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  1. 1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    I found out these kids today with their Hondas and Subarus are deleting or disabling their anti-lock systems. I thought it was kinda ironic! All about "weight reduction".
  2. Do you take your car(s) to car shows?

    I'm not allowed at the local Wal-Mart drive-in anymore because the guy that built/destroyed my engine is a club member. They were boring anyways. The only other meets I go to are local school organized events, and those are mostly Subaru "mods" with 4" exhausts. Also boring..
  3. Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    The parts are on the car already new, the issue is that no one will align them for me so the front end has been a little off for over a year now. I'll talk to those boys tomorrow and see if they can help me out. Thanks for the tip! I found out today my choke is sticking, so I was most likely running rich the entire time coming back to school. I'm not sure what happened as that has never happened up until this point, but I found the choke dog leg rubbing against the side of the choke spring cover and binding. Took my trusty file and ran down that edge and it's smooth as silk now, but it explains the hard starting issues I was having before I left, too. Running rich going up and over hills at 70-75 MPH couldn't have been good. Checked the fluids today, nothing out of the ordinary so no leaks in the coolant system. Oil seems to be holding pretty good for now, will continue to monitor.
  4. Oil drain plug

    19mm hex... must be close to 3/4" since I just did an oil change on Saturday, too. Glad it worked out for you.
  5. The spin on conversion? Been thinking about it myself, but then you lose the challenge of not trying to dump the canister when it pops loose at the top. Does that filter have a built in bypass valve? I feel you would have to remove the stock bypass valve and seal it up to get the most from the conversion.
  6. Try this place out or see if you can find a 59-60 oil filter housing to adapt to your 322.
  7. Spotted this ad today. This makes a great upgrade to 'lesser' Buicks in terms of stopping power. They swap from 52 to 56 and give you 12x2.5" brakes versus the 12x2.25" or less braking surface.
  8. How much? Asking for a friend
  9. John, those white walls really make your Super pop!
  10. Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Thanks Willy! For headlights I run these DOT certified H4 conversions. They seem to work pretty well and the cut pattern is great. A lot better focus than the yellow seal beams. My radiator is 3 core instead of two but I was using a 7lb cap. I just checked tonight and I lost about a gallon of coolant. I filled back up and will be watching reservoir level. No coolant in the oil and no puddles under the car so head gaskets I think are fine. I have a 14lb cap but was afraid of the copper burst pressure limit - seems to be non issue so I may get someone to mail me the 14lb cap. Speaking of fluids, I was a quart low in both the engine and transmission. Transmission I've been lax on, but I neglected to check it at my oil change interval. Oil is much better than before. 300 miles I would go through 2.5 quarts. Now that I'm down to 1, I feel better. Sealing the oil pan seems to have done some good in this regard. I'm holding out because I love the car, but my luck with this thing has been terrible. People tell me I drive it too much, but that has not meaning as they were contemporary at one point. I'm hoping very soon to be financially stable to afford to restore the engine a second time... thats not something anyone should have to say unless its been some years and mileage...
  11. The 2018 - 2500 Challenge

    I just got back from my trip home last night and clocked 973 miles on the odometer. The bulk of that was the 304 mile way in (I went to I5 since Highway 18 and I405 were packed at 5PM) and 284 mile stretch back to school from home, totaling 588 miles alone. The extra 385 miles came from driving back and forth from Kent to Bonney Lake three times and just overall around town driving. Lots of driving this break.. So many things but not enough time. Anyways, I came back from home the start of this year adding an extra 284 miles, and then another round trip for 568. My total right now, not counting driving around town the last two times or on campus is now 1825 miles. You guys gotta put some more pep in your step!
  12. 55 roadmaster correct door handles ?

    Those are for 54-58? They don't look anything like my handles.
  13. Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Tonight's Programs: Pegged Temp Gauge and Close Encounters of the Deer Kind Boy I tell you, driving 65-70 with high beams on and the critter darts out in front of you.. I was puckered pretty good. The hills between Vantage and Cle Elum were not kind, either. The temp gauge was almost pegged by the time I crested the high altitude desert. I recall this happening when I came out at the beginning of Fall, too. I think my next project will be cleaning water jackets.. Overall it was a smooth ride back over. A little shimmy in the front end, I wish I had time to do the alignment. Maybe I can talk a local into doing just tie rods? Might be too much for their computers to handle, though.
  14. Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    I don't think it ever has but I wouldn't be surprised if it did. My old 322 was ruining hard before I tore it down also. I guess you can't kill a Nailhead!
  15. Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    That is correct. The screws were buried in sludge in the picture above and no gasket, so I'm assuming it went through the engine.. I was still getting oil pressure so the pump must be deep enough in the sump. On the plus side I'm not seeing oil drips on the ground anymore. That pan gasket was a mess, I think that's where I was losing oil going up and down the mountain passes.