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  1. Highlander160

    1947 Super Clipper

    Just in time for the new season. Make a sincere offer, or partial trade.
  2. Highlander160

    1925 Packard 243 Series 8 Cylinder 7 Passenger Touring

    You go girl, er rather, supercargirl. The car will sell itself and doesn't need anyone's input. It's a tough time because stocks are rockin it hardcore rt now. "Middle ground" cars like this sit and wait for folks to make their money before they dip their toes into old cars again. My opinion? No, and anyone can do some historical checks on their own to prove it all out. It's a great car and will likely find someone who will love it proper. The price is secondary, the market will speak, buyer and seller will eventually be happy. Best of luck.
  3. Highlander160

    Packard block interchange

    Just to throw it out there, I have some info somewhere that says those 320 blocks were more like cast steel and best to cut new seats vs hardened inserts. I'll try to find it (again) and share.
  4. Highlander160

    1932 Packard 900; Sagging door

    You don't want to jack or pull on the door. Can we assume you did the obvious and checked all the screws, on both the door and cowl, and were they all tight? I've run into more loose fasteners over the past 8-10 years than I have in the decades prior, and always on "restored" or other recent projects. The door frame shown to you by Restorer 32 is a great "tell" for you. The screws are usually going into wood nuts, or simply threaded metal inserts that use a pass thru machine thread screw. Someone may have thought a hardy wood screw was sufficient. With the windows and related hardware that's some notable weight there. The other thing missed by some is that often the final fit of the door gaps requires a sequence of tightening on the cowl bolts. For example, if the body/cowl bolts by the door are loosened a little, then tighten the forward cowl bolts, it raises the door and aligns the rearward gap. Make sense? A little movement there is a lot at the top rear gap. Then there's dove tails and receivers that come into play too, but not 100% keen as to what was used in the 900s. Good luck, but don't jack the door up for alignment. You might get rewarded with buckled sheet metal. More pictures of the problem and fasteners would help.
  5. Highlander160

    Packard block interchange

    So I take it you mean the "jugs", the cylinder block. Yes, it's the same. All the 38 stuff should bolt right on and with my right hand only raised a little, not sure there's any way one could tell the difference, unless you get really weird and try to find casting dates. Good luck. This also assumes we mean the Super 8 which was the 320 as found in the 8s thru 36. In 37 They dropped the 385 and went to the 320, but the series was called "Super 8" in the senior series cars.
  6. Highlander160

    1947 Super Clipper

    Still available. Here it was last Sunday, sat all winter (a really cold one!) and was only started once til this day. Of course it fired up with no argument and I think I heard it sigh with joy at the opportunity for some sunlight...: This car really is as good as it looks. Can't believe I still have it.
  7. Highlander160

    1947 Super Clipper 2103

    Here's a link to the same ad in the 'cars for sale' section of this forum: It shows more pictures and details, has pictures of the week it went to Hershey. Since this all started there's a new generator in the mix as well. A N.O.S. armature, new brushes, sealed bearing and proper bushing. It charges a max of 7.8V, the regulator works as it should which protects the battery from overcharging. This is the right car. Never a rust hole, serviced, fun, O/D, as close to the perfect tour car you can find at a bargain price. And yes, with exception of the right front fender and right door it's original paint. The color match is so close you can hardly tell, I can't say when it was done but had to be a long time ago. I'll listen to sincere and reasonable offers. Happy New Year.
  8. Highlander160

    1947 Super Clipper 2103

    A very nice Model 2103 Super Clipper, body style 2172 on the 127" WB. New proper wool interior and new carpet. I dare you to find a rust hole. Seriously, it's as solid as it gets showing some original paint and some areas that have been sprayed over the years. This is an ex-Harrah's collection car and comes with a certificate to that effect. Clear MI title, 5 new Silvertown radials, new rear shocks, front shocks serviced, all new brakes to include lines, wheel cylinders and all new shoes. Has O/D, heater, radio (not working completely, turns on/off), new battery, new fuel lines and filter, fresh carb rebuild with ethanol resistant components. Chrome is stunning with a fresh replate on the bumpers and the rest in near perfect original condition. The 2103 is recognized by the CCCA to be a classic and what a CARavan car this would be. It could use some minor love here and there but it's off and running right now. Can be seen at Hershey in spaces OBC 23-24. Accepting realistic offers, asking $24,500. If you see it you'll love it, no apologies, runs, shifts, stops and steers just as it should, starts hot or cold every time. I can be reached here by PM, or email to: highlander809@gmail.com or an old-fashioned ph call: 734 637 1421, text msg is ok too.
  9. Highlander160

    1947 Super Clipper

    Make a respectful offer. You won't be sorry, that much is certain...
  10. Highlander160

    1947 Super Clipper

    Still available...
  11. Highlander160

    1947 Super Clipper

    What seems fair on this car? With wool that was $88/yd and $57/yd, never a rust hole, O/D that works perfect, runs like the wind, extensive mechanical service, what are we missing? And, it's not a multiple partied sale. Clear paper in my name and historical info goes with it as well. Too much car for such a low price? Hey, I'll gladly take full boat retail for it but I like leaving "meat on the bone" for the next keeper. These pics were 2 weeks ago. Will listen to reasonable offers.
  12. Highlander160

    1932 PACKARD 901 902 903 OEM Fender

    1932 901 or larger. A 900 had the light on the fender. It may be coupe or roadster but I really can't tell due to the picture angles.
  13. Highlander160

    1947 Super Clipper

    Already wired above the headliner. Yeah, I do think that far ahead. As to the dash, if you mean the chrome, no. If you mean the grain, maybe. Essentially one could simply stop with the new harness and enjoy a decade or more of carefree cruising. However, to each their own ( as Mrs Oleary said before she kissed the cow).
  14. Highlander160

    1949 Cadillac 331 eng and trans

    This was pulled from a 47 conv. You know you want an OHV engine in yours, right? Go ahead, I won't tell.
  15. Highlander160

    1949 Cadillac 331 eng and trans

    This is a 49 331 pulled from great running car then stored indoors and heated for quite a while. Not stuck, (turns over really easy) has starter, distributor, a new fuel pump (from back then), water pump, manifolds, dent-free script valve covers. A compression test showed 95-100 on 6 of the cyls, nos. 1 and 8 showed 80 and 85 which proved to be stuck valves. A complete Hydramatic is still attached. I'm asking $700. I'll check anything you'd like, just ask. I can be reached here by PM or: highlander809@gmail.com 734 637 1421, text ok or leave a voicemail plz Pics are huge, click for additional clarity and detail: