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  1. On my what I believe to be original 63 a ground wire goes from rear horn bolt to fire wall.
  2. I was also disappointed with "CARS" insulation. I ended up cleaning original, not perfect but better then the stuff I bought.
  3. One off the thinks I did with my dads cars (I was 16) to squeal the tires was to floor it in drive then pull it down to low. More then one time I'd miss low and hit reverse. Talk about tire squawk!!! The other favorite was to remove the air cleaner to hear that 4 barrel kick in.
  4. Jim I have the round lens in he glove box. Don't they all? My windshield trim is painted, I have seen them both ways.
  5. The only reason it was on the dealer shelf is some one returned it.
  6. Talk to the counter guy at NAPA auto parts. I found some for my 63 Riv that way.
  7. My speedometer reads way fast for my actual speed, shows 60 when and garmin reads 55. I have a 63 with 3.23 gear, 225 75 tires on 15x6 rims. I have 20T driven gear. What would be the right gear maybe 19T? These things aren't cheap or that easy to replace. The parts manual list 20T for 7.60 tires and 3.23.gear. What experience are others having? Chuck
  8. always liked the tail lights on that model
  9. 455 rocket! Does that mean it s a Olds engine?
  10. Last time I needed an Air Filter, Advance auto could get one.
  11. Frames were unloaded from the RR Flat car already painted from a vendor.
  12. Somewhere on that motor should be identification w/ serial No. from there you can trace history. It is hard to imagine Buick going thru the expense of engineering and testing a one off set up. (anything is possible)
  13. are you guys finding crush washer for plugs anywhere?