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  1. 30DodgePanel

    What is this antique Firestone Tool used for??

    Bone marrow? Elbow grease? Damned if I know... thought the name to be very peculiar as well considering the design. Maybe the handle end unscrews and takes hydraulic fluid? Edit just read the purpose under the description and it is a hydraulic jack see figures 5-8 in the diagrams.
  2. 30DodgePanel

    What is this antique Firestone Tool used for??

    I believe this is a match It's a fluid pressure actuated tire bead breaking lever http://www.freepatentsonline.com/2495117.pdf
  3. 30DodgePanel

    Dodge truck in Mecum auction

    Love that color and look of the front end.
  4. 30DodgePanel

    Thanks to AACA and all Forum members....

    7000 posts!!??? Wow you people really need to get a life. Just kidding. Thanks for sharing David. And thanks for giving those of us that are looking forward to retirement a reminder to stay in contact with old friends. Enjoy, you deserve it.
  5. 30DodgePanel

    1929 Dodge Brothers truck ?

    Relisted for $14k now... https://www.ebay.com/itm/232875035122?ViewItem=&vxp=mtr&item=232875035122 had a bid on it the other day but reserve not met so he bumped it up . Dated 08/15/2018 Let's just see how long this takes.. It's already been listed for at least two weeks unsuccessfully. My guess is we'll see this a year from now and the price will probably change about 30-40 times without a buyer. Can we please find someone in MN who can pay him a visit and slap some sense into this guy? (just a joke moderators, don't let your panties get in a bunch)
  6. 30DodgePanel

    1936 humpback delivery project near Allentown, PA

    7500 ? Wow, … I don't get the interest in the fugly humpbacks but to each his own... obviously a lot of market interest so who am I to judge.
  7. 30DodgePanel

    Whippet truck?

    Don't normally disagree with John, however, with all due respect I have to on this one. The body is not a Fargo Clipper or Packet from 1928 or 1929 Body and visor are from pre 28 time frame.. I'm guessing the front clip was replaced and they used random parts from other vehicles (hood, front fenders, front bumper... notice the shine to the front clip only) Your hunch is correct NZ, these are a mix of items but I would agree the body lines look to be Willys and may even date back to the Overland days... Items that do resemble Dodge Bros or Fargo (hard to tell from angle for sure though) are the cowl, hood, radiator shell, emblem, radiator cap but the rest does look like a Willys from early 20's to 1927 time frame. I think from this view in your original post the radiator emblem is the only thing that could or may be Fargo and MAYBE the headlights since Dodge and Fargo used interchangeable parts on these trucks at the time. Headlight bar is definitely not a DB or Fargo item from that time frame. Searches for 1929 Fargo Packet (1/2 ton model) or the Clipper (3/4 ton model) are readily available on the internet and well documented by factory photos and this truck on topic looks nothing like those (with the exception of some of the front clip parts...) Front bumper looks like Chevy, I'm guessing the headlight bar to be Model A 1930 1931 years... Again, since we cannot tell from the angle we have no idea what the emblem is on the radiator but does resemble the WK emblems from that era. I would be VERY curious NZ if you can tell us when this photo was taken ? Any dates on the back ? I'm guessing photo was taken around 1930-32. Can anyone positively I D the car in the garage or the business name "J Pomeroy & Co" or "Morris Service Station" ? .. this may also lend clues to the time frame when the photo was taken.
  8. 30DodgePanel

    1927-1928 ? Erskine parts for sale

    I'll take that as a NO..
  9. 30DodgePanel

    1929 Dodge Brothers truck ?

    Sucker born every minute... Believe it or not someone actually bid on it
  10. 30DodgePanel

    1948 Diamond T

    Not sure where you're located but this unit is located in the SW... contact me via PM for possible contact of owners info if needed . I have no knowledge of Diamond T's so unsure of year in photo. Appears the steering wheel is still in place but cannot vouch for the remaining steering section.
  11. Still looking... One false alarm and two non responses. BTT
  12. 30DodgePanel

    1927-1928 ? Erskine parts for sale

    Do you see an oil filter like this in the parts anywhere ? If so I'd be a buyer
  13. 30DodgePanel

    Auction that pipe dreams are made of

    All dime a dozen fords goodbye. Nice trailer for someone though...
  14. Is it just me or do some people need to be slapped ? $6000 starting bid reserve not met lol.... Look at those lines eBay item number: 232866777381
  15. 30DodgePanel

    Dodge Bros keys

    You got a great deal on that if it's the one from Ebay recently. I had no idea you needed that or I would have forwarded it to you...guess I've just been to busy lately. If you do have one made make sure it's groove 3 and round head blank #42164 style for the door handle. Ignition is groove 3 and hectagon head blank #52138 (assuming you have a key coil starting with #'s between DB501-750) If your ignition is a clum key (which I believe it is from memory) disregard the blank #52138 style as that is only for a key coil with a BASCO prefix of DB501-750. Clums will not work in Briggs and Briggs will not work in Clums.