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  1. kingrudy

    Neil's '41 Super Model 51

    Looks great Neil, I have to do mine at some point and I very well may take your lead with the new fiber board.
  2. kingrudy

    248 spark plug cover

    Could you PM some additional pictures, front and back? Thanks, Mike
  3. kingrudy

    My long build of a 1940 56S

    This is the last template, very close to being finished. Note the two tabs on the support for the trunk lift and there are two additional tabs on the floor of the trunk near the wood covering the tool compartment. I found an upholstery vendor near by and I will buy the backing from him at the end of the week.
  4. kingrudy

    My long build of a 1940 56S

    Thanks for the reply John, I am going to forge ahead with this plan. I have searched the web for trunk pictures from this era with very little luck. I will follow your advice and try to contact an upholstery shop for the panel material. I found one place online, but it looks like they want to sell a minimum of four sheets. I figure one sheet should do it. Mike
  5. kingrudy

    My long build of a 1940 56S

    Thanks for the reply John, I agree that it appears to be no side panels on the photo that Ken sent, but if you notice the tabs on the trunk lift support below this leads me to believe that the car may have come with side panels for a more finished look. These tabs exist on both sides of the support and there is a strip of wood on each side of the back of the rear seat which doesn't seem to serve a purpose. Unless this strip of wood is used to attach the side panels in the rear of the trunk. I wish I had additional pictures of a finished trunk, but I'm working with what I have. It's an awfully deep trunk, with space under the rear compartment and beside the spare tire, so I don't think that I will miss the space.
  6. kingrudy

    My long build of a 1940 56S

    Warning this will try your patience. This is the beginning of making the templates to install the side panels in the trunk. I started out using a large cardboard box and clamping pieces to the horizontal brace to get the contour of the trunk correct. There are two tabs on the support for the trunk lid brace (two forward and two rear. I am using foam board for the complete template, it is cheap and rigid enough so it tolerates numerous fits to get this right. The left side of the middle picture shows (not to well) the shelf the covers the small compartment at the rear of the luggage compartment. I'm hoping one more session to complete the two piece template. I am stuck as to what to use for the final product. I need a material that is somewhat rigid and about 1/8" to 3/16" thick. If you have any suggestions I sure would appreciate it. Plywood does come in 1/4" thickness, but I think that it is too rigid. I included a picture (far right) of an original trunk from a '40 Roadmaster that Ken Green sent me, this is my goal. I almost forgot, I found the original material that was used in the trunk lining under the compartment at the rear of the trunk.
  7. kingrudy

    1940 Buick 56s parts wanted

    Hello, See part below for image of the part needed. I think that many models used the same regulator from 1937 to 1950. Thank you, Mike
  8. kingrudy

    The decline of Sears

    There is an older book out, "Built to Last" which talks about why some companies are successful for a good period of time and others seem to go on forever. I remember reading a comparison between Westinghouse and GE. Westinghouse was a genius, but failed to build a leadership structure that would go on long after he died. GE continues to build a culture of leaders so that the company will be successful through one CEO after another.
  9. kingrudy

    The decline of Sears

    Three months ago I visited our local Sears store that was located at one end of the Asheville mall. The building was quite large with two stories, but I could not find anyone to assist me with customer service. I determined that there had to be no more than 5 employees in this large store. I spoke to my wife and told her that it sure looked like this store was going out of business. Sure enough a notice came out two months later that this store would be closing in July. This is sad to say as maybe they could have down sized a bit before closing entirely. They will be missed.
  10. kingrudy

    1940 Buick 56s parts wanted

    Thanks for the reply, I have found all of the above parts and only looking for the vent regulator on the drivers side. Mike
  11. Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try. Mike
  12. kingrudy

    My long build of a 1940 56S

    Does anyone have additional pictures of the 1940 Super, or Roadmaster trunk? Thank you.
  13. kingrudy

    1940 buick bumper

    I found out that no one in Asheville, NC does chrome plating. This changed my search for the bumper, from a core to a finished product. Why not make things a little tougher, right? I put an ad in the Bugle and got two replies, one finished and one not. I selected the finished one from Bob at Colonial Auto Body in Lowell, Mass. Over two years looking and look at the finished product. I'm happy.
  14. kingrudy

    My long build of a 1940 56S

    Today I worked on trunk trying to duplicate the cover that fits over the section that holds the jack. I first made a template tracing the contour of the rear of the car inside of the trunk. Thanks to Ken Green who supplied a picture of what an original trunk should look like, this helped a lot. I used the template to cut out a piece of 3/4" plywood and thought I had it going pretty well until I tried to install it in the car. After sever minor alterations, I figured out that I was way off track and looked at the picture again and started over with the original template. Cut the piece out and with one small alteration to the opening for the "spoon" that holds the spare tire in place I came up with a good fit. One thing that threw me off is that the ledge is one inch deep on the ends and two inches deep in the middle. See pic below for final result, more work on the trunk to follow.
  15. kingrudy

    My long build of a 1940 56S

    Received a previously owned door lock mechanism from Greg Johnson today, see pic below. This is the fourth one that I have worked on for the car. The drivers side was my learning experience that took me three hours to figure out how to remove and install the tapered screw that holds the door handle in place. Now I know not to rush the process, apply plenty of lubricant to the screw and gently work the screw a quarter turn at a time while holding the door handle torqued just a little bit to line up the screw with the hole at the edge of the door. There is a very good chance that if you are looking for one of these parts the person removing the door handle will not be very gentle. Pay him extra to use a little patience and finesse, because if you don't the brass piece that receives the door handle shaft will be turned to junk. I have been down this road.