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  1. Is there a good place to get a new Delco ICM? I called my local Buick dealer and they quoted over $600 I think it was for a new Delco ICM and coil pack. The ICM by itself was something like $420
  2. Well let me see what happens 89Red, but it might be awhile. My other car is now having cooling problems, as in a massive coolant leak that is leaking god knows where. And that car just got out of the shop too, with a tranny swap and new tires. The hits just keep on coming
  3. Yeah, I was definitely going to get the Delco. The work the shop did was mainly in tracking down a inoperable instrument cluster and CRT and associated backlighting. They ended up installing a new BCM, 'new' instrument cluster, CPS, etc. They did not get into any tune-up work and the only engine work was the new gasket for the intake manifold. I believe that they also changed the oil and of course new antifreeze.
  4. Thanks Dave. I will get a new ICM and hopefully that will be it as I am slowly loosing my enthusiasm for this car. But I am too far in to turn back now
  5. Hi, I have written on this before as it has been a recurring problem since I bought my coupe 10 years ago. The car stalled soon after buying it and I seem to remember throwing parts at it, and it turned out that it was a bad CPS. I have had issues with it stalling and it most always occurs during spells of hot weather. The car will usually do this as it did tonight....after driving about 25 minutes or so (mostly freeway miles) the car stalled while in motion. I was able to start it up eventually and got it about a block more when it stalled on the hill going up to my place. Wore the battery down cranking it and had to call for a jump start and then it started right up. The guy tested the alternator and it was charging. Like I said, this happens predominately during hot weather and it is not too frequent but enough to be a hassle. The car JUST got out of the shop after 3 months where they fixed the intake manifold gasket, thermostat, lots of electric issues, etc. I was reading the forum and these symptoms seem to be a common issue with the Reatta. Some things that I will look at is the IAC and maybe the Ignition Control Module, but it has not thrown any codes (see video below) so I doubt that it is that or the O2 sensor. In my opinion these cars put out an excessive amount of heat underneath the hood which might contribute to some of these problems. Is that plausible? Well, I guess I have to park it again and after spending 2k on the latest issues I am starting to think I have a screw loose for putting up with this! BTW, the car has 80k on the odometer. I hope someone who is having these issues also will be able to get some answers from the replies as the problem seems to be fairly common to this car.
  6. I got at call from the shop yesterday and they traced it to a bad central power supply. I wonder if that was what it was after all and not the BCM? They said that after the new BCM was installed that the CRT started working but not the IPC. Hmm. He told me that the Instrument cluster was not getting the 7 volts that it needed from the CPS. This might be good info for someone with the same problems and might help in saving troubleshooting time.
  7. Sorry I was running late today and maybe did not make myself clear. I did not mean the photocell as they already replaced that. I mean the main dash display with the speedometer, fuel gauge, odometer, clock, etc.
  8. I had my 88' in the electrical shop for a number of problems, the biggest was that the dash and CRT would not come on but would occasionally come on for seconds and then back off. I actually drove it like that for a couple of months as the car was still functional and the headlights still worked but once winter came without the HVAC system I was screwed. After some tracing they narrowed it down to the BCM and they ordered a new one. Well, he says that the CRT is now working as well as some things like the chime when the door is open, etc., but there are no dash lights. He said it would need a few hours of digging to find the problem and at the shop rate of $$$ I said that I would post here to pick the brains of the forum members first to see if there is something obvious that they should look at. They have the Reatta service manual but he says that it is a bit confusing and/or cumbersome to work with. Is there any logical places to check first so they to get the dashboard back up and working? Much thanks!!
  9. Thanks, I already have the suede bolsters on mine. I did do a quick look for them on Google but didn't find them. I thought it would be a nice touch to add velour seat covers as my seats are a bit worn and I did a two-tone dye job on them that looks good but is getting worn somewhat.
  10. Want to see what it looks like. Also, does anyone know a provider of high quality velour seat covers that would fit a 88' Reatta. Thanks in advance. Luke
  11. doity

    No Dash lights or CRT after start 1988

    DAVES89, I think you might be right about the ignition being the culprit as I was able to wiggle the key when the car was running and it would pop into normal mode with everything working as should. Though that does seem to be only a quick fix as it seems to want to toggle between the 2 modes without any kind of consistency during normal operation. At least I have diagnosed the problem somewhat and my mechanic can start from there. Thanks for the tips on the subject.
  12. doity

    No Dash lights or CRT after start 1988

    Yeah, you are right it does act like that. The only thing I can do with the CRT before it goes dark is to lower volume, etc.. The hard buttons do not work and the dash is dark beyond the 2 idiot lights that stay on.
  13. Had a big issue that popped up last night. It was a very hot day and started the car in the night and it did the test but after that the dash went dark with the exception of the CRT which stayed on briefly but it would not accept any input and then it eventually went dark too after a minute or so of driving. Also from the start a couple of the warning lights came and stayed on 'ABS and Service engine soon' but I think they eventually went out also and I drove home in a completely dark cak. The radio stayed on and instead of the AC blasting like how I had last left it, it was blowing hot air onto the windshield. During the ride home the dash and CRT did start back briefly but then went dark again. This morning I went out and it essentially did the same thing after starting. The headlights and turn signals work fine so I can still drive it for awhile like this but is there anything I should check before I have to bring it to the shop? Thanks, luke
  14. Well KDirk was right. I ordered the photocell through my local GM dealer and the cost was $74. The part must weigh 2 ounces if that. Here is a picture of it in the bag:
  15. Does anyone know the GM part number for the photocell? I think I want to go OEM part here if I am going to tear up the dash to get to it. Thanks much.