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  1. Teens touring.

    Yes, it's a Harley-Davidson sidecar.
  2. Teens touring.

    Yes, I saw that, it's similar to a Model 32 Hupmobile, although it isn't. I'm surprised to see so many at that point current model cars, when we were at the time (AUS & NZ) in the middle of a war. 1915-18 cars are rare in Australia; there are a few, but not many.
  3. Teens touring.

    Those screens were an aftermarket accessory, I don't know what their proper name is, they are usually referred to as 'Auster Screens' after a common maker of this type of screen, however, they're not all made by Auster. I agree it's an excellent photo.
  4. pic from Shorpy

    I think that's a 1917 Cadillac roadster, except the headlamp glasses don't fit. It's got Rudge-Whitworth wheels that Cadillac's had and weren't common on other US cars.
  5. Teens touring.

    I think it's an Oakland, but a 1914 model.There were a few of these that came to Australia, and I imagine they also ended up in NZ as well.
  6. ?? Steering wheel and column

    That's a Jacox steering box, they were used on a few different cars, Buicks, Oldsmobiles, etc.
  7. Triangle shape grease fitting--What are they for?

    I thought I had seen these before, and I found the reference to them in an AACA magazine. It says that this style was used in 1922 only. I should have a list of cars that used Dot fittings in 1922, somewhere.
  8. Two Used Valve Stem Covers Needed

    is that a Michelin?
  9. 1917 Haynes at Hershey

    Excellent! thank you both.
  10. Original late veteran - early vintage Oldsmobile radiator cap. It is made of brass and would need re-plating. Can send more photos on request. $55USD PayPal accepted
  11. 1917 Haynes at Hershey

    It's not the photo I was thinking of, however, that's a good photo, and it's the car I was thinking of.
  12. 1917 Haynes at Hershey

    I'm sure I've seen photos -including the engine- of a 6 cylinder 1917 Haynes that was at Hershey this year. I think it was on this forum, but I can't find the thread anymore. Does anyone know where to find them?
  13. WTB: Houk Buffalo No. 4 wire wheels and parts

    I will send you a message.
  14. Brass Wheeler-Schebler accessory carburettor, to fit a Model T Ford. It is missing its low-speed needle, otherwise it is good. Model FAX9. I am asking $85 Australian. I accept PayPal and I can post this.
  15. Chain drive transaxle

    I've sent you a message.