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  1. I purchased a very nice leather one on evilbay for my 47'. I really like it.
  2. You are very welcome and is a pleasure! Hope to meet someday and let the Buicks play together. Matt
  3. The Scranton Region of the AACA is holding a Cruise In at Allied Services on the Morgan Highway in Clarks Summit, Pa. There will be flea market vendors and 50/50 drawings. Free Admission. Time 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Thanks and look forward to seeing everyone
  4. Will you please accept a check for $500.00 over the amount? Hahahaha
  5. Anytime they ask for moneygram or western union because they have no paypal or their account is messed up, steer clear of them. Hold on to your money and keep looking Matt
  6. My son went. Daughter is much to busy getting ready to graduate.
  7. The only Buick at the show. Drew quite a bit of attention. Was a bit overcast and chilly, but a great turnout.
  8. How much do you need for the rear? I am in Northeast Pa near Scranton.
  9. Smooth baby!!! Out to a show to benefit the school for the deaf and hard of hearing
  10. Off to a car show
  11. 5:30 this morning at work. This morning was quite warmer than yesterdays 42degrees. Was a balming 56!
  12. Driving home from work. God I LOVE this car!!!!!!!!! IMG_0919.MOV
  13. Nicholas Glad to see you back here. Where exactly is the transmission leaking? Oil pan, torque ball, front seal? There are several things that could be done, depending on where the oil is leaking from. Matt
  14. Another tip. The 6 volt straight eights turn over much slower than a 'newer' v8 on 12v. I suggest doing a quick revision of everything electrical....... coil, point gap and spark at points, rotor, cap. Also make sure the wire that passes through the distributor base is not grounding on the distributor. Matt
  15. Negative ground system. Sounds like you may need to take apart and clean all connections on the battery cables. Also make sure the engine is grounded to the frame.