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  1. Craig Gillingham

    Carter glass bowl filter

    Going by the 1950 Carter master parts catalogue, it recommends one of the ceramic-element filters for all Pontiacs from 1937-49. Either a model F827S (glass bowl) or a F862S (metal bowl), both with an inlet-oulet with a 1/8" fitting. It lists what the factory carburettor and fuel pump numbers are, but it doesn't say the fuel filters were factory fitted. The same filter is listed for most GM vehicles, as well as a lot of others. I've seen a few of these for sale before, and I don't think they're rare, although when you want one, then they're impossible to find. I've attached a photo of the particular filter. If you're after a glass bowl to fit your filter, I -think- this is the type. It lists the dimensions to check against.
  2. Microfiche copy of the Stanley car Model 740 instructions. These were good-quality photo prints made years ago to reproduce the books. They can be scanned at a high-resolution to make a decent copy (or many) of the book. 24 Pages. I am asking $20USD.
  3. Craig Gillingham

    Early Chassis Identity Sought

    it's also for sale here: I get the impression the seller is only looking for advice that confirms it to be a 1901 Maxwell prototype.
  4. These are a few General Motors factory manuals. These originally came from offices of the GM in Australia (GMH). They are very rare, and include some very rare information. I'm asking $20 per manual, and a discount if you buy all of them. These are all published by GM, and were really meant for GM factories. The manuals include: 1930 Standard Practices for Assembly plants and Warehouses - Inventory Control -Sold 1947 Instructor's Outline - GMC Parts Books & Price Lists GM Partsman's Training Course Delco-Remy Introduction to Transistor Operation & Applications Various GM Parts Department leaflets (the yellow ones) & an original GM Training Course certificate that hasn't been filled in. I can mail this, and I'll accept PayPal.
  5. Craig Gillingham

    Red Bug

    I think so, going by this webpage, at the 1914 mark;
  6. Craig Gillingham

    Red Bug

    You can even still download the blueprints:
  7. I'm hoping someone can identify this early Ensign carburetor. The inlet size is 1-1/8", and I'm guessing it mounts left side of the engine. It is stamped with a letter 'G' and a serial number.
  8. Craig Gillingham

    1922 Fiat 501 Targa Florio

    Bernie, I didn't know you had both those gauges. Regarding the head gasket, I'm sure there has to be one in Australia, as there were hundreds+ of 20's FIAT's come to Australia. If you get very desperate, I know a couple of 501 people I can ask. And at the worst, I remember reading about a company that rebuilt copper-asbestos-copper head gaskets in Australia.
  9. Craig Gillingham

    1922 Fiat 501 Targa Florio

    I believe this the correct oil pressure gauge for a FIAT 501; The amp gauge was a black-faced Weston.
  10. Craig Gillingham

    Saw this old headlamp today....

    It looks like a Gray & Davis lamp, possibly Cadillac?
  11. Craig Gillingham

    Globe - Kokomo, IN

    Looking at Apperson photos, the sixth car is closer to an Apperson 8/20, rather than a Marmon.
  12. Microfiche copy of the Stanley car Model 740 instructions. These were made years ago to reproduce the books. 24 Pages. I am asking $20USD.
  13. Craig Gillingham

    Globe - Kokomo, IN

    The third car from the left is a Haynes, the sixth is a Marmon? I think.
  14. Craig Gillingham

    HELP what is it cyclecar?

    This link is to a 1907 Chater Lea parts catalogue. There's a lot of tricar info in here, as well as a close up of the band brake assembly
  15. Craig Gillingham

    HELP what is it cyclecar?

    You're right, they're band brakes, they were used on a lot of forecars. Looking at other Rexette photos, they appear to have a 'block' between the spring and the spring mount, which is probably wood. That would explain the notches on the spring mount and the previous comments about the mounts being more suitable for wood than a spring.