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  1. Must be Nancy Pelosi's Car LOL
  2. thehandleman

    1929 Chrysler Model 75 Roadster Wanted

    Beautiful Car!!! Really Nice, But there is quite a few differences between a 65 Series and a 75 Series the 65 front fenders are the same as 29 Plymouth the Headlights on the 75 series are Bigger and Badged with Chrysler emblem's with a more decorative headlight bar, the bumpers on the 75 Series are nicer with nice center badge, the Rumble seat has a extra flip up lid to get in and out easier, The wheel base might be a hair longer, not sure on that and 10 more horsepower engine for sure, and last I can think of is the 75 Series has the golf club side door, and the cowl side air doors. Both Cars Nice cars to own. Good luck on your endeavors. The 75 will cost a bit more then the 65 in my opine Here is a site to compare
  3. thehandleman

    1920's doors needing new home...

    seems fair to a guy needing better doors then he has
  4. thehandleman

    Could this be a 1931 Hudson?

    The taillight on car in question is Mopar 1929-1932 or Durant used that taillight also. If the car in question is a '28 Dodge, then the nice restored car, with its taillight, is correct. In 1928 Dodge brothers still had a flat lens top and bottom, 1929 dodge to 1932 used the small curve top lens and beehive bottom. Some 1928 year model Mopar cars such as Plymouth and DeSoto also used the beehive light as well. That's my two cents. Cheers,
  5. thehandleman

    1929 Packard Coupe is it worth anything ?

    I saw a guy at Hershey few years back had 1928 dodge std six parts full on his 6' table, he got the parts from that rusted out hull of a car from a river bank in Maine, nothing turned, nothing moved, total rust, I could not believe he sold almost every rusted out piece of rust on the table, but the price was dirt cheap enough for the guys I guess to try and soak in evapo rust or something to attempt to salvage this stuff, If I was closer I would maybe give it a try for a 1500 Cheers πŸ‘πŸ‘Ž
  6. thehandleman

    1931-32 plymouth

    Hey whats the brand and part number, I can look up and see if its for 33 dodge dp 6 ? as I went under the old girl and there is so much grease, ha its gonna take me days to cleanup no rush
  7. thehandleman

    1929 Chrysler Model 75 Roadster Wanted

    Good Luck!
  8. thehandleman

    1929 Chrysler Model 75 Roadster Wanted

    but if he's been looking for all this time, that's about as close as it gets, Except in hand grenades. Cheers
  9. thehandleman

    1929 Chrysler Model 75 Roadster Wanted close!
  10. thehandleman

    1920's doors needing new home...

    I agree Mike!
  11. thehandleman

    1931-32 plymouth

    I understand,will try to get a pic later this week
  12. thehandleman

    1928 1929 1930 1931 MOPAR TRUNK RACK FOR SALE

    price dropped to 275.00 ebay item number is now 223091833335
  13. thehandleman

    1928 1929 1930 1931 TRUNK RACK FOR SALE MOPAR

    dropped to 275.00 ebay item 223091833335
  14. thehandleman

    1931-32 plymouth

    Yeah hi and Thanks for response back, at this point, I will Pass, I was somehow thinking they were for my 33 dodge coupe the ones I have on my 32 PB are still pretty good. So I would be buying for spares, and would not want to Insult you, Since I really don’t need them. If you wanna just move them throw me a low ball get em out of the garage price and shipping to zip 37920 I would entertain listening. Regards Rich
  15. thehandleman

    FS - 1958 Chev. Impala

    Beautiful Car!!!! πŸ‘