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  1. thehandleman

    misc 30 plymouth and 30 chrysler parts

    sent private message
  2. thehandleman

    For Sale: 1930 Buick items to bring to Hershey on request

    Jack, In hershey still, send me a private message in a week, as this post will be deleted once home Regards Rich
  3. thehandleman

    1938 1939 Ford 1/2 ton truck cab for sale at Hershey

    here is only pic since its loaded
  4. thehandleman

    Item's For Sale at Hershey

    additional items he has all 4 doors of 1930 buick mint condition two front suicide 1933-34 plymouth dodge doors front 1936 plymouth coupe fender may fit sedan and 1935 plymouth dodge as well
  5. thehandleman


  6. My brother is bringing a 1938-1939 Ford Pickup cab to sell this year at his five spots in Hershey he asked me to post this listing, he is loaded and forgot to take pics, but he said it is very solid, little to no rust, pretty complete as well, He got it out of New Mexico. That's all I know. Come to his spaces CH79-CH83 Chocolate Field South Close to Light pole # 56
  7. thehandleman

    Item's For Sale at Hershey

    Additional things he has at that spot is a Auto Parts Book top of table flourescent lighted holds many books display cabinet. and a Early 20’s Hupmobile Hupp Engine turns free. also a 21 stud 1935 Ford Flathead with Tranny
  8. thehandleman

    Item's For Sale at Hershey

    Here is some additional item's I gave my friend to take and he will have for sale at Hershey, His Spaces are Red Field RNC 9-13 Some items include: 1937 Pontiac Steering wheel, Horn Button, and column, and gearbox, Nice Original Crack free wheel with horn button complete 1937 Oldsmobile Steering wheel , button , column , gearbox , Solid complete Original as well 1936 Dodge Truck right side Hood with trim and handle 1937-38 Mopar left rear fender 1936 Mopar left Rear fender 1928 Chrysler Rear fenders pretty solid good fenders Couple Trunk racks Couple early Under Dash heaters
  9. Those budds part number is with the lock ring my book shows that as a 19x4 and as a 1930 Dodge DD my book says the dc8 can be motowheel 18x4 # 20852 and dc8 made in canada is a kellsey hayes 18x4 # 13462
  10. Dave, there buried in the trailer already, but they are Budd 22782
  11. So you posted a request in the forum to the aaca guys to see if one of the members would pickup the rear bumper? And drop off for you? Cool, lets see if you get a driver yet, Dave give me your cell and I can load you in my phone cause I do not answer unless I have message left. Just so I Understand you are Interested in the rear double band each side for the spare not the front bumper? Rich
  12. Dave, really would like you to see if anybody going from your woods to hershey that could get as shipping is and will be a pain but if they don’t sell I will definately contact you Regards Rich