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  1. I have not found anything as yet. I will measure mine and let you know
  2. i really need a motor and arm as well. Thankyou for the photos and link
  3. where can I acquire one?
  4. thanks for the pictures. They look slighty different to what i have.
  5. Could somebody help me with a wiper motor for a 28 dictator please.
  6. Wiper motor needed

    would anybody know where I could get a motor for a 28 dictator
  7. how is it joined?
  8. I haven't been able to find snubber strapping.
  9. Thanks studeboy. I also need info, direction about the type of windscreen wiper used and where I might find one.
  10. I am after an engine to suit a 1928 dictator. It has the 6 cylinder GE. The car is restored but the engine I have is beyond repair. I did buy a 1930 dictator engine from this sight a couple of years ago but it doesn't fit. I would also like some information on how the Shock absorbers are mounted on the rear and what do people use as the strap between the shock and the axle. I am also after small interior stuff like curtain mounts, interior light switch, cigar lighter. Any help would be appreciated
  11. Hi Wayne, did you use the engine? Also could you help me with how the handbrake mechanism on the tail shaft is set up on a right hand drive. Regards Damien?
  12. Hi, I am trying to track down somebody who does carpets and possibly trim kits for my 1966 rambler classic sedan. I am from Australia but happy to search in the States. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Wanted Windshield opening crank

    can you get them for the 1928?
  14. Wanted Windshield opening crank

    I also need one for my 1928 dictator. Where are they being reproduced?