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  1. Me and My '53 Super 56R

    Getting the original AM radio working is pretty easy. Converting to FM is even easier. Looks original with no mods, all you need is a soldering wand and access to a place that sells modern capacitors and solid core wire.
  2. Original Delco Shock PN & Catalog Numbers

    Interesting video, though I would not want to weld the shock shut after filled with oil. Would much rather drain it, weld a jam nut to the side and plug it with a custom screw or brass plug or something. Supposedly all you need is 20W oil. And metallic blue paint of course.
  3. My 57 Buick special project

    If you ever get a chance to meet Bill Green, he's the hot rod guy of Kent. Really knowledgeable, will bend your ear about every shop in the area, including his. Gary Wickham of the NAPA in Kent off Central has also been a huge hook up of information and parts locally in the valley. Can't really speak much for Auburn other than the old boy that runs Carbs Unlimited is also another source of useful info regarding who's hot and who's not.
  4. My 57 Buick special project

    That's not what I've heard about Nailheads coming out of AAM. That's good, though. One less thing to worry about.
  5. My 57 Buick special project

    No hardened seats right?
  6. Front Fender Moulding Clips

    Thanks for the replies everyone. Guess and check is expensive, and generic bulk boxes are three to four times more expensive than buying what you need. I'm going to take it upon myself to document what exactly, at least a 2 door hard top needs so you can order the 50 or so clips and spend $40 versus $80 in generic sizes that may or may not work. My new years resolution this year is to paint the car and make it to Colorado so we will see how far I get. Lol
  7. I've been driving two years now with the front of my passenger side sweep spear in the closet and I'd like to put it back on. The only issue is that only 2 clips partially survived.. I checked the body service manual and it didn't seem to indicate which clips are used where and what size. Does anyone have some written information on this? I'd like to put my car back to 100% completion for my birthday. Thanks guys! Edit: I should have mentioned that I did a search beforehand and have saved the pictures of the different clips, but it seems no one has had this information on them from 2007 to 2015 so I thought I'd feel out to see if anyone actually has saved their invoices. Not looking for "just measure and buy them" responses but I'll probably get them anyways. EditEdit: I found this old picture I took of the 2 surviving trim pieces. One looks like it might be the generic 1" molding clip and the other looks almost like 1 3/4 inches. It looks like this and this. Feel kind of silly asking now, but maybe we can compile a database of trim clips? Seems to be a lot of questions on this subject with no answers.
  8. Original Delco Shock PN & Catalog Numbers

    I think the Pleasurizers have been gone over in General. Curious why you'd want the oil filled spiral shocks over the modern gas charged shocks? Wouldn't the oil have broken down and deteriorated from age by now? I still have my original oil shocks on the shelf, I could look when I go home Friday for a P/N, since I'm sure 57 would be pretty close to 56. Always planned on drilling a drain petcock/fill plug to replace the hydraulic oil at some point, but I feel like it would be pretty difficult, you would need a big magnet to keep metal shavings from clogging up the tiny orifices, and then pray you get them all out.
  9. 58-65 45 fin front brake drums

    Can you measure the depth of the backing plate slot, too?
  10. 58-65 45 fin front brake drums

    The 45 fin drums do not interchange between 58-65, the 58-60 I believe have different backing plates and will not fit the later models. What is the application? If it's ball bearings in the hub, it's earlier application - if it's roller bearings in the hub, it's later application.
  11. Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Balancer slipping issues as far as I know is only a problem on the 364 and up. This was after consulting with Nailhead experts, so take it as you will. Thanks for the info, though. How do you like it so far? Is that 18 degrees initial advance? Are you still running road draft tube? When I put the 57+ distributor in my 322, I had to remove the road draft tube to get the wires in the right spot. In hindsight, I could have just rotated it two slots and moved the wires appropriately, but eh.
  12. 1956 Buick Limo on CL

    My favorite part is the pink tinted windows.
  13. 1955 nailhead with ford trans adapter

    Even if it's useless, you should still try to blow it - for science, of course.
  14. 1955 nailhead with ford trans adapter

    Hey Matt, dare I ask what 4bbl came with that 56 engine? Make sure when you find a car to put it in, that you took the driver side single exhaust and stick it on the passenger side for some awesome tri-Y headers with no flapper valve.