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  1. How many of us are into very early hubcap collecting?

    I had to Google what a Heine-Velox was, - certainly a different car, and a V12 as well!
  2. I see now, I stand corrected.
  3. None of these wheels appear to be drive wheels, and they don't have a valve stem, so they probably had solid rubber tyres. Which is why the rim isn't detachable, otherwise you'd have to replace the whole wheel.
  4. 1906 motorcycle size

    If you’re planning on building a vehicle like this (and I hope you are), you’ll really be limited by what tyres are available to you at the moment. The 26”x2½” were common and are still made, as well as the 28”x2¼” which are commonly fitted to the board-track racing bikes. I don't think the more common 26"x3" and 28"x3" became available until later on. Looking at your photo –and I know it could just be perspective- it looks to me as if the front tyres have a larger diameter and a narrower profile than the rears.
  5. Any other Flint owners here?

    Regarding the blue car at the top, I think I know who restored that car about 30 years ago. I can send you his number if you wanted to talk to him.
  6. 1937 OLDSMOBILE 6 and 8 Shop Manual

    Original 1937 Oldsmobile workshop manual. It is in very good condition. 247 pages. I am asking $40 for it.
  7. Original Studebaker Standard Six owner's manual. This book is rough, but it is still readable and intact. It doesn't give a year of publication. I am asking $25 for it.
  8. 1924 BUICK Six Cylinder Reference Book

    Original 1924 Buick six cylinder reference book. It is in fair condition. 64 pages. I am asking $40.
  9. 1916 BRISCOE 4-38 8-38 Instruction Book

    Terry, I've sent you a message.

    None that I can see, apart from it being the First Edition. It is also for a two-wheel braked car, so I'd think one of the earlier cars. I should add there are supplements on the Stewart vacuum tank, Stewart speedometer and Exide batteries for Hudson cars.
  11. Hudson Super Six - 'What You Should Know About Your Super Six'

    None that I can see; there's no reference to year or model, except it's for a two-wheel brake car.

    Original Hudson Super Six service bulletins. In very good condition, still in their original folder. I can send more photos on request, and I accept PayPal. These are very rare, generally this information was only available to dealerships. I am asking $50.
  13. Original Hudson Super Six information book. Covers general operation and maintenance. I am asking $45 for this manual. 60 Pages.
  14. 1916 BRISCOE 4-38 8-38 Instruction Book

    Original 1916 Briscoe instruction book. It is in fair condition. I am asking $25.
  15. Please help identify

    I thought the second and third car may be a D45 Buick.