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  1. Bring A Trailer auction site

    A '38 Buick closed on BAT today (http://bringatrailer.com/listing/1938-buick-46s/) and I'd say the seller got about all the money the car could bring. And, if you look at the comments, you'll see most of them were supportive of the car being desirable. IMO, if you post a very good car on BAT and document it well, you will be rewarded.
  2. Bring A Trailer auction site

    I have a friend who sold a car on there which did better then he expected. The key seems to be representing the car accurately and in great detail. It also seems to be a place that unusual cars (low milage, limited production, etc.) do well. I wouldn't use it if I was trying to sell a car that is fairly common with nothing distinguishing it from others of the same make/year. The site is more then auctions, though the auctions are where the majority of interest is. On the home page, you'll still find links to other listing on eBay, craigslist and the like. I've bid on car there, but never won. One last thought; we talk alot about getting young people in the hobby. Well IMO, that's were they're looking, more then Hemmings.
  3. Ferrari Sale

    It's worth playing the video just for the sound.
  4. 38-46 on BAT (not mine)

    Does anyone here have personal knowledge of this car? It looks like a nice piece.
  5. Right Hand Drive?

    I believe that once a car is over 25 years old, it's exempt from all the regulations that govern autos. The exception is California, which has tougher emissions standards.
  6. Right Hand Drive?

    I've got a RHD Nissan Figaro which I've found easy to adapt to. Honestly, the only issue I have is that the turn signal and windshield wiper are on the opposite side. Sometimes, when I'm in a rush, I'll turn the wipers on by mistake when I mean to signal. Driving on the right is part of the appeal for the car. It's pretty funny to see people look in that car and react like there's no driver.
  7. Estate Auction

    Where are the cars located?
  8. 1931 Buick 896-S

    Very nice car. I'm curious if you know anything about those side mount covers? Where they an accessory? I have a '30 Country Club Coupe and I'd love to find a set for my car. Thanks, and good luck with the sale. Someone is going to have a lot of fun with that car.
  9. It's been my experience that the owner you are talking about spent the last 10 years of his life doing things other then maintaining his cars. I've looked at a number of prewar Buicks that were inherited by that guy's children. In every instance, the car suffered seriously because of neglect. What kind of Chevy was it? I
  10. It's pretty simple; young people don't want what old people want. I drove my Figaro to two cruise nights last week and was overwelmed by the number of young car enthusiasts that wanted to talk about the car. When they mention the cars they want, it's things you might not even be familiar with, like an FD, an E30 or something JDM. And, if you go to forums where these guys post, you'll see from their "build threads" they aren't afraid to spend money on their cars. I think we really need to dispense with the notion there's anything that can be done to get large numbers of young people interested in antique cars.
  11. New Old Tires?

    I'll guess June, 2014. So how old is too old? The tires on my Buick were installed at least 5 years ago.
  12. 1935 Buck Series 40 4 door

    "...67300 original miles on a survivor driver. Fresh paint,......." Is "survivor" the new "barn find"?
  13. 1087 Buick Grand National

    Nice car. Have you considered trying to auction it on Bring a Trailer? Original, one owner cars seem to do well there.
  14. Calibrating Water Temp Gauge on a '30?

    I'm checking the temp at the radiator with a digital thermometer which I know is accurate. The car was restored and the gauges were refurbished. I guess I need to find the reciept for that work and call the folks that did it.
  15. 1930 Buick overheating Advice needed.

    Are all the louvers on the side of the hood free from any kind of obstruction?