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  1. stakeside

    Need gas tank build

    Thanks you all for your suggestions.
  2. stakeside

    1926 Graham Brothers Project

    Thanks for posting your progress photos. I had a lot of woodwork in my truck. I used white oak. It worked out good since all my cuts were fairly simple and straight. They called it “composite construction”. It would have resembled a woody if if was not covered by sheet metal. The history of these trucks is part of the adventure.
  3. stakeside

    1929 DA-6 4-dr sedan roof framing

    What blue paint did you use? Looks great. I am in the process of painting my 29 DB truck. I found PPG “Baja Blue” give the dark shade I desired. I used black undercoat also. Here are some pictures.
  4. stakeside

    1926 Graham Brothers Project

    Noticed your picture of the original truck and it appears to be green. My truck will be “Dodge Blue”. This blue was used on trucks. I have found that the blue will oxidize and turn more green in much sunlight. If you have any panels with original paint you can use rubbing compound to get original color.
  5. stakeside

    1926 Graham Brothers Project

    Here is a page from dealers book. This a 1929 Dodge Bros version of the chassis that were shipped overseas. The body and type of use was determined at the custom builders shop. Looks like yours was a closed panel type. Note that the windshield supports were not included. Will you be building yours to match? Do you have any history on this truck? .
  6. stakeside

    1926 Graham Brothers Project

    Your frame or vin # is shown on the attached Dodge Bros production listing. Dodge and Graham did a lot of sales overseas. The “D” is a Detroit build. Not sure but “S” frame numbered or Stockton CA were shipped over seas also. The frame, running gear and cowling were shipped. There was a local builder that did the custom model build. Nice wood work. What type of wood are you using?
  7. stakeside

    1926 Graham Brothers Project

    My 29 Dodge Bros essentially a Graham truck with Dodge Bros badging. These were the transition years after Dodge took over. Could you locate the frame number? I am still interested. I enjoy the history of these truck, Send me a private message if you wish. Here are some pics of my progress. Yes lots of wood in this one also.
  8. stakeside

    1927 Dodge Brothers Starting Procedure

    Be sure to check the starter for any dust or debris on the brushes. A poor connection will not help. Also verify that you have all your connections clean and tight, in particular the ground wire. I had my starter rebuilt and the engine started on the second rev. Here is the procedure to start as shown in my “Owners Manual “.
  9. stakeside

    Now this is a heavy duty truck.

    Found these photos in my “Floyd Clymer’s” 1929 booklet. Looks like they had either tire type but I would think the pneumatic would have been better suited to carry heavy loads of rock. I did not notice it as a chain drive. I have a Dodge Bros truck and I found this ad for the Graham. Bros version of the Sterling Truck. Looks very similar The history of these ole trucks is half the adventure.
  10. Saw this at a truck show here in Plymouth CA. It is a 1928 Sterling. It has a six cylinder and hydraulic brakes.
  11. Getting ready for final paint of my choice for “ Dodge Bros Blue”.
  12. stakeside

    12v battery on 6v system

    I agree to keep it original. The last 6 volt I bought only had 450 cold granting amps. It must have been for a golf cart. Not strong enough for my truck. This is the Tractor Supply battery. Lot better amps. Not sure of original size of battery but this one is a lot smaller then the holding bracket.
  13. stakeside

    1926 Graham Brothers Project

    Should be a great looking GB when finished. I have a 29 Dodge Brothers. Some of your parts are interchangeable with DB trucks. What is the chassis number located on the front left frame near spring support. Here is my truck: Enjoy the adventure.
  14. stakeside

    12v battery on 6v system

    I have a 29 Dodge Bros with the 6 cylinder and I need to replace my battery. What cranking amps should I be looking for? Should I consider an 8 volt battery. I do not believe that I would have to change the lights or the coil.
  15. stakeside

    Paint for early 1926

    Check out PPG paint. I am using the color “Baja Blue”.