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  1. 1947 Buick disassembled project convert seattle craigslist

    Farther away for me....
  2. 1942 Buick Convertible Custom Roadster

    Not sure what year. Is the data plate on the firewall on the passenger side? The floors are definately not original. It is a convertible buick body. Trying to guess as to what the two holes are for in the body where the convertible top should be or the back seat area. Even though you have a title, my state would have to verify the number against the data plate. More info and pictures, if and when you get time Thanks Matt
  3. Chryslers At Carlisle 2017 Part Two

  4. Chryslers At Carlisle 2017 Part One

    Thanks for posting pictures
  5. Scranton Region AACA Meet this Sunday 7/16

    Sorry, missdd that picture
  6. Scranton Region AACA Meet this Sunday 7/16

    I am working on getting pictures. I parked cars all morning and then judges two classes all afternoon. I got a few of a neat "camper" that called my attention.
  7. Scranton Region AACA Meet this Sunday 7/16

    Thanks to all who attended. We had over 200 cars in attendance and was a beautiful sunny day. 80 degrees with a nice breeze. See everyone next year Matt
  8. Scranton Region AACA Meet this Sunday 7/16

    Beautiful day for a show!!!
  9. Scranton Region AACA Meet this Sunday 7/16

    My ride for tomorrow since my convertible is still at the upholstery shop. Matt
  10. Scranton Region AACA Meet this Sunday 7/16

    Show field is set up. Look forward to seeing friends old and new tomorrow! Sunny skies all day tomorrow! Matt
  11. 1948 Olds Areo Back

    Bob You will find a lot more interest if you can include some more details, pictures, etc. People will want to know where the car is located. How much yoo are asking for it. If it is a running, titled, licensed vehicle. All of these things will really help with your sale. Giod luck! Matt
  12. 1940 Buick 70-76C

    I told u so!!!!
  13. Scranton Region AACA Meet this Sunday 7/16

    Sorry. I punched it in my maps app, which I realize not everyone uses. Here is the physical address. 100 Abington Executive Park South Abington Township, PA 18411 United States Thanks to all and looks like we are gonna have some beautiful weather Matt
  14. The Scranton Region of the AACA is holding Our annual Meet at Allied Services on the Morgan Highway in Clarks Summit, Pa. There will be flea market vendors a Car Corral, food and ice cream vendors. Pre-register until the night before the show for $10. $15 at the gate to register the day of the show. Thanks and look forward to seeing everyone Matt
  15. Check it out! BCA 50th anniversary celebration video

    What a great video. Was my first meet to attend and despite the rain, was really enjoyable