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  1. yachtflame

    1928 Cadillac Fleetwood Town car

    Any one know if this car is still available?
  2. yachtflame

    Canister Oil Filter (Used) for display only

    Hi, if the filter is still available, I’d love to have it. wayne Elsworth 75 Cushman Rd Leverett, MA 01054 413-658-4416
  3. I have a double pilot Ray light set that came off a 1932 Packard. The unit works and is in excellent shape with no scratches or dents. Very nice detail on the top inscription. Comes with rods, pitman clamp and pivot. $2,800. More pictures and info if wanted. Contact Wayne at 413-658-4416 or yachtflame@yahoo.com
  4. yachtflame

    1929 Duesenberg Pilot Ray Lights

    No, just decided that the car looked cleaner with out the pilot ray lights. I have a set off his 1932 Packard also.
  5. Selling a set of double Pilot Ray lights. These were removed from an award winning 1929 Duesenberg. They are operational an in really beautiful condition. No dents or scratches. There is some chrome discoloration on the outer sides of center tube and transmition ends. The set comes with correct rods, pivot unit and pitman clamp. $3,000 or best offer, plus shipping. If you would like more info or photos, please call Wayne at 413-658-4416 or email me at yachtflame@yahoo.com
  6. yachtflame

    1928 Cadillac Fleetwood Town car

    Please call me at 413-658-4417, or email me at yachtflame@yahoo.com Thanks, Wayne Elsworth
  7. yachtflame

    1931 Cadillac map Light

    Hi, Wayne Elsworth here. I do have one of those light covers. My current number is 413-758-4417. My email is yachtflame@yahoo.com
  8. Hello, I realize this isn’t about cars but I’m figuring that along with antique autos, many of us have various other interests. A friend and I are contemplating using the excess heat from keeping our shop warm to help generate electricity. We have the electrical end of a 30kw generator and are being offered a steam engine. We are reasonably intelligent fellows that only know the basics of steam power. I was wondering if any one here can suggest a book that might help us turn our separate pieces of metal into one that can help run a shop. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Wayne Elsworth Amherst MA
  9. yachtflame

    1931 Cadillac Rolling Chassis with Engine and Trans.

    David, David, thank you very much for the pictures!! wayne
  10. yachtflame

    Staunton Virginia antique car dealer/collector

    There’s a great restoration shop in downtown Stauton. Age has taken its toll and I can’t remember the name of the shop or owner but it probably can be found on the net. Really friendly guy that was restoring cars for museums.
  11. yachtflame

    1931 Cadillac Rolling Chassis with Engine and Trans.

    Wayne here chiming in also. I restore cars. I still have my first ever car, a 1954 Olds Rocket 88 all original. My next vehicle is a 1946 Chevy pickup that I did the 350/350 twenty five years ago as my tow truck for antique speedboats. The next car is a 1930 Lasalle sedan that took me 19 years to restore to the point where I took first in class at the 2014, Lake George Grand National meet where I drove it 185 miles to the show. I also have a 1931 Lasalle ccp that I’m resto- rodding with a S10 drive train that is in year 9 of the rodding/restoration with a few more years to go. And last September I purchased an original nice running 1948 Jag MK V. I support my addiction by making and selling parts for these old Cadillacs and Lasalles. I hate the prospect of a decent survivor being chopped up but if any of this car can be preserved in any way, I feel that’s better then it being scrapped like the thousands were in the 1940’s. My feeling is that I like old cars in many forms...original, restored or created into someone’s vision. If a car is altered, then I try to purchase what is left behind to have saved for another person that is trying to get his “new project” back to original. If people like Pete Sanders, Dick Shappy and me weren’t collecting and saving these parts, most all of us wouldn’t be able to restore and maintain these wonderful old cars. That’s my 2 cents! I am always interested and wanting to purchase any parts I can for these old cars so that future restorers have a source of parts. Wayne Elsworth
  12. yachtflame

    1931 Cadillac Rolling Chassis with Engine and Trans.

    Hello, I would be interested in what you have, please call or text me at 413-658-4416. Thanks, Wayne
  13. yachtflame

    CCCA cast logo for garage/shop

    If you fond someone that will lend you one, I can cast a copy for you. Wayne Elsworth 340-998-5199 yachtflame@yahoo.com
  14. I'm interested n talking to you about your Lasalle ccp and the 1927 roadster. Do you have a phone number or email address that I can contact you on? Wayne 340-998-5199 yachtflame@yahoo.cm
  15. yachtflame

    Trico Vision All wiper assembly

    I bought and installed one of the rebuild units. Didn't seem to work as well as I had hoped. I contacted an 85 year old Cadillac guy who told me to put the original parts back in after soaking the leather parts in oil for a day. Works great now! Wayne Elsworth