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  1. 30DodgePanel

    Help request for year of a fire truck

    Still amazed at how much information Eric was kind enough to load on the registry for others to view. Thank you Eric 🤝 Regards, Dave
  2. 30DodgePanel

    Help request for year of a fire truck

    Serial Number 82528840 Year 1947 Make Dodge Model WH-45,WH-46,WH-47,WH-48,WH-49,WHA-45,WHA-46,WHA-47,WHA-48,WHA-49,WHAX-45,WHAX-46,WHAX-47,WHAX-48,WHAX-49,WG-40,WG-41,WG-42,WG-43,WG-44,WGA-40,WGA-41,WGA-42,WGA-43,WGA-44,WGAX-40,WGAX-41,WGAX-42,WGAX-43,WGAX-44 Engine 250.6 Flathead Six Wheelbase 136, 148, 160, 178, 200 Rating 1 1/2, 2 Ton Engineering Code T120 Plant Detroit, Michigan Build Number 9106
  3. 30DodgePanel


    Don't know why I was thinking you needed a bucket of bolts... May want to change title to "Parts needed for 1933 Buick Model 96". However, if you do need a bucket of bolts I may be able to help
  4. 30DodgePanel

    Another brass car from the HAMB

    Just curious, how does the expert Ariejan Bos come to his conclusion ? Was there something in a historical document or another photo that validates or is he going strictly by memory ? It's simply says "Records show identical shape radiator, mudguards/bills, & matching wheel hubs." What records ? Sorry, I'm from Missouri so I have to see it... In my searches I cannot find any American from 1910-1912 that matches the photo.
  5. 30DodgePanel

    1929 Chrysler Model 75 Roadster Wanted

    Just curious.... why the 75 ?
  6. Wish I could help but I don't own anything that will work. All of our nice ones are screw on currently. A couple with tabs but nothing that old and that size...
  7. 30DodgePanel

    Wiiiide side car

    Probably a safe guess. Either that or he had a route that was all left turns and got tired of it being top heavy... So much for the old saying your home is your biggest investment.... I wonder how much the bike and his clothing are worth today compared to the entire house ?
  8. 30DodgePanel

    32 Packard 902 for $8,500?

    I removed it... Seemed to be zero interest so I deleted for the sake of saving space on this site. No idea what the worth was, I was just trying to post to see if it anyone had any interest. Price is high for sure but if you know anything about the Miami Globe area of Arizona you know they are highly negotiable on the price. No idea how much wood this car has.
  9. 30DodgePanel

    Red translucent lacquer

    Interesting. Really like the depth of the red. Too bad the blue doesn't have a bit more pearl but it might work. Searching the web I found these samples... very nice. Thinking of using it on a personal project unrelated to cars, perfect for what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing
  10. 30DodgePanel

    Post-Hershey Packard truck meet today?

    Not a Packard guy but love all the classic trucks... You guys should continue doing this on his behalf or in his honor dedicated to his name. Obviously you would need his blessing first but what's from keeping you all from continuing it ?
  11. A select crowd will flock to the custom and appreciate it and it will eventually sell for half the amount of money spent by builder. For the original, you notice all ages enjoy from 5 to 95 years of age that could care less about the $ and more about the nostalgia and history of it.
  12. It is blasphemy ! I vote to keep it original obviously..lol If you're a true purist and like originality then buy anything but a Ford and keep it all original... If you are a Ford guy any year is ok to butcher except a 32 especially a Cabriolet .. again, blasphemy ! Model A's and T's are a dime a dozen and are open season.. doubt we'll ever see those disappear (unfortunately). If you're conflicted because it's already been modified and if you want to do the right thing as a purist then go back with a time period correct engine. Easiest path for sure.. If you do go for an updated drivetrain the cost's for everything else needed will more than likely cause you to make more modifications than you expected in the end, if you want to do it right. From the sounds of your post I think you'll end up with a 350 with a 700R or T5 eventually. That same whiskey that has you second guessing leaving it original will convince you to go for the speed in the end ( just heard the Eagles singing James Dean in my head...). What ever you decide, make sure you are of a sound/sober mind or you'll regret it. Keep it original 🤝 Which one will be dated in a few years ? Custom or original. … Once it's custom it's gone forever.
  13. Still searching for all 4 parts. Thanks for any leads
  14. 30DodgePanel

    Source for red rubber cooling hoses

    Wouldn't want to chance it but for show it would be tempting... if it's correct.
  15. 30DodgePanel

    1927-1928 ? Erskine parts for sale

    George, Please PM me some pics of the vacuum fuel tank.... I am interested in that as well Regards, Dave