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  1. Excellent additional info. Based on that it sounds like the hard drive is dead. Yes, most likely a coincidence, as any restart, not just an update, probably would have revealed, or the next power off. I was a computer tech for many years, and ran into a number of issues where the system was running for months, and then after a power off/on/restart, the hard drive wouldn't spin. Oh, the open tabs would not matter. Correct on hard drive access, if the hard drive does not spin, they can't hook up to another system/case to try and recover any data. You can always replace the hard drive with a new one, but may not be cost effective unless you did yourself. You can also sell for parts on eBay, but remove the hd first for security, in case as a fluke it spins up again Your new system will have updates too, along with your applications, and should all update automatically so that should not be disabled. Any system can be hacked, especially those that are not up to date. (I did ethical hacking, computer forensics and pen testing for 10 years)
  2. One clarification above, an update on any computer brand, Microsoft, Apple, etc...won't destroy a hard drive. There are a number of reasons hard drives fail, but software updates are not one of them, so maybe take to someone else to see if they can give you an estimate so you can use a spare, or give to someone.
  3. Nice story they did on our car For those local, should be in the Sunday paper. (Car now an AACA Grand National winner) My son Alex in pic going to college next year for Automotive Technology. Alex drives a '65 Cadillac Eldorado to High School (in nice weather). Chuck
  4. Rare 1968 Eldorado Find - Paint Code 00

    I have a 000 Caddy, and the heritage center does not have the color info and not included with the documents they send....ordered for my Caddy as I do for many of them.
  5. I have a number of 65-66 radios if you ever need Chuck
  6. My son Alex has been helping me since he was 5 or so. Helped with my Nova (now an AACA Grand National winner), and also with multiple Cadillacs. He's 17 now-HS Sr, but going into automotive field (4 yr degree in auto tech/mgmt.). He is a big help! Alex is also an AACA Senior judge already. As an example of his knowledge, I believe he can put together a 65-66 Caddy from the frame up, with little help, and pretty much knows every nut and bolt on these cars, along with what is correct and not for many 60s cars, including Mopars. His HS car is a '65 Eldorado convertible (Last pic of him at a Cruise night) Chuck
  7. Helping someone on this one. Any ideas? Thanks! Chuck
  8. Same here, but I use Breakerless LE. No extra wire like Pertronix...which could be an issue in some judging Would still want to install in a good or rebuilt distributor
  9. AACA Museum & AACA, What is Going On

    I actually agree with you on the *possibility* of adding a museum later vs right from the get go to clarify my earlier post. Buying land that can accommodate a museum in the future would be important, where that might be 10 or 20 years from now (new museum). Understood on many being retired...some of us, like me, still have a ways to go before retirement, so also looking at the future here :) I predict that without the support of AACA, the existing museum will not be in existence 10 years from now. Donations will dry up (read cars), and AACA members will donate to other museums with a solid foundation, such as Gilmore. I mentioned Busses and Tucker earlier as I believe they will "hang on" until the end, even if the current museum is not amicable to compromise on what cars they will focus on as they slowly bleed money. Sadly, the currently BoD may sell off cars to pay for staff if they start losing money. Chuck
  10. AACA Museum & AACA, What is Going On

    I disagree. The current museum could focus on Busses, Motorcycles and Tuckers for example. I think it is way to small. They keep overflow vehicles in a large garage below. However, I was at the Gilmore museum a few months back, so no comparison I believe the area can support multiple museums, especially if both parties could agree on what vehicles they would focus on. If not, I believe majority of current AACA members will find other museums to donate to now vs Hershey.
  11. AACA Museum & AACA, What is Going On

    Hi Jim, it's buried in this long thread, but from the museum site"....the Museum will continue to honor our policy of providing complimentary admission for AACA Club members, regardless of this decision. " Chuck
  12. AACA Museum & AACA, What is Going On

    That is true, but the big difference here is that from the get go, AACA was "all-in" supporting the kick off of the museum, with a lot invested in time and money. I'm sure different decisions would have been made, like the example Studebaker Club you mention, regarding how many resources would be invested if they were separate identities from the start. The Studebaker Drivers Club, and other similar clubs with that relationship, possibly may not donate as much, or provide as many resources as if they were one org. Big difference between donating 10K here or there, a spring meet once and a while at a museum, a few cars donated, etc..., vs millions invested (or higher % of revenue to a sister org). Again, intent originally was not a separate org, as from readings this was supposed be temporary until 501.3c status granted.
  13. AACA Museum & AACA, What is Going On

    Yes, I tested this out earlier this week, and my company accepted and matched Chuck Swanson
  14. AACA Museum & AACA, What is Going On

    Seems analogous to someone buying a pre-1973 car without a transferrable title that needs a restoration. In NY for example, you can buy a car without a transferrable registration using form MV51. DMV sometimes takes 3-6 months to confirm the car has not been stolen/registered elsewhere, before they will issue the buyer a transferable reg. I have done this many times along with many friends. However, you should never start the restoration on any vehicle until you have a clean title in your possession. Unfortunately it looks like the museum was started vs waiting for the appropriate 501 tax status. In hindsight of course, now that would have been better, but now we must move on. Going back to you already put 20K into the restoration of the car you bought and DMV rejected the title 4 months after purchase, as someone else registered the car 2 years ago, and now has died. You now ask for the money back from the seller, but they will only give you the $2K you paid for the car. You tell them you already soda blasted, did body work, primed the car, and even bought the new blue paint as it is ready for the new paint job. Seller says they will give you $4K. You say no way, and go to small claims. The judge says you have no valid title/reg to the car, and orders the car be returned to seller, and the seller gives you a 2K refund....what you paid for the car. Your out almost 18k! You had no authorization to start restoring a car that was not yours. To add insult to injury, the seller finds a clean reg from their deceased uncle, fills out the appropriate forms with the Uncles Will, as they are the nephew, and registers the vehicle with a clean reg. They then spend 5K finishing the restore and sell the car at Mecum for 50k! Not sure on a resolution for this, as I read all the details too. Cut our losses and buy new property (start a new museum?) as a few others have posted vs building on the current museum property. I do not see a scenario where they give us everything back (i.e. the entire 20K+ or so we put into the car as analogy, along with a transferrable title). Although morally that may be the right thing to do (analogy: found the title...seller fill out forms, goes to DMV and sign xferable reg over to you) Concurrently try to mend the relationship. Chuck