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  1. I guess you saw the caption on the photos, 1914-17 Dodge is what I was told 50 yrs ago, we have a long way in searching these days.
  2. Here is a 47 with Skirts
  3. 1900’s – 1910’s? Fenders, I Need help identifying these, what the application Year and Model are? I’m missing one LH Rear Fender. Notice the Rear Fender is upswept. I apologize for the photos, but the leading edge of all 3 are the same Thanks for any help you able to make, Ric
  4. Dodge 1949-50 Medowbrook & Coronet Radio Delete Plate … For sale ‘new-car take off’ Dodge 1949-50 Medowbrook & Coronet Radio Delete Plate. Shelf ware is all see photo. $70. Includes Priority shipping USA.
  5. Mystery solved 1920’s International Tractor E4 Magneto model 10-20,15-30 etc. thanks guys, Ric
  6. … Keiser31 and F&J real good advice and comments thanks. I mention pre 1925 because that’s the cutoff point for the T Roadster Body. I have no Idea what the Buns are from but the Cowl is 1916 and Turtle Deck is 1914. So I don’t mind having bolt on parts from the 30s. That’s it F&J as you put it, I want it to look like Gramps old T. Thanks again, Ric
  7. Fulton Antique Gas Pedal … Fulton Gas Pedal: This came with no attaching Hardware. Looking for information on what sort of mounting and attaching hardware was used. Where those molded holes for a snap in ball of some sort? Also during what years were these Fulton Gas Pedals used? I’m building a pre-1925 T Speedster and want it to be period correct. Thank you, Ric
  8. Still looking for an Idenfication for the Truck this Gauge assembly came from. Thanks, Ric
  9. … Never did find close up photos of 1961 Mercury Front Fender Ornaments but by a process of elimination that’s what it has to be. Thanks to all that helped, Ric
  10. International 4 Cly Dist Cap Truck, Tractor or Car? Can anybody help me out here for the application. Its an International 4 Cly Dist Cap It came from an old Auto Service Garage that closed in 1936. There was a 1930s International Truck Grille & Hubcaps in there so I thought this could be related? Check out the 1936 Will Rogers Calendar that was still hanging on the wall. Thanks, Ric
  11. I dont want to take anything away from you. My parts are stuffed in boxs and not sorted out so I have to sell piece meal. I'd love to build another garage in order to organize but you live in NY so you know what taxes are $$$$$$$$$$
  12. 1940 & 41 Horn Buttons have just about the same Logo design
  13. ... I'm not an expert but just on my bench I have that motif as you call it from 1937 thru 1947. here is a 37 radio delete plate
  14. Thank you drwatson .. Your the Man! Ric
  15. Yes I've heard that but just trying to help a guy out. thanks, Ric