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  1. Assuming it was in high gear at what speed did you jam the pedal to the floor ??
  2. 77 Seville Noise update

    Yes indeed - just keep it below valve float. Fond memories of backing off at 70 in 2nd through a pair of Cherry Bombs - preferably in a tunnel or under a bridge ....... sort of like a Jake Brake on those long downhills at 3AM coming into a small town......... it was a better time........
  3. baby lincoln grease/lubrication

    You might want to consider purchasing a shop manual. They are readily available and not that expensive. It's cost will be saved many times over the first few repairs in both time saved and sometimes parts saved from damage.
  4. Model A dual point distributor

    No idea but I am guessing there may be other changes. If I remember (it was 50 years ago when I played with a lot of "A"'s) you couldn't manually retard the spark on those - I may be wrong. In any event if the linkage is still there you can always just install an original distributor - they are fairly bullet proof and easy to adjust. That gets you back that wonderful "ticka ticka ticka" idle. If the linkage isn't there I believe the parts are readily available.
  5. 77 Seville Noise update

    Try googling "throttle body noise" - videos. There are dozens on youtube videos of throttle bodies and apparent noises. When you find a match to the sound you are hearing you may have your answer.
  6. 2 - 1929 Pontiac Coupes

    Original poster last visited the site in November of 2016.
  7. just a question

    All you need to do is pick up the phone and call your state DMV and ask them what the procedure is for registering a car without a title. Or you can go to their website and it will probably outline the procedure. In some states it is easy, in some states not so easy, and in some states a long arduous process involving lawyers and bondsmen. The information is there for the asking and the 46 post thread linked above had a lot of useful information. If you review the thread you will see that there is no definitive answer - it all depends.
  8. Painting a Car

    The biggest cost associated with painting is in the preparation - disassembly, masking, etc. What is the condition of the paint right now - can it be buffed to a nice patina? If there is surface rust it changes things considerably,. If you are just looking for something that looks as good as the factory finish it makes it a lot easier - if you are not changing color are the door jambs, underside of the hood and trunk, etc acceptable as is with some clean up? If all it needs is a respray of the outer body think about doing a lot of the work yourself - taking off the bumpers and trim, door handles, etc. really make a difference both in the appearance of the finished product as well as the cost. Any body shop will probably insist on doing the final sanding, priming and masking themselves but if you make the job easier for them the cost will be less. Do talk to them before doing anything, however. Just my two cents - weeks of prep and a day in the spray booth......
  9. Chrysler E65 (1929) - commands on steering wheel

    My guess would be spark, throttle and lights. They generally have rods that go down through the center of the steering column. Doubt you would find NOS. Depending on what else is missing you may be money ahead by looking for a parts car that has the majority of the parts you need still intact. Sometimes a psrts car is worth the money just to answer questions on routing, etc.
  10. Pics from “back in the day”!

    Here's a mid 1950's pix of a couple of kids playing on top of a tanker truck across from the General Store in Waterbury Center, VT owned by my grandparents. That was back before the nanny stzte when kids could have fun one yelled at them, although they might have explained to them that was not a great thing to do and you could get hurt..
  11. Gyromatic!

    If you aren't used to driving a 50's car doing so at 50 mph is a bit unnerving because there is no overdrive (4th gear) like modern cars have. So hooking up a tach might save you a lot of worry. I had a 51 Plymouth and I can assure you it should be able to cruise right along with traffic at 55 or even 60 - it will do 70 or better all day but sounds really busy doing so. Motor Trend found a top speed of 80 to 85 mph in a 1952 road test. The old rule of thumb was 20mph per 1000 rpm. That's 3000 rpm at 60 mph vs 1800-2000 rpm in modern cars. But these Mopar flathead 6 cylinders were made to run - Plymouth was even used in stock car racing successfully (it is lighter than your Dodge)...
  12. Bumper - Weed brand

    Weed was a major manufacturer of tire chains if my memory is working. If not please correct.
  13. Beautiful 1962 Buick Skylark

    Price and location would help....
  14. How to install front springs on a 63 Riv

    Picture off compressed spring would help or - google "compressed coil spring" and look at the pictures - I can't visualize exactly why you are having a problem.
  15. Convert slides to digital?

    I've used a wolverine on a few thousand slides and it is a bit slow but once you develop a rhythm it goes well. EZ to use. Got 30 or 40 thousand to go if I live that long.