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  1. vintagerodshop

    For Sale 1931 Pierce Arrow Model 43

    Don't worry Ed, before to long you will be back in huggies too.
  2. vintagerodshop

    For Sale 1931 Pierce Arrow Model 43

    Hi, Please see the Pierce Arrow I have for sale. Model 43, dual windshield, ex Thomas Lester car. Painted By Dale Adams in the early 80's. Beautiful condition. Wonderful driver. excellent side curtains. Owned for last for years. Need to thin out the herd. Please contact for price.
  3. vintagerodshop

    How do Backup Lights work on a 1931 Reo Royale

    I was just about to offer to walk out and look at my 1931 Royale to see how it was wired. but it seems you have the information. Please send me a PM if you have any questions what so ever. a whil back i took some pictures for Victor in Mexico. I will copy and past the google drive link for you. It may help with assembly.
  4. vintagerodshop

    Auburn Speedster paint scheme

    Here are two pictures of mine. I have since changed the tires to Blackwalls under the preasure of @alsancle.
  5. vintagerodshop

    Radiator rock screen

    @ckowner, i live in South West British Columbia. I order from mcmaster carr all the time. we usually recieve our orders 23 hours after placing them. it is crazy fast and efficient. it has become not even worth while to drive to town to pick up basic shop supplies.
  6. vintagerodshop


    The only thing at BJ that was worth the money was the bill for the Stage Lighting designer and installer. If you looked at that same car in the sunlight you would not recognize it.
  7. vintagerodshop

    Brass Era Mystery

    1910 stoddard Dayton Town Car. Until now Belived to be the only Closed car Stoddard in exsistance.
  8. vintagerodshop

    Brass Era Mystery

    This is what the mystery Town car should look like.
  9. vintagerodshop

    Lincoln Model K

    Talk to Tom Laferriere.
  10. vintagerodshop

    '39 Packard V-12 timing cover

    I am not going to be a lot of help with this post but here it is for what its worth. I bought one for a 1934 Packard twelve. it was about 2700 to 2800 USD. New casting, nice machining. I believe it was done by a guy in Spokane Washington. This was back in 2011. The guy i bought it from was talking about winding down his operation as he seemed to be in his mid 70's. If i find his contact information i will PM you.
  11. vintagerodshop

    Info wanted 1914 Premier Z2 touring

    @edinmass I saw the car that @KLF just purchased. he fired it up for me. It caught and ran on first revolution of the crank. Ken has a great new purchase and knowing him will drive the wheels off it. If you ever make it up to my place i will take you over to Kens house, he has a great assortment of wonderful cars.
  12. vintagerodshop


    you got it Ed, any request? Cohiba, Monty, Punch, H uppmann, Behike?
  13. vintagerodshop


    oh oh oh Pick Me!
  14. vintagerodshop

    1932 Packard 902 Standard 8 Parts & Interior Pattern's Wanted

    Pm me your email address. I can possibly help. We have one apart for paint right now.
  15. If I would have known i would have had Bob bolt the Cord L29 Speedster body on it and ship it as a roller!