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  1. Brass wire ties

    Restoration Supply Company has them https://www.restorationstuff.com/
  2. De Jon Distributor Tag 1924

    I had talked with them and also Classics and Exotics before deciding to do my own, and no luck at either. Lavine Restorations had some and thought they had sold them a few years ago at Hershy.
  3. I am going to reproduce the missing tag on my distributor and need to find a picture of a good example of one to copy some of the wording. A good picture will do, looking for info on where they were located and such to add to the tag. I do have good examples on how they wrote there name and some of the patent dates.
  4. Beveled Glass For Gauges

    Dennis, That would be nice if you could give some contact information for Gleenny Glass. Ed, I also have been trying for sometime to get these made and have run into a dead end. There used to be company in FL that did one for me about five years ago and I have lost their contact info during a move. I do remember it took almost six months to get a 3" beveled glass from them.
  5. 1931 Cadillac map Light

    The only contact information I have for Wayne is discontented. If you have a better number please send me a private message. Thanks.
  6. Looking for a good reliable source to custom cut beveled glass for some gauges.
  7. 1931 Cadillac map Light

    Its the light on the right and left on the dash insert and is also referred to as dash lights. Most of the time the hood is missing if there are loose from the dash.
  8. 1931 Cadillac map Light

    Looking for a complete original map light for 1931 Cadillac.
  9. 1928,, 30, 31 Caddilac Hood Handles

    Those were sold, I got the picture from that listing. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. 1928,, 30, 31 Caddilac Hood Handles

    The two studs are 3 1/2" on center.
  11. Looking for a pair of 1928 -1931 Cadillac hood handles. These were made by the B&B Company.
  12. Looking for a 1932 Auburn 12 duel disc 10" clutch and pressure plate.
  13. I am posting for a friend that is not computer literate and at his age don't plan on learning. He is looking for 1931 Cadillac hood sides with the shutters. You can email me or message me here and I will pass the information on.
  14. Looking for a NOS or very nice used Scintilla 4 cylinder brown magneto cap.
  15. Fireston Air Balloon Hub Caps

    Looking for Firestone Air Balloon hub caps, will consider any condition. There are two sizes and this is the smaller of the two. The back where it clips to the wheel is 5 3/4".