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  1. Hubcap

    Could be early Toyota truck, or facsimile of.
  2. 40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

    Received one today ( 3-1/2 wks), Should get the other one next week.
  3. Glass jar application...

    Tinindian....Thank you. I was close. Most similar jars I have seen have been of a slightly larger size, but may not have been strictly for an extra amount of fluid. This one is a bit too new for application on my 1960 model car. David.
  4. Glass jar application...

    Found this in my stash : triangular glass jar, no lid present, has a nice bracket and the mounting screws. Approx. 3" across corners on bottom, approx. 8" high. Embossed on bottom: Patented, Ford Canada, 1961, 2. Adell Chemical Co. Detroit Mich. Bracket has Adell Chemical Co., Detroit Mich, inscribed on inside center. Thinking it may be an underhood container for washer antifreeze. Opinions? Pictures enclosed. Thanks, David 1960 Edsel Ranger 1959 Edsel Ranger 1958 Edsel Bermuda 9 pass. 1958 Edsel Citation
  5. I belong to a station wagon forum. Joined a couple of years ago. stationwagonforums.com Might still be active, haven't been there since I sold my wagon.
  6. I have for sale, a very nice shop manual for : 1937 Oldsmobile, 6 & 8. Very clean. Copyrighted by Olds Motor Works, 1936. 247 pages. Includes 1937 Oldsmobile Mechanics Guide card. I do not know if this would be a reproduction, as that is not indicated in this book Just has the copyrighted information (date) on the first page. No handwritten notes, or greasy prints. Asking $20.plus postage. Thanks for your interest. David.
  7. Part #s vs. application

    Thanks all for your replies. Seeing as no further interest, parts went to the dumpster today.
  8. Part #s vs. application

    NTX5467, lump..... Thanks for the information. Parts are in original FoMoCo boxes from the early 60s. From a history of the shop, before I acquired it, I believe the parts were to be used on 60s Ford trucks, 3/4 -1 ton and larger. I just don't have an idea of the engine size/s that these pistons and rings might have been used in. Hate to throw them out if someone could use them. I'll list the part #s if anyone has an interest. Parts are free, just cost of shipping to an interested party.
  9. Part #s vs. application

    I have a number of FoMoCo piston/pin assemblies, and ring sets that were left on the shelves in my shop when I closed. Is there anyone here who could give an application (when furnished w/ part #s) as to possible year/years, and engine/engines displacement/s that the parts would have been used for? Most appear to be early to mid 60s part #s, with a '50s part or two thrown in the mix. Knowing what the year/application is, the parts might be useful to someone on this forum. Thanks, David.
  10. Buyers Beware of scam!!

    This thread is just another reason for us to list our location in our profile. Might help another member to verify a part/ location/individual when looking for parts/cars. Our forum members are always glad to help others in these situations.
  11. Lifting a very large (and rare) engine?

    This should do it! My old shop wrecker.. .060 over 368 Lincoln, 2 speed rear. Holmes 850.
  12. Vintage steel wheel

    I have a friend who had a Chevy LUV p/u years ago. His had a matching set of this type rim.
  13. Most of what I found (or did not find) was very rusty or completely missing.sheet metal, Did find city vehicle tax stamps from 1980-81 in the remains of the glove box. 1960 Edsel.
  14. Wanting to buy a front park/turn lens for a 1960 Edsel Ranger. Also needing the "button" that goes between the horn ring and the horn contact plate on the same car. Other Ford product cars/trucks may be the same. Thanks. David.
  15. WTB: 1960 Galaxie/Fairlane turn signal switch

    Installed the turn signal switch from the previously mentioned '61, and it does like it should. Just have to sort the rest of the butchered wiring. Thanks to all for your help and suggestions. David.