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  1. 36 D2 Coupe

    1936 Desoto Replacement Running Board Mat

    There's another issue - the running board moulding. The mouldings were missing from our coupe and I haven't been able to locate even a sample to get copied in over 50 years. Does anyone have a ratty piece available to copy? Also were they bright or painted? I have seen them both ways in photos.
  2. 36 D2 Coupe

    1936 Desoto Replacement Running Board Mat

    I had Hunley Acuff do the running board mats for my '36 Dodge a few years ago and they came out perfect. Are your mats molded directly to the running board or as on jpage's and my '36 Dodge are they molded on a separate metal core affixed to the running board with tabs? If it's the latter, I had a second set of cores made when I did the Dodge and if the measurements for the De Soto are the same, I'd be happy to work out something with you. I have enough tabs to do one side but would need 20-25 tabs to do the other side properly. Perhaps I could save you some shipping from Aussie on your cores. Let me know more about your running boards. I'll help if I can.
  3. 36 D2 Coupe

    '36 Dodge Coupe tail light backing plate

    Just a quick thank you to Scott. It's folks like him whose generosity helps the rest of us with the unobtainium.
  4. Sporty and elegant all at once. And I love the colour. All I can do is admire. It is gorgeous!
  5. 36 D2 Coupe

    '36 Dodge Coupe tail light backing plate

    Hi Scott The one on the left sure looks like the remains of the one I have. There's just enough to get a measure of the stud holes and it matches yours. I'll take both of them. They sure would be an improvement on the skeleton I have. And looking at these, making reproductions would take a bit of work to form them. Send me a PM and we can discuss payment and shipping. Thanks for taking the time to post this. Jim
  6. 36 D2 Coupe

    '36 Dodge Coupe tail light backing plate

    Thanks for the research and the correction. I didn't think to look at my parts book - sometimes the brain takes a vacation However that number pops up with '35 Dodge Du and DV as well as '35 Chrysler CZ without any qualifiers for body style. Based on the '36 Dodge information, I'm a little suspicious that the parts book may not be entirely right. The '35/36 bodies were very similar. The search continues.
  7. 36 D2 Coupe

    '36 Dodge Coupe tail light backing plate

    I'm not sure. I haven't seen the backing plates that go inside the trunk on the sedans. Can you take a picture of one?
  8. Does anyone have a picture or dimensions for the backing plates that go under the fenders to support the tail lights on a coupe? They appear to have a channel that protects the wiring. I have only fragments of one and not enough left to see how a copy should look. If you had a whole one for loan to copy that would be great. Thanks.
  9. 36 D2 Coupe


    I agree with jpage. The '36 Dodge we are working on has separate mats with steel cores that are fastened to the running boards by means of the tabs he describes. Quite possible that Plymouth did things differently though.
  10. 36 D2 Coupe

    1936 Dodge

    Got a set from you some time ago. They are nice! Thanks
  11. 36 D2 Coupe

    Dangerous hydraulic jack

    If you want something really scary, try one of those little screw type scissor jacks that come with your modern car in the tire changing kit. Had to change a tire on the roadside where the ground was not completely stable. The jack collapsed, dumping the car on its brake drum. Thankfully no body parts (mine) were damaged but a call to CAA/AAA was required to get us going again.Those things are really dangerous!
  12. 36 D2 Coupe

    For Sale Motor Mounts And Gas Pedals!!!

    Need a brown gas pedal for 1936 Dodge - what do you have? Thanks for looking. Jim
  13. 36 D2 Coupe

    Wanted - 1934-38 Dodge intake and exhaust manifold

    Hi everyone Here's a follow-up to my search for an exhaust manifold. I decided to search eBay using only the words "Dodge manifold" to see what I could find. Many many pages of Dodge manifolds of every description but only 3 that looked like mine. I contacted the sellers for the casting number and two were winners - 620954 - the one I got was from a Dodge M37 military 3/4 ton 4x4 vehicle that was made from about 1951 till sometime in the late 50's. I had the guy separate the exhaust from the intake which I didn't need after I bought it since the intake configuration wasn't right for the '36 Dodge. I don't know how the heck you do a cross reference search to find out where to look but they certainly used this part for a LONG time So here's the lesson: Military vehicle mechanical parts may fit your car. Who knew????
  14. 36 D2 Coupe

    NOS Running Boards

    Number 634303 comes back as 1935 Chrysler C6 RH in my parts book No luck with the second one so far. As Keiser31 suggests, maybe photos and dimensions would help.
  15. 36 D2 Coupe

    Can anybody ID this?

    HAHAHA All us old farmers have had intimate associations with a stone boat. Used for picking up stones off the field and hauling them away behind a tractor. Especially fun on a 98 degree day in the blazing sun!!!