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  1. Ric Dean

    A 1920 hot rod? Gow job?

    The more that things change, the more they stay the same!
  2. Instrument cluster 1930s? Truck? ID anyone? I have had this for at least 50 years, now with this wonderful AACA Forum maybe just maybe! 😊
  3. Thank you, Professor, you have done it again! Ric PS: Are you aware of any online Chrysler Parts Book numbers ID system? Thanks again, Ric
  4. … Identification needed on the year and model of this Chrysler Products new headlight bezel I think from 1960s? The part numbers on the original Bag are 2898154 _ 63428, the first group of numerals are above the second group. I appreciate any help you can put into identifying this part. Thanks, Ric
  5. Ric Dean

    1955 Thunderbird Basket Case

    Hi Frank, ... On this derusting tank setup is the process covered elsewhere? Thanks, Ric
  6. Ric Dean

    1936 Plymouth Cabriolet. help needed

    auburnseeker, Sadly no Rumble Lid nor Windshield Frame. Remember this Body came out of an old Logging Camp they could have used Windshield in the Cabin. If they were after hard to find parts why would they leave behind The Door and W/S Garnish Moldings, The Cabrio Stainless Framed Door Glass the 2 Rumble Step Plates and Brackets, Cabriolet Dash, Rear Fenders, and Taillight Body’s, Dual Side Mount Hardware? “very interesting”Ric
  7. Ric Dean

    1936 Plymouth Cabriolet. help needed

    ‘keiser31’ “I would drag it home” (Done). I am sure the Doors would be gone If they could have unbolted them. The Door Garnish Moldings were still on it! It has Dual Side Mounts. No Rumble Lid. Ric
  8. Ric Dean

    1936 Plymouth Cabriolet. help needed

    Hi professor, ... Yes that is the case with this Cabrio Body it has a unitized Sub Frame and you could be correct and the Cabrio’s have purpose built Frame. If that is the case I will have to modify any 35-36 Frame. The Body had a large tree growing up in the middle of it and we had to cut the Body in half to get it out of there. I’m divulging more than originally intended. Thanks, Ric
  9. Ric Dean

    1936 Plymouth Cabriolet. help needed

    auburnseeker, ... Yes I saw that, I wish I could avail myself to that opportunity, but sadly not able. The 1935 Plymouth Rolling Chassis is only $200 if it will work? and is only 10 miles away. Thanks, Ric
  10. Ric Dean

    1936 Plymouth Cabriolet. help needed

    … Thank you for your helpful reply, regarding the top parts the Center Folding Bow that hinges inside the body is there and the Door Window Frames are also there. My aim is to have a fun driver not a show car. If original likeness top assembly is not available for fabrication help. I have 1935-6 Ford Cabrio and 36 Packard Cabriolet Folding Top assembly’s that still have some of their original Fabric and Webbing for reference, they also include the original small Back Glass Window. I figured this challenge would not be for the faint of heart. … I will get back to you on the Clamp Assemblies Thanks again, Ric
  11. 1936 Plymouth Cabriolet. help needed … I found this 1936 Plymouth Cabriolet Body in an old Logging Camp. I was able to Identify the year and Make by the Serial no. Plate and Body Buck Tag. I have a chance to buy a 1935 Ply Frame, is that a direct mount for the 36 Ply Cabriolet? An understatement for sure, In time other parts will be needed. Thank you, Ric
  12. Ric Dean

    1937 DeSoto Bumpers & Tail lights

    1937 DeSoto Tail lights … I have a miss mash of late 1930s MoPar Tail lights. I was looking for photos of them yesterday to send you to see if I could match something. I see you have deleted the post but wondering if you still have anything available? Thanks Ric
  13. Ric Dean

    Mallory Master Coil needed bottom piece, see photo

    refresh, thank you.