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  1. Last time I needed an Air Filter, Advance auto could get one.
  2. Frames were unloaded from the RR Flat car already painted from a vendor.
  3. Somewhere on that motor should be identification w/ serial No. from there you can trace history. It is hard to imagine Buick going thru the expense of engineering and testing a one off set up. (anything is possible)
  4. are you guys finding crush washer for plugs anywhere?
  5. Installing seat belt for the rear seat of my 63. Summit offers different anchor plates, any advise on what plate to use? Chuck
  6. "Smoke on the Water Fire in the Sky"
  7. are there any issues(rubbing) with the 225/70x15 tires? thought we had to use 225/75
  8. I worked at the Buick Plant in Flint from 1964 thru 1999. A common questions a foreman would ask an employee was "Why do you only work four days a week?" His answer would be "I can't make it on Three"
  9. Inline tube in Michigan have the tubes listed on there web site
  10. my speedo gear had no teeth at all, The old one was a 20T so that's what I replaced it with. Got it from Bestoffercounts (Jim Kehr 215 767 0845) . Compared to my garmin my speedometer reads fast. I have a 3.23 rear gear. H78 15 tires. I'll see how far off it is in the spring with the new tires 225 75R 15 s. I think Dick S had a NOS 20T. Chuck
  11. Posted November 19, 2015 · Report post Charles; NW Transmission at my urging & after about 6 months made 5 or 6 speedo gears for 63 dynaflow. I got one. Check to see if they still have some. They are the only people I know of who are making new ones. They want $60.00 plus for one but the unit is not all that simple. Their # is 800-327-1955 or 937-442-2811. I see you have a silver 63, is your interior color silver? Email me if it is. also bestoffercounts on ebay also Dick Sweeny on this forum.
  12. Detroit
  13. I have had "Buick" tach since 1965 I plan on putting in the console of my 63. Should 18 gage wire be adequate to connect to coil? Chuck