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  1. Hood Ornament ID needed 17’’ (Lucite?) Lens

    Any suggestions for research? thank you
  2. … Hood Ornament ID needed 17’’ long, there is only a slight arch in the mounting surface. Casting # underside 523906 11057*1. I have not had any luck online. The front has a clear plastic (Lucite?) Lens attached by 2 screws. Thanks, Ric
  3. Beach Cruise Aug 17 D-Day invasion Normandy reenactment Sorry I'm not doing it justice, just did some cutting and pasting = Get all the details online D-Day Conneaut, Ohio returns August 17th-19th, 2017 http://www.ddayohio.us/Schedule.htm Beach Cruise Aug 17 D-Day invasion Normandy reenactment Normandy France, reenactment Ohio on Lake Eire 3 day event Period Car Cruise Thurs August 17 on the Beach, check with the organizers - Come celebrate the anniversary of D-Day Now featuring Thursday Activities! Join us, rain or shine, as we pull out all the stops. Conneaut, Ohio. ric dean
  4. Mystery car crushed by Mack Bulldog truck.

    Easy assumption to make as gawkers today most likely will have ill-fitting t-shirts and caps hawking a product or life style.
  5. Emblem

    I don’t know what its for, but it sure would look good on the deck lid of my 32 Ford Flathead powered V8 1940s through-back Coupe, thats a mouthfull!
  6. Old fender ID help

    How’s it going, ... they look similar to the E.M.F Automobile. Check out the front Fender beading of the inc photo. I am not stating they are E.M.F. but perhaps this can be a start to identifying. Ric http://forums.aaca.org/topic/291967-fenders-mystery-solved-1911-emf-roadster/#comment-1595012
  7. 1933 Chevrolet Master Eagle NOS Grille Shell

    to the top, thank you
  8. Dating Fort Collins Postcard & Auto

    the radiator and back fenders look exactly like 1911 EMF see- http://forums.aaca.org/topic/291967-fenders-mystery-solved-1911-emf-roadster/#comment-1593882
  9. Fenders mystery solved? 1911 E.M.F. Roadster

    … I found these 1911 EMF white Roadster photos online. The rear shot of the RH Fender has a good view of the underside including the hardware and brackets. All of it looks exactly like the ones on my back Fender.
  10. Fenders mystery solved? 1911 E.M.F. Roadster

    Layden B … Thank you for time here you put me on the right track, you are obviously knowledgeable on the EMF Cars. I was seeing double when viewing all the online Fender examples of EMF cars, now I know why. Maybe the reason EMF made so many applications was to increase inventory Dealers had to keep on hand. … As for long & short I can’t see the difference between the Roadster and Touring do you know of any measurements available? I am posting a factory rendering of the Roadster and Touring. Thanks again! Ric
  11. Fenders mystery solved? 1911 E.M.F. Roadster

    Frank … Thanks for your input could you post a photo of your EMF to this thread. In the 3-4 years these cars were manufactured I have found via the web 3 different Fenders on the E.M.F. Autos. As you probably know they also made cars under the name Flanders and E.M.F. used different style Fenders intermittently between diff models and years. I Also have found an Atlas Touring Automobile that has the same style Fenders. Obliged, Ric
  12. Parisian in America??

    ‘Parisian in America’ ... Nice looking design! Have you tried to run the plate number, doesn’t look like USA, which County is it? The Instrument Panel appears to be set up for LH drive? Good luck, Ric
  13. Looks like a 1936 Passenger car
  14. Fenders mystery solved? 1911 E.M.F. Roadster

    Fenders mystery solved? 1911 E.M.F. Roadster ... I think the mystery is solved there are different E.M.F. Autos that used Rear Fenders like mine from 1908 - 1911. I’m submitting a Factory Rendering of a 1911 E.M.F. Roadster that clinches it, unless someone else has suggestions? Thank you for the great help, Ric
  15. Nash Antique Hubcap ID needed on this wall-hanger

    F&J … That is what I would call an in depth description. I appreciate your time, Ric