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  1. The number on my block is127353-1
  2. still looking for an engine
  3. that one is different to my 28
  4. There are quite a few differences. Both the problems you list and others. I was really keen to fit this block because it is such a good one but there are to many differences and I am also a stickler for keeping things as original as I can.
  5. I was a member and did advertise in rotating spokes and had no responses. If you know of anything that would be much appreciated. The number cast into the block behind the distributor is G.12.22
  6. the photo's of the engines are not mine. My engines number is ge11172
  7. mine is ge11172. Would you have a GE?
  8. Do you have a website for Andys Garage? The size I need is 1 1/4 inch
  9. The engine number I have is GE 11172. I have noticed the front engine mounts are different between the 2 engines. I do have an engine from what I was told was a 1930 dictator with engine number s13775. It has quite a few similarities but definitely wont fit in my car.
  10. I have not found anything as yet. I will measure mine and let you know
  11. i really need a motor and arm as well. Thankyou for the photos and link
  12. where can I acquire one?
  13. thanks for the pictures. They look slighty different to what i have.
  14. Could somebody help me with a wiper motor for a 28 dictator please.
  15. hadhec

    Wiper motor needed

    would anybody know where I could get a motor for a 28 dictator