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  1. jackofalltrades70

    1972 Dodge Dart Wiring

    I’ve seen squirrels make a harness look better. Make sure the battery is out of the car until you get a new harness installed
  2. jackofalltrades70

    1940 Buick Special Convertible

    Wow! That body plate is wasted.
  3. jackofalltrades70

    1940 Buick Special Convertible

    Deleted my comments.
  4. jackofalltrades70

    Fisk Tire Value

    Regardless of where they were stored, these tires would be dangerous to install on a car that will be driven on the road. They could be used for a car “for display” as in a museum type setting. The rubber has still broken down. There are many threads on old tire values and the risks of using them on vehicles here on the board. Matt
  5. jackofalltrades70

    Rear quarter window mohair strip

    I left each end long, started in the slot and closed the window slowly while adjusting
  6. jackofalltrades70

    1947 56C Project "Can't finish unless you start"

    Finishing up some things that needed finishing. Install fenderskirts
  7. jackofalltrades70

    My 49 Buick Super 56C - yeah baby!

    Much cheaper to replace hoses and cylinders/pump than paint a car. Brake fluid will ruin the paint.
  8. jackofalltrades70

    1947 56C Project "Can't finish unless you start"

    Out for a ride last night to a Troop Appreciation Event and then to a Minor League ball game between the RailRiders(NY) and Syracuse team. Was very hot and sun tried cooking us. Then the clouds came and headed the convertible home before any showers caught me with the top down. Drove nice at 55mph on 81 North for 15 miles. No percolation of fuel. Happy with that. Happy Memorial day to all, Matt
  9. jackofalltrades70

    Where to get a DYNAFLOW rebuilt ?

    Get the engine running. Drop the pan and change the filter and fill with fresh fluid. Then test it to see if it works. If it works and leaks, you can repair the leaks. If doesnt work, get a shop manual and follow the guide for troubleshooting. I used this guy for my 56 tranny. Matt
  10. jackofalltrades70

    1947 56C Project "Can't finish unless you start"

    New master cylinder I purchased at BCA meet in Allentown now installed and brakes are bled. Thanks to my son Kevin (he’s 13), for helping me bleed the brakes. I managed to forget to turn the ignition off and ran the battery dead, so she is back on the charger. Was a beautiful night and sure wished I could have took her for a ride before the monsoons start again tomorrow. Matt
  11. jackofalltrades70

    Model T mechanic needed in Central PA

    We are North I81 two hours in the Scranton Region. Tuesday nights, we have workshops to work on members cars of our local AACA region. Many members have A’s and T’s. Matt
  12. jackofalltrades70

    1947 56C Project "Can't finish unless you start"

    Well, she is back on the ground, full of fresh oil and runs like a Swiss watch! Backed her out of the garage to sweep the floor and back in. No brakes yet. Need to bleed them as had the rear disconnected all winter. Have all gears. Happy man right now. 🤓
  13. jackofalltrades70

    1947 56C Project "Can't finish unless you start"

    Thanks Willie! You are alsays there to help! Appreciated greatly!
  14. jackofalltrades70

    1947 56C Project "Can't finish unless you start"

    The pan is almost 38” long. I hate using the rolls of material because ya fight the damn thing to unravel and stay flat. I pieced the end together so the timing chain cover is a separate gasket. Interlocked the ends of the gasket to keep it from moving. A little gasket sealer to hold in place and help the gasket seal and it is installed! Could not find any turquoise paint in the garage or local outfits, so for now is ford blue.🤪 Matt
  15. jackofalltrades70

    1947 56C Project "Can't finish unless you start"