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  1. Payment for parts,shipping,Paypal, problems??

    Ditto on the bank transfer..
  2. Forum New Look

    What is the purpose of making things invisible unless you know to "mouse over" them. Have any of these designers taken a basic graphics course? Perhaps we are supposed to see all white space and move the mouse around to "reveal" what is hidden? Just show me ALL of what is available to see rather than have me guessing - tired of playng games with these so called modern "developers". And I've been around computers since the 70's when mainframes filled up a very large room. Since I am sure that we are paying for this they are supposed to give us what we need.
  3. Forum New Look

    I suppose if we were all 14 again it would make sense to make this forum "just like" or other social media. This forum is NOT like social media in form or function. Today it's all about revenue generating "clicks" (why it takes 10 minutes to click through a story that takes 20 seconds to read when condensed to one page).It is a huge waste of time. This 68 year old would like to see post numbers back. And dump the heart logo and bring back our nice simple "Like" instead of "responded to"........ Just my two cents.
  4. It is being brokered by
  5. Forum New Look

    I am getting a message that the log-in drop down is NOT secure. Also just got the message when I requested a new password link. Was this ever a secure connection or is it just part or the new software pak. It showed not secure on both Firefox and Chrome.
  6. 1931 ford tudor as a daily driver

    I ran 600-16's on my Model "A" and had no trouble locking up all four wheels with mechanical brakes- yours were grossly out of adjustment.
  7. Fastest in our school lot (only for a couple of weeks) was my friend's brand new 1967 Camaro Z28 (his dad worked at the local Chevy dealership). Before that I would have to say it was a toss up between my neighbors 1957 Pontiac tri-power convertible and a rich kids 1963 Dodge convertible.. After 10 years of salt the Pontiac was obviously just a beater, large rust spots and a tattered top but when he skipped his last class you could hear it start in the parking lot and he would lay two long patches of rubber going down the school driveway. In the spring with the school windows open it added to the desire for the rest of us to get out. The Dodge was a sleeper, also a convertible. He never did open the hood and it wasn't loud, just a touch throaty. But when he took off he would keep it just on the verge of losing traction with a good solid chirp between gears. Probably faster than the Pontiac but he probably picked up less tickets.
  8. Best Muscle car from 1963-1971 ERA

    I guess I kind of lean towards the early muscle cars that came from the factory pretty much ready to go. Really like the Ramcharger 413's, you know - the one's that wouldn't idle, burned a quart of oil every couple of hundred miles, ran 3 inch headpipes and consistently toyed with 110 mph in the quarter. Great road test in the August 1962 Motor Trend.
  9. Making the AACA More Appealing to Young People

    Couldn't agree more. I remember the meets around the Rochester NY area back in the early to mid 60's. They were fun, They were generally held in a local park on the grass and involved various forms of competition. Standing start to a stop a few hundred feet away, get out and pick up something, turn around and come back. An obstacle course run with the passenger holding a spoon with an egg on it out the window. Backing through an obstacle course. Various Model "T" tricks, etc. My favorite was an obstacle course with the driver blindfolded. My father had me get on the running board of his 1933 Pierce-Arrow and told me he was going to keep it in low gear with the throttle down and to just keep saying right, straight or left depending on which way he should steer. All went well until I panicked and quit talking, he kept going and I regained my composure just when people started scattering. We easily turned in the best time. Funny, they never had that event again. I think owner participation is the key - not sitting behind a static car all day. Everyone enjoys driving their old car - why not give them the opportunity to show it off in motion if that is their desire (current liability issues aside - I don't think that the blindfolded obstacle course was a good idea even back then).. Just my two cents
  10. Identify please seen on Isle of Wight

    My wife and I went up to Canton to look at a couple of antique cars at Mace Motors back in the mid 70's.. Mr. Mace took us on a tour of his collection - it was impressive to say the least (the cars we were looking at were "outdoor" cars - needing a lot of work). Someone told me that the building had burned and that he lost his car collection. I just tried to locate the date on google but found nothing about the fire. Can anyone add confirmation one way or the other? Some of my fondest memories are of roaming junkyards - we found an old Pierce Arrow out in a field in the Finger Lakes and I always enjoyed wandering around a wonderful assortment of really old cars at Elmer Bassage's place in Webster. In the late 60's he was still driving to Hershey in his 1917 Larrabee truck. Glad I grew up when I did......
  11. Car shows..

    A 1908 (?) Otto at the GVACs shows in the early 1960's in Rochester NY.
  12. Buying used auto tools. What's a reasonable price?

    I'm sure you know this but the best way is to treat it like a large lot of anything you buy - take a look through it and as you open each drawer try to visualize the resale of a few obvious items. What you are trying to establish is the quick resale value of maybe 10 percent of the items with the idea the other 90 per cent will be yours. In other words if you need to get your money out of it quickly how much will be leftover and will it be the items you want. You probably do that with every parts lot that you buy without thinking - I've been doing it in a different field since 1985. I only regret a couple of purchases - I regret a lot of missed opportunities I should have jumped on - timing is everything. Buying is the tough part - selling is the easy part. Getting rid of all the mistakes is easier when you remember that there is really no investment in them.... You should be able to get lien information at the county offices.
  13. 26 Chrysler

    It would help to know what type of information you are looking for. There are several clubs - the Walter P. Chrysler club probably being the most well known.
  14. Thoughts on hotrodding/lowriding?

    A person who knows how to use a slide rule is at least as fast as a person on a calculator and MUCH less prone to make decimal errors because they have to think !! When I was teaching it was sad to see kids (college kids) try to figure out how I knew that 20 times 20 wasn't 4000 because that was the answer their calculator gave them. They couldn't think it through - they had to punch numbers until they got it right... The average college student today cannot pass a test from an old 8th grade primer..... sad what modern education has done.
  15. Help identityiing old wires ?

    I lived in an old farmhouse until I was 3 and it ran DC power with an old Westinghouse glass battery system recharged by a generator hooked to an old hit or miss engine....