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  1. It would help to know what type of information you are looking for. There are several clubs - the Walter P. Chrysler club probably being the most well known.
  2. A person who knows how to use a slide rule is at least as fast as a person on a calculator and MUCH less prone to make decimal errors because they have to think !! When I was teaching it was sad to see kids (college kids) try to figure out how I knew that 20 times 20 wasn't 4000 because that was the answer their calculator gave them. They couldn't think it through - they had to punch numbers until they got it right... The average college student today cannot pass a test from an old 8th grade primer..... sad what modern education has done.
  3. I lived in an old farmhouse until I was 3 and it ran DC power with an old Westinghouse glass battery system recharged by a generator hooked to an old hit or miss engine....
  4. Just a suggestion. If all seems lost try putting your query on the HAMB. It's full of people who spend most of their time dealing with challenges. They seem to know all the little shops that deal with custom parts for hot rods as well as our own group of restorers and engine builders. Can't do any harm. Remember that most every amateur hot rod or race engine has many custom and tweaked internal parts - they do it on a daily basis.
  5. " the floor pan in solid and covered with brand new dynamat." Given your description of the rear of the car are you certain that the floor pan is solid ?
  6. Let's be realistic, not every shop that goes out of business does so because of a "touch of larceny". There are so many things that can go wrong, especially in today's world, that are beyond the control of the owner it is all too easy for a company that does everything right to end up in financial difficulty. Couple that with mistakes made in overbooking, unexpected rework, under-capitalization, new government regulations etc.and it surprising that more businesses do not fail. I taught the business end of a Construction Management curriculum a couple of decades ago. I tried to instill the importance of the financial end of running a construction company. The number one problem is cash flow - I believe that to be the same in most small businesses. Having a bank to fall back on short term is an absolute necessity in this day and age. In the construction industry if you don't make payroll on Friday you are going to have a VERY small crew on Monday. All of the accounts receivables in the world mean nothing - cash is king. The most important job in the company is the guy that makes sure that the money is there on Friday...... I think the same holds true for a lot of shops. Many of them are just trying to do anything that they can to make certain that there is enough money to pay for parts and labor so that they can complete their projects.. in away it's like a Ponzi scheme, but it usually starts out innocent enough and then steamrolls. Not all people that get in trouble financially do so maliciously.
  7. You need to check your own state laws on the title issue. I for one would never buy a car from anyone other than the title holder. It used to be easy ("I'm sure the prior owner is out in your car - why don't you go out and get him to sign it"). 25 years ago I had no problem, not today. Depending on what state the buyer is in it may be very problematic with requirements for notarized signatures, etc. Just my two cents - maybe I am the only one in the world that feels that way.
  8. Actually according to the Chevrolet Passenger Car and Truck Trailering Guide the 1991 S/T Blazer properly equipped with trans and engine oil coolers, HD suspension, weight distributing platform hitch, 3.42 rear , etc has a maximum gross trailer weight of 6000 pounds and maximum tongue load of 750 pounds.
  9. U Haul in our area will not even consider renting me a car trailer even though my '91 Blazer was custom ordered specifically to spend it's life towing a 5500 pound travel trailer on summer vacations. It did so successfully for over 20 summers before I purchased it from the original owner two years ago showing only 42,000 miles on the odometer.
  10. I had a '78 Fairmont with a Fairmont logo on the hood and a Zephyr logo on the trunk lid. I bought it new.
  11. Did the paint fall off or did it glow in the dark ? Our very own Lake Chernobyl..
  12. Did you get a new or used regulator??? If it is used it may also be bad.
  13. The "All cars must stay until the end of the event" would keep me away. And this is a fundraiser charging the participants providing the "entertainment" (car owners) $15 but spectators are free. I understand that shows charge us to bring our cars and have no problem with that - but when it is advertised as a fundraiser the organizers are a bit shortsighted. Just my two cents.
  14. Well I just went to register and can't get through the captchas -never saw any so contorted. Went to send them a message to that regard and you have to get through the captchas just to send them a message. Back to the hamb.
  15. I vote for authentic. The glass and silvering look good and there would be no reason to add that much patina as most aren't that weathered - any markings on the top ?