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  1. Scam member

    He also contacted me told him to send picture that was the end of him
  2. Antenna Location?

    I have both a 32 and 36 Plymouth they both had a wire running up the right side of windshield and soldiered to the chicken wire in the soft roof I assumed the factory meant that to be antenna I put a old VW radio in the glove box and used the wife for antenna it works
  3. Parts wanted response

    does it sound like he has has the oil pump idler gear I advertised ??????????????????????? YOU CAN SMELL THEM A MILE AWAY BR
  4. Peeling Lacquer Paint

    I painted two 30s cars with it easy to fix mistakes learned to paint using it I would rather do it myself than put thousands in a PROFESSIONAL PAINT JOB
  5. Peeling Lacquer Paint

    I painted two cars with PPG acrylic lacquer black has held up well they still sell it last check $ 200 a gallon
  6. oil pump

    1931 plymouth oil pump idler gear 74498 looking for a new one contact
  7. 1930 Plymouth

    Just replaced mine antique parts cellar make them $ 200.00 I think they are in too pieces hard to get off once it is on they sell to Egge sell them for $ 400.00 I got mine from some one in Mid West he had two made by cloys high quality I think I gave him $ 325.00 Al Suehring 715 677 3808 "Al Suehring" <> should have one left also have a phone of some one in Washington that had a used one contact me at
  8. Carter DRT-08 carburetor throttle bracket needed

    I may have it E mail me at
  9. oil pump

    1931 plymouth oil pump idler gear 74498 looking for a new one contact
  10. Battery charger/maintainers?

    I have two 6 Volt cars I use timers and set power to go on as short a time as I can and use lowest amp setting ,,,,,,about hour a day,,,,, battery stays up and do not use water
  11. BB1 help

    I am running a BB1 on a 32 Plymouth PA was having trouble trying to adjust the idle,, the screw did not seem to make any difference and was not getting proper vacuum at idle for distributor advance------- after studying the situation -------- I realized at idle the carb throat must be 100% cut off with the internal flapper-----adjustment screws--------- this forces the gas from the idle circuit and adjustable from the idle screw------- as speed is increased the flapper opens and the motor is running from high speed circuit and full air from intake of Carb-------------------if I am wrong some one tell me but this set up worked for my car
  12. Box says 50s ford ?????
  13. was told these are ford am not a ford man so not sure
  14. parts

    contact at
  15. Parts you can own

    10 inches diameter had a pair one got a chip on the out side edge can not find the good one was told it is for a packard or lincoln if it is what you looking for will take a picture