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  1. vermontboy

    Question to ask when buying old cars?!

    If you determine that the rust/safety issues pass the test of reason take a good look at the vinyl top and around the rear window. IF there is any sign of rust bubbles under the vinyl top anywhere best to pass. I bought a very nice low mileage 1973 Cadillac Fleetwood that appeared to have a couple of small bumps in the vinyl top - it was far more serious than I could have imagined and I ended up having the body shop do a quickie repair (obviously repaired). One of the few cars that I didn't at least break even on...
  2. I would also love to be a party to such a class action suit - what they are doing is absolutely disgusting. I sent a very points letter to them telling them to take me off their mailing list and still received the last inflammatory brochure they put out. I am beyond upset at the whole ugly situation.
  3. I have the same question. I have never had any problems with 6 volt systems in several cars I have owned. That includes starting a Model "A" at a confirmed -24 degrees below zero. Just use heavy battery and ground cables . I've looked at a of of Model "A"s for sale both for myself as well as others and I will not even look at one converted to 12 volts or with hydraulic brakes (you understand if you've ever had a brake line or wheel or master cylinder fail completely). So again - why do you want to change it?
  4. vermontboy

    My UPS driver did this

    Still not working - any way to cut and paste the article.
  5. vermontboy

    Edgy Speed Shop

    another link that will explain the history and current status of Earl.
  6. vermontboy

    "uber" for classic/collectible cars ??

    After reviewing the Q/A (all 9) would have a few questions (tip of the iceberg here - I spent less than 5 minutes) The provided insurance is limited to $1,000,000 TOTAL liability - that is really not a lot of coverage for a commercial enterprise (which an renter just became when they agreed to this). They will NOT provide a copy of the insurance policy for review it appears that renter is dealing with "Dreamshare" - not directly with Haggerty - how is Dreamshare tied in with Taggerty? Does the insurance cover mechanical damage if there was no accident? With or without the ability to prove negligence on the part of the renter. You get your car back and the tranny doesn't work, motor has been over-revved, chassis damage from run flat, pothole, curb damage to tires and wheels, and ll the other things that can happen without hitting another car. Remember the tax implications - you just became highly visible And the list goes on ...........
  7. vermontboy

    Pre war cars insane prices

    The problem is older than that. Back in 1961 when I was 12 I was taking my usual two week break (for my parents) and staying in a small Vermont town where my grandfather ran the store and my grandmother was postmistress. I haung around with one of the local farm kids and reslly had the run of the farm. In one of the barns there was an old Model "T" touring that had been there 20 or 30 years. Upholstery gone, rusted, tires rotted, etc. The kid told me the owner of the farm told them that it was worth $3000. You could have bought the farm for $3000 in 1961 !!! I had just bought a running, driving, pretty rusty but interior OK Sport Coupe with perfect rumble seat upholstery for $100. The year before my father picked up a very nice 1933 Pierce-Arrow in Boston for $300 (number 3 condition) that we drove home from Boston to Rochester for $300. The only hobby media back then was Hemmings which I think was still the old black and white small format. OK - AACA magazine (almost forgot). I remember well the Mercer restored by Ralph Buckley on the cover of one issue. Another had a Stoddard Dayton. Dream cars. Anyway - all the owner of the Model "T" knew was what people had told him it was worth verbally. The next year we chased down a Durant that at the time was probably worth $75 and the old farmer wanted $1500 for it. This was almost 60 years ago so the problem has been around awhile.
  8. vermontboy

    capital gains taxes on old cars

    I've got no skin in this game - but perhaps an observation based on a lot of years of listening and reading. I spent almost 20 years with the SBA helping out small businesses (for the most part). Some businesses run inventories, some businesses run -0- inventories,, some business use cash basis, some businesses use what I refer to as "common sense" rules which incorporate various methods. It is hard to fault any of the methods. Now - you can read about anything related to proper accounting and tax liabilities. You will come up with more than one answer. Expert "A" writes one thing, Expert "B" writes another. Expert "C" says they are both wrong. Just because something is committed to print, or tele-conference, or classroom (live or video) does not make it correct. Experts often disagree - that creates income for both of them and perhaps for some lawyers as well. The days of being able to take a scholarly appearing op-ed or printed article at face value never really existed. Back shortly after the Civil War my greatgrandtather explained something to my great grandmother and she immediately told him it wasn't true. He said "It's true, I seen it in print". At the end of the day what makes a difference is what the man auditing your tax return thinks - and he may not be technically correct but it is his territory and he wins by default. My tax attorney told me she had never lost a case where her client kept his/her mouth shut and didn't try to help.
  9. vermontboy

    Pre war cars insane prices

    Sorry to inform you, the sky is not going to fall - honest. When I was first married back in the late 60's, early 70's jobs started to get a little scarce. I went through several periods of unemployment. Every day the sun rose, we ate and raised a family, and life went on. Is a temporary decline possible, sure. Perhaps you don't remember when foreign investors came over and bought up all the 59 Cadillacs and Roadrunners they could find - prices soared ten fold. And then, they came back down. Prices will not be "reduced to nothing". There are few hobbies where profits are expected. Do you expect golf clubs, cameras, skis, etc to go up in value - no. You accept that there is a cost to doing something you enjoy. Remember that more people die regretting the things they didn't do than those that they did do.
  10. vermontboy

    Pre war cars insane prices

    What kind of prewar vehicles are you looking for ??? Where are you searching for cars ? First - the "dreamers" with the $5 to 10K pile of rust have always been there. If you are looking in the "sweet spot" (I classify that as 1932 to 1936 or so) than you will have a tougher time than if you expand your search forward to '37 to '42 or backwards into the nickel era cars which to my way of thinking are underpriced for the quality and design. You do have to deal with modern fuel problems (easily solved with an electric pump) and some metallurgical problems where poor material were used but these aren't beyond the skill set of anyone familiar with old cars. Good driver quality Model "A" Tudors are still in the $10 to $12 range tops and I mean decent ones - not someone's old bondo buggy. Even roadsters are generally around the $20K mark for a nice one (sales, not always asking price)..Model T's are even cheaper if you look at a later one, Scour Craigslist, Facebook, Ebay, Hemmings, and the other ads. But don't overlook the importance of joining a local region or club. Many of the best buys are never advertised. Go to the Cruise nights and talk to people, go to the local shows and talk to people with cars like those you are interested in - many people only bring one of many cars they own and they may be thinking about parting with one if the right opportunity shows up. I bought a rough Model "A" coupe when I was 11 years old for $50. The meter reader noticed it and got to talking to my mother and told her he had a 1931 Sport Coupe he wanted $100 for. It was in rough but usable shape - it ran, it drove, it passed inspection.. A few days later the milkman knocked on the door and asked my mom if either car was for sale. We sold the coupe for the $50 I had invested. The more people who know you are looking for a car the quicker you will find one. They are out there..
  11. vermontboy

    Water Pump Plugged in My 49 Dodge Coronet

    Showing my age but aren't there any places that will hot tank the block. Back in the late 50's and early 60's (long before the EPA had been thought of) we took the really gnarly stuff (wire wheels with 10 -12 coats of brush enamel, etc) to the local chrome shop. They would wait until their dunk tank got pretty bad and then clean all the junk people had brought in. Who knows what they did with the stuff but I think I know - the EPA would shudder. On the other hand it was Rochester , NY and Kodak was doing it's own good job of disposing of all sorts of things ........... Anyway - the block needs to be tanked = you are not going to scrape all that out of it without the patience of Job.
  12. vermontboy

    Indy 500 and Hershey

    Yes indeed. The colorful drivers and owners are mostly gone. NASCAR is now boring - restrictor plate racing is ridiculous. Disqualifying a car because at the end of the race it is a wee bit out of spec is ridiculous. It is now all about corporate greed and money - the drivers have to think carefully to include all in their thanks, to put on all their sponsors hats. Even the owners and pit chiefs have have been muzzled. The attempt to cleanse the sport of fights, hard driving, name calling, etc. is destroying the enjoyment for those of us brought up with the Allison's, the Unsers, AJ, Mario, Yarborough, Roberts, the Petty's and all the others that did everything they could to win races. It now reminds me of the new "Participation Trophies" given to our youngsters because they don't keep track of the score - you can't win or lose. Sports in general is dying from over zealous self regulation and the new mantra of political correctness. As Ralph Nader said " what you do is to turn people into (having) skins that are blistered by moonbeams".
  13. vermontboy

    Re-production license plates

    Judging by the lack of any shiny, rust free year of manufacture plates on old cars around here I would say the answer is yes. Remember - it is illegal to restore or repaint them - can you tell new paint?? There is little point in creating an adversarial relationship with the DMV (or the local police department) because they can make life very difficult for you.
  14. vermontboy

    Re-production license plates

    NYS allows the use of old plates - they must be approved. They cannot be restored, repainted, etc. They must be originals - not sure about other states but it is a state by state issue.
  15. vermontboy

    LED's anyone?

    One possible problem with LED's on a car you drive everyday is the lack of heat. They replaced the bulbs in the traffic lights around here and there are two drawbacks - the first is the directional aspect of the lights and often when approaching a light NONE of the lights appear on - is ite red/yellow or green ?? Tbe second is in the winter with a lot of wind the lights fill up with snow and the LED's don't burn the snow away so the light is basically worthless and they have to send trucks around and the crews spend their time digging snow out of the lights so people can see them. I can only imagine driving through slush with no heat to melt the ice - the headlights will become covered with ice. I even had trouble with that happening with my 2004 Impala - once you got off the interstate onto a back road with no lights you couldn't see where you were going until you stopped and chipped the ice off.