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  1. Beemon

    1957 Rear Wheel bearings

    When I replaced my rear wheel bearings, they would not seal with the O-ring. You can get lucky and find an O-ring that might work at the hardware store, but if it's not viton, it might not hold up. What worked for me was making axle flange gaskets and using RTV. Haven't had an issue since.
  2. Beemon

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Today my grandfather was found deceased in his home. I don't usually share these types of things, but without him I wouldn't be here with a beautiful 1956 Buick Century. He's with my grandmother now, in a better place. I just wish we could have gone to Thanksgiving, where I could have spent more time.
  3. Beemon

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Okay, I nailed it. Orienting the switch at an 85 degree angle is pretty stout. I applied 10 lbs of force to the outside edge and it has a factor of safety of 1.7. The program is pretty accurate so I believe it. That's good enough for what it will be doing, too. Now I just need to get it printed!
  4. Beemon

    Hydraulic Brakes on a ‘35’ Buick.

    Snoqualmie at 80 going West?
  5. Beemon

    Hydraulic Brakes on a ‘35’ Buick.

    Brake fade is when inert gases are generated between the pad and the rotor/ drum from high heat that creates a squish zone. Has nothing to do with boiling fluid.
  6. Beemon

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Yeah the top is will be an NPT tapped barb fitting. The alternator issue is relatively easy, but requires another relay in the circuit to ground the switch and open the circuit without grounding the alternator. The big thing to overcome is the fact that it's the motor mount that needs to be modified. I am keeping the generator, but if I were to switch to an alternator, I would either find the high mount off of a late 401 or cut the generator bracket off the motor mount.. or ideally go to a powergen, if needed.
  7. Beemon

    Hydraulic Brakes on a ‘35’ Buick.

    All I had left was the parking brake. Those guys touting safety are the same guys that want you to buy their product.
  8. Beemon

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    I'd be hesitant using a wood box on the mill, but I'm sure with enough patience it could be leveled out. This is more or less the final iteration of the switch. Looks like its going to work. Right now it fails under 5lbs applied to the nose, so I'm trying to justify beefing up the mounting arm versus the real life application of 5lbs on the body. It kind of sucks because I wanted the switch to face the other way, but that's not how its going to work. I guess I could rotate the switch so it sits vertical almost, like the old Stromberg carbs.
  9. Beemon

    Phuture phun

    Although AFR gauges are upwards of $120, its definitely worth it. There's still guys who tune by plug - I'm all for driving on 50s technology, not so much tuning on ancient technology. Also, I don't see how its even possible... my plugs are always white, even when running rich.
  10. Beemon

    Hydraulic Brakes on a ‘35’ Buick.

    To make a long story short, you need fluid in both sections for a dual master cylinder to work. You cannot compress air. Its a common misconception to think a dual master cylinder has separate braking - that's only possible with two separate master cylinders.
  11. Beemon

    Hydraulic Brakes on a ‘35’ Buick.

    Who would have thought the fabled dual master cylinder leaves you with zero brakes if one line pops? (AKA also happened to me) Personally for me, I go with the flow of traffic and people give me lots of space. I wouldn't want to hit a classic car and be sued for a ton of money!
  12. Beemon

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    We'll see. I'm meeting with a local hot rodder soon to use their acid bath for my modified intake manifold. I also finalized my switch for 3D printing... I went through a painstaking process of modeling every component in the system to a degree of accuracy that makes sense to me. In the shop here on campus, it's about a $10 job since its relatively small and hollow. It shouldn't see any crazy stresses unless the switch bottoms out, which it shouldn't. I also need to refine the mounting arm strength and switch lever length. I'll most likely increase the radius of the fillet and add an additional rib to the mounting arm after an FEA study. The holes in the arm are not final, either. I don't have a modern carburetor on hand, but it should be arriving soon, or so I'm told. The switch lever has a hole on the other side that needs to be tapped for a machine screw and washer to hold it against that side of the housing, while the lever side will have a light spring between the main body and the lever. The dimensions for the switch are pretty close. I purposely made it a little short so I can shim the end if needed. Also, all clearances are within 5 thousandths, just like the original switch. The printers are campus are stupid accurate, and 5 thousandths isn't impossible. I'm excited to see how it turns out! Also, in case you were wondering, this will mount towards the front of the carb. This keeps it from cluttering the coil and makes for easy access. I'm thinking of using a clevis for both the carb and the switch lever. Oh! A family member dredged through the family albums and is uploading them to the internet on a personal cloud. I'm not really a huge fan of that type of thing, but I did find one picture I believe is from before 1958. It's in the bottom right, with my grandparents and their Great Dane. Edit: I'm sure it's going to come up at some point, but yes I am aware of the switch orientation pushing the bull upwards.
  13. Beemon

    Phuture phun

    Are you worried about your intake running cold?
  14. I'm pretty sure this is what happens when parents buy their kids a car and send them 5 hours away to school.
  15. Beemon

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    It doesn't cost much to use the 3D printer here, at least if you're certified. I've got some experimenting to do.