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  1. Double Clutching

    I think this guy's video does a good job explaining the process and why we do it. I use the clutch on every shift.
  2. Hudson Museum Closing Controversy

    I looked through my pictures, but couldn’t find that one. I’m sure it will be on the auction sell sheet.
  3. 1930 Buick model 47 leaf spring bolt/nut

    Here’s what’s on my car, but I’m not sure if it will help as they were replaced when the car was restored. The first one is at the front, the other the rear. The nut measures 1”, but oddly, I can’t get a 1” socket on it.
  4. Letter from the "aaca" museum

    This situation has inspired me to rejoin the Club and show support in hoping it prevails over the museum. It will be interesting to see their Form 990 for 2017 and learn how this split has impacted their finances.
  5. 1930 Buick model 47 leaf spring bolt/nut

    Just to clarify, is the part you're referring to on the left of that rusty bolt? In the original post, it looks like you have the other end.
  6. 1930 Buick model 47 leaf spring bolt/nut

    I can take a look at mine for you. It may take a day or so before I can get under the cover for a peak.
  7. 1931 Buick Country Club Coupe

    " New radial tires." Are radials available for tires with tubes?
  8. My car's weight and trailer advice

    Thanks Michael. Renting a Uhaul is my plan for the first show since it's only 25 miles from my house. And thanks to everyone else for the expertise.
  9. My car's weight and trailer advice

    The tow vehicle should be the easy part. Enterprise rents 1/2, 3/4 and 1 ton pickups. With the small amount of use it would get, I figure I’m better off spending money with them then having a truck that sits. It’s funny, I have no problem with money tied up in a parked trailer. But a vehicle more usable on a daily basis, that I won’t do. 🤔 I do think owning a trailer will end any hope I have of overcoming my case of Vehicle Acquisition Syndrome. The prospect of being able to “bring a trailer” when car shopping is really appealing.
  10. My car's weight and trailer advice

    Good points, thanks. I have a few shows near my home that I plan to rent an open trailer to get to. The enclosed trailer is appealing in that it would protect my car from bad weather and keep it secure in places far enough from home that I’d be staying over night. I don’t mind driving the car, but the distances I’d need to go make it prohibitive.
  11. My car's weight and trailer advice

    Thanks for the link, that’s a great resourse. My car is a Sport Coupe which is listed at 4,433. That’s near what they list in the Specifications and Adjustments manual for the sedan, so I suspect it’s pretty accurate.
  12. I'm considering getting an enclosed trailer so I can take my car to some shows. My first question is does anyone know how much a 1930 60-Series coupe actually weighs? I presume it's north of 4,000 lbs. I'm starting with nothing at this point, so I'm open to any advice. Unfortunately, I don't own anything to tow it with when full, so I'll probably be renting something for that purpose. I'd like to get the lightest trailer I can find so I can at least move it empty with a van I already own. Based on my car's size, what length trailer is best? Do I want something longer so I can position the car for optimal weight on the hitch? What features are important? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  13. 1930 VIN location?

    That’s where it is on my ‘30.
  14. Historic vs Tesla Manufacturing

    Whereas he is really the second coming of Malcolm Bricklin (only much more effective). The United Launch Alliance. The reason people don't like Musk is because the narrative on him and his companies is so far removed from the reality. Yes, he has managed some very impressive accomplishments. But, he has done so by building a financial house of cards on a foundation of untruths. Did you know that in 2017, Tesla lost nearly $2,000,000,000 selling 100K cars? I'm not willing to lower the bar for him just because he's in America. When this doesn't end well, will you be happy he's from the US?
  15. Hudson Museum Closing Controversy

    The building was paid for by selling bonds. I believe the town claimed the sale of the building covered the outstanding debt. So while they didn’t get the building for free, they seem to have been made whole when it was sold. I said above that I thought the town acted with good intentions. Giving it more thought, I still think they did initially. But if pocket the money from the sale of the cars, I don’t believe that will still hold true. The honorable thing to do would be to make sure the town is not left with a burden from this situation, but also not profit from it. The innkeeper tax was reinstated. It was removed when it was believed the bonds were paid off. But when it came to light the bonds were refinanced, it was put back in place.