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  1. And the award for least helpful title for a thread on an antique car form goes to......😉
  2. I checked Bob's web site and posted a link earlier today. Then I noticed it is marked "Sold Out", so i deleted my post. It certainly wouldn't hurt to give Bob a call. EDIT: I was looking at the wrong item. Try this: http://bobsautomobilia.com/dash-and-steering-control-items/ignition-switch-lever-1929-31-all-see-listing.-sl-295/
  3. You can't. I didn't realize the VIN on the door was the only place it exisited.
  4. If the truck has current registration, the seller should be able to get a duplicate title. If he can't, refer to Matt Harwood's answer.
  5. The four colors from the left were what was offered from the factory (green, blue, tan and grey).
  6. They were all manufactured right-hand drive and only sold in Japan in 1991. There have been a few left-hand drive conversions done, but I think that defeats the point of buying the car. Quite a few have made their way to England and there's a good club there for support (in English). http://www.figaroownersclub.com/ The mechanics of the car are the same as the Nissan Micra, so the powertrain is somewhat common. It has a 1 liter turbocharged I4 that puts out about 70HP. All the cars are automatics. Even with the small engine and slushbox, it will keep up with traffic. I've had mine up to 100KM/hr (the speedo is in KM) which is 62MPH with no problem. I doubt I would ever take it for a long trip on the highway.
  7. I bought one a few months ago and I'm having an absolute blast with it. Duncan Imports in Virgina has a bunch for sale: http://www.duncanimports.com/. This isn't where I got mine from, so I can't attest as to whether they are good to do business with.
  8. Tom, The box was put back in the car about a year ago. Unfortunately, it's really difficult to get good pictures once it's installed. I might be able to give you dimensions if you tell me specifically what you need. Since Jack's picture is from less then a month ago, he might be able to offer more help.
  9. When I was a kid, I'd crawl in through the golf club door.
  10. Once a car is older then 25 years, it's exempt from EPA and other regulations like safety standards (unless you are in California). One company worth talking to is International Vehicle Importers in Long Beach. Their web site importavehicle.com has a lot of good information on the topic. I got a quote from them to bring a car from the UK a while back but didn't end up getting the car. When shipping a car, there are two basic choices, using a container or RoRo which is roll-on-roll-off. The latter is significantly less expensive because the car is simply driven on and off the ship. However, RoRo is only available to ports, so you will need to retrieve the car from wherever it gets off the water.
  11. I've switched to the digital version and enjoy reading Hemmings as much as I always have over the last 25 years. I do miss the joy of opening my mailbox and finding a fresh issue. My only complaint is the file size of each issue is huge and can hog a lot of my iPad's memory. Probably time to upgrade the iPad.
  12. It should be. I'd call them to confirm. I bought one from them before and it works fine.
  13. I believe this is what you are looking for: http://bobsautomobilia.com/cooling-system/fan-hub-idler-gear-1925-35-fg-255/
  14. Thanks for the heads up Matt, great to hear. I had no idea this was open for discussion.
  15. The article says 2017 is the year " the millennial market will surpass the baby-boomer market". I think they're at least a year late. I went to the Auburn fall auction last year and saw this first hand. If you haven't been to Auburn, they run two auction lanes side-by-side. I was waiting for a nice '39 Buick Special Phaeton to cross the block. When bidding started on the Buick, a Supra like the one in the article was on the other block. The Buick stalled around $36K while the Supra sold for $68K.