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  1. FLYER15015

    Any experience with Plain Ol' Trailers?

    CatBird, Take a day and drive over to Fitzgerald Ga. and talk to the guys @ Arizing ind. They will build you a tall trailer with straight axles, so the interior wheel wells are only 6-8" tall. Full perimeter boxed steel frame and a rounded front end is their specialty. Mike in Colorado
  2. Gary, In your post #951 above, you show a picture of Rustoleum "paint and primer" silver as your color for the "vents". And you ask if it will take the heat ? Mine has for about 8K miles. I did mine about 4 years ago almost the same way (masking the bars). I put on 2 light coats of silver with 5 days in between, then a coat of clear Rustoleum enamel about 6 days later. Came out looking like "epoxy". very thick and very deep. I used polyurethane clear on my valve cover and now 4 years later it is showing "crackles" on top, and needs to be redone. Won't be using urethane as a top coat again. Just an FYI, Mike in Colorado
  3. FLYER15015

    Any experience with Plain Ol' Trailers?

    Terry, See the red tabs on the door flap ? Line the car up straight on the trailer with the center of the tire centered on these tabs. Take your hands off the wheel and drive right in. Or winch her in if you prefer. The rails are a 2x4 ripped in half with the rounded edges up. The trailer is "vehicle specific". Mike in Colorado
  4. FLYER15015

    Coffee cup holder for pre-war Buicks

    Stuart, Nope, not when I use my oxygen hose. Mike
  5. FLYER15015


    Dave, I rebuilt my pump about 4 years ago using a kit from "Bob's". So far no leaks, and we only have "corngas" here in Colorado. Mike in Colorado
  6. FLYER15015

    Coffee cup holder for pre-war Buicks

    Here is what I use in the shop. I guess it could be adapted to bolt to your dash. Mike in Colorado
  7. FLYER15015

    Any experience with Plain Ol' Trailers?

    Having travelled a 50 mile radius around Douglas Ga. to tour the 5 different trailer manufacturers, we settled on a 24' round nose car hauler from Arising Ind. in Fitzgerald, Ga. because it has a 2"x4" box steel full perimeter frame and treated 5/8" plywood floor. I got the .024" side sheets to save on weight, knowing that they "oilcan" like crazy. To do over, I would have chosen the .040 side sheets. I made my own escape door. with only a 4" grinder and a torch, that is 75" square. Got the hinges and latch from "Etrailer" at a very reasonable cost. I also installed new spring shackles with bolts you can grease, and 2" taller equalizers. Realigned the trailer suspension with a 6 foot steel bar so that the wheels track straight. Boy did it need that ! Ten K miles so far and no noticeable tire wear. Had the wheels balanced too. Put in a Harbor Freight 4K ATV winch and a battery charger from an outfit in Salt Lake city. I painted the inside with white walls and grey floor (with a bit of sand in the floor paint). Installed 2x2 guide rails for the baby, so loading is a "hands free" operation either driving in or winching in, as there is only 3" on each side between the running boards and the wheel wells. I have towed this unit with a '40 Buick LTD in it all over Colorado for a couple of years now and am very happy with what is really a rolling garage. Mike in Colorado
  8. FLYER15015

    Where do you live?

    Just changed mine to get more specific. Mike in colorado
  9. FLYER15015

    1929 real axle seal/bush

    Here is where pictures need to be posted to get a better understanding of the issue. Mike in Colorado
  10. FLYER15015

    Buick 38 vs. 39 Big Series Engine Appearance?

    Brian, Here is my '40 LTD. Per the body # she was built in the 2nd week of Sept '39. I know from the 1st owner, she was shipped from Flint, the 2nd week of March in '40 My air cleaner looks just like yours, and it is supposed to be a "heavy duty" version Mike in Colorado PS; that big black hose running over the rocker box in the back is heater hose, covering a 3/8"' copper the fuel line. My "mod" to solve vapor lock, and it works....
  11. FLYER15015

    Oil Pump Relief Spring replacement

    Hugh, Check your local John Deere dealer for an oil pump spring. Mike in Colorado
  12. FLYER15015

    Just bought a Volt!

    That home charger looks perfectly safe to me. Two big fuses and a breaker switch did the job back then, and with a little TLC should work fine today. I wonder how many houses east of the Mississippi still have "knob and tube" wiring with rotary wall switches installed ? Ours did when I lived in Moline, Ill. Mike in Colorado
  13. FLYER15015

    Dipping a Toe in the Water - sixties sedans

    So you are 5 1/2 hours from Country Classic Cars in Staunton, Ill. Call us back when you have completed the trip. Oh, and swing by Gateway Classics in St Louis on your way home. See if they still have that '68 Camaro for 70 grand. Mike in Colorado
  14. FLYER15015

    Dipping a Toe in the Water - sixties sedans

    Wonder, If that is your favorite car, you could, with cash, probably dicker a bit on the price. If $6500.00 is your limit, There is a '70 Cad convertible in MPLS that is a beautiful dark blue for sale. You've got to tell us what your looking for first. Mike in Colorado