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  1. 2007 Pace American 22' Enclosed Trailer

    It does have. Look at the pictures
  2. 35 Auburn 851 Cabriolet barn find

    Fine and dandy. Grab it before they start asking $45,000.00 for it. The OP started with $12,000.00 in mind and has fished up to $30,000.00 good luck to the seller and buyers. I just hope this has a happy ending..... Matt
  3. Convertible top switch identification question

    Probably 50's. Late 40's switches also incorporated a hydraulic valve at the end of the actuator Matt
  4. 35 Auburn 851 Cabriolet barn find

    This isn't really a "For Sale" post. It is a "Fishing for the Best Price" post. I didn't think we were supposed to do that. Do your due diligence and post it for sale. I know we do not have to include a price in our listings, but this isnt an auction site either. My two cents Matt
  5. Traveling the World in a 1928 Automobile

    Wonderful! One could only wish to be so unattached to the worldly items we surround ourselves with.
  6. 1933 Rolls Royce model 20/25 door latch spring

    Sorry to not report back. I was able to fabricate another spring to work in the latch assembly. Matt
  7. Payment for parts,shipping,Paypal, problems??

    Parts were shipped on Friday last week in the afternoon. Parts were delivered in Spain Wednesday afternoon. Pretty quick service! Very happy buyer! Has parts to move forward with his 46' Buick convertible build. Thanks for all of the comments Matt
  8. 1942 Buick Convertible Custom Roadster

    They still check the VIN to the title and if the VIN tag is not original or looks "fabricated", they will question and then could open a can of worms. They would then refer the car for a VIN check, upon which they would have to try and find the same number on top of the rear fram rail. Which, by the way, cannot be seen because it is between the car body and the frame. And would probably need to be scraped or wire brushed to be able to see the numbers. I love the car, just we were hoping to see the model number in the body tag to better identify the body style. Matt
  9. 1942 Buick Convertible Custom Roadster

    Guess we will never know as the tag on the firewall is not original. I don't even think PA would accept that as is "homemade" and not original.
  10. Payment for parts,shipping,Paypal, problems??

    Most legitimate buyers will understand not wanting to have a 3-4% charge for accepting paypal. Especially on larger amounts, and from a foreign country. In my case, the reason for my initial post, was protecting both myself and the buyer with the correct form of payment for the parts and shipping cost. Parts have now been paid for and are at the shipping provider (choice of the buyer), being packaged for shipment. Buyer should have his parts in a week or so. Matt
  11. 1952 Roadmaster Estate Wagon project.

    Good luck my friend! Rest well. Enjoy life! Friends are always here if you need.
  12. 1942 Buick Super Convertible build

    Nice looking car. I love convertibles. Good luck and wish you lots of enjoyment.
  13. Buick owner in the path of Harvey

    Glad you are ok Willie. Good wishes to everyone Matt
  14. 52 buick $800 not mine

    Rolling jack stands, at that!
  15. Who Uses Their Old Car/Truck As Primary Transportation?

    My collector car insurance allows me to drive when and where I want.