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  1. XFord the river >Take the ferry >Go around ->Caulk the wagon and float The river rapids were too strong and the wagon sank.
  2. Waxing Rain-X on the windshield is just a band-aid fix, though. Not saying it's a bad product by any means, but I would like to use it in conjunction with good working wipers and not wipers that quit uphill. Plus, alleviating the vacuum load put on the engine by the wipers, I'll be better set going over the mountains when oxygen gets a little bit thinner. Bernie, my girlfriend has the same problem.
  3. It's like the Oregon trail, he's crossing the river in his wagon.
  4. When you ate it, did you close your eyes and pretend it was something else or did you man up and watch it go in as a spider?
  5. Do the ones you have not pump up right or are they expanding in the jacket due to heat? Why not try rebuilding them in the interim?
  6. See RainX just doesn't do it for me anymore. I sprayed it on the windshield before leaving in anticipation, and it was still difficult to see. By the way, I just ended up grabbing the pintle with needle nose pliers and breaking it off. I feel so ashamed to have abused such old parts...
  7. Idk, my car hadn't been touched in 30 years, it was shy at first but once we go past the awkward stage, it really opened up to me. It has definitely seen better days, too! Probably the only older lady I'd consider getting in to.
  8. So I'm just about done with vacuum wipers. I mean you can only go so far before you can't see anything at highway speeds and need to pull over or take the back roads in excess of an extra hour out of your way. Last Saturday was the local Model A swap meet and it was a downpour the entire morning. Other than the show being a complete waste of time, it demonstrated that these vacuum wipers just aren't up to the task for modern traffic driving. To be fair, they work great around town. I had them professionally rebuilt and have never had an issue before. But now that I'm going off to a University 5 hours away, where 2.5 hours is in the rainforest and and mountain pass and the other 2.5 hours is open desert plains, that's 2.5 hours coming home to visit with terrible wiper system. Simply put, they just do not wipe fast enough and even worse, they slow and sometimes stop on acceleration and uphill climes (which will be TERRIBLE for going over the pass). So here's what I've done so far... I purchased a Newport wiper kit. Pricey, but at least I'll know it'll bolt in. I gave a lot of thought to the 55 Chev motor I have and I would spend at least $20 on getting the right control slider, and then have to hope for the correct bowden cable base to hook up the vacuum coordinator to work the washer pump correctly, which would include either spending the money on that or buying a new washer pump lid. Then I would also have to remove and cap a bunch of lines under the dash, too, to avoid a vacuum leak. The Newport wiper is the best route, in my opinion, for ease of installation. The con: it doesn't look as cool as the bulky 55 wiper motor. I also purchased a mid 50s Cadillac/Packard/Lincoln/Mercury wiper jar lid that has an electric solenoid for the wash check valve, making it an electric system. This was the other problem. With the Newport wiper, unless you put an electric pump inside the old jar (nothing fits without mods, again you'd have to get crafty...) the washer jar is now unusuable. The electric solenoid valve will work with the electric switch that comes with the Newport kit. So it fits, no fiddling, just a rewire and good to go. I ALSO purchased (or salvaged) a wiper switch off of a 55 Special at my favorite junkyard. The bowden worm gear was broken, so I just pulled the switch and bezel out. It's a 1/4" shaft, which is the same as the supplied switch. The rotation of the 55 switch is the same as the switch supplied, so now I'm set. The only set back is that I need to find a way to remove the wiper switch needle from the washer button. Everything should be here next week, so I'm looking forward to strapping it all in. I'm hoping that it may be here by Friday, but I won't hold my breath.
  9. buick man, I would do the fuel pump like the late 50s fuel injection. Run the stock pump to a sump with a high pressure pump. The MSD distributor would be a crank trigger essentially (ok cam trigger, but basically the same thing). You could get a coil pack off of like a modern car, stick them on the spark plugs and run the wires, but the MSD distributor is all electronic so it really does the same thing. That's why the MSD distributor and Atomic TBI kit go so well together.
  10. Did you run the power lead straight to the battery or to the voltage regulator?
  11. Open it up, it's got a mercury contact switch in it.
  12. KC, be very careful with that trunk light. it's got enough mercury in it to kill 10 men.
  13. What did it taste like?
  14. She's definitely seen better days.
  15. I don't know, I was more interested in the 5 window coupe than Harrison Ford's 55 Chev in American Graffiti...