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  1. 30DodgePanel

    Side mirror, oil filter, tail lamp bracket, medallion

    Never heard from George.. Still looking...
  2. Amazing... Someone who actually includes good photos. I'm always amazed at how many folks just add a description without photos of condition. Good luck finding a new home for them.👍 David can you tell me what these exterior handles are from ? I have some and would like to know what the application is (if you know). I don't want to assume they are DC8 parts... Thank you
  3. 30DodgePanel

    Odd tool

    what's the patent number on it ? Can you post a better pic of the tag and/or any stampings on it ?
  4. 30DodgePanel

    Dodge Brothers business coupe ID tag

    Sorry, I said 4 door Business Coupe...meant Sedan. That's one of my pet peeves when I see guys use that term incorrectly... embarrassed that I did Not sure why Greg laughed at this post but then again,,,, there are a lot of goofy people on this forum. Very strange indeed😒
  5. 30DodgePanel

    Dodge Brothers business coupe ID tag

    Could be due to the fact there were so many wood builder jobbers of that same time frame. I think the more appropriate question COULD be which builder used these tags ? Was it Lang, or one of the other passenger car builders. I doubt it would be one of the coach builders like HH Babcock or JT Cantrell or the many other truck/commercial builders. My research for builders has geared more around the truck builders. Maybe the key is to find someone in the DB community he knows more about the passenger car builders... specifically someone who knows the business coupe thoroughly. Would it be possible that the 4 door business coupe should be considered in this search also ? I doubt it but it's just a question that comes to mind... Tags are such an intriguing topic and clearly not enough information is available for the prewar time period.
  6. 30DodgePanel

    1926 Graham Brothers Project

    Sean, as for parts... make a list of what you need specifically and once we can verify the specific make and wheelbase of your truck we can begin our search on this side of the pond . If you are wanting to do an authentic restoration it's very easy to mix these trucks up and a lot of the information is incorrect in the public arena... so, again, once we can verify the exact truck you have, one of us may have a wiring diagram and other important pictures to share but we want to make sure they are exact to what you are needing if you are wanting to do an authentic restoration,.
  7. 30DodgePanel

    1926 Graham Brothers Project

    Welcome Sean26Graham... Can you please share with us your wheel base and the first three digits of the engine stamp so we can log the info into our production numbers file we are attempting to put together as Dodge Brothers Club members ? Beautiful trucks Sean and Sherman ! Doing a fine restoration on your trucks gentlemen Best regards Dave
  8. 30DodgePanel

    1928/29 Standard Six Parts List Book ?

    A full copy if possible...would be most helpful A few pages in the beginning and cover at the minimum
  9. 30DodgePanel

    Need to ship Eng/Trans and misc parts from OH to AZ

    Oh yeah,, looks like you've had some experience at this. Will send PM first with info.
  10. 30DodgePanel

    Need to ship Eng/Trans and misc parts from OH to AZ

    Thanks for your input Jim, this is true on both ends,.. So does this mean you are interested or can make it work with your schedule ?
  11. 30DodgePanel

    Lottery winnings

    1920's or earlier Indian Motorcycle Black Dues Torpedo Phaeton 1930 DC 8 Roadster with RS and Golf Bag storage Graham Bros GBOY for farm truck unrestored 1000 Acres in Alpine AZ 40,000 SF machine shop fully insulated and loaded 500 SF one room log cabin - In that order
  12. 30DodgePanel

    Millspaugh & Irish Coachbuilders

    I'm sure you're aware that they made many different makes and models for numerous manufacturers... Any specific make or model or any type in general ? Have you checked the coachbuild forum ? www.coachbuild.com/forum
  13. What part of the world/country are you located in and how far are you willing to travel ?
  14. Need truck parts shipped from Frederickstown OH 43019 to Phoenix AZ 85028 approximately 1950 miles depending on route taken. Will need to be picked up no later than 05/10/2018 and delivered by 07/01/2018 but open to longer periods for delivery time frame if needed.... Parts are: Engine/Trans for 1930 Truck approximate weight 1000 - 1200 lbs and can be secured to pallet if needed. Keep in mind due to the length of eng/trans combo there will be overhang on pallet Drive shaft - Approx wt 50lbs Radiator - Approx wt 125 -150 lbs Front and rear axles with wheels and tires that hold air and can roll. Rear has leaf springs still attached. - Approx wt 400-500 lbs per axle ***NOTE*** Radiator and spare wheel not shown but Radiator is honeycomb and will need proper protection but can be stacked to save on linear space along with spare wheel and driveshaft. Stored in garage and will have easy access for pickup and delivery on both ends. Can talk about dimensions or post them if needed. PM me or post questions here. Thank you Dave
  15. 30DodgePanel

    Dodge and Graham Brothers truck data needed

    Have you contacted Doug W ? He goes by nearchoclatetown here on this board. He has a early repair truck from that era, he may be able to assist a bit better than me. Sorry, my study is in the 1928-32 area that has expanded into earlier years but not that far back. I don't have any other early trucks logged in the data besides Dougs WW1 truck and another repair truck. Nothing commercial for that early, yours is the only one that has come forward at this point..... sorry, wish I could help. I will check through some old rosters to see if I'm missing anything. If I find something you'll be the first to know.