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  1. Daniel when I swapped out my transmission, I had the rear of the car on jack stands and did not have to take off the wheels to pull it back enough.
  2. Well stated and a nice definition of my car......
  3. And they are right in your neck of the woods in Florida
  4. We have a little over 36" here and I am tired of moving snow. Snow blower, quad with plow, shoveling. We are right above Scranton North of the mountain ridge if that is what you would call it and it dumped on us. I had at least another inch fall this afternoon while I was re-doing the driveway. Was tired yesterday. Today exhausted! Matt
  5. Not mine,but figured someone might be interested. https://allentown.craigslist.org/cto/6015473761.html
  6. Gotta love auto-correct! Touche' amd Touche'
  7. Tonight went to the hardware store for fasteners to bolt down the rear tacking strip. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to start installing the strip across the tub. Started the old girl up and let her run for awhile. Purrs like a kitten!
  8. This was my last post
  9. Daniel It has been suggested more than three times that you have one of your pumps rebuilt with "ethanol" resistant parts. You were advised that this third pump would fail sooner or later....... I would suggest installing a rebuilt pump and the electric one for priming the carburetor after car sits awhile and on hot days. Will help overcome vapor-lock Matt
  10. Trust me. FEAR will keep you from moving forward. Ask me how I know. My biggest fears were the floor pan repairs on my convertible and second was the front end sheet metal alignment. I finally managed to repair the floors after almost two years procrastinating. And it all got started when I finally decided to cut out the old part. I was finished in less than a week.........
  11. I will see if I can take a picture of the wiring diagram this weekend. If you are checking the door switches with ohm meter, plunger out should read continuity and plunger in should read open. Matt
  12. Dr J pulling the head is not rocket science and is easily reinstalled with new gaskets. Look at this as a learning experience.
  13. Daniel take one of your extra pumps and send it out to be rebuilt. You will thank us later. The fuel "will " destroy the one you have on there because the material the diaphram is made of will be destroyed by the newer gas. (Ethanol) Matt
  14. Nice metal work. I am enjoying following yoor work.
  15. Where do I send my Western Union?