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  1. Thank a BCA Member

    Mike Middleton For countless hours on the phone conversing about my 56’ when I was working towards having a good daily driver while I finished my convertible. Also for gifting a windahield wiper jar assembly for the same car. Thanks my friend Matt
  2. Thank a BCA Member

    Willie Pittman for all of his wise words of wisdom and vast knowledge of Buicks. Matt
  3. Thank a BCA Member

    Mike Stemen For help with contacts, finding a few parts and coutless tips on restoring my car. thanks Matt
  4. Thank a BCA Member

    Paul Girard, For all of the help and ideas restoring my convertible. For taking time out of the day to entertain me and take me for a ride in his Buickful convertible. For selling me his extra door panels and lightly used interior kit for my 48’ convert project. For the “surprise” visit to my garage one afternoon. (He lives 4.5 hours or so away). Just to say hi! Thanks my friend Matt
  5. Thank a BCA Member

    Brian DePouli, For helping me get literature and New Member materials when I was stuck in a pinch before a car show. For several good conversations, in person and over the phone. For details on an area of North Carolina when I was interviewing for a job in the area. Thanks my friend Matt
  6. Thank a BCA Member

    John DeFiore for being a friend to chat with, motivate me when I was stuck in a rut restoring my convertible. For the nice family outings at Brooks BBQ and for travelling together to the BCA meet in Allentown. Thanks my friend! Matt
  7. The Passing of Bob Coker

    Godspeed my friend. For 3 years, actually the last three he attended Hershey, I would sit and talk with him for a couple hours. He also helped me with seats for my 47’ convertible. What a loss to everyone. Please convey our condolences to his wife and family. Matt
  8. Another What's Wrong With This Picture?

    How did he title that Pontiac as a Buick???? “Call Only... Solid body, clean title in my name”
  9. Another "What's Wrong With This Picture?"

    How about POS?
  10. Scranton-Area Question

    Feel free to call and stop by my place. We can talk cars and possibly visit a friends small collection. pm sent Matt
  11. Buick 1947 convertible

    That interior is not correct. The window switches are wrong and the dash color usually matches exterior color. Matt
  12. 1948 Buick Roadmaster

    A 48’ Buick should have the number in two locations. One, inside the drivers door above the top hinge and the other is above the data plate. My convertible has both. Then, the last is on the frame rail as noted before. Matt
  13. 1942 Buick Roadmaster 76S

    Take a pb blaster can and put the red tube into the nozzle. Stick the nozzle into the clip groove and spray a little bit in there. Tap the outside of the handle a couple times with a soft blow hammer. After a time or two over the course of a couple hours, it should break free.
  14. Carolina Roadmasters: Collect all 4

    Congrats my friend! Cannot wait to see all four together
  15. Making a purchase and looking for a reference

    Bernie, you are a riot! Cannot wait to have a beer wth you some day! Matt