will order the diaphragm from Old Air Products.
  2. The one you linked to at old air products looks different. Does it perform the same function?
  3. KongaMan I have that dual diaphragm removed from the air box on my 63. Of course I cannot find a replacement. I never thought I could repair this one.Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.
  4. When you send it to Booster Duey, don't let him talk you into gold clad. He told me gold clad was correct for a 63. I found out later that it wasn't.
  5. Bill Are you coming to the BttB event in Flint again this Year? If so bring the original alternator. We have a very good rebuilder near by. It will look like new when done. Mine only needed bearings and was $65.00
  6. Thanks. Just trying to get feel for $ on these
  7. What's the going price for a "nice" set of cast aluminum wheel covers. Also are they a pain in the butt to take care of?
  8. 63 wiper blade

    I don't need the arm just the blade. I think I can get the "rubber locally".
  9. Want to buy proper 18" wiper blades for my 63. Bring to BCA nationals if possible.
  10. On my what I believe to be original 63 a ground wire goes from rear horn bolt to fire wall.
  11. I was also disappointed with "CARS" insulation. I ended up cleaning original, not perfect but better then the stuff I bought.
  12. One off the thinks I did with my dads cars (I was 16) to squeal the tires was to floor it in drive then pull it down to low. More then one time I'd miss low and hit reverse. Talk about tire squawk!!! The other favorite was to remove the air cleaner to hear that 4 barrel kick in.
  13. 63 riv for sale

    Jim I have the round lens in he glove box. Don't they all? My windshield trim is painted, I have seen them both ways.
  14. The only reason it was on the dealer shelf is some one returned it.