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  1. studepeople

    Need Float Setting for Stromberg U-3 Carburetor

    Sounds like you ar running an electric fuel now you need to regulate it to 3psi or less
  2. studepeople

    Vintage Glidden tour pennants

    I went to the Oklahoma City Glidden. My wife and I managed 3 days of the tour and went home. My car did fine and had no issues. I know that a great deal of planning and hard work went into this tour. But having a "metropolitan" tour in a "town" of almost 600,000 population turned out for us to be very stressful and not fun fighting the traffic. We enjoy back road touring where we can run our car without the constant stop and go traffic lite and stop signs we had to do on this tour.....
  3. studepeople

    I "Give UP"

    After reading the comments to what I have said about the CCCA after being a member for near 30 years only one guy seems to get it .....thanks Dave......... Dan Dinsmore (studepeople)
  4. studepeople

    Transmission ID for a 1929 Franklin

    What Body style is your model 135 ?
  5. studepeople

    I "Give UP"

    Well after 30 years in the "Great CCCA" I will not send in my money to renew. I went to alot of meetings over the years to try to get this club to think about keeping it's function prices down but have only met with lip service. My wife and I have been on over 15 Caravans ,several Grand Classics and National meets so we have tried to support this club. But I don't believe this club is supporting the average rank and file member (non-rich) and probably never has. We send in our dues that support this club which are twice what other National Clubs pay. We pay a hefty fee to have the right then to pay another hefty fee to go on a National Tour (Caravan). No other club does that that we are awhere of ...... So I say enough. I miss all the old timers who have passed away from the Caravans. They made them so special. I miss having Beverly as Editor, for she really cared about showing all aspects of this club and hobby, not just the "top teir"...........Member 2510.......done
  6. studepeople


    I am working on a Stromberg UUR-2 carb and really have no literature as to doing diagnosis on this carb. I have some for UU-2 but there are many differences in these carbs. I would like to purchase reprints from someone on this subject. 417-634-0660 Dan.........Thanks :confused:
  7. studepeople

    wanted parts 1929 studebaker president 8

    Look under Pierce arrow in Ebay ......I saw some correct pull straps there for sale.......
  8. studepeople

    UU2 versus UUR2

    Ed ; I could use some help on a couple of parts I need for a UUR2. The shop you deal with do they have a web site or an address and number I can get in touch with them? I could truly use the help.......Thanks
  9. studepeople

    Serious Problems with the CCCA Membership Meet in 2013

    To Al; I to was not envolved with the founding of the CCCA. I was not out of diapers when all that happend. But these things about these wonderful cars and great people I first met nearly 30 yrs ago is why I joined . My wife and I have done many Caravans over the last 20 years. I would like to do more ,but if I am having money issues (I owe nothing and own all my posessions out-right) how will the youngsters 25- 45 yr old aford these tours? That is my question to you Al.......I thought that the cars and the people were the issue at hand not the fancy locations. I was on the Georgia Caravan and I liked the hub tour . And as a Hub tour members could find a hotel -motel in their price range. And promote the club by sharing rides on the tour days.The progressive tours can make that hard to do some times......So if you think I am critizing the club for a lack of empathy may be right.......
  10. studepeople

    Unique 1940 Sixty Special COUPE

    Now that I have seen a couple of photos ........the wheel base seems short to me....measure center to center on the front to back wheels and see what the wheel base is .It does have a Cadillac V-8 under the hood correct? The engine no. will tell you something........
  11. studepeople

    Unique 1940 Sixty Special COUPE

    And yes I saw a picture of a 1940 Four door 60 special with leather top and laundel Irons .It said they were executive ordered about ten cars between 1938 and 1941.......
  12. studepeople

    Unique 1940 Sixty Special COUPE

    I got out my Cadillac book written by Maurice Hendry. In it he lists the models of 6019's. for 1940 number of what was manufactured. 6019S sedan 4 Door (4,242 )...6019SA Sunroof Sedan 4 Door (230).....6019F Imperial Sedan (110) and 6019AF Imperial Sedan Sun Roof (3)....I see no Two Doors listed....... 6019 is a four door semi-custom model line..... Many pictures would be great as it could shine a light on this car........
  13. studepeople

    Nickel Tours

    :Bill Thankyou for your persective and information. We are in the southern central area of Mo. near Branson. An interesting area to visit but not as an "OLD" car tour (not flat ). Have been looking at central Mo. along the Missouri river. We have a local tour with the KC group to eastern Kansas . More areas to look at........Dan Dinsmore
  14. studepeople

    Nickel Tours

    I have not been on an VMCCA Nickel tour before and was wondering when the last one was put on and by who. My wife and I are kicking around the idea of putting one on. It would be great to get the insight and avoid the pitfalls from other tour chairpersons. I understand that less challenging tour routes(Flatter) and less miles with alot of interesting stops would be welcomed on such a tour. Five days put on during the week ? We are all ears..........dan & gracie
  15. studepeople

    '29 President rear axle seals

    To Krazykat; I have rebuilt two rear-ends for my President "8"s I have the seal numbers and bearings and information on what I encountered. I am going out the door just now and don't have the time ot find this stuff right now. E-mail me at if I can help.......tell me what it is about cause if I don't know you I won't open the email.......dan