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  1. I actually need one like the photo because it has a radiator temperature feature on it
  2. Thank you. Is the original radiator cap just a plain cap?
  3. Gary B

    Gary B

    Thanks all. I was fortunate that Bob Monetti turned me on to Glenn Snyder's Woodcraft in Philadelphia. Glenn built me this fantastic all wood steering wheel.
  4. Oops! I also need one rim.
  5. I am in need of a Motometer (pictured below) and also apparent strap mechanisms that strap down the soft top when folded down (see photo of post on right and left rear body). Can any one suggest where I may find any of these, new or old? The vehicle is a 1923 Special Six Touring.
  6. Gary B

    Gary B

    Looking for someone to repair or remake an all wood steering wheel for my 1923 studebaker Special Six.
  7. Gary B

    Gary B

    Looking for someone to repair or remake an all wood steering wheel for my 1923 studebaker Special Six.
  8. I am looking for a part that the roof rests on when roof is down. It is a metal bracket with a leather rest/strap. There is one for each side of the car. Anyone have knowledge of this piece and what it is called?
  9. Gary B

    1923 Special Six help needed

    I thought that might be a possibility, but have seen nothing in old photos that would support it
  10. 1. I have a 1923 Special Six Tourer. I have been trying to identify something on the top of the four doors for awhile now. There is a hole on the top of each door that looks like the modern day door lock hole. Any ideas as to what they are and what was their function? 2. I am looking for the strap bracket that holds the top firmly while the top is down. Also, is there any type of bracers that rest between the roof supports when the top is down? Have not been able to get any help on either of these two issues. All else is just grand! Thanks
  11. Gary B

    Golf bag door again

    Thanks for the explanation
  12. I am in need of the set of fasteners that hold the top in place when top is down? While I am at it, is there supposed to be a cover for the top when it is down?
  13. Gary B

    Golf bag door again

    I have a 23 special six. As I said I am not familiar with that term. Are you looking for a photo of what's under the door panel?
  14. Gary B

    Golf bag door again

    What is a golf bag door?
  15. When I last spoke with him 6-8- months ago he said he was totally out of business and could not continue. Are you saying he is still in business on a limited basis. I hope so.