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  1. zonker

    ABS Yellow Light Flash when Braking

    Got the 'new' accumulator today, from AC-Direct. Spun it on, all is well. Thanks guys for all the help.
  2. zonker

    ABS Yellow Light Flash when Braking

    OK, looks like an Amazon purchase is in my plans for the day. Thanks to all of you for the help. Is there a 'best' procedure for relieving the pressure before I try to remove the accumulator? Is it OK to keep driving this car on short trips while I wait for the new part?
  3. zonker

    ABS Yellow Light Flash when Braking

    Test results: Test 1 - 1 pump Test 2 - 1 pump Test 3 - about 20 seconds for both lights out Test 4 - 25 seconds until pump stopped Test 5 - 1 pump Test 6 - almost 1/2 inch Test 7 - got the thump within a couple seconds Do we still think it's an accumulator?
  4. zonker

    ABS Yellow Light Flash when Braking

    Is that an easy replacement? Can it be done with the Teves unit still on the car, or will I need to totally remove it from the firewall? Either way, is there anything else that should be replaced while the unit is being repaired? Thanks again for the quick response and help. I'm trying to decide if I want to put any more money and time in this car, or maybe find a new home for it.
  5. I have an '89 Reatta, had been sitting for about 8 years before I acquired it, about 10 months ago. After general clean up, tires, a/c compressor and relay replacement, my daughter's been driving it back and forth to school since last November. Last week, she told that there as an intermittent light on the dash, which turned out to be the yellow ABS light. It only comes on for a couple seconds when you apply the brakes. Touch the brake pedal and it lights up, a couple seconds later the red brake light flashes once and the yellow light goes out with the red one. The brakes appear to work OK, and the fluid level is where it should be. The only ALDL code that I get is '21' which as I understand it, could mean just about anything. Step 7 of the 'Brake Test' provides a good 'thump' as well. Wondering if anyone has the best plan of attack for this problem. Like I said, the brakes appear to be working fine, but would like to correct this before it becomes something major. Thanks.