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  1. 1955 Roadmaster brake drums

    You also have to consider the surface that is used to seal around the lip of the backing plate. Depending on wear of the anchor points of the shoe, you'd want some play on both sides. 1/8" play on both sides of the shoe sounds ballpark to me.
  2. 1956 Buick Special hesitation issue

    I may need to recheck this, but I'm pretty sure it's 450RPM in gear. My grandpa always set the idle to 600RPM in park, which drops to around 450-500 in drive. Again, eye-balling or "winging it" on a vintage engine is not the best route to go. You really need to get the right tools to know what you're doing with that old engine. Get a $20 tach off Ebay and verify dwell, then get a timing light and verify 5 degrees on the balancer with the advance unhooked, then verify the advance works, then verify RPM. Get a vacuum gauge to dial in the carb idle with the tach in tandem and you will be set.
  3. Radio Capacitors

    Hey guys, just wanted to throw this out there because as far as I know these are new repros on the market. I bought the coil capacitor, generator capacitor and voltage regulator capacitor from Corvette Central, a pretty big Corvette parts dealer. I checked the capacitors for their true values and did a leak down test and all the capacitors are where they should be. Before, the original radio was struggling with popping because the over the counter .18-.23MFD ignition capacitors couldn't keep up. The OEM capacitor rankings are .3MFD for the coil and alternator and .5MFD for the voltage regulator. Crystal clear radio now! Good thing those Corvette guys are over the top, right?? They even have repro ignition ballast resistors (no fan resistors but I'm told they may be coming). Some of you guys might not care, but it sure made a difference for me. Enjoy!
  4. 1960 Buick 401 Black Carburator

    Are you backfiring? You mention loss of power, have you thrown a vacuum gauge on it yet?
  5. When you get to the wipers, look into Kent Jaquith of Clean Sweep Wiper Motor in Redmond, Oregon. I've had some ups and downs with my vacuum wipers, but they perform flawlessly when sealed properly. You just need to build up confidence! Driving on I5 and I405 in the rain through Seattle and Bellevue respectively has turned me into an unstoppable motorist. I've only hydroplaned maybe two times on the highway lol. The trick is to drive aggressively enough the people give you a wide berth because they don't want 4000lbs of steel coming through them... and have to pay insurance. maybe I'm just young and dumb... 🤔
  6. Speed signs are just a suggestion. It never hurts to have spares! Just be thankful you didn't take the Special.
  7. My 57 Buick special project

    Sorry to hear about that, you left that bit out on the Facebook group. Working and growing up in Kent, I know a couple of guys if you plan on setting up a hunting party... At least you made off with the steal of a life time for $200. Most people would settle for nothing less than $1000 for all 3. Does the engine turn over? If you're interested, I have a set of 401 rockers that are 1.6:1 lift versus your stock 1.5:1. I'll be home the weekend of the 27th. They're yours if you want'em.
  8. Autumn Buicks

    John, your Buicks are so photogenic! I finally have one to contribute:
  9. Today I went with a group down to the Snake River. Made it just in time for the sunset. The tire tracks in the gravel may or may not be me... Also is anyone looking for a 1949 Buick Special? Minimal surface rust, paint OK, restore or rod. $5000 OBO.
  10. Phun W/Nailheads

    Greg, did you ever find out if the 57 and 56 Dynaflow are the same size from bellhousing to tailshaft?
  11. Hub caps, port holes

    In what condition and how much?

    That red and white 56 Century with the Roadmaster bomber sights looks real clean. I think I'll be looking for some bomber sights after graduation (or before if they're inexpensive ). Thanks for the pictures, Lamar! I can't wait to go to one of these shows some day.
  13. 364 motor

    Find a late model aluminum alternator bracket off of a 401/425 and use the head bolts off the donor engine.
  14. 53/56 322" in a 55 Super?

    The carb is a late 55 4GC.
  15. Washer Pump Rebuild

    After doing some testing with the vacuum gauge, my switch is flawless (except when turned ti 'Wide', which is to be expected since it is a controlled vacuum leak to the top of the wiper motor), my wiper motor drops engine vacuum by 2"Hg (I am pretty sure the rear rubber control switch just needs to be re-lubed with some type of vaseline), but the washer jar has a drop of 5"Hg when not turned on, telling me there is a leak here. Vacuum lines are fine, no holes in them. So, does anyone have any experience with rebuilding the windshield washer pump with the vacuum coordinator? Kits are available, but from what I understand I need a rivet gun. Couldn't I use some really long machine screws? Also unrelated but my windshield squirters are plugged. I get fluid when both are removed, but nothing when on the car. Is there a surefire way to clean these out or is it impossible and should I just opt for some repros? Thanks guys.