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  1. For the first pic you could see it's either a 65 or 66. And from the last pic, it's a 66, not a 65. Also, typical for the hood to rise in that area when hinges are old, worn, not lubed, etc.. vs a fit issue. On my '65 driver, it does the same thing and I have to push it down Chuck
  2. Nice piece on the 2018 Grand National in this months magazine! Thanks also to some members who called/emailed/ let me know that I am on pg 35 (with my Nova). I didn't know as my subscription expired, and I usually renew at Hershey Just renewed Thanks! Chuck
  3. adding 2 more seats: Front seat '66 Fleetwood tan Front seat '66 Sedan Deville blue Both from dry storage and in good shape, with the exception of the backing bottom on Fleetwood. Bench seat controls already removed, so will sell separately. Bumper cores for rechrome, front and back
  4. Also just found some Buick front fender patch panels-look like 55-56. $30 each. Just found Packard Clipper Dash, I think 1955 or 56 $50
  5. Can bring some of my larger items to Hershey if interested. Feel free to make offers as some of this large stuff has to go. Have 2 40' containers of parts and need to make room I'll be at the dry camping area across from the rides and can bring any item below if you contact beforehand.'64 front bumper-complete, good coreMany bumper ends from 1962-1973, some with light assemblies, all good cores and some good daily drivers.'66 rear bumper ends-commercial chassis-NOS but shelf wear $400'66 Front seat-needs recover vert WITH motors/cables $350'66 rear center bumper cores (6) $75 each'66 rear seat vert $150'66 Rear seat sedan $100'66 sedan front seat $150'66 Sedan molding set $400'66 Sedan doors'66 vert pass 1/4 panel'66 Bucket seats (no head rests), many sets'67 NOS door-2 door $250'66 Hood, Surface rust in spots-solid. No molding/emblem, no bottom front piece. $250'64 wheels, blasted and painted , $150 each429 intake manifold, repaired by PO $20429 heads, used and rebuilt. Used set $200429 Exhaust manifolds needing repairs. Have 10 sets in various conditions, some with very tiny repairs needed around bolt holes, to some with larger cracks. Send a PM with side needed and I can send pics or make offers Many skirts-almost all 60's'59 Carter carb core, $100'55-57 air cleaners $100 each (Not the triangle shape-round with side vents)'65-66 rear quarter moldings (not Eldo)-some have dings but probably repairable, have 14 sets. $150 set for the fair ones, $250 set for the ok ones, and $450 set for the nice ones.1960 grills50s-60s generators -eight total'50s NOS trunk carpet'50 Radios 8 total, $100 each65-66 trunk carpet kit. Not the original material, but professionally made with black cardboard and black carpet, pieces marked for install $395 If originality not a concern, nice kit (SOLD)'50s Continental kit in fair shape $100'66 Center rear bumper cores without trim, 8 total, $90 each'66 Fenders with typical repairs needed at bottom, $150 each'66 inner fenders, Already blasted and painted, but were not show quality (had some minor dings and such), so I found another better set. $150 each'66 heater core non AC cover, blasted and painted. Found a better one that didn't have as many pits. $250'65-66 wheels $125 each. Also have multiple sets of 4 with old tires, $450. '65-66 dashes 4 total, AC and non Have a good set of 1955 Kelsey Hayes wheels for sale. 4 Sabre wheels '55 nice shape with none of the typical road rash ($250 each) (part number ends in 62)I sold one set already and these are the 4 best out of the 8 wheels. Will throw in a set of used center caps.Details high res pics here: deliver to Hershey 10/11-14 or pickup in Syracuse NY. Thanks, Chuck
  6. ChazA

    Auction that pipe dreams are made of

    I believe I know who you mean, and not a shill bidder. He buys a lot of cars at the auctions as he works with a local collector. Prolly dropped out as prices were too high...nothing fishy with him.
  7. ChazA

    Auction that pipe dreams are made of

    I was there Prices were very high for these vehicles. The 20' trailer, looked over 10 years old, sold for more than a new one. Not all his auctions have such high bids for cars. This was his largest at 500 people or more.
  8. ChazA

    2019 Grand National

    Quick search shows RV parking available. Correct, or look for an RV park? Thanks, Chuck
  9. ChazA

    trailer weight question

    Agree with John. Also checkout one of these: Chuck
  10. Thanks, was too far for him, Huntington. Thank you though for the reply.
  11. What town in LI? Interested in the Cadillac magazines, maybe others. My brother in LI can get if not far from him Chuck
  12. Welcome to the forum! You should start seeing many cars for sale soon, especially on Craigslist as many start listing during Spring Fever A 1960s car would be a good choice as a first project! My 18 yr old son says 60's easier than some of our other vehicles.
  13. Not always true. My son is 17 and can work on a carb. He will also be going to college next year for a 4 year auto tech degree. One answer to the question in the Subject. Give them a classic car to drive/ My son drives a '65 Cadillac Eldorado to HS. He has replaced the Carb, water pump, and power steering pump. I also let him take the '97 Cadillac and a Dodge Ram truck, besides his daily driver, a Ford 500.
  14. ChazA

    Winching into a trailer the easy way.

    I trailer Caddys too. Do you have room to put the Caddy in Park after it is in the trailer?
  15. Chuck...not my CL post, but here is info: "Many classic cars most cars are being sold by the ton $350.00 per ton and loose parts $2.00 per pound $20.00 minimum purchase sales during the week for next 2 or 3 weeks then crushed this is the last chance for these parts these vehicle's are being sold as scrap metal NO TITLES cash only all sales final and AS-IS Brian at 208-818-9106 or Chris at 208-691-1249 call or text. "