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  1. Hay, How are you going to move that car?

    That’s one way to keep the hay from blowing off the trailer!
  2. Remember Driving the Big Buicks in Snow?

    Winter of 86’. Peoria,Illinois. Inhad had my license 3 months and my ride was a 69’ Mustang. Posi rear end and 302 with a 3 speed on the floor. Never stuck. Intentionally slipped and slid, of course! Two years later had a 72’ Ford Bronco lifted with 38” tires. That my friends, was too much fun!
  3. any surviving Buick

    Forum user eb3bzk is the gentleman who is restoring the car in Spain. He doesn’t frequent the forum much, I don’t believe. Matt
  4. Talk about a time capsule

    The OP is not the owner, just posting a link to a car for sale. We are not supposed to comment negatively about cars posted for sale by owner on the forum. But, since it is an evilbay ad, we can bash the car, comment negatively about the price and how poorly or how well their description is written. IMHO, a lot of the details should have been addresssed before listing the car. Pure lazyness! Matt
  5. In 2016, the Buick Club of America had their 50th anniversary at the complex. Was an incredible time. Mr. Bulgari is very appreciative of the American automobile and its history. It is great that he goes out of his way to save and share all of these great cars from so many years and brands. Nice video Matt
  6. How warm is it where you are?

    Still in Barcelona on our last day of vacation
  7. Some may or may not have known that my family was blessed with spending the New Year in Barcelona. Here are some pictures. There was a Circus in town and almost all of their vehicles were older Mercedes trucks and the like. Also captured some pictures of some Correos (Mail) and Telegrafos (telegraph) bikes inside their post office. Was only one car club that had a small museum of their own cars and I was not able to get there during their operating hours. Enjoy Matt
  8. How Would You Limit A Purchase of ONE Buick

    You start with love and desire And end with love and desire
  9. restoration shop

    PennDutch Restorations in PA would be a good place to call. Ask for Jeff Hammers. He frequents the chat board also. Restorer32 is his forum name. ‭1 (717) 515-8617‬ Matt
  10. Holiday Greetings

    Merry Christmas from a 47’ Buick convertible fanatic. May you have a Happy and successful New Year.
  11. 1947 56C Project "Can't finish unless you start"

    Work, work, work.......and then 2nd gear started clashing a little shifting, then it wouldn not stay in second gear. So, I only had her out a few times, shifting from 1st to 3rd. Then, I put her away on jack stands in the garage until tonight. This time change really sat hard on me. I have had trouble staying awake in the evenings. So, I rested all weekend and tonight after work, I started removing the rear. Removed both tires and panhard bar bracket on driver side, after breaking the stud off. I just put this stuff together a couple years ago..........anyways, both shock links are apart, I unbolted the springs from the rear. Now, just have to unbolt the trailing arms and the torque tube and out comes the rear. I have a set of gears ,(thanks fr. Buick) to change out in the rear whilst it is out of the way for transmission removal. The gears are from a 54’ and should make highway travel more bearable to the ears. Once the rear is out, I will pull the tranny and check out this second gear problem. I will also be checking out the clutch and pressure plate/rear engine seal and front seal on the tranny. Glad it is winter and not driving time. Also need to get the hydraulic pump rebuilt and put back in. Then I can finish up the windows, seals and convertible top cylinders Matt
  12. Getting rid of some of my extras. Here is a passenger side window switch with bezel for 47-48 Buick convertibles. The bezel is rusty and needs to be replated. The switch should have the contacts cleaned up. Priced accordingly. $100.00 plus shipping Thanks for looking Contact me with any questions Matt
  13. Restore 47 or 48 Buick Convertible Roadmaster

    I have both cars. A 47’ 76c and a 48’ 76c and both are the same length. My 48’ needs quite a bit of rust repair, but I have panels to repair. The car is for sale and is mostly complete.
  14. any surviving Buick

    I know of a 46 76c being restored in Spain. Not sure if is an export or if it was brought in later. Matt
  15. Scranton-Area Question

    James, It was really nice visiting with you and your wife today. It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance and look forward to visiting and getting about more the next time you are in town. Sorry the garage was in such a shambles. Seems like there is never enough time to finish one thing before I have started on two or three other things. Have a Happy holiday season and safe travels Matt