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  1. 1927Chevy


    its a sunny day!! mom was always happy!! must have been hot also in that sun!!
  2. Scott exactly 1918 advertisements, they are in color and that is unusual for any ads 1918, they are small with incredible artwork Ken
  3. 1927Chevy

    1923 Big Six

    good company
  4. 1927Chevy

    1923 Big Six

    someone got a rollin chassis for me somewhere Robert you are the best, have been to your place in Joliet always wanna go back but been very occupied with family lately
  5. 1927Chevy

    1923 Big Six

    looking for extra parts for 1923 big six.
  6. 1927Chevy

    24" Disc Wheel

    Scott Thanks for the great deal, looking forward to adding it to the extra parts bin. Anyone else with any 1923 big six parts let me know. Would not mind having an extra engine for an extra project, also the cone clutch assembly, very interested in having one to play with. Again, Thank you for your help Ken
  7. 1927Chevy

    24" Disc Wheel

    Scott I am interested. Ken
  8. Chuck thank you for the very nice head gaskets. They will reside with other extra parts I have accumulated for my 1923 Big Six. Your extra effort packaging the head gaskets was noted. Thank you again. Ken
  9. 1927Chevy

    1918-1926 Studebaker Big 6 Victor 596 Headgasket

    Chuck Ken Naber 3400 west 111th st Chicago, il 60655 this should be good Ken
  10. 1927Chevy

    1918-1926 Studebaker Big 6 Victor 596 Headgasket

    Chuck thank you for your help, sent 50 bucks. does that cover it? Ken