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  1. broker-len

    Rear brake junction

    are you talking about the piece that sits on the rear axle which joins the line coming from master to wheel cylinder lines ?
  2. broker-len

    more parts you can own
  3. broker-len

    dealer nameplate

    so you are looking for a dealer name plate does it matter what name is on it ????? I have a few from my dad's dealership " ROMANO MOTORS" in woodbury NJ made of metal
  4. broker-len

    dealer nameplate

    sorry what are you looking for ????? be more clear
  5. broker-len

    Need photos '36 Dodge

    I just Googled hunly accuff and found his web sight what am I missing ?
  6. broker-len

    Need photos '36 Dodge

    I have a 36 plymouth and the boards look the same I have seen auctions on E bay for 36 Plymouth around $ 700.00 the ones on my car were done by Hunly in the 80s $ 400.00
  7. what is that car worth ,,,restored,,,------------------------around $ 11000.00
  8. broker-len

    37 Plymouth brakes

    the back plate and the way the cylinder and shoes may be attached could be different but again a visible inspection should tell you also if you NEED MORE BREAK maybe the 37 set up is not clean and tuned up as to work at its best check the master and wheel cylinders and condition of shoes and drum
  9. broker-len

    37 Plymouth brakes

    10 years of advancement can involve considerable change if your asking about bolting on breaks from one year to another you should be able to get the answer by looking at both set ups-------if you are asking about retro fitting one set up on a different car,, why would you want to ? I understand why people put modern suspension on old cars----------------better ride and control but the switch you are talking about is not clear to me
  10. broker-len

    Cleaning a fuel tank

    I used the Hirsch sealant in the 70s and never had to redo it or had a problem
  11. broker-len

    Cleaning a fuel tank

    I have two 30s cars both my tanks seemed to in good shape do not remember why used HURST gas tank sealer white stuff about 25 years ago never had any issues
  12. broker-len

    1930 Plymouth Coupe Driver Door Wanted

    could you send a better picture of rear window your car may be a PA sent you a PM
  13. broker-len

    1930 Plymouth Coupe Driver Door Wanted

    I think I have one in NJ near Phila
  14. if you have to make the rod shorter why not put something like washers under the bolt just like cutting and shortening
  15. broker-len

    powder coat vs sandblasting and paint

    thank you for all your response--------in my area seems about $ 90.00 a wheel-----------there is a restoration company near my house went to visit and ask about powder coating ---not in favor of it- !!!!!!!-----------------if you want to get it off to change color or chips big expensive deal and if it chips can not just fix it went to my garage and found my small tricon syphon sand blaster had some lose joints tightened them up blows much better buy play sand at home depot three bucks a bag think I will just clean wheel my self and and spray a good quality paint