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  1. McCargar

    1927 Buick Standard (27/27)

    Hugh a few years ago when I restored a 1928 Chrysler and made the stone guard for it and used 4 clips little that fit between the rad and the shell. It didn't take much to keep it in place. It didn't have the same complicated curves that would look good on a Buick but its doable for a Buick. Wayne
  2. McCargar

    1927 Buick Standard (27/27)

    This one looks like a home made one. As you look at it, the corners on the left side are not symmetrical with the right side and the curves on the top are not smooth like something made as a production piece. Who ever made it did a good job and I would love to have it on my car.
  3. McCargar

    Hood latch leather ring

    Hugh, I didn’t use a kit. That’s the neat thing about this DIY process. All you need is vinegar, a tab. of salt, 2- 99% nickel welding rods and a small voltage source. Put about a quart of vinegar and a table spoon of salt in a glass or plastic whatever. The 2 nickel rods (minus their flux) are suspended in the mixture and hooked up to an electric DC charge (I used a 12v battery). When the liquid turns a fairly dark emerald green you’re ready for plating. For the best plating result use a smaller voltage source (I used a 5v plug in phone charger). The positive wire is hooked to the nickel rod and the negative to the part to be plated. You should see bubbles on the part which means it is working. It’s your choice on how long you leave it in but it doesn’t take long. Also it works better if the solution is warm. And, this is a big and the plating will not hide flaws or defects so the better the part is before plating the better it looks after. After plating the part needs polishing. The whole thing cost me a couple of bucks for vinegar and a couple of bucks for nickel rods and so far if it doesn’t move I’ve plated it. (The wife is still unscathed). The pictures aren't that great.
  4. McCargar

    Hood latch leather ring

    Thanks for the hint as I just re-built my hood latches and think, even if not in the parts book, it's a good idea to keep the lubrication contained. I did my own Nickle plating of the head and pin and am happy with the result. (As a DIY project it's an easy one.)
  5. McCargar

    Clutch '27 standard

    Thanks a lot that saves o lot of work.
  6. McCargar

    Clutch '27 standard

    Can someone please enlighten me as to whether the clutch on the 1924 is the same as or interchangeable with the '26/'27?
  7. McCargar

    Crank case breather

    Can anyone please give me the dimensions of the funnel on the crank case breather from a '27 Standard. Mine is missing and I have to construct a new one.
  8. McCargar

    1926 Clutch

    Thanks a lot for the hints but I think no matter what the book says I'll not use the explosive gasoline idea.
  9. McCargar

    '27 fan hub

    Can anyone enlighten me on the purpose of the two little gears in the fan hub on a ’27 standard?
  10. McCargar

    1926 Clutch

    Yes it is, sitting on the bench. The picture looks a lot better than it is.
  11. McCargar

    1926 Clutch

    Has anybody had success in removing built up and embedded grease from the fiber clutch plates of a 1926 standard? Or is there a known provider for new ones?
  12. McCargar

    Door Hinge Repair Wood Frame 27'

    On my '26 I used "T nuts" which worked well and stay in place when you took the screws out.
  13. McCargar

    Piston rings

    I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction to get .020 over rings for a 1927 Standard 6. I've tried several suppliers and there appears to be .020 over 1/8 wide compression rings available but not a 1/8 wide oil ring. Wayne
  14. McCargar

    new carb for 1927 Buick

    I have two Marvel carbs surplus to my needs. One from a '26 standard and one from a '27 standard. They were both on running vehicles when removed.
  15. I have a complete assembly from a '26/27 standard, surplus to my needs if that's any help. Wayne