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  1. $um Fun

    Ouch, bought in Hershey

    When using freight the companies liability is limited and usually to abut $0.50 a pound. That's why they all offer insurance at extra cost. I have had containers thrown off a ship to balance the ship out in bad weather and without insurance you are out of luck.
  2. $um Fun

    1931 Lincoln KA Dash Insert

    Looking for a 1931 Lincoln dash that usable for a high end restoration.
  3. $um Fun

    Dealing with Extreme Surface Rust

    Exactly what David said. Make sure the sand blaster has worked with cars, too much air pressure will warp the panels.
  4. $um Fun

    Using 3D technology

    That looks fantastic! New technologies have opened up a new ways of making parts. I cast up some shocks using 3D printed patterns and I cant tell from the original one I used as the sample. The only draw back I found was finding foundries that wanted to make small runs of parts.
  5. $um Fun

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    What a iconic car! I got some lucky numbers in my fortune cooky last night, now to go buy my Loto ticket.
  6. I need a pair of good Stromberg LZ carburetors that are rebuild able cores.
  7. Helping a friend with the restoration of his Flathead powered wooden boat and in need of marine water pumps. I know Jabsco and a few others made them for the Flathead Ford, any brand as long as there good or can be restored will work.
  8. $um Fun

    American Bosch TC 606 Coil

    Looking for American Bosch TC 606 six volt coil, like the one in the picture.
  9. $um Fun

    1936 Ford Horn Button

    Looking for a very nice near mint or NOS 1936 Ford horn button for a high point restoration.
  10. $um Fun

    Crosley Rear Bumper

    Thanks for the tip, I will look there.
  11. $um Fun

    Crosley Rear Bumper

    Looking for a good original Crosley rear bumper that can be re-chromed.
  12. $um Fun

    The decline of Sears

    Sears problems started long before the merger with Kmart. When the sold off Discover card, Allstate insurance, their mortgage division (now PNC mortgage) and Dean Witter (now part of Morgan Stanley) was the beginning of the end. The management thought it would be great to sell the money makers and concentrate on the loosing side of business. What not to do will be part of business school text books for years to come.
  13. $um Fun

    Brass wire ties

    Restoration Supply Company has them https://www.restorationstuff.com/
  14. $um Fun

    De Jon Distributor Tag 1924

    I had talked with them and also Classics and Exotics before deciding to do my own, and no luck at either. Lavine Restorations had some and thought they had sold them a few years ago at Hershy.
  15. I am going to reproduce the missing tag on my distributor and need to find a picture of a good example of one to copy some of the wording. A good picture will do, looking for info on where they were located and such to add to the tag. I do have good examples on how they wrote there name and some of the patent dates.