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  1. glennstin

    Flying Wheel Covers - '53 Merc

    Hi Jack, Can you link us to that discussion? Thanks, Glenn
  2. I've switched to radial tires on my '53 Merc and those stock (and Very Hard to Find) full wheel covers don't stay in place well. I've rebent the tabs to try to get more bite but still they move around, frequently bending my valve stems sideways. I suspect my original steel wheels are flexing, as probably they were tube type and not even tubeless from factory. Anyone have an idea how to get more bite? I've considered rubbing compound on the grip surface, but thought I'd give this AACA Forum a shot. Sure hate chasin' those things thru the woods of Maine.
  3. Have a small pickup load of Antique Auto Parts, 5 Jeep wheels / tires, gas tank, radiator, and a few boxes of small parts located 20 miles South of Louisville, KY and close to I-65 that needs to move to NJ, Maine or between. I am also attending AACA Fall Meet, Hershey, PA Oct. 4-7 and this lot may help with your expenses. These are all paid and ready to go, just need 24 hours to set up origin. There is no big rush, just tell me your plan. Cash Deal at destination as negotiated. You will need to provide identification before pickup info is provided. This lot will easily fit in with other freight you may be moving and pickup / delivery dates are flexible. Let's discuss what you can do. email
  4. Hi All, Will be at RNH 33-34 Red Field , by Airport Road Wed. to Sat. Hope to see all my Willys Buddies. If you need PTO equipment for your Willys Jeep, I have plenty in Maine. I've bought a CJ3B to bring back, so my enclosed trailer is going to Hershey empty. I'm reducing my long held projects that are not getting done: '53 CJ3A Farm Jeep, '65 GO-FOR-DIGGER Dually CJ5, '60 JEEP-A-TRENCH CJ5, '48 CJ2A LEFTY, '62 DJ3A SURREY Project, '48 Jeepster, Willys Newgren BUZZ SAW, Newgren Single Bottom Plow, Roper Post Hole Digger for Monroe 3 Pt. Hitch, Jeep Winches, Willys Front Counterweight, PTO Gearboxes, Governors, Literature. Call with needs and I'll bring it along. Glenn Byron Smithfield, Maine Two O Seven, Four 9 One, One Two Three Four.
  5. Have a 3 Point Hitch Post Hole Digger, several pieces, approx. 200, need hauled from near PA Pike Donegal Exit east of Pittsburg I-70 / 76 to Fall Hershey AACA Meet. I am at RNH 33-34 Red Field. Happy to pay CASH. Glenn Byron, Smithfield, Maine 207-491-1234 Leaving Tues. Oct. 4. Thanks from a Maine Region AACA Member, CU at HERSHEY!!
  6. Can't seem to find much about this Membership Album which is being published without calling some 877--- number. What's the big secret here? Post card doesn't say, Website doesn't say. I hate calling without knowing what you're getting into. So many places steal your info and call all hours. Anyone else know about this?