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  1. Hudson museum auction

    For the board of the museum? Where do these funds go when the museum is sold?
  2. 49 56-C Starter issue

    Very nice car.
  3. 49 56-C Starter issue

    Remove and clean all battery cable terminals at battery, starter, where connects to frame and there should also be another metallic strap from the engine to firewall. Try that and a full charge on the battery.
  4. For Sale Motor Mounts And Gas Pedals!!!

    Rear engine mount for 1947 Buivk Roadmaster
  5. Jay Leno Ticket up to $14,000

    Just drove to Acadia yesterday.
  6. 1948 Buick 56S Transmission problems

    Mark Look in my thread about my tranny. A video was posted about your series of transmission that may help. http://forums.aaca.org/topic/304554-1947-transmission-service-manual/ Matt
  7. BCA 50th Anniversary photos @ NB Center

    I really enjoyed my time there also. Was thr first time my car actually saw road time.
  8. Anyone near Winchester, VA. to look at a car for me?

    I have a full 47’ roadmaster sedanette body, rust free. The body would be the same, correct? How bad does “dead” feel? My wife is gonna kill me, but may check further into this. Trimacar, you have any more pictures? Is the car complete besides the floors, etc? Wonder if I can get him to come down on the price? Still have to go get it.
  9. 1946-1948 Convertible Power window switch

  10. 1916 olds speedster silver bullet

    Was browsing and saw this. Not mine. Maybe for Steve??? https://mohave.craigslist.org/ctd/d/1916-oldsmobile-speedster/6517292627.html Matt
  11. 1947 transmission service manual

    Took the transmission to an goodoleboy, backwoods mechanic from years ago. Nowadays, all he does is rebuild older engines and the such. He took the tranny apart, found that someone had installed a snap ring, that holds the gears forward, was too large to hold in the groove. Wrong diameter. Tranny is back together and should have it back Tuesday or so. Have to send the clutch disc and motor/tranny mounts to Bob’s and get the new ones back. Probably another week or so.......
  12. I.D. help needed. Convertible top header.

    You can read my thread here http://forums.aaca.org/topic/166853-1947-56c-project-cant-finish-unless-you-start/
  13. I.D. help needed. Convertible top header.

    Is now this car
  14. I.D. help needed. Convertible top header.

    This car
  15. I.D. help needed. Convertible top header.

    I answered in the general forum