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  1. Ben My father retired and moved to Green Forest,Ar in 87'. Moved there to be close to his older kids. My sister lived right across the Missouri line there at Blue Eye. The Johnson dairy farm, up on top of the hill through the curve.
  2. Nice article. So, I get a call from my father one afternoon, asking me to meet him at a little diner in Blue Eye, MO the next morning for breakfast. The place was a little hole in the wall. So, I got off working the third shift the next morning and headed right over. As I walked in the restaurant, my dad was waving me back to the table he was sitting at with another gentleman. I walked over and sat down. Lo and behold, there sat Mr. Cash right across from me. Seems he had a house not far from there up on the hill above the river. Was just a short commute to Branson,MO and was just a nice, quiet home. Far enough away from everyone so he could have his quiet time. For several years, we had breakfast probably six times and I never even asked for The Man in Blacks autograph. He was somewhat a friend of my father and I treated him like a normal person, just as he treated us. Matt
  3. Back on topic..... I found a gentleman locally who is going to help me install the top. Seen some of his work, I get to work with him on the install and don't have to haul it 2.5 hrs away to have it done. Still putzing around with stuff. Final weatherstripping installation on top frame and had forgotten that the bakelite valve needed to be rebuilt. It is almost to its destination in Florida. Should be a quick turn around. I had it out again this weekend stretching her legs. MAN! She is SO FUN to DRIVE!!!!! Buicks are made to be DRIVEN my friends! More updates as I get more done. Matt
  4. Roll it out of the garage for the previously suggested tips. looks like a fairly flat surface. Don't need a garage fire also. Matt
  5. Sounds as if tdc on the #1 cylinder may need to be set again. If it is close to firing, then that would be step one to take and recheck Matt
  6. There are reasons things become extinct......;) looks like a cool project for someone into those types of campers. any pictures of what the interior would have looked like?
  7. With all the rain we had Thursday-Sauturday, the roads were void of salt. Out came the 47' convertible for a nice drive through the countryside. About 30 minute drive and back into the garage. Cannot wait until I get the top installed and can drive whenever I please.....
  8. I answered this on the thread in the AACA general technical section Please contact Jeff Hammers @ PennDutch Restorations. He made mine off of a pattern I had. I know he had made a few extra bows. I don't know if he still has any. Tell him Matt said hi! phone 1 (717) 515-8617
  9. Please contact Jeff Hammers @ PennDutch Restorations. He made mine off of a pattern I had. I know he had made a few extra bows. I don't know if he still has any. Tell him Matt said hi! phone 1 (717) 515-8617
  10. Might want to check the tank for any "new" floaties in the tank before re-installing....;)
  11. Very nice my friend! You made out like a bandit it would seem
  12. Daniel when I swapped out my transmission, I had the rear of the car on jack stands and did not have to take off the wheels to pull it back enough.
  13. Well stated and a nice definition of my car......
  14. And they are right in your neck of the woods in Florida
  15. We have a little over 36" here and I am tired of moving snow. Snow blower, quad with plow, shoveling. We are right above Scranton North of the mountain ridge if that is what you would call it and it dumped on us. I had at least another inch fall this afternoon while I was re-doing the driveway. Was tired yesterday. Today exhausted! Matt