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  1. I figured it was from the 1930s, it came from that Auto Service Garage that closed in 1936, Is it anything you can use?
  2. … Chrysler Corp Part. 1930s? This looks to be a Floor Seal? I need an ID on this. I’m including 3 photographs the back one has detail of the original embossing. Top line states Chrysler Corp. part no. 719247. Thank you, Ric
  3. Mercury Bullseye Hood Ornament? Need help identifying what the application Year and Model is? Overall length is 5”. Thanks, Ric
  4. … Can someone steer me in the right direction need help identifying? New Horn Button GM 1940 Deluxe Steering Wheel, Group 2.826 Part # 413728. This is a domed 3 3/8’’ Lens. There was a hand written tag stating this to be 1940 Deluxe Steering Wheel but no Make or Model. Thank you, Ric
  5. Thank you for the info. I am including a photo with a ruler showing the Horn Bell and it looks to be about 4 1/2 inches. Does that still put in the realm of a motorcycle item? Ric
  6. Still looking for an ID for the Truck this Gauge assembly came from. Thanks, Ric
  7. Sorry I haven’t replied to all the posts yet. I can’t find the dang thing after taking the photos I guess that says something about me. I will continue to look for it but one thing I can verify is that it is threaded at the bottom. Thanks much guys
  8. Would a cast iron fence have an ornament that is nickle plated? thanks for your help
  9. The front has that slotted head screw that turns the spring steel clip on the back side. Your right it must go onto something thin. thanks for that idea
  10. Ornament? This came from a Auto Service Garage that closed in 1936. It was in a wood box of old tools. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks, Ric
  11. Crank Hole Cover, unknown – ID needed Can someone steer me in the right direction? Thanks Ric
  12. I forgot to mention I’ll take all 5 of the BF32, off-hand I don’t know what mm they are. What form of payment do you accept?
  13. I’ll take the BF32 my zip is 13493 thanks Ric