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  1. 1922 Fiat 501 Targa Florio

    It's amazing what one person can do alone with some thought put towards the task. About a year ago I had an automatic transmission from one of my Studebakers that needed to get up onto the workbench. 20 years ago I would have just jerked it up there but I'm a little smarter (cautious) now. After gathering all the cribbing (blocks of 4x4, 2x4, 2x6, etc wood) that I'd saved, plus a couple of plastic milk crates, I slowly cribbed it up to the level of the workbench. About 10 minutes later my neighbor showed up........oh well, it was fun to prove to myself I could do it alone.
  2. 1952 MG TD

    Wow, the elements have done a number on that one! Do those bodies have a wooden frame with sheetmetal covering? By the way, really nice blast cabinet!
  3. 1922 Fiat 501 Targa Florio

    Bernie, I had to laugh when you related that you have a big piece of channel that you cut on to get 1/4" plate. I do the same thing.........years ago, when they would let us purchase scrap metal at work, I'd look in the scrap bin every day for things like that. Still using some of it.
  4. Those came out really nice Dale! Speaking of the Farm-O-Road, it's plowing time, isn't it? Are there more of your Dad's cars to sell, now that the weather is turning nice?
  5. 1922 Fiat 501 Targa Florio

    That sounds like the best idea Bernie.........the "officials" would never guess it was disguised as part of a century-old car.
  6. 1922 Fiat 501 Targa Florio

    Everyone talks of 'recycling' and 'repurposing' as if it's something new.........but you Bernie have been practicing it for years. Great find!
  7. 1922 Fiat 501 Targa Florio

    I think the color scheme will look great Bernie........ Good news on the radiator. Does anyone even make the honeycomb core anymore? If they are available, I'll bet they are really big dollar (Australian or US) items.
  8. 1922 Fiat 501 Targa Florio

    How is the painting going, Bernie?
  9. 1922 Fiat 501 Targa Florio

    Spring shackle, I presume.
  10. 1922 Fiat 501 Targa Florio

    Bernie, the spring looks good. From my days as a hot rodder, we would do the same thing on Model A and Model T Fords (of course, they only had one spring in front and one in back). Learned the hard way to always save the leaves that were removed, in case we went a little too crazy and removed too many on the first try. I've never inverted some of the leaves on parallel leaf spring setups, but that's an interesting idea for lowering the ride height. I have been involved in decreasing the arch of springs by reworking each individual leaf to lower the ride height, though -- a tree stump and a really big hammer to beat some of the arch out of each leaf.. Don't know about other folks, but I'm sure reading this thread. As I've mentioned before, I've learned a lot about a number of different vintage autos by following your threads, that I would never have known much about otherwise.
  11. 1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Wow Martin, great work. You are getting into repairs that I don't think I'd try to tackle. Don't think I'd have the nerve to cut a back panel apart to straighten it and hope to get it all welded back correctly.
  12. 1922 Fiat 501 Targa Florio

    Bernie, the springs look good. I do have a question, however -- looks like from the picture there six leafs 'under' the main leaf, and one 'above' the main leaf. Having a leaf above the main leaf is something new to me. Is this a typical configuration for teens/twenties autos?
  13. Mishmash of Vehicles and Parts

    We are getting pretty close to the first day of April. Maybe this was an April Fool's type of thing?
  14. Lagonda Rapiers

    Bernie, So it's autumn in Australia, right? Will you be touring in the Lagonda now that the hot summer is winding down? Here is the eastern US, spring is trying to break out (although we have had snow 3 times in the last 3 or 4 weeks) so we are scrambling to get our cars ready for driving. Paul