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  1. … Buick 1957-1966 Pair Fel-Pro 7922 SH-1 Beaded all Steel Head Gaskets, for 364, 400, 401 and 425 c.i. (Label was printed in 1972). These High Compression Gaskets are No longer available. Now that we can again buy no corn High Test Gas - Bolt on some horse power plus hear that crackle again of High Compression, Original packaging inc the shrink wrap, NOS Pair $45. .
  2. Mallory Master Coil needed bottom piece, see photo … Bottom piece needed for a Mallory Master Coil Does anybody have one from a bad Coil? The distance between screws is 1_1/16” The example one in the photo is on loan. Thank you, Ric .
  3. 1937 Ford Pickup Grille need some Grille Bars and Moldings … Need some or any of them see the Photo, also can use any of the Moldings Thank you, Ric .
  4. Please help ID Econo-Minder

    Don't get me going on FoMoCo of the 80's but it’s my fault for buying 4 new ones during that period, and bigger fault for not selling all Ford Stock then.
  5. 1971 - 1976 Warshawsky Catalogs

    You better jump on that!
  6. Selling Classic Cars on E Bay ?

    For a well-informed education on ebay just do a 'ebay sucks' on your internet search engine.
  7. Mystery touring car

    ...Car was hit hard by another vehicle on the lower LH side at an angle in which it was forced up over the Street Curbing ripping the RH rear wheel off and the Car came to rest on it. Notice that there was no damage to the Iron fence but RH front fender had made contact causing slight damage to it. ...The snow on the other car could have come from that car just being in another location minutes before i.e. Mountains in California to the North East Great Lakes- ‘Lake effect Snow’ narrow bands (I see it happen all the time).
  8. OEM parts found!

    Great find , I need a 1932 Studebaker Dictator & Commander Inst Cluster outer Bezel.
  9. Rear Fender 1940 Pontiac Torpedo Exchange. Your search would be helped by using the word Interchange. happy hunting, Ric
  10. Early 50s car?

    1951 Ford Victoria
  11. … Did an online search for 1957 Pontiac photos and sure enough there it be. Nowadays its hard to envision something this heavy and ornate being used as a ‘frt Fender Ornament’. Thanks to all that helped here, my friend Doug is pleased to now know its application. Ric
  12. c1910 Automobile Fort Collins, CO

    Moe info here -