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  1. Hudson Museum Closing Controversy

    The building was paid for by selling bonds. I believe the town claimed the sale of the building covered the outstanding debt. So while they didn’t get the building for free, they seem to have been made whole when it was sold. I said above that I thought the town acted with good intentions. Giving it more thought, I still think they did initially. But if pocket the money from the sale of the cars, I don’t believe that will still hold true. The honorable thing to do would be to make sure the town is not left with a burden from this situation, but also not profit from it. The innkeeper tax was reinstated. It was removed when it was believed the bonds were paid off. But when it came to light the bonds were refinanced, it was put back in place.
  2. Hudson Museum Closing Controversy

    Jeff, Here's a few more. The Town Car has a Murphy Body.
  3. Hudson Museum Closing Controversy

    I'd guess there are between 40 and 50 cars at the museum. What's sad about this is Hostetler donated $1 million in property and money to the city. Had the money gone to the Gilmore to begin with, there would probably be a nice building and funds to maintain the cars. Here's a picture to give you a sense of what's there.
  4. Hudson Museum Closing Controversy

    Well said! One point that remains to be seen is if the municipality loses money. If the collection sells for the estimated $4M, I suspect they will end up in the black on this.
  5. Hudson Museum Closing Controversy

    I went to the museum last year out of curiosity, as I was traveling in that area. It's a very impressive collection, but pales compared to other museums. On that trip, I also went to the Studebaker Museum, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, the Lang Museum and a place called Cars of Yesteryear. The other places where set up so that they would appeal to a general audience, which isn't the case with Mr. Hostetler's museum. It's also off the beaten path in what really can't be called a town. My take on why they ended up in this situation is they were over optimistic when they created the museum. Hostetler donated the cars, the property and some money for the cause. The building the museum is in is actually the Shipshewana Event Center. The cars take up about half of the building with a theater/event space taking up the other half. I'd guess that a disproportionate amount of the cost of the building is for the non-museum part. I can't help but wonder if they had stuck with just a museum and structured things differently, if maybe the finances would have worked better. Instead, I my opinion, they over-leveraged themselves trying to create a bigger economic generator. The parking lot looks to have about 350 parking spaces, which tells me they had high traffic expectations. When I was there, there were only two other people looking around. And this was Auburn Auction weekend, which takes place less than an hour away. My opinion is the town did what they did with good intentions. Unfortunately, they ended up with a very large carrying cost, in part, because of the non-car part of the project. The only way out of the situation is to stop spending money supporting the museum and use the proceeds to fill a financial hole. I agree with the point above that the ideal would be for the collection to go to the Gilmore. To be able to see, in one place, the evolution of a long-gone marque is something special. That this will likely be likely be lost forever is truly sad. Edit: To give you a sense of what Hostetler donated in addition to the cars: "The Hostetlers also donated land valued at more than $500,000 and created an endowment for preservation and maintenance of the collection with an additional $500,000, according to Shipshewana Town Center General Manager Dean Morgan." - Indiana Economic Digest
  6. 1911 Indy 500

    There's a pretty good book by on this race titled Blood and Smoke by Charles Leerhsen.
  7. 1930 Buick Coupe St Louis craigslist

    I'd guess its a 40 series, which is show in the brochure with side-mounts. I think the 50 wasn't this body style and 60 only came with rumble seats, not as a business coupe.
  8. I do know, it's about $38 billion according to the National Science Foundation. That's a number I'm comfortable with. I think you are conflating issues that are not related. Increases in tuition are the result of easy access to student loans. It's the same dynamic (easy mortgage approval) that inflated the housing bubble. When you increase the availability of funds for a particular item, demand goes up along with prices.
  9. I think we’ve seen this play before and know how it ends. The government thought ethanol was a good idea and squandered billions in tax dollars pursuing it as the solution. How’d that work out? In Europe, diesel was the solution that was subsidized. How’d that work out? EV technology is hardly at a point where we know it is the best way you propel our vehicles. This program is simply the perfect marriage of ignorant politicians, crony-capitalists and charlatans. The solution for reducing the use of carbon based fuels is simple; tax them more. Hell, we need the funds for our roads anyway. IMO, the government should help fund primary research, like that done at a university level. They have no business selecting favorites, be they technologies or companies, in the free market.
  10. Cardboard Box musty smell Removal

    That was my post. I use 91% isopropyl alcohol. Here’s the thread:
  11. Deep Discount for STANDARD CATALOG 1805-1942

    I received my copy today. In comparing it with my 1st edition, the image quality is definitely not as good. It does look like the images were scanned, as you can see a moiré pattern. But, for $19, I think the book is still a bargain.
  12. Museums where you can drive classics?

    I have no idea what that means. But, for the record, I did not wet my pants.
  13. Museums where you can drive classics?

    I'm in full agreement with this. I did the Model T driving school two years ago and really enjoyed it. The Lane Motor Museum has an event, Rally for the Lane, where you can drive one of their cars. https://www.lanemotormuseum.org/events/rally-for-the-lane
  14. Deep Discount for STANDARD CATALOG 1805-1942

    Anyone know how different the current edition is from the previous? I think I have the 1st edition at home.
  15. Folks, I don’t think the OP is paying attention, so recognize that your thoughtful answer is likely falling on deaf ears.