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  1. broker-len

    1929 Chrysler - Oil Pressure

    have a 32 PA Plymouth had it for 40 years low oil pressure motor rebuilt mains pored not sure of cam bearings still low pulled oil pump got new gears weighting for them do not think it is the gage but that is next was told thick oil is not the answer and I am a believer is 10w30 modern oil use pennsoil
  2. broker-len

    Anyone Here Install Their Own Glass?

    did you see if Lynn steel has your rubber--------------may be with out seams got his product for my 36 Plymouth ,,the rear swing out windows-------real nice,,no seams
  3. broker-len

    Mopar part source

    yes just found gears for my plymouth oil pump----reasonable price----easy web site
  4. broker-len

    poured bearings

    spoke with some one there----------------very nice----------they put modern oil in all their old cars-------------------thank you for the info
  5. broker-len

    poured bearings

    Paul--thanks do you have the owner's name ?------------I will call and put this to bed
  6. broker-len

    poured bearings

    the debate about detergent oil in old motors has been going on,,,,,I am in south jersey,,,,shop near me did the bearings,,,,their position is --------------------NEVER------------use detergent oil with pored bearings,,,,wanted some one else to ask
  7. broker-len

    Mopar part source

    hilltownyankee@_________ Len Dawson in Washington good web site
  8. broker-len

    poured bearings

    looking for a shop that can pour babbit and line bore on early 30s motors
  9. broker-len

    32 PA

    thank you I am aware of it----gears look beat up
  10. broker-len

    32 PA

    Looking for a oil pump of pump parts-------------------does any one have a new one ?????
  11. broker-len

    1931-32 plymouth

    I may have the ones for your dodge can you send a picture-------------I have to get at least what I paid for the PB ends
  12. When you have a problem with a stock car just changing everything or adding after market components does not seem to me to be the answer-------understanding how your car works and checking all the possibilities seems a better way to go-----it could be one of several problems,,,timing,fuel pump,vacuum, carburator---------------------------some on should invent a after market add on to let the car talk so it can tell you the problem
  13. broker-len

    1931-32 plymouth

    I think I paid $ 90.00-------------but got another set before it came,,,,,,,trying to clean up------------what do you want to pay
  14. broker-len

    Listing carburetors on Ebay

    can not search under name---------send number of one auction
  15. broker-len

    Oil Pump parts

    1932 Plymouth PA oil pump gears------------316107,,40296,,625501---------------shaft 316106