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  1. What Do You Use in Your Parts Cleaner?

    I have a aluminum large cooking pot from the 50s with Gasoline and some brushes on the bottom my wife is not happy when I get back the house smells over time the gas evaporates and I have to put more
  2. Papplewick

    Check this out----------------------------------
  3. 31-32 Plymouth transmission interchange

    Since PA had floating power the motor mounts------------------engine and trans were unique to that model PB trans may work but no others-------what is wrong with gears ????-----------------------------------I do have a PB trans where are you ???? E mail me at
  4. Harry Bennett

    Did you know that Bennitt went to art collage before he met ford Ford would get people to do things he did not want to face then pretend he know nothing about it bennitt states that many of his tasks were distasteful Henry had a morbid interest in criminals and hired them for factory under his REHABILITATE PROGRAM-----------Ford always carried a gun-------------he also had every third worker on payroll as spies this was ford's idea not bennitt --------when he left in 1945 the year ford died he was making $ 75000 a year---------Mrs Ford drank ROLLING ROCK beer and bought it by truck loads----------------------------AS I SAID 4 SIDES TO EVERY STORY
  5. Harry Bennett

    You know there are three or four sides to every story you should read the book and make your own evaluation I have learned Mr. ford was a very complex man who had a lot of opinions he felt he was GUIDED by a supernatural force harry may have been the messenger for Ford prejudice you should not shoot the messenger
  6. Harry Bennett

    The last several months I have gone through some books on FORD------------------just finished one written by HARRY BENNETT him self------------------------------"WE NEVER CALLED HIM HENRY" quite different than popular impression of what seems to have been Ford's personal assistant window into Ford's mind . very good read

    Was with my Mom in a nursing home to day she is 98 she goes in and out of confusion many worse off than her------------------we were sitting in the hall some one came by and wished my Mom MERRY CHRISTMAS a few times and then wished me MERRY CHRISTMAS -------------------------then went down the hall wishing patients and staff MERRY CHRISTMAS----------------------on her way out she went through the same routine again--------------------------my Mom was just as confused on her exit as she was upon entry-------------------
  8. WAWA

    I always buy gas at WAWA chain in my area-------figure, because they are new and have a lot of investment the tanks, pumps and filters are in good shape------------------------this morn pulled in with my rav 4 and the cutest girl with long brown hair asked me if she could help me made me think first time ever a femail gas station attendant -----------------------BR
  9. suspicious

    thank you for advise-----he contacted me by the E mail I posted !!
  10. suspicious

    Was advertising for some hard to find parts for my 31 Plymouth got E mail from " JOHN LVEY " had every thing I was looking for and additional hard to find parts--------------------wanted my phone number-------------------I asked for pictures------no reply-------------what do you think ? you can always tell !!
  11. 1930 Plymouth U (196Cid) Need Connecting Rod

    buy your picture is seems your crank is in bad shape---------it may tare up a replacement if you find it
  12. How do you post photos on this site?

    first you have to put picture into a file on you computer like DOCUMENTS when you are adding a post there will be a button CHOSE FILE click on it and you will be able to browse your saved file and it will attach
  13. new video

    here is one you will like
  14. ISO Luggage Rack for a 1932 PLYMOUTH PB Sedan

    you are correct sorry
  15. ISO Luggage Rack for a 1932 PLYMOUTH PB Sedan

    they are hard to get still one n E bay I think