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  1. Title

    Penn Dot document dated September 2017 (pdf file)
  2. Positive Battery Cable

    Back in 1969 I drove a Model "A" through the winter when temps would hit 20 below regularly. I had the negative cable made up from 2/0 welding cable and it always cranked well. If you use undersized cable it may haunt you - do it right. The price difference is really negligible in the long term.
  3. Both are kind of a puzzle but I wonder if the 1955 Cadillac has a fatal title flaw or would set off lights, bells and whistles with a VIN check. The flaw may be so old that no one would remember but I can't think of another reasonable explanation. Naturally skeptical I guess - i've seen a lot of things go wrong over the years. If I were going to buy an identifiable part from it I would want a copy of the paperwork showing the seller owned the vehicle.
  4. I'm curious as to the price of rebabbitting today. When we had the rods poured for my dads 1933 Pierce Arrow 836 back in the early 60's they were $8 each and were returned individually wrapped and boxed with rod # and size listed like little jewels. Never had a problem with them - wish I could say the same for the head gasket....
  5. Pierce Arrow

    Greatly appreciate the information. Ouch on the mag wheels, etc. Today we would not have painted the body - only the fenders (right front needed leading behind the headlight). But the body was absolutely beautiful. The rounded corners were just starting to rub through to the primer and there were traces of the original pin striping. -0- rust car except for the one fender. Right rear fender had been filled a bit due to a crease. But lacquer was cheap and spraying was cheap ($75) - we did the rub out. No wonder it is so hard to get the numbers straight on the older vehicles when they have to check the VIN - see copy of the Massachusetts registration.
  6. Pierce Arrow

    Finally found the information on my dad's Pierce-Arrow. Would certainly like to know if someone knows where it is - I don't have to know where - just that it's in good hands. It was a beautiful car..... information from a 1960 Massachusetts registration. VIN 236S2276 Engine 1070440 Thanks
  7. 1955 Buick century wagon serial number frame location

    Is this an out of state car being registered in NYS for the first time? I don't recall ever having the VIN checked on any of the vehicles I bought in NYS and registered here. Just curious what has changed in the last few years. Also not sure of the cutoff for when they switched from engine numbers to VIN numbers but I know that I had a 1949 Dodge that was registered by the engine number. NYS is a non title state up until 1973 I believe so you don't have to deal with that.
  8. Payment for parts,shipping,Paypal, problems??

    Ditto on the bank transfer..
  9. Forum New Look

    What is the purpose of making things invisible unless you know to "mouse over" them. Have any of these designers taken a basic graphics course? Perhaps we are supposed to see all white space and move the mouse around to "reveal" what is hidden? Just show me ALL of what is available to see rather than have me guessing - tired of playng games with these so called modern "developers". And I've been around computers since the 70's when mainframes filled up a very large room. Since I am sure that we are paying for this they are supposed to give us what we need.
  10. Forum New Look

    I suppose if we were all 14 again it would make sense to make this forum "just like" or other social media. This forum is NOT like social media in form or function. Today it's all about revenue generating "clicks" (why it takes 10 minutes to click through a story that takes 20 seconds to read when condensed to one page).It is a huge waste of time. This 68 year old would like to see post numbers back. And dump the heart logo and bring back our nice simple "Like" instead of "responded to"........ Just my two cents.
  11. It is being brokered by
  12. Forum New Look

    I am getting a message that the log-in drop down is NOT secure. Also just got the message when I requested a new password link. Was this ever a secure connection or is it just part or the new software pak. It showed not secure on both Firefox and Chrome.
  13. 1931 ford tudor as a daily driver

    I ran 600-16's on my Model "A" and had no trouble locking up all four wheels with mechanical brakes- yours were grossly out of adjustment.
  14. Fastest in our school lot (only for a couple of weeks) was my friend's brand new 1967 Camaro Z28 (his dad worked at the local Chevy dealership). Before that I would have to say it was a toss up between my neighbors 1957 Pontiac tri-power convertible and a rich kids 1963 Dodge convertible.. After 10 years of salt the Pontiac was obviously just a beater, large rust spots and a tattered top but when he skipped his last class you could hear it start in the parking lot and he would lay two long patches of rubber going down the school driveway. In the spring with the school windows open it added to the desire for the rest of us to get out. The Dodge was a sleeper, also a convertible. He never did open the hood and it wasn't loud, just a touch throaty. But when he took off he would keep it just on the verge of losing traction with a good solid chirp between gears. Probably faster than the Pontiac but he probably picked up less tickets.
  15. Best Muscle car from 1963-1971 ERA

    I guess I kind of lean towards the early muscle cars that came from the factory pretty much ready to go. Really like the Ramcharger 413's, you know - the one's that wouldn't idle, burned a quart of oil every couple of hundred miles, ran 3 inch headpipes and consistently toyed with 110 mph in the quarter. Great road test in the August 1962 Motor Trend.