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  1. As a buyer, eBay has been good to me. I have been able to buy an original clock that mounts in the glove box door on our '36 Dodge coupe. Missed the first one I saw offered but didn't make the same mistake twice. Bid very heavily to get it and haven' seen another since. That was about 10 years ago. Same deal for an original trunk rack for the Dodge. I paid what I thought was quite a lot at the "Buy It Now" price but I have never seen another one offered. In both cases, I am sure I would never have found these accessories without eBay. So yes, I am very happy and lucky, thanks to eBay.
  2. 1933 Dodge DP Six engine question / barn find

    It's amazing what a little elbow grease will do! Looking very nice. A great candidate for HPOF judging class. You will really have a lot of fun with this car and expect to spend all day answering questions whenever you take her out. Good luck! 1 1
  3. Brighter headlights on our old machines

    Thanks for the links to the tech seminar. I'll need to refer to these links regularly as my understanding of things electrical is pretty sketchy. And thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread. It's the kind of help I need.
  4. YouTube car repair video parody

    X2 ... or maybe X3
  5. Wanted - 1934-38 Dodge intake and exhaust manifold

    Well here we go again. In spite of the best efforts of Dodge 1934 and a local friend, I'm still looking for that elusive exhaust manifold. I had acquired a correct but cracked manifold from the friend, trusted it to a shop that claimed they could weld it up and they proceeded to completely ruin it. I could have done better myself and that's admitting I have no skill at all in that department. So once more I'm seeking either an exhaust manifold with part number 620954 or a combination intake/exhaust using that exhaust manifold. Surely they are not that rare? Again, thanks to everyone who has taken the time to look at their stuff for me.
  6. Car Ads which don't include the price

    I cant recall where I saw it recently ( memory loss ) but it was stated that only 5% of buyers pay cash for new cars. The other 95% are either on monthly payments or leased. So the target market for the advertisers is this demographic. Lending money to car buyers is really big business. I'm a cheap SOB and must be a relative of Hudsy's 'cause that's how I buy my daily transportation too.
  7. Looks gorgeous! Could you tell me where you found those tires? I could use a set for our '64 Chrysler. Thanks. Jim
  8. Wanted - 1934-38 Dodge intake and exhaust manifold

    Finally got to see my engine man and got a casting number from the broken exhaust manifold. The number is 620954 and according the the guy who is on eBay as fmmpar, that number fits many Dodge and Plymouth flathead 6 engines all the way from 1934 to 1948. As jpage says, I may have to watch that I get the correct heat riser assembly but it certainly opens up the possibilities. The casting number on the intake manifold is 651258 - last number is not clear - it may be a 9 or something else as it was really mangled. I think I can see my way clear to getting a replacement now. And I hope this thread will help some others who are struggling with manifold issues on these engines
  9. Wanted - 1934-38 Dodge intake and exhaust manifold

    My engine and manifold are 30 miles away at the engine shop so I don't have it handy to check the casting numbers. I believe I have the 23" block so maybe all the exhaust manifolds for that size block COULD fit. More research needed! I'll have a look as soon as I can get back there and report on what I find.
  10. 35-36 MoPar two charge Regulator

    Hi Curti - do you still have this regulator available?
  11. Wanted - 1934-38 Dodge intake and exhaust manifold

    Ply 33 - Thanks for the additional fitting information. It all makes practical good sense. Why are simple things not always obvious? (at least to some of us) I suspect that all the Dodges I listed have identical exhaust manifolds with the rear dump. I don't know when they went to a dump between #5 and #6 but that would likely be the cut-off for exhaust manifolds that interchange. Since the Plymouths have a 201 cu in engine, my parts interchange book shows them as having different part numbers than the Dodges. However without having worked with both and having an opportunity to compare them physically, I can't say if the 201 and 218 manifolds could be used interchangeably. It certainly would be nice if they could as it would open up more possibilities for folks with manifold problems.
  12. New Scammer?

    I got a couple of PMs today from a guy using the name "greener" and identifying himself as "Chris Berne" offering "the parts I need" He has no history with AACA forums and I think we should beware of this guy. Has he contacted anyone else?
  13. Wanted - 1934-38 Dodge intake and exhaust manifold

    Ply 33 - I have not been able to find a part number for just the exhaust manifold. I get your point but evidently they wanted to sell the units as a matched set. I followed a thread on these forums where a fellow with a '36 Dodge had a really bad time when the intake and exhaust manifolds were separated for machining. Caused him a lot of grief to make things right. So I suspect matching up unfamiliar parts could be a problem. Or maybe not but I'll try for a set first. It would be nice though if we knew whether the exhaust manifold fit more cars than the ones I listed in my post.
  14. Wanted - 1934-38 Dodge intake and exhaust manifold

    No, I have not located one yet. Your photo looks promising. Could you check the serial number on the block to confirm that it is the correct motor. Serial number is stamped on a flat boss on the side of the block just below the water outlet/thermostat housing. What would your price be for the complete manifold unit? Thanks for your reply! Jim
  15. Garage & Car Barn Thread

    Takes some real patience to coax a cute woodland elf out of the forest to pose with those special stones