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  1. I need to do some maintenance on my '30 Buick and was wondering what materials everyone is using. Specifically, what grease do you use for all the things with Zerk fittings? Also, what fluid do you use in the transmission and differential? Thanks
  2. Buick64C

    Pre war cars insane prices

    It's curious that whenever someone runs for the Board of the Buick Club, they stress the need to get young people involved. There are also numerous threads on the topic. But, as soon as someone suggests the lack of young people in the hobby will send prices down, we get all these first-hand accounts of how there are plenty of youths.
  3. Buick64C

    Pre war cars insane prices

    I thought the same thing.
  4. Buick64C

    Pre war cars insane prices

    I've made the same observation as the OP. I was looking for a '38 Buick and found the prices high and the condition not reflecting how the cars were described. The most common circumstance was that of a child selling the car for a deceased father's estate. The price was based on what dad had been telling them for years and included the notion that it was "rare". The condition was also based on what it was previously, a decade earlier when dad could still maintain it. As dad's capacity to care for the car faded, so did the car. I agree with the OP that pre-war cars will not have a big following in ten years and that the values will continue to go down. I bring my '30 Buick and my '91 Figaro to cruise nights. The Fig gets 10X the attention from young people. The Buick gets interest from their grandparents. The folks on here who have spent 50 years in the hobby are fortunate that, for the most part, prices always went up. You could play with a car for a while, do a little work, and get your money back out. Those days are gone for Pre-War cars. When sellers outnumber buyers, prices drop. Given the demographics I see at events, this is unavoidable. The OP is being smart in treating what he buys as a depreciating asset and looking for a deal. I'd suggest watching for no reserve auctions. I've seen some good values cross the block. Good luck in your search. Owning a Pre-War car is really enjoyable.
  5. Buick64C

    FCA May End Chrysler line

    Pacifica is the new name they use on their minivan. The Jeep and Ram brands are doing well for FCA, since they're pickup and SUV lines. Like every other manufacturer, passenger car sales are in the toilet.
  6. Buick64C

    Indy 500 and Hershey

    You're right that there used to be a lot more teams that just ran Indy, but it's been part of a points-based championship season since 1927.
  7. Buick64C

    old car exhibition in France

    Great pictures. It's strange to see some of the American vehicles that found their way over to you. Thanks for posting these.
  8. Buick64C

    Indy 500 and Hershey

    This is an inter This is an interesting question. Indycar and the Indy 500 have definitely suffered a decline in attendance, but it's mostly because they shot themselves in the foot. In the mid '90s, the sport was very healthy and growing. Then "The Split" happened for the 1996 season and gutted the sport. If you don't know the story, the car owners (who owned the championship) and the owners of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (who run the Indy 500) separated and each ran their own series. It's taken about 20 years for the sport to stop the bleeding and stabilize. I attended my first Indy 500 forty years ago and I worked in the sport for 8 seasons. Without a doubt, the racing is more competitive then it has been in my lifetime. I was at the Indy on Sunday and can also report there are plenty of young people there and the crowds are growing again. Another observation is that the hundreds of thousands of people in the stands are fans that understand the sport. Yes, many people come for the party, but more love watching the race. I've only been to Hershey once, but have attended many other other classic car events. The difference between the two, as I see it, is that the Hershey event and the people involved don't seem to change with the times. With all due respect, some of the opinions about Indy in this thread is a good example of that mindset. "It was better back in the day". No, it wasn't. The racing is better now. The TV coverage is better. There are plenty of personalities. Indycar is evolving to be relevant, and this draws in new fans. Hershey, and the old car crowd, seem to want to keep things the same and don't understand why new people aren't attracted. "Young" people are in the car hobby, they are just in another part of it.
  9. True. But it is what the buyer was willing to pay.
  10. The answers above seem like a good range. A Marquette (the model below your car) sold at auction last fall for $17,600. Your's looks to be a better car. https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/AF17/Auburn-Fall/lots/r0643-1930-buick-marquette-rumble-seat-coupe/548070
  11. Buick64C

    Car collectors knowledge needed

    Ironic that you have more "exploitable" information in your signature then this survey would provide. I filled the survey out. Good luck with the project Ashley.
  12. The issue I’m having has been going on for about a week. It happens on my Mac, PC and iPad.
  13. I'm having an issue where my "Activity Stream" comes up blank.
  14. Buick64C

    Ford is all but getting out of the Car Business

    An important point that seems to be missing is that Ford is still going to make cars. They just won’t be selling them in the US. If the market changes, the product will be availible and can be brought to the US very quickly. The reality is the car making business is one of the most highly regulated industries on earth. All the regulatory requirements that need to be met (emissions and safety) combined with the focus on autonomy creates a situation where Ford simply can’t be investing everywhere. They need to choose the areas that will provide the best return. Another thing to consider is that the gas mileage of SUVs has improved dramatically. If gas prices spike and MPG becomes more important, Ford will have vehicles that get decent mileage.
  15. Buick64C

    Double Clutching

    I think this guy's video does a good job explaining the process and why we do it. I use the clutch on every shift.