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  1. Cardboard Box musty smell Removal

    That was my post. I use 91% isopropyl alcohol. Here’s the thread:
  2. Deep Discount for STANDARD CATALOG 1805-1942

    I received my copy today. In comparing it with my 1st edition, the image quality is definitely not as good. It does look like the images were scanned, as you can see a moiré pattern. But, for $19, I think the book is still a bargain.
  3. Museums where you can drive classics?

    I have no idea what that means. But, for the record, I did not wet my pants.
  4. Museums where you can drive classics?

    I'm in full agreement with this. I did the Model T driving school two years ago and really enjoyed it. The Lane Motor Museum has an event, Rally for the Lane, where you can drive one of their cars. https://www.lanemotormuseum.org/events/rally-for-the-lane
  5. Deep Discount for STANDARD CATALOG 1805-1942

    Anyone know how different the current edition is from the previous? I think I have the 1st edition at home.
  6. Folks, I don’t think the OP is paying attention, so recognize that your thoughtful answer is likely falling on deaf ears.
  7. What's missing is the OP. I don't understand asking a question, having people take the time to answer and then not paying the courtesy of acknowledging the help.
  8. I agree with the advice above that owning a car is the best way to learn how to work on it. Something else to consider is that a car never sold new in the US, like the R32, will be more challenging because there is less access to parts and information. For example, when I needed to replace the window motor in my Nissan Figaro, I had to order the part from England and use a shop manual that was written in Japanese.
  9. Hershey Car Corrall 2017

    Thanks for the virtual tour!
  10. For sale 1932 REO Royale what should I offer

    Honestly, if you are looking at this as an investment, you will likely be disappointed at the outcome. That car will spend more then it will ever return.
  11. 1957 Ford Thunderbird

    While I've never had much interest in baby birds, this is one cool looking car and the only one I've seen I'd want to drive.
  12. Day Brightener for Art Deco Fans

    Here’s my contribution: A Bill Mitchell sketch of a ‘38 LeSalle
  13. 1930 Buick 64C for sale

    It would be nice if the CCCA would update their list when they make an addition. Or answer an email inquiry about said car..... Someone who owns the newly added car might be inclined to become a member if there was some official acknowledgment.
  14. 1930 Buick 64C for sale

    I'd wait until spring and run it through the Auburn auction before I'd let somebody buy it cheap on eBay. A '30 Marquette coupe sold at the fall action for about your asking price.
  15. Right Hand Drive?

    I guess I should clarify this. After a car is 25 years old, you can import it into the US even if it does not meet safety, emissions or fuel milage regulations. Since we are talking about RHD cars, I was thinking the cars were from other markets. I have a 91 Nissan from Japan that I registered in the US and was able to do so because of the exemptions.