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  1. New old stock 9" Hudson-Terraplane fluid drive clutch. As far as I know, it suits the1935-38 6 cyl 212CI Terraplane. 1935-54 Hudson 6cyl 212CI & 232CI standard transmission. Made by Auburn clutches in the USA. I am asking $200USD ONO. I can mail this, and I accept PayPal.
  2. 1906 motorcycle size

    There is a post on the Hamb forum that says this Harroun V8 engine still exists. The small sprocket on the back wheel would have originally been for the pedal start, the other side of the hub would of had a larger drive sprocket or a belt drive pulley
  3. Indian motorcycle bracket?

    Yes and no, as well as motorcycles, Indian also made car shock absorbers (they also built outboard motors) and I think this is a part of a shock absorber. I've seen them before, although I can't find a decent photo of one to show you. The best I can find is this one, If you look at the attached link and look at the clamp on the assembly on the right, that's what I think this is. I think they were built during the 20's.
  4. What size fan belt 1923 Moon

    I'm not sure if this is going to help, however, I'll add what I can. The 1923 MoTor specifications say that from new the Moon 6-40 used a Gates flat belt 1"x40-1/4".
  5. Model T Ford Ruckstell gear knob, I think it's original. I am asking $20USD.
  6. Identifying Automobiles on Postcards

    I can help you with some of them, 1 ? 2 1903? Packard 4 ? 6 ? 7 Model T Ford 8 Model T Ford 6517 9 Model T Ford 15 Buick 16 Studebaker Big Six 17 Studebaker Big Six 18 ? 19 Early 20's Buick 20 Model A Ford
  7. Bolide Automotive Ads

    Personally, I think you'd be better off buying this one for 1 Euro, pay for the shipping and then have it framed.
  8. Marvel carburetor

    I've sent you a message.
  9. Hidden Classic car treasure in Saudi Arabia

    At a guess, I think the first car is a Clement-Bayard, although another photo if possible would help. The second is a 5CV Citroen. I'd love to see more photos from the collection.
  10. Teens touring.

    Yes, it's a Harley-Davidson sidecar.
  11. Teens touring.

    Yes, I saw that, it's similar to a Model 32 Hupmobile, although it isn't. I'm surprised to see so many at that point current model cars, when we were at the time (AUS & NZ) in the middle of a war. 1915-18 cars are rare in Australia; there are a few, but not many.
  12. Teens touring.

    Those screens were an aftermarket accessory, I don't know what their proper name is, they are usually referred to as 'Auster Screens' after a common maker of this type of screen, however, they're not all made by Auster. I agree it's an excellent photo.
  13. pic from Shorpy

    I think that's a 1917 Cadillac roadster, except the headlamp glasses don't fit. It's got Rudge-Whitworth wheels that Cadillac's had and weren't common on other US cars.
  14. Teens touring.

    I think it's an Oakland, but a 1914 model.There were a few of these that came to Australia, and I imagine they also ended up in NZ as well.
  15. ?? Steering wheel and column

    That's a Jacox steering box, they were used on a few different cars, Buicks, Oldsmobiles, etc.