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  1. broker-len

    Mopar Brake Connector

    these connect hose to cylinder on front wheel I am making an order let me know
  2. broker-len


    I can get NOS connecting blocks let me know if you want them see picture contact at
  3. broker-len


    found a source for the blocks does any one need them ????? PM me
  4. broker-len

    1936 plymouth

    I bought my can in the 80s the hose was directly in the wheel cylinder been driving that way buy the end my my hose is a female flared end unless your wheel cylinder is vastly different there is no was to get a good seal I have found the blocks got two can get more if any one wants them
  5. broker-len

    mopar break connector

    See picture connector from hose to cylinder part number 634541 need two
  6. broker-len


    does any one have them ??????????????????????????????????
  7. broker-len

    1936 plymouth

    does any one have them ?????
  8. broker-len

    1936 plymouth

    see the picture looking for the piece that connects the hose to the wheel cylinder need two
  9. broker-len


    Greg that makes sense thanks so much bought this car in 80s the hose was in the cylinder ,,,,it was probably leaking I have the special bolt and washers do you have any extras of the fitting
  10. broker-len


    Took my wheel cylinders off last year to have them sleeved and suffer from mental fatigue does the front brake hose go directly into the wheel cylinder, or is there a transition piece could some one take a picture of the back plate and post it PLEASE
  11. broker-len

    the Spirit of St. Louis

    Have you seen this movie with James Stewart ? great picture for a OLD car guy ----- Stewert plays CHARLES LINDBERGH ,,,,,,,,and presents technical info about planes of the day ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and depicts the way the country was in the 20s Lindbergh was a interesting person,,,,,,,have a book ,,,,,CRIME OF THE CENTURY by Gregory Ahlgren and Stephen Monier. the authors make the case that Lindbergh may have been responsible for the death of his son and let Houptmann take the fall Now reading the book about the transcontinental flight copy right 1953 penned by Lindbergh seems the picture was taken from this chronicle another great read !!
  12. broker-len

    1932 PB Plymouth

    I have, what I believe, is a NOS exhaust system for a PB--------------------contact at
  13. broker-len

    Need Some Interior Trim Details......please.

    Greg see pictures of 36 Plymouth
  14. broker-len

    Working visible gas pump anywhere?

    went through a little town in Utah I think--------FREEMONT----- a few year ago and came across this old gas station
  15. broker-len

    1931 Plymouth 4 Cyl water pump

    what is the model of your plymouth ?? should say on side of block it is either a 30U or a PA the large nut you speak of is packing nut and only has to be tightened there is packing material which has to be serviced see picture of PA motor and my car