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  1. Parts from a stude estate sale.

    any 23 big six parts?
  2. watch out for electric fuel pumps, i would only use vacuum tanks, your car looks great!!
  3. 1917 studebaker touring coil

  4. got one of these early plugs in my showcase
  5. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1923-Studebaker-Light-Six-/302153079884?forcerrptr=true&hash=item4659ba1c4c:g:gTMAAOSwcUBYPqDd&item=302153079884
  6. 1918? big six

    i had my 23 big six touring car hauled from new york to chicago enclosed trailer because i did not want to put the top down fearing it would never be the same. it required a special trailer tall enough inside to drive it in with top up. paid around 1500 still have the guys number might be more now and i think he is based in chicago favors east coast trips.
  7. Wayne is it cold where you are? Your accessory is new to me and I know nothing about it, great post. In my old cars transmission requires special 600w oil. is it possible to get sae 10, sounds like you need something lighter. happy holidays Ken check this out
  8. fh4ever welcome to this wonderful forum!! Ken
  9. Dodge Wood Spokes 21-22-23 SOLD

    if you are looking for something under 100 each try ebay, these belong on a car i think the spokes are new, someone rebuilt these wheels, also the rear wheels and hubs are extremely hard to find, they are also hard to display for wall art you need front wheels as they have no drum. i have a collection of wood spoke wheels around 60 or so in my cave, just built a pole barn 3000 sq ft will hang wheels and radiator shells i have collected on walls. how much you want to spend? also the hardware is very nice some adjustments needed but not a problem an hour of fun and done.
  10. Dodge Wood Spokes 21-22-23 SOLD

    early 1920's Dodge for sale very nice
  11. The Carburetor Shop LLC use OX-2 (2) Replace the entire carburetor with a similar model. An example might be the Stromberg UX-2. The UX-2 (zinc) replaced the TX-2 (also zinc), which replaced the OX-2. The OX-2 is brass. Another example would be using a brass 1926~1928 Buick Marvel to replace a 1929 Buick Marvel (zinc). http://www.thecarburetorshop.com/Zinccastings.htm
  12. http://www.vintageandclassicreproductions.com/CARB-UX2.jpg