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  1. Isn't the VIN on a 1971 Chevy truck located on the dashboard and visible through the windshield. If it was there and is not there now someone went to a bit of effort to remove it.
  2. Does anyone else think that the patina was "created". It just looks off to me.
  3. What state are you located in and what state is the truck located in?
  4. A couple of suggestions. Not sure how politics works in NC but it might pay to send a letter with copies of all the documentation you have and anecdotal knowledge to your local state congressmen or congresswomen along with a plea for some sanity from the state agency. You might suggest that while you understand the reasoning behind all of the regulations that concrete contemporary information regarding the various ID tags is inconclusive and should not be used to punish NC citizens and TAXPAYERS. You might also inquire of the local AACA and VCCA if there is a lawyer who has an "in" at the DMV who can, for a fee of course, handle such cases. I am certain that one exists but it may require a bit of poking around to find out who - the good ones stay out of the mainstream.
  5. " the rear quarter panes have been changed at one time and the engine block itself is not a matching number. " That would be another reason the price is so low. If the rear quarter panels were not changed due to rust than one would assume the car was in an accident. If the block was changed ...... how many other parts are not original, and why ?
  6. There may be a very simple explanation. If the owner is in a rest home and has exhausted their funds and their stay is being covered by Medicaid then all proceeds may go to Medicaid. Under those circumstances there is not much benefit in maximizing sale prices.
  7. There is nothing prettier in my eyes than an antique car with original paint waxed and rubbed down to the primer along edges and curves through decades of meticulous care.. The smooth transition down through the layers of lacquer with the color slowly fading to primer color all the while maintaining the polished shine is absolutely breathtaking. You are correct auburnseeker - I see no justification for original dirt. And the cars that have have had patina "applied" are for the most part poorly done. No objection to someone shooting paint thin enough to wet sand patina by hand (it can be replicated) but 99 per cent of them try to do it with spray paint. The result is absolutely horrible.
  8. The quick and dirty way to find the problem (probably a short somewhere followed by a blown fuse or tripped breaker) is to reset the breaker or pop in a new fuse and look for a puff of smoke. Could be a short in the wiring or could be in the switch.Look for melted wiring or plastic in the area of the switch. Hopefully someone will chime in with the preferred, professional way pretty soon. Always have a fire extinguisher handy when playing with electricity.
  9. Now that I understand (product of the 60's) !
  10. The price is also dependent on the requirements of the local board and the building inspector. In small upstate NY communities a lot of what amount of detail is required is dependent upon who designed it and//or who is building it. I've seen plans for a pole barn approved as a rectangular square with dimensions located on a site plan. I've seen a basic set of sketchy plans approved for building a $500,000 house - custom drawn floor plan and site plan and everything else cut and paste out of the stock book. I taught Construction Management (mainly the business end, but a couple of technical courses) and if I remember the students from Pennsylvania who were mostly small contractors wanting to go "big time" said the approval process was considerably more difficult down there.
  11. Mercer09 - "When I see sales tax being chged on an item- I immediately cancel my order". Why? I sell odds and ends on Ebay. I file a Schedule "C" to stay out of trouble with the Feds. I am REQUIRED to collect New York State sales tax on all items sold to New York residents, whether at a show or on Ebay. It is illegal for me to "include" sales tax in the price shown - the Dept of Taxation makes that very clear. That's why you don't see those "No sales tax on cash purchases" signs in mom and pops anymore. Why would you cancel an order because the vendor doesn't want to end up being fined or worse ?
  12. I don't think it would be very fast but it would probably go arnywhere. The January 1969 Car Classics magazine had am article about "Whistler's Working A's" showing Model A's owned by Ed Whistler (one of the founders of MARC). In reference to his Model AA it states "Ed bought the truck for $40 and after restoring it, used it to haul all the building materials for his mountain home across Highway 99's famous "Ridge Route". .Diesel truck drivers stopped him many times to look under the hood. ... they just couldn't believe that the original 25 year old four cylinder Model A engine could pass them carrying a big load of building materials. In fact, few people can remember having seen a stake truck with double rear wheels and that famous Model A hood, complete with thermometer radiator cap."
  13. Unlike "history", old magazines give us a look into what people were thinking in the past. Read the following and try to guess the year it was written - answer is at the end.. " Owners who view with dismay the jumbled mass of machinery under the hoods of their modern cars may like to know that they are not alone. A recent survey by Automotive News among local service stations and garages finds operators and mechanics in low spirits over the difficulty of getting at and fixing various units on the newer cars." It went on to comment on the lack of accessibility for things (including crankcase drains), the large number of specialty tools required to service modern vehicles, and the amount of "gadgetry" (windshield washers, power steering pumps, etc) crammed under the hoods of modern vehicles. From Consumer Reports - April 1954
  14. " You can be certain that I'm not the only person who sees displaying it as an act of defiance " You might keep in mind that there are probably Native Americans who have similar feelings about our stars and stripes.
  15. I owned a 1964 Chrysler Imperial 4 door Crown for a few years when the kids were growing up. They could play board games on the back floor ! It also got 18 to 19 mpg on trips and would cruise effortlessly at 70 plus. The 413 was flawless and easy to repair if necessary. I replaces a water pump - 4 bolts if I recall correctly and I think it took about half an hour. It didn't "float" and although steering feel was non-existent it handled quite well. I would upgrade to a dual master cylinder but aside from that it's quick and comfortable and quiet.