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  1. When I first acquired our 1936 Dodge D2 RS Coupe, the previous owner had dropped a '53 Olds Rocket block and Hydramatic transmission into it. This was 1966. At the ripe old age of 18, my first thought was to swap that engine for a Valiant 273 V8. (at least it would be MoPar) Then I realized I was NOT an automotive engineer and whatever I tried would probably turn out badly. So I returned to the wrecking yard where I bought it and was able to get the correct 1936 Dodge engine and parts the last guy had removed. Thankfully he had only cut the cross member to allow the Hydramatic through and the yard had plenty of '36 Dodge parts cars . The body was untouched. Since then it's been a rewarding journey, with the car returned to stock . We're hoping to have it finished and on the road next summer to enjoy the thrill of touring 1936 style So yes, the Purist Bug bit me too .
  2. 36 D2 Coupe

    Engine aluminium head

    Here's your man; John Librenjak jlibrenjak@sbcglobal.net John makes these heads. This is your only source. He took on the project when the man who originally made them passed away. Used heads are unlikely to be any good as the aluminum alloy gets porous and fragile with age. Repairs can be quite unsatisfactory. Good luck with your CV. I miss the one I used to have.
  3. 36 D2 Coupe

    Do You Remember When Edsels Were New? What Did You Think?

    I was 10 in 1957 and don't recall the debut. But my uncle had a red and white '58 Edsel for a while and it was rather pretty. We were a Chrysler family so we were familiar with the push button shifter. However it seemed odd to have the push buttons in the middle of the steering wheel. In my 10 year old mind they should have been where Chrysler put them - to the left of the steering wheel on the dash. The car's unusual grille was an eye catcher and since this was the era of radical style changes every year, I accepted it as normal. Those were the days when new models arrived at the dealers' lots hidden in shrouds and we waited and speculated breathlessly about what the new bodies would look like. It was VERY exciting! My recollections of Edsels then shifts to 1960. Our local mechanic at the garage just across the road from our Public School owned a black one. I was fascinated by the tail light arrangement. It is different enough that I actually wouldn't mind owning one now just for the memories.
  4. 36 D2 Coupe

    Looking for Correct Style Jack

    This illustration shows a screw-type bumper jack identical to one I have for my '36 Dodge - same number stamped on the bottom. It is notched at the top to grab the bumper arm but I would NEVER use it as it is so unstable when extended. The base is very small and you have to lift the body away up because the springs sag. Not a good way to get a wheel off the ground. It is painted green - almost a John Deere green. I also have a smaller axle jack - also correct for the '36 - that is similar in shape to the one above except shorter. It does not look like Spinneyhill's jack. Number stamped on the bottom is 1878. I would recommend getting in touch with Karl Krouch. I have seen his huge collection of jacks and wrenches at Hershey and was amazed at his knowledge. He had a jack like the one shown above and knew exactly what it was for. I believe his prices are reasonable and his knowledge of these things is encyclopedic. Incidentally, looking at Spinneyhill's picture, the two piece engine crank handle may be correct or a variation depending on what company supplied tool kits I have an engine crank like the one you show as #6 in another post for my '36 Dodge. And I love the original tool bag. It is correct. Also the wheel chock. Finally, I may be able to help you with dimensions for the bumper support for the engine crank if you want to make one. They're pretty simple really and you need one if you are ever to use the crank. Someone suggested it folds down - it doesn't unless you back off the bolt holding it in place which isn't very practical. It looks right in place. Hope this helps
  5. This is a shot of the 3 heads, pan and 3 starters on the shelf One of the starters does not look like the other two . Sorry I couldn't get closer to them but you get the idea. There's more stuff here in boxes but it was not accessible. I think I see a head gasket and a timing chain in a box sitting on top of the pile.
  6. Thanks for loading the pictures for me Keiser31. And thanks 28 Chrysler for identifying the engine as for a Model 65. Here's the rest of the story. My friend acquired the engine and all the parts to assemble it plus a bunch of other '29 Chrysler parts - brake parts, transmission parts, multiple heads and starters, a dash panel etc. as a job lot to clean out a basement. The bores of the block are greased to prevent rusting. Apparently the previous owner had the block redone and then was unable to finish his project. All the parts are allegedly there to put the engine back together along with an assortment of other '29 Chrysler parts. I don't know the extent of the additional parts - the pictures show all that could be seen. The block is sitting in a substantial crate that can be seen in the pictures. We would like to sell the whole lot together as my friend needs the space in his shop. Hope we can find a good home for everything. Questions are welcome. Maybe this will put another '29 Chrysler 65 back on the road
  7. 36 D2 Coupe

    1936 Dodge gas tank removal

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give it a go this week and see how we make out.
  8. I know that this topic was discussed here but I can't find the link. Can someone please explain again the steps necessary to get the tank filler elbow clear of the body? At the moment the bottom edge of the tank hits the back spring and won't let the tank swing down far enough to let the filler neck clear. It looks like it should be a simple thing and I don't want to force anything. That usually ends up badly. Sorry if this is repetitive. Thanks,
  9. 36 D2 Coupe

    1935 Desoto Airflow

    I think this is what you will need to do . I had to have the steel cores revulcanized foe a '34 De Soto Airflow 30 years ago and I doubt that things have changed since. The remade engine mounts are well worth the money.
  10. Yes I know. But I haven't even seen the engine and parts myself yet. He just told me about the stuff today. If I can get some pictures I'll get you to coach me on how to get them off a cell phone onto the forum.
  11. A friend has a 1929 Chrysler 6 cyl engine that was rebuilt many years ago but never installed in a car as far as he knows. Still in the crate/pallet it was delivered on. Doesn't know the displacement. How do you tell? Also a bunch of 1929 Chrysler parts ( I'm not sure what is in the pile of stuff he has) He would like to move it as a package. Asking $700.00 US or offers. Located near London Ontario. Would prefer pickup at his place. Please contact me with questions and I'll relay them to him. Thanks for your interest.
  12. Back in 1974 I ordered my first new vehicle - a basic Dodge Club Cab pickup. Wrangled a really good deal from the dealer who was not too enthused about it. Finally decided to send a registered letter to the CEO of Chrysler Canada after 4 months of no show and excuses. Got an almost instant response informing me said truck would arrive at the dealer's lot in 3 weeks. It arrived with "HOT" written all over it, missing some interior trim and a huge dent in the side of the cab. First stop was the body shop to get the damage repaired. Not sure if it was shipping damage or sabotage but either way I was not impressed.
  13. 36 D2 Coupe

    Minnesota: Windy Hill Auto Salvage, New London

    Hope health returns to all and you can make the trip. We wanted to get to French Lake Auto Parts at Annandale MN which isn't far from Windy Hill but they were closed the July 4 week. Maybe you could see them too!
  14. 36 D2 Coupe

    Minnesota: Windy Hill Auto Salvage, New London

    Willie must be the owner - he met me in his office - if you could call it that - and pointed out where to look. Nice guy and helpful. Can't wait to go back when I can spend more time looking.
  15. 36 D2 Coupe

    Minnesota: Windy Hill Auto Salvage, New London

    Based on the above post I stopped in at 3:30 pm Saturday afternoon while on an extended road trip - called ahead to see if they were open - Yep! Asked if there were any '36 Dodges in the yard - maybe - told me where to look - found some '35-36 MoPar hulks that hadn't been disturbed in a very long time with some bits I could use. The yard man was very obliging and we got what I needed by closing time - 5:00 pm. There's a lot of '20's and '30's hulks in the yard and worth the time to look it over yourself if you can. This stuff is not listed on the web. A word of caution - the place is host to a lot of deer and consequently I met some deer ticks which may carry Lyme Disease so no shorts and use insect repellent.(also some hungry deer flies ) That said, I hope to be able to return some day when I have more time.(it's a 2 day drive one way for me) They are nice folks to deal with but like many of us, not getting any younger. Go have a look. The stuff they have might surprise you.