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  1. 1909schacht

    gauge cluster face plate cover?

    1931 ford model A
  2. 1909schacht

    Autolite dist for what ?

    Have this old 6 cly dist. & would like to know what it came from any ideas ? thanks for your thoughts
  3. 1909schacht

    part number search ?

    Thanks Mr.K
  4. 1909schacht

    part number search ?

  5. 1909schacht

    part number search ?

    I have a set of winged emblems with the part # 768981 DG think they might be off an dodge … could not find A parts catalog with that number, any ideas Thanks in advance !
  6. 1909schacht

    What’s this ute???

    could be a flower car..
  7. 1909schacht

    Dash cluster 1920s ?

    Found this neat cluster. The face is about 5” across x 3” tall. Looks a lot like a 28 Durant but has a smaller speedo opening... Any ideas?
  8. 1909schacht

    What year “USA”

    Came across this 4 & 1/4” long emblem with “USA” on the “Y” any ideas as to what it came from?
  9. 1909schacht

    Lincoln air cleaner?

    Looks like Pontiac blue engine paint.
  10. 1909schacht

    Cowl/dash ID help please - updated info and photos

    Dash looks like a 1917 Dort.
  11. 1909schacht

    Is this a Lincoln taillight steel?

    Did you ever find out what the trilite cam of of ? I have a mounting arm / plate holder stampted TRILITE
  12. 1909schacht

    Marker/back-up light?

    Found this neat double light with clear lens.’ Looks like it was flush mounted. Has “guide 34-58” on top part & “29” at the bottom.Aabout 5 & 3/4” tall. Any idea as to what it came off of?
  13. 1909schacht

    Early 20's Hupp for reliable touring?

    Had to re list, last buyer backed out...
  14. 1909schacht

    Early 20's Hupp for reliable touring?

    22 Hupp with disc wheels listed on ebay ending soon !
  15. 1909schacht

    Many things unidentified from garage

    1949 Plymouth horn button, also fits late 1950 Deluxe.