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  1. McCargar

    Door Hinge Repair Wood Frame 27'

    On my '26 I used "T nuts" which worked well and stay in place when you took the screws out.
  2. McCargar

    Piston rings

    I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction to get .020 over rings for a 1927 Standard 6. I've tried several suppliers and there appears to be .020 over 1/8 wide compression rings available but not a 1/8 wide oil ring. Wayne
  3. McCargar

    new carb for 1927 Buick

    I have two Marvel carbs surplus to my needs. One from a '26 standard and one from a '27 standard. They were both on running vehicles when removed.
  4. I have a complete assembly from a '26/27 standard, surplus to my needs if that's any help. Wayne
  5. McCargar

    Piston clearance

    On a 1927 standard what should the piston clearance be?
  6. McCargar

    '27 Crankshaft specs

    Thanks. I guess I just wanted to know how mush in 92 years they are out from standard.
  7. McCargar

    '27 Crankshaft specs

    Does anyone have the specifications for the crankshaft and rods for a 1927 standard? Took a rod bearing out the other day, so I’m preparing to re-babbitt and want to know the starting values. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  8. McCargar

    Cylinder Water Inlet 28-Master

    I have an intake off a '27 motor that's surplus to my needs if your interested. In fact I'm parting out a McLaughlin 27-27 which is going to be too much work for restoration, if there is any thing else needes. Wayne
  9. McCargar

    1924 Chassis

    I found this rolling chassis of a 1924 Buick that the fellow wants to get rid of. It was touring that the body got made into a hot rod leaving the chassis, running motor, steering column (with mint steering wheel) and other spare parts. The deterrent is that it’s on Vancouver Island B.C. He said cheap, whatever that means. He also had a good looking rad shell with lovers for a 1931 Buick. Any interest I'll get the contact info.
  10. McCargar


    I have a spare carb from a 27-27 which was on a running motor when it was parked. Sorry no pictures at this time. In fact I'm going to be parting out the whole car of surplus parts. If interested my e-mail is
  11. McCargar

    1926 head bolts

    Thanks a lot, just what I was looking for.
  12. McCargar

    1926 head bolts

    Could someone please give me the head bolt torque specs for a 1926 Standard. And are the two end studs a different spec. because they are fine thread. Wayne
  13. McCargar

    1926 Kingpins

    I'm looking for help locating replacement Kingpins and bushings for a 1926 Buick Standard. Bob's Automobilia is out of stock. Wayne
  14. McCargar

    Engine paint

    The problem is that I live in Canada and these companies won't ship paint to Canada.
  15. McCargar

    Engine paint

    Does anyone have a manufacture and paint code for the olive-green engine paint for the 1926 Buick?