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  1. Chasander

    Need Parts

    I see the insulators at Cars but not the spacer
  2. At the ROA nationals I well be looking for the spacer (2) that goes thru the insulators on the ends of the front bumper. (could invent something if unavailable). Could also use a upper passenger side drip rail molding that doesn't have dings. All for 63 Riviera.
  3. Remove the mouse bed.
  4. Did this job a couple of years ago, got the lines from inline tube in Mi. Had to reuse the tee on rear axle. I used steel lines.
  5. brake booster does not appear to be black
  6. Chasander

    63 silver headliner

    mine has a 2" mouse entrance
  7. Is there a source for the correct silver headliner for a 63? Clarks says theirs will have a slight ripple effect or they can paint a white one. Not a problem if there aren't any available.
  8. Hey Bill Makes it a good time to do this. Chuck
  9. Having removed the drivers side fender, thought it would be a good time to repair the wiper washer. I Ordered the washer repair kit from CARS it included a new valve plate some "O" rings, distribution plate and a pump seal. Besides these parts it needs the rubber bellows, which is not included. Is there a separate source for the rubber bellows? The existing one that's there is very brittle.
  10. Couple of questions. Had the battery + postion not been corrected by 1965. What is the proper Riviera insigna, Closed or open "R".
  11. Chasander

    1963 Speedo cable

    Maybe an abandon oil pressure gauge line?
  12. Just bought an NOS on eBay for 63 for $47 plus shipping
  13. Chasander

    63 Riviera Questions

    My story similar to yours, car had been setting in a garage for many years. After changing oil (squirt oil in Cyl.) I put new gas in(wished i'd drain the tank but didn't) It turned over just fine but would not fire, discovered points corroded, changed them and it fired just fine. It sounded terrible, put Marvel oil in crank case and it slowly started sounding better(maybe took a week). I was worried about 50 yr old brakes, fluid in Master cylinder was like jelly, I ordered new brake lines(inline tube), MC, Slave cylinders, hardware, and sent brake booster to Booster Dewey for rebuild. The front to rear brake line at the rear tee was completely rusted. Changing the lines is not to terrible but trying to start some of the tubing nuts can be a pain. Getting the car on the road was great, but soon discovered a multitude of leaks, Transmission, engine, power steering pump and gear. Transmission was the worse so that was first. Try to do all work myself, ROA and in particular Jim Cannon and his CD's are great resources.