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  1. We really need to stop using Tesla as the benchmark for a "new" plant. They are inefficient and produce poor quality vehicles. The VW plant is really fascinating, but I think it also a bad choice as a benchmark. I'd say it was more of a vanity project for Ferdinand Piëch (the former VW Chairman) and a branding exercise to elevate VW's stature. I would look to a Toyota plant to see what the state-of-the-art looks like.
  2. I imagine the Club would pass your information on to the owner if they know who it is. It makes complete sense that they wouldn't make their registry public.
  3. The Shelby Club has an owners' registry: http://www.saac.com/registries.html
  4. I believe the reason was actually to protect the dealers. The belief was that manufacturers, after building their business through a dealer network, could easily force dealers to close by opening their own stores and undercutting them.
  5. I think you are mistaken. Tesla is simply not efficient at making cars. And remember, their cars lack the complexity of having an internal combustion engine, transmission and differential. Less moving parts should make it easier to build.
  6. While you're right about robots displacing people, Tesla is the antithesis of an efficient, automated manufacturer. The have 6,200 people at Fremont building less then 100K cars. GM maxed out at about 6,800 workers at that plant, but they could build over 400K vehicles at that level.
  7. The BCA Judging Manual is a good place for info: http://www.buickclub.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/bca_judging_manual.pdf
  8. The straight eight was first built in 1931.
  9. Thanks for the kind words Jack, Here you go:
  10. Its hard to make out the number on my hubs because the powder coating is pretty thick. The front looks like it says 227550. I can't make out the rear, but they do look different.
  11. I looked on my wheels and didn't find any markings. Attached are a few pictures, which hopefully will help. The last one is the back of the side mount.
  12. I guess I should specify, the folks I used are not an antique-car mover. The car showed up on a regular transporter like you would see at a car dealer. In fact, my car had a new F150 hovering above it. If I were shipping a rare or show-quality car, I'd opt for one of the shippers you mention above. My car's value and condition as a driver didn't warrent white-glove treatment.
  13. If it's any help, I recently had a car shipped from LA to Chicago on an open transporter for $715. The seller arranged the shipping with TFI Trans (http://tfitrans.com/our-service.html). The car arrived in fine shape and the driver was courteous. From a communications standpoint, they were not so great. You may also want to contact the folks at Texas Direct Auto (https://texasdirectauto.com). They claim to be one of the biggest car seller on eBay. Maybe they can give you a referral.
  14. I can see how the options can be a bit overwhelming. The benefit of BaT is I think it reaches a different, younger audience then Hemmings. The Lincoln is kitsche-cool, and might be the kind of car that appeals to the BaT buyer.
  15. Have you thought about trying to sell it on bringatrailer.com? That site is always a mix of the unusual and often prices exceed what I'd expect.