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  1. ChazA

    2019 Grand National

    Quick search shows RV parking available. Correct, or look for an RV park? Thanks, Chuck
  2. ChazA

    trailer weight question

    Agree with John. Also checkout one of these: Chuck
  3. Thanks, was too far for him, Huntington. Thank you though for the reply.
  4. What town in LI? Interested in the Cadillac magazines, maybe others. My brother in LI can get if not far from him Chuck
  5. Welcome to the forum! You should start seeing many cars for sale soon, especially on Craigslist as many start listing during Spring Fever A 1960s car would be a good choice as a first project! My 18 yr old son says 60's easier than some of our other vehicles.
  6. Not always true. My son is 17 and can work on a carb. He will also be going to college next year for a 4 year auto tech degree. One answer to the question in the Subject. Give them a classic car to drive/ My son drives a '65 Cadillac Eldorado to HS. He has replaced the Carb, water pump, and power steering pump. I also let him take the '97 Cadillac and a Dodge Ram truck, besides his daily driver, a Ford 500.
  7. ChazA

    Winching into a trailer the easy way.

    I trailer Caddys too. Do you have room to put the Caddy in Park after it is in the trailer?
  8. Chuck...not my CL post, but here is info: "Many classic cars most cars are being sold by the ton $350.00 per ton and loose parts $2.00 per pound $20.00 minimum purchase sales during the week for next 2 or 3 weeks then crushed this is the last chance for these parts these vehicle's are being sold as scrap metal NO TITLES cash only all sales final and AS-IS Brian at 208-818-9106 or Chris at 208-691-1249 call or text. "
  9. My teenage son Alex...he drives our '65 Cadillac Eldorado to HS He drove the Nova (behind it) onto show field at Hershey '17. Below, he's helping me install engine in our '66 DeVille vert.
  10. Excellent additional info. Based on that it sounds like the hard drive is dead. Yes, most likely a coincidence, as any restart, not just an update, probably would have revealed, or the next power off. I was a computer tech for many years, and ran into a number of issues where the system was running for months, and then after a power off/on/restart, the hard drive wouldn't spin. Oh, the open tabs would not matter. Correct on hard drive access, if the hard drive does not spin, they can't hook up to another system/case to try and recover any data. You can always replace the hard drive with a new one, but may not be cost effective unless you did yourself. You can also sell for parts on eBay, but remove the hd first for security, in case as a fluke it spins up again Your new system will have updates too, along with your applications, and should all update automatically so that should not be disabled. Any system can be hacked, especially those that are not up to date. (I did ethical hacking, computer forensics and pen testing for 10 years)
  11. One clarification above, an update on any computer brand, Microsoft, Apple, etc...won't destroy a hard drive. There are a number of reasons hard drives fail, but software updates are not one of them, so maybe take to someone else to see if they can give you an estimate so you can use a spare, or give to someone.
  12. Nice story they did on our car For those local, should be in the Sunday paper. (Car now an AACA Grand National winner) My son Alex in pic going to college next year for Automotive Technology. Alex drives a '65 Cadillac Eldorado to High School (in nice weather). Chuck
  13. I have a number of 65-66 radios if you ever need Chuck
  14. My son Alex has been helping me since he was 5 or so. Helped with my Nova (now an AACA Grand National winner), and also with multiple Cadillacs. He's 17 now-HS Sr, but going into automotive field (4 yr degree in auto tech/mgmt.). He is a big help! Alex is also an AACA Senior judge already. As an example of his knowledge, I believe he can put together a 65-66 Caddy from the frame up, with little help, and pretty much knows every nut and bolt on these cars, along with what is correct and not for many 60s cars, including Mopars. His HS car is a '65 Eldorado convertible (Last pic of him at a Cruise night) Chuck